Episode 175 - Leave Britney Alone 

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Feb 18, 2021




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Stazia Biniowsky
my mom took my phone this podcast is the only thing keeping me from actually murdering a stray turtle and wearing its shell as a hat uWwwWUu
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 2 hours ago
I love Britney but she is the one who came out and told the press she was a Christian and wouldn’t have sex til marriage so that’s why they asked so much. Also, Justin is a good beat boxer, you gotta remember that clip is from *NSYNC says he was like 18. Also, we celebrate women being strong and writing ballads about men cheating so I don’t blame Justin at all for cry me a river. They were young and he was hurt, he didn’t cause her downfall. The doc left out so much, like her marriage in Vegas for 52 hours, partying with Lindsay Lohan, doing drugs which could be why she shaved her head bc she didn’t wanna get drug tested. I mean there was a lot more than just the Justin stuff that had negative attention. Regardless it wasn’t right & I hope Britney is happy and I love her.
kat kat
kat kat 2 hours ago
justin timberlake and matthew morrison have the same energy
Alex Costa
Alex Costa 4 hours ago
Yall should play mincraft 🎮🕹
Sarah Martinez
Sarah Martinez 4 hours ago
Another person the paparazzi really fucked up was Lindsay Lohan. She also had a similar relationship with her dad. At least she never got screwed over by her dad
Aja 5 hours ago
The same thing that happened with Britney happens to female US-firstrs as well, but in a different way. Emma Chamberlain went through this when so many people loved her, and then it became the cool thing to completely bash her. Luckily she continued on. Millie Bobby Brown has experienced the same. Like these are teenagers.
I can’t think Of a username
Cody was so giggly this ep anything noel said was like the funniest thing lmaooo
Corporal Cortes
Corporal Cortes 8 hours ago
The first five minutes of this episode is like having a stroke in a middle school classroom.
nessiemonster 10 hours ago
This episode has some jokes that are perfect examples of how actual dark humor is supposed to be executed and it’s amazing
Ben Gashi
Ben Gashi 11 hours ago
First time watching your podcasts and what the actual fuck? Im hooked
Lily R.
Lily R. 13 hours ago
Who knew the "Leave Britney Alone" person from 2007 US-first was actually right all along?
Henrietta Lore
Henrietta Lore 4 hours ago
Chris Crocker. I'll never forget that man
T Boat
T Boat 13 hours ago
Thank you guys. #FreeBritney 💔
Raquel F
Raquel F 13 hours ago
Came here for context on wocky slush after seeing the reel... Didn't get context but still hilarious
Yunoos Islam
Yunoos Islam 15 hours ago
These two need to be in the next GTA game on TMG radio or some shit that'd be amazing
ania 19 hours ago
hi, puerto rican viewer! we actually fucking hate that logan paul is moving just to evade taxes cus that law was put in place for ppl to bring jobs & boost our economy. plus its logan paul
ania 19 hours ago
also we pay for his & all the other act 20/22 people's taxes by taking funds away from our education system, etc.
Ethan Rose
Ethan Rose 22 hours ago
Noel talks to twomad for the first time the intro:
Dain Leach
Dain Leach 23 hours ago
not noel assuming the ender was something from Minecraft knowing damn well it is...
no peace
no peace Day ago
Google got ruined by seo The only way you can find anything is by searching like "affair help assault forum"
no peace
no peace Day ago
no peace
no peace Day ago
Cody that's called "gentrification"
kylestickers Day ago
i grew up w hella justin timberlake songs, due to my mom really liking his music, but i deadass never realized how much of a bitch he is. hell, i fr thought brittany was the reason for the breakup until a few years ago. makes me sad since there's a lot of songs i love from him, but ion wanna support his funkyass
Era Max
Era Max Day ago
1:55 what is that sound from again? lol
Alec Niyonkuru
twomad really rubbed off on tmg
Grace h
Grace h Day ago
when this released, i was studying for my ACT while listening to this episode, so when i took the actual exam i kept zoning out and hearing “tuba tuba timberlake” over and over again during the math portion. i’m blaming my score on this.
danielle higdon
bruh 13% tax insane
danielle higdon
Valeria Day ago
holy shit the intro is so funny i was cryin
nadanera Day ago
The fact that Justin's whole personality is dissing Britney 💀 trash 🗑
Cody’s puttin on some pounds 😬🥶
Joarthus Day ago
Puerto Rico really should have 0% federal taxes since they don't even get to fucking vote and are subject to US law.
