Ellen Pompeo on the future of "Grey's Anatomy" 

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For 17 seasons actress Ellen Pompeo has starred in the longest-running primetime medical drama on American TV. But now her character on "Grey's Anatomy," Dr. Meredith Grey, has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Will she, and the show, survive? Correspondent Tracy Smith reports.
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Feb 28, 2021




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Noor Fahad
Noor Fahad 3 days ago
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C Shalygin
C Shalygin 3 days ago
I think we need a new " Christina'--and a new Meredith- Residency Class and see where the show goes.
Ebony Payno
Ebony Payno 4 days ago
My Favorite Show In The World✨✨✨ Her laugh is Everything 😘😘🥰🥰🥰
Nikka Zurga
Nikka Zurga 6 days ago
I have an idea, why don't just continue the show forever, real fans will never get bored and there's a lot of real fans so...
NJPhotos 6 days ago
The show shouldnt end from a pandemic season. It needs to have better closure then that. I feel like they easily have 2-3 more seasons. Bailey really just became chief. Let her play it out, and the last season, they need to have the oldies return for closure episodes, and then do a massive time jump where meredith is the Chief, and Zola is an Intern there, so there is a possible chance there can be a spinoff with zola being the main character.
Summer Bell
Summer Bell 8 days ago
She should be the highest paid. It's her show on the longest running medical show ever. There'd be no Grey's without Meredith Grey.
Chazz Rulz
Chazz Rulz 8 days ago
she is a classy intelligent, and a vibrant woman
jerimy clonch
jerimy clonch 10 days ago
kathe walsh said she was open to coming back... would be a great transition time. Still have others that have came and go.... Would be nice if for a couple of others from the past would come back... I mean if some of the soap operas can keep bringing back actors from 20 years ago, GA surely should be able to . Still would like to see a Reboot of ER. Better yet.. someone get on the phone with Noah Wiley and have him come and take over Grey sloan.... Bring in some of ER people to run the place.. That would be awesome
Kris Spaugy
Kris Spaugy 11 days ago
If she wants to do the fans and character justice do not do it like Karev! I hated how he left it was not right
Christia Boustany
Christia Boustany 11 days ago
This show cant end
Justin Ward
Justin Ward 11 days ago
I need 17 more years
Catherine Guibao
Catherine Guibao 12 days ago
Please don’t end it yet. It helps a lot especially this time of pandemic. 😄 ♥️
abby merin
abby merin 13 days ago
She’s got 20 million reasons to continue. 😃
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris 14 days ago
I don’t want it to end with Meredith dying of COVID but at the same time Meredith nearly dying and coming back to life is getting kind of old lol, is she immortal or something 😂
Michaela Allanson
Michaela Allanson 15 days ago
Season 15 and 16 were a complete disappointment. Please, please don't let it end badly 😭
Tyrik Bell
Tyrik Bell 15 days ago
never end greys id die !! i balled when derrick died
IT'S MrsBOSSY Yup I'm back
I stopped watching once Derek died. I was done. Almost all the original characters were gone.
Sofia Galeas
Sofia Galeas 16 days ago
I will hate, had invested 16 years of my life just to have Covid horrible horrible covid, that has taken so much from us, to take Grey's anatomy as well!!! Please hear us out don't do it!!!
Johnson Young
Johnson Young 16 days ago
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Alison Marsh
Alison Marsh 18 days ago
it would not be iconic if the show ended with covid because that is just really really sad
Dorothy Bean
Dorothy Bean 19 days ago
I love this show. I hope they stay on for a longer time. Ellen need to fall in love like she was with Derek.that was very heart breaking.
Velma R
Velma R 19 days ago
Just get back to Grey’s in the hospital, not having COvid be the main theme. We want Meredith, not five minutes at the beach. I am not alone, more Meredith♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️! Do another season!
Nancy Whitaker
Nancy Whitaker 20 days ago
I hope when it does end she finds a new love. Not because she needs a man but because one makes her happy and treats her well.
xo. nessa
xo. nessa 22 days ago
imagine after everything meredith has survived and been through she ends up dying from covid...
