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just moving in :)

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Feb 18, 2021




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Callianna Soriano
Callianna Soriano 33 minutes ago
I’m Asian.
K M 55 minutes ago
Full house tour!!!!
K M 57 minutes ago
Mad to see you go from such a small apartment to such a beautiful large home and to be happy!🥰
K Mp
K Mp 2 hours ago
Yay!!!!!!! Happy for you!!!!
Jason Schatz
Jason Schatz 2 hours ago
Good for you..it's beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
hakuna matata
hakuna matata 3 hours ago
Trishy i am so happy for you 💖💖💖
Loolah Gum
Loolah Gum 4 hours ago
All that money and THE worst hair extensions I’ve ever seen !
Jason Schatz
Jason Schatz 2 hours ago
Plenty of money to buy more. You're jealous.
Merve C.
Merve C. 4 hours ago
Love how she casually says “ima do a nakey house tour too” 🤣❤️
tori severn
tori severn 6 hours ago
I’m so happy for you Trish, you look like you’re glowing 😇
Dave Be Bear
Dave Be Bear 9 hours ago
Daaaamn good job Trisha! You deserve that shit! And congrats on the house and engagement!
Jasmin Rodriguez
Jasmin Rodriguez 10 hours ago
+ Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."
Yadwigha Le Vaillant
So happy for you!
Mary Frail
Mary Frail 14 hours ago
I wish everyone would stop comparing her house to Jeffrey’s house! There both beautiful and people need to stop with the negativity! PLEASE
josh walker
josh walker 14 hours ago
Abigail Madsen
Abigail Madsen 15 hours ago
No ones gonna talk about when Trish says “hopefully the future baby room”🥺
maya dunn
maya dunn 15 hours ago
i want this house so bad
stygsftp93 15 hours ago
why are you out of breath the whole time....
Melanie 15 hours ago
congratulations its beautiful
Maxine Maciaszek
Maxine Maciaszek 16 hours ago
much love, trisha!!! happy for u
Anastasia Tambourini
$3 million dollar house, $10 extensions. The back of your head looks weird AF LOL, but congrats on your house. Hopefully you'll only go up from here. You're on w good path, don't sabotage it. You've come a long way, keep it up.
Morgan Sky
Morgan Sky 18 hours ago
It's crazy because I haven't watched wrist in a while just because of all the crazy s*** she used to do but now that I've seen this and saw her new fiance I can't believe how much more calm and relaxed she seems Seems like she's in a much better mindset I'm very happy for her and her husband well fiance LOL
Chantell C
Chantell C 18 hours ago
Dang you blew up like a tick! What happened to you Trish? 😕
Liz Ernst
Liz Ernst 19 hours ago
You talk so fast and fail to enunciate properly, so I can't understand a word you're saying in any of your videos. Just sayin'
T Carey
T Carey 19 hours ago
She is adorable but why does she talk so fast? Serious question, no shade.
Annéliese Williams
Annéliese Williams 22 hours ago
She’s so beautiful
Kayla Dornan
Kayla Dornan 23 hours ago
Trish running up the stairs saying ‘look how fast I can run’ is now my favourite saying 😂😂
axel 23 hours ago
beautiful house, congrats trish and moses
Isaac Ledesma
Isaac Ledesma 23 hours ago
Congrats babe!
Jemma Farrar
Jemma Farrar Day ago
THAT mirror as you first come in, id ask were from and how much but its probably worth more than my life lol xx
Jemma Farrar
Jemma Farrar Day ago
Ive never liked trish BUT im so so happy for the girl, she is a pain in the arse, a narcissist and drama queen BUT i think alot of her behaviour is from the way shes been treated, Im just so unbeleivably happy for her, its way overdue , I hope she dosent act crazy though as moses is chill.........KIDS NEXT and i think she may be able to conceive when she least expects it...if not other options are available and shell be a great mum......JUST SO so happy for them both xxxx
Lucas Romano
Lucas Romano Day ago
OMG, I loved the house so much! It's beautiful, so zen and natural, its beautiful, congratulations Trisha, for everything you have, new life, new you
Amanda Lampron
Love you girl I'm so happy for you!!!
Your house is beautiful😍
Sandra8675 l Second Life lifestyle videos
Love empty house tours.... Can't wait to see it decorated!
Udo Loves Boba
@2:48 very relatable lol
Yanks & Brits.
Build a recording studio in their miss T, let’s record the new song I’m writing there .....you sing it of course, you sound lots better than me babe! .... lol
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
"The magic carpet ride" Lol.
lunachick613 88
I love this im so happy for Trish! Finally it feels like the guy is as invested in the relationship as she is!
Shannon Kathleen
Love u trish , but you couldnt even take care of a dog. Do not have a baby even though you have the money to support it. The mentality of that child growing up will be fucked
I feel out of breath watching this lol
modechick Day ago
why TF is she so out of breath just walking?????
BennieChupes Day ago
Jason nash was a stable man
gratitude Day ago
It's beautiful good luck Trish love the hair ❤️
Day ago
I know your over the Jefrey drama but you house is soooo much cooler than his. It also feels more homey.
Sara Day ago
0:25 yesss girl!!
Julez Lynch
Julez Lynch Day ago
with all the money you have whyyyy you let someone do your extensions so terribly? like you're awesome but your hair....gurlllll
Melphox Day ago
i couldn’t stop staring at how her extensions don’t match her real hair 😭
classique46 Day ago
You work hard Trisha! You deserve it!