Joarthus Day ago
...I feel old because I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about at the beginning :(
Queen Rabia
Queen Rabia Day ago
Y'all restocking merch? 🥺 There's like 3 things I want and they're all sold out 🥺🥺🥺
waavy panda
waavy panda Day ago
bro from the relationship advice would make a fire ass album about his life
Edwin Cruz
Edwin Cruz Day ago
Hurricane Maria killed more than 3,000 people. I lived through that whole shit
Edwin Cruz
Edwin Cruz Day ago
Logan really thinks he’s not gonna drink and do drugs in Puerto Rico? Come on bruh
Jamil Ortiz
Jamil Ortiz Day ago
As a Puerto Rican myself, when Noel said “what kind of natural disasters happen there?” It just straight triggered Vietnam flashbacks to the countless hurricanes that we’ve been through
Tiff Cox
Tiff Cox Hour ago
Nathanael Lockett
Can you guys talk about top gear in the next one?
This is the greatest intro of all time
waavy panda
waavy panda Day ago
did twomad script the first 4 mins
Bleak Day ago
my god timberlake is a specimen
David Margolin
I have re watched this intro an unhealthy amount of times
bye Day ago
Noel was about to go in on Diane sawyer I’m here for it
Mika-Calvin Schultz
Sounds like a kurtis connor vid with all those sound effects lol
Salma Hassen
Salma Hassen Day ago
was laughing my ass off in the first 5 minutes now I'm crying in the last 5
Christina Marie
“The free Britney people standing outside the court rooms, get a fucking better cause” 😭
Halina Tracey
I love whenever they talk about programming
LitD og
LitD og Day ago
I like how noel is trying so hard not to laugh at the sponsor script lmao
In Namjoon We Trust
the way noel says “wocky slush” is so satisfying for sum reason
Jake Morell
Jake Morell 2 days ago
best intro of anything ever
Evan Ellacott
Evan Ellacott 2 days ago
Download Deez Nuts today!
Connor Harrison
Connor Harrison 2 days ago
You guys started this podcast like you were baked as shit the hysterical laughing was class
margi morrison
margi morrison 2 days ago
ive listened to all the pods (that at least have been on yt) i havent laughed this hard at an intro of the pod in so long HELP
Gian Moraza
Gian Moraza 2 days ago
6:27 Noel: “Does Puerto Rico have like Internet?” Damn noel really thinks we still on the 1800’s huhh. He thinks we running up with a bow and arrow and shit
slug a-bug
slug a-bug 2 days ago
i agree with the statement that nowadays fans and fangroup help support their artist or idol by getting rid of haters and fighting back negative press, and i almost feel like that is a gen z thing
want2care 2 days ago
noel looks like his breath would stink
Joe Virgin
Joe Virgin 2 days ago
Noel for sure knew that first bit wasn't really funny, but kept doing it cause Cody kept laughing
Juju Kennedy
Juju Kennedy 2 days ago
the beginning of this podcast felt like walking by a group of 8th grade boys in the cafeteria in 2017
Liz 2 days ago
wait i don't get the wocky slush, help
JIGGS 2 days ago
JT got hits and the 20/20 album is fire. But he do make a fool of himself though. He tries to do too much sometimes.
Jennifer Harrison
Noel saying “enderboo or enderwhore” KILLED me lmaooo
NaptimeGaming 2 days ago
When he brings out his timber, it turns into a lake down there.
Jennifer Harrison
Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta 2 days ago
Joe Millar
Joe Millar 2 days ago
The bit at the end about Reddit was facts. Exactly what I did, only ever said anything about my struggles on it
dasani lol
dasani lol 2 days ago
the fact that yall can make me laugh at shit like fart noises and WOCKY SLUSH. LMFAOOO.
Miles Morrow
Miles Morrow 2 days ago
Sound effects make these 12 year olds laugh too much
Andie K
Andie K 2 days ago
Justin Timberlake is trash.
clara capiluppi
clara capiluppi 2 days ago
not even a minute in and i have tears running down my face
Apurva Sharma
Apurva Sharma 2 days ago
I shouldn't have laughed at Cody's, "I heard Puerto Rico is nice" comment as hard as I did during that horrible story.