Moon Daniel
Moon Daniel 22 days ago
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Aniya Freeman
Aniya Freeman 22 days ago
Im sorry i think my airpods aren’t working...DID SHE SAY SHE’S FIFTY...LIKE 5 0...LIKE 5 DECADES, LIKE 10+10+10+10+10😯 she literally doesn’t look a day over 30😍
Trinity H
Trinity H 19 days ago
@Aniya Freeman baby it’s the truth 😭 She’s aging... clearly broad as day light
Aniya Freeman
Aniya Freeman 21 day ago
@Trinity H dont hate hop tf off🤣
Trinity H
Trinity H 21 day ago
Keep telling yourself that🤣🤣
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura 23 days ago
Why do I have a feeling that the show will come to an end?
Brittany Sergeant
Brittany Sergeant 23 days ago
Always love her laughter😍😍😍
Susan Sanders
Susan Sanders 25 days ago
Zilma Rossi
Zilma Rossi 25 days ago
Please don't die. Live a happy live and see your kids grow, with Derek saying his is going to wait for her, is the best end.
Marcela D.
Marcela D. 25 days ago
the show should’ve ended it years ago while it was still good and exciting now everyone is gone or dead there’s nothing comforting about this show anymore it’s just depressing. people have a problem with things coming to an end but ruining something good just so you can have more of it is way worse.
Lolo Anderson
Lolo Anderson 25 days ago
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Camille Maya
Camille Maya 25 days ago
im only on the fourth season.. dumb me scrolling through the comments section 🙃
Debra Eichner
Debra Eichner 26 days ago
1. Private practice staff slowly filter into Dennys Clinic as instructors? Fri. Nit train Sun. Afternoon Amtrak alteady operating for yrs from Seattle to LA..for computer and Boeing people who live in CA and work in Seattle area. Grey Sloane survived for yrs before Richard and Ellis internship..it can survive the way into Zola,Bailey,Ellis growing and taking the reins..CHALLENGE..General Hospital is on 58th yr!!! Sure its a daytime program...so alot of us work DAYS...ABC..TAKE THIS OFF AND ALL YOU HAVE IS ..THE GOOD DOCTOR WHICH ISNT AS GOOD...BUT LOVE MAIN ACTOR...ALL ABC WILL HAVE IS NEWS.
Spencer Safflower
Spencer Safflower 26 days ago
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Agatha Figueiroa & Aksha Yoga
Gosh, how I love her honesty
Sean Julian Delmar Duria
I love it when she said, "I can do anything I want. Or do nothing at all." #sanaol
Jessica Gates
Jessica Gates 27 days ago
I think one more season after this. I don’t think it needs to end being heart stopping and heart breaking. I think it’s ok to see her alive and ending the show with possibility and choices and life and not knowing. I think a series showing her slowly falling in love, real love again and coming to the realisation that it’s ok to really move on and share her life again. But I don’t think we need to see a wedding and a whole future. I think we just need to see her living her life with a renewed value and openness to possibilities. And I wholeheartedly believe the final scene should be Zola and in the locker room with a faded ferry boat scrub cap she just keeps on her for luck and then seeing her being given the welcome to the game speech hit Bailey, the first black female chief of surgery of Seattle grace and the woman who raised meredith’s class of interns to be amazing surgeons.
Lacy Johnson
Lacy Johnson 27 days ago
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Sheryl Baker
Sheryl Baker 27 days ago
I agree with everyone else . Let's end the show on a positive note . I personally would like to see 3 more seasons . Bring back some of the original cast for a few episodes , or guest appearances / cameos every so often . Would be nice to see everyone together again . Such a great show 👏 🙌 ❤ 😍 👌 💕 👏 I have watched it , and loved it from the very beginning .
Liliana Lopez
Liliana Lopez 29 days ago
I couldn't imagine Grey's anatomy without Ellen.