Strawberry Angel
4:24:What the hell did she just said
Danii Izamar
Danii Izamar Day ago
Take brakes in between rooms geeez 🥴
Fae Winter
Fae Winter Day ago
Looking forward to seeing all the updated rooms once they’re fully furnished and decorated!
Shannon Shannon
Your Home is Beautiful!!! How exciting!!! Its magical!!! I wish I had a house like yours. : )
spyduhgirl Day ago
Love your house Trish! Congrats
Valeria Cervantez
Good for you Trish. Love looks good on you!
Jack Mazur
Jack Mazur Day ago
i love how trish is just outta breath for the majority of the video 😭🤚
Alexia Harrison
Trish can you please pay for my college tuition
kaus wife vlogs
I adore you and his home how beautiful!! Very tasteful and not too over the top
Where did she say the pink couch was from?
fortuneokay Day ago
*opens up see-through fridge door*
slingshot Day ago
bye cuz trish is really out there livin the life 😭😭
I am going to laugh when they brake up and he takes this house from her.
GarynJanet Day ago
A green orb came across the screen in the beginning. Green is the color of the heart chakra. You are clearly in love & so happy Trish💚
1 1
1 1 Day ago
its the sun reflection...
cristal gonzalez
So so so happy for you!! Beautiful house! Loving the kitchen! 💕
Maddy Gonner2012
I’m so proud of you sis 💕💕💕
Irene A
Irene A Day ago
Congrats, Trish! You've come so far and I'm happy for you
Leah Strahley
and honey those extensions!!! wtf you doing
Buckle Bunny
Buckle Bunny Day ago
I Love those pans , they are the best !
Alexandra Rodriguez
Trisha becomes so codependent when she’s in a relationship... just an observation
CJ Davis
CJ Davis Day ago
my dad says money cant buy class but god damn this is classy
Avery L
Avery L Day ago
this house is so beautiful
Luu Luu
Luu Luu Day ago
This is goals
mysticqueen Day ago
The fact that Trish can afford a house like this on her own and Ryland Adams has to piggyback off of Shane's financial success 😭😭😭😭
Samantha Salcedo
I'm actually like so happy for her and him
stephanie lynn
I love you Trish!! So happy for you and Moses and congrats on the new house. Also it’s “you don’t have to go home, but you gotta get the hell up outta here” ❤️
Briar Lynne
Briar Lynne Day ago
I think it’s time to start watching Trish again. You are absolutely shining!
Katie-Rose Mclarnon
She says shes mentally stable then you watch her tik toks???
mira khatib
mira khatib Day ago
Does trisha even speak english ??
Dimuna.K. 2 days ago
Hi people of the comment section, if you would like could you please check out my US-first channel?
F4Y Forever
F4Y Forever 2 days ago
🤣🤣"you don't have to leave but you have to get the hell up out of my house" ....Trish its "you don't have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anna Maybin
Anna Maybin 2 days ago
Trisha and James Charles are thriving and Shane and jeffrees careers are over, karma is realllll honey
Esined Kl
Esined Kl 2 days ago
Nobody: Trisha: *turns on lights in bathroom when exiting*
Indigo 2 days ago
You'd think someone who could afford a mansion, could at least have good extensions. 🥴
Niemggg k
Niemggg k 2 days ago
no offence to trish ofc but its fucked up that i got literally nothing to eat and have to eat just rice everyday and some people just.... live like that
Kaitlyn Allen
Kaitlyn Allen 2 days ago
I couldn’t even finish watching . Between her not being able to breathe and speaking so fast nobody can understand without captions .
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu 2 days ago
She looks so cute and excited in the very end of the video her smile oh my God😍
Kaitlyn Allen
Kaitlyn Allen 2 days ago
She only bought a house cuz jay called her out on renting her last house 🤣
Zoey Quinn
Zoey Quinn 2 days ago
i wanna see in depth house thour
Caitlin Kyne
Caitlin Kyne 2 days ago
Hi Trish can I come over please 😂
osa de cunha
osa de cunha 2 days ago
This girl is always out of breath.
MADI 2 days ago
Did she delete her Instagram?
Alisha 2 days ago
trish honestly looks SO HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL in this video, you GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katja 2 days ago
Love seeing you happy and living your best life!🌞🥰
emma Grace
emma Grace 2 days ago
I think I’m more excited than trish for her to finish setting up her house. I love her place, I would die for that pool and balcony
Soul Journey
Soul Journey 2 days ago
Good for you Trish! So happy for you!
Dave Jung
Dave Jung 2 days ago
imagine trying to do the chores in one day. id take one week off
“So trish what’s your house like?” Trish- “It’s like that scene from Mama Mia, but with a Britney Spears back door, a Von Trapp family staircase BUT ALSO two staircases like in Full House”
Egs Day ago
And Aladdin balcony lol!
Jennifer Street
Jennifer Street 2 days ago
Money on trish being pregnant
Peach Baby
Peach Baby 2 days ago
It's a breath of fresh air to see Trish feeling more stable. They taking the mick out of her now jeffree
KOKER 2 days ago
It’s so scary to see a fellow BPD peep so so happy because one tiny drop could implode the entire thing and send her down a dark dark place. Buuut thankfully she has very strong and patient people around her 💜 I can only pray to glow up like this
Ema Tique
Ema Tique 2 days ago
She's come such a long way. Good for her