Morgan Sullivan
Morgan Sullivan 2 days ago
They just kept going and it kept getting funnier 😭
estofueunpalo 2 days ago
the thousands of people who died in maria were covered up, the governor was saying only around 200-300 died, puerto ricans pay like 11% taxes and are driven out because of the economic crisis not to mention covid is having a field day here partially because of american tourists (among other things) thats why people are calling logan paul a colonizer, only americans reap the benefits while we lose everything down to the socks on our feet
Thomas TV
Thomas TV 2 days ago
Who else came cause WillUzi
Dhruv Dharmadhikari
Boys ronaldo is a billionaire, Oh sry hand egg good
Beatrice Johanna
Beatrice Johanna 2 days ago
I was sitting in class trying so hard not to laugh at the beginning
K c
K c 2 days ago
This episode is so funny holyyy sheettt
prettyfarfromOK 2 days ago
Boys thinking that women don't have those problems anymore 😂 also we can say it in past tense, and that you can say those jokes anymore only thanks those women who were saying: 'Dude that's not funny that's making me uncomfortable' and hearing in response that they're too sensitive snowflakes without sens of humor
Aly 2 days ago
ms. amanda bynes is going thru the same thing as britney
Thomas Aiello 2023
Iris Helen
Iris Helen 2 days ago
No caps all facts on Jesus christ just took the strongest acid of my life and the FATTEST dabs of my life today and u going.. pfft 😬🥝🤑😜 WOCKY SLUSH 🥵
Chinstrap Penguin Rules xx xx
just two middle aged men literally dying at bruh and wocky slush
Jasmine Huff
Jasmine Huff 2 days ago
My boyfriend won’t stop saying stench trench
Elizabeth Wolfe
Elizabeth Wolfe 3 days ago
i know i might be putting the bar on the floor for men here but thank you for always drinking respect women juice❤️ it should be standard but unfortunately it isn’t
Nathaniel Rudman
Nathaniel Rudman 3 days ago
What documentary are they talking about here? I think I missed it if they mentioned its name.
K c
K c 2 days ago
its called framing britney spears!
JSnyd 3 days ago
that opening segment alone was one of the funniest things i ever heard
ArcadeSandwich 3 days ago
funniest start to a podcast ever
sensesfail10792 3 days ago
I know these two didn’t just read about hurricane maria as if it’s the first time they heard about it... this was literally the only thing in the news for two weeks when it happened. Trump throwing paper towels into a crowd? The flooding? Hello?!
Emma 3 days ago
Noel shaved his head so does that make him crazy too??
Listen idk
Listen idk 3 days ago
Sharon Rafferty
Sharon Rafferty 3 days ago
I was at my work and this girl walked out of her room with all of he beautiful hair in her hands. My colleagues and myself were gobsmacked. And yes, it was a psychiatric ward I worked in
Sharon Rafferty
Sharon Rafferty 3 days ago
Try coming to UK where its 40%
Amanda D
Amanda D 3 days ago
i really want to see an edit of cody and noel's satirical britney bashing and menimist quotes lmao
Philly's Finest Productions
Thank you for keeping the video on the whole episode, not just the black screen with the logo
Nayaraq 3 days ago
9:43 noel pronouncing maría perfectly tho........... thoughts being thunk
Maleigha Leckey
Maleigha Leckey 3 days ago
This is really good one. Made my day so much better :))))
lostinthasauce 3 days ago
These guys are funny they should make a podcast
alireza alizade
alireza alizade 3 days ago
never though i would laugh my ass off at two adults laughing at their own fart jokes
FULLY TOX YT 3 days ago
Theyre the best compliments to eachother. Noel dominates melanated comedy and cody dominates the caucasian frat humor. Its such a good balance, very underrated
suzy crabgrass
suzy crabgrass 3 days ago
you can tell manscaped has fun writing that copy
iindierokkers 3 days ago
really aged themselves with this title
Idalis Nunez
Idalis Nunez 3 days ago
i love watching these two but sometimes i wanna fall asleep to a podcast or play it without headphones and they're here making gross noises. like ima go watch no jumper instead
t 3 days ago
this was one of your best podcasts you’ve made it was so interesting with the britney doc and that reddit story and that intro made me cry with laughter
my valentine :)
Views 346K
my valentine :)
Views 346K