POTATO 29 days ago
So either its gonna end, with many characters leaving, going on to new paths. Or, Dr.Grey just dies of covid and EVERYONE leave or something or just go on. Or The hospital gets revisited by The ones who went to other cities come back because something happens and then The hospital just explodes or Get attacked by a Nuke or something and They all die and end up on The beach together with all The characters singing how to save a life
nelson cho
nelson cho 29 days ago
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janethmcpeak 29 days ago
Cheryl Helmer
Cheryl Helmer 29 days ago
Please don't end the show it's the best one on TV.
Sandro Stegmaier
Please end it now, it went on for way too long.
Riley Reid
Riley Reid Month ago
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PRIVACY Two Month ago
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Alfaro Nascimento
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Stephanie 918
Stephanie 918 Month ago
When this show end my heart will break
lisset vinalay
lisset vinalay Month ago
i love how she ages naturally
Mel Vil
Mel Vil Month ago
I was never surprised that she's one of the highest paid actress on tv!😍😍 Proud of you Ellen Pompeo / Meredith Grey! 😎😎 And I can't wait until Netflix is able to release the latest season soon!😁😁 #Netflix
Brianna Month ago
I have to agree with everyone. I mean the ending has a lot to live up to but ending it with Covid isnt they way to go. To be honest I can see it going anyway ( them deciding one more season or just ending it). Luckily, Ellen seems like she would be up for a season 18
Tatum Underwood
Tatum Underwood Month ago
Don’t let it end
R C Month ago
Per the CDC, people under 70 years of age have a 99.97 chance of full recovery from Covid. The PLAN-demic was about pushing FEAR!!!
Colleen Luna
Colleen Luna Month ago
I wouldn't mind if it ended don't always agree with the story lines I'm a die hard fan for real but I think mer dying from covid and walking with Derek is a perfect ending and it would be great if the two could go in look in on how everyone changes and see Lola operating just like mom and Bailey being a doctor just like dad and Ellis I really think I could handle it
Colleen Luna
Colleen Luna Month ago
I loved how she said I cook like an Italian and tell stories like an Irishman, these are normal things that are said to infer difference in cultures they are not bad and shouldn't be canceled I thought it funny that she said it bc Hollywood is forever saying it's wrong to make distinctions but then do what they say haaaaa
Kimberlie Pierson
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Jocelyn Miranda
Jocelyn Miranda Month ago
4:34 Taylor Swift? 😂
Faith Bryan
Faith Bryan Month ago
Can’t end ever
Mar Gonzalez
Mar Gonzalez Month ago
It’s time to let the show go Ellen. It was amazing but now it’s just getting stretched too far.
Brittany Manteiga
i love her so much
_Licia_ official
I'd rlly love them to continue with Zola. So like they'd travel in time. That would be amazing.🥲 I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy.🥲
Stephanie Daly
Stephanie Daly Month ago
It would be incredibly dissapointing to end the show this year, like this. It hasn't been Grey's this year, it's been Covid with Grey's. There are too many characters that are owed a resolution and the fans who have faithfully watched for 17 years are owed that too. Even if they just did a 10 episode, wrap-it-up type season 18. For a year that has made us miserable and depressed, it is legitimately painful to see something that has brought so much comfort, be taken away too.
Will pazmiño
Will pazmiño Month ago
I will always love Grey´s Anatomy.
Justin Murray
Justin Murray Month ago
I wonder if they'll end it and let it breathe and then bring it back when Zola is an adult in a Grey's reboot.
diegomgudiel Month ago
Who's job was it to watch the edit and didn't see the giant boom in the frame?
Jeremiah bon
Jeremiah bon Month ago
I hope greys don’t end I love that show it’s my favorite
98myra Month ago
Grey's is the first show I ever watched. I started in the 7th grade, I am now in my 5th year of university. If this show ends my life is over or somethin idk..
Darryl Lowe
Darryl Lowe Month ago
i stopped on season 14
Elena Chazhegova
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Ray Jones
Ray Jones Month ago
Grey’s HAS to end up with Meredith in her mother’s position, exactly how the first season started. With Meredith having Alzheimer’s, living in the same home as her mother had when Mere started off and Zola growing up to become an intern at Grey Sloan Memorial and having to deal with coming from a “Legacy” family! I don’t see it any other way! The ending HAS to have Mere reminiscing when she was an intern and fell in love with Derek, when George, Izzy, Alex and Christina were all very close and competing against one another while still staying friends and joking around!
Srajan Gupta
Srajan Gupta 10 days ago
cmmon, why alzheimers, shes already suffered enough
Essence of Life
Essence of Life Month ago
So not ready for this show to end.
Laila Hamdan
Laila Hamdan Month ago
I’m only on season 7 lmao, I’m SOOOO INCREDIBLY BEHIND
shannon druecker
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At least get 20 season
Stephanie Month ago
I'm rewatching because I don't want it to end :(
ginasutube Month ago
You just can't not love her. She's got such a delightful laugh. 🌼🦋 I wish greys would never end.
Fausto G. Barrios
Faith Inglis
Faith Inglis Month ago
she is gorgeous and so amazingly sweet and she is sooooo amazing i love you elleeenn!!
Salmonella Month ago
Look, all I have to say is the show has left it’s prime seasons. I believe the best were 1-9 and 10-12 were ok too but after 14, it went dowwnnnn. It’s just not the same Greys yk. I’d rather the show end becuase I believe in quality vs quantity. However, I agree with the comments. The show cannot end on a Covid season. We can’t let Covid take this show!!!
westway __
westway __ Month ago
if they really decide to end it, please let it be beautiful, because this is such an amazing/comfort show😩😩😩😩
Maša Prentović
S S Month ago
we need 4 5 more seasons , please
fia Month ago
if she dies i-
G L.R Month ago
I have watched grays like 100 times DONT END IT!!!!!!!!! PLZ
Caiden Rice
Caiden Rice Month ago
I love this woman so much. I can’t imagine greys anatomy ever not airing. I never want it to stop and thinking about it stopping literally aches my soul. I love greys anatomy!
Cori Morgan
Cori Morgan Month ago
I’m sorry but I HAVE A CRUSH ON HER 😪
Shaquan Williams
I’m not ready for my life to be ruined. Please do not ruin my life Grey’s.
Carly Cash
Carly Cash Month ago
mrs. pompeo is literally so stunning and if you don't agree w me keep scrolling bc shes so hot
Rita Mcneil
Rita Mcneil Month ago
Talia Nicole
Talia Nicole Month ago
She’s so talented and gorgeous
Christye Lynn
Christye Lynn Month ago
When Cristina left, the show changed and I thought it would stop. When Derek died, the show changed and I thought it would stop. I kept saying it was my last season and I come back to it every year. This show has been my favorite show for 17 seasons, so my whole adult life.
Christye Lynn
Christye Lynn Month ago
When Cristina left, the show changed and I thought it would stop. When Derek died, the show changed and I thought it would stop. I kept saying it was my last season and I come back to it every year. This show has been my favorite show for 17 seasons, so my whole adult life.
Danny Hollywood
Danny Hollywood Month ago
Easy, Meridith as chief at the start of a new year giving the same speech given by webber at the start of season 1 word for word
Sunshine T:3
Sunshine T:3 Month ago
That show is my comfort show idk how many times i rewatched it but ughhhh in love with Meredith. in my personal opinion it should end with the end storys of the characters cuz i want to see where joe ends and i want to see more mentions of alex n izzie.......mainly Christina my hearts still mourn for her n derek lol but whatever they do im all for
Sony Rajesh
Sony Rajesh Month ago
I can't see Meredith passing away...she has be on the show..if its ends..no tragic ending..please..Derek passed away and I didn't feel like watching the show..
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange Month ago
30 second dance party ! Oh please bring back Yang if for one episode.
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange Month ago
I am ready for the show to end. So I say but with a heavy ❤️. I love that I am able to start from episode one season one and still 😭.
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