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You paid for the whole seat, but you'll only need the egg.
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Animated by Jon Lopez ( JonMastu / us-first.info)
Franchesca Pun ( FranPun)
David Kalev-Roy ( DavidToonsYT / us-first.info)
Mike Picone ( worldsbestmikey / us-first.info)
Collin Bogert ( PieLordCollin / us-first.info)
Vincent Vintdoo ( vintdoo / us-first.info)
Pippin Kelly ( PiPtoons / us-first.info)
Wayne Degen ( fliglaba / us-first.info)
& Matt Hargreaves ( mattlobster / us-first.info)

Directed by Matt Hargreaves
Written by Matt Hargreaves &
Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Produced & Edited by Christopher Bingham ( helloiambing / us-first.info)
Foley by David Head (dhfilms.net)
Original Music by Daniel Dobbs ( Daniel_Dobbs)
George Gould
Matt Hargreaves
Ed Templer ( GameHogGames / www.twitch.tv/gamehoggames)
Brock Baker (us-first.info)
Vivienne Medrano (us-first.info)
Stefan Johnson ( S_johnson_voice)
Arin Hanson ( egoraptor)
Dan Avidan ( ninjasexparty)
David Kalev-Roy
Pippin Kelly
Wayne Degen
Jon Lopez
Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Christopher Bingham
Brian Firenzi ( mrbrianfirenzi)
Maria Firenzi
Mandy Celine ( mandyceline)
Benjamin Rudman ( Benjamoose)

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Eddsworld follows the brave adventures of Edd and his troubling group of friends as they tackle zombies, demons, clones and everyday life.
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Apr 1, 2021




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Eddsworld 19 days ago
Hey everyone! Thank you for watching our new Eddisode! If you enjoyed it, please make sure you're subscribed and check out the links in the description for more ways to get involved with Eddsworld!
Tohki Brock
Tohki Brock 11 days ago
Horse 17 days ago
XBLOXETHAN yt 17 days ago
Took sort of long to give a vid :/
The POOPster
The POOPster 17 days ago
@Sharkboy 9231 bye man :(
Alyssa Pent :3
Alyssa Pent :3 17 days ago
@Lemon_Boy _RoyGET IT RIGHT IT'S EDDisode
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔNicha ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 9000
Newgrounds Tankmen
“directed by Matt”
Madness Hour ago
New foe coming soon: The mutant parasite To see it watch at the edding
tom fnf
tom fnf Hour ago
Edd: BIG BUNNY... Me: Do You Mean Big Ol Bunny?
【!】 Hour ago
Yay :D
pamela Frazier
pamela Frazier 2 hours ago
Can we see what going on with tord aka red leader
Rori Tapp
Rori Tapp 2 hours ago
Bro my old amino account was literally a fanpage for mark and Eduardo. Seeing so much * C o n t e n t * with them makes me happy
BaconJackRBLX 2 hours ago
this show has been going on for about more than 3 years and i still love it
「 Kayla Santiago 」
2:47 Who noticed that Blizo from Helluva Boss was on the face painting?
Cole .Z
Cole .Z 3 hours ago
Hey remeber the end part 2 i whis thr is the end part 3 where tord get he revege
Julian hernandez
Julian hernandez 3 hours ago
2:48 there is blizto as a face Paint
Alex - Roblox
Alex - Roblox 3 hours ago
Hi eddsworld I remember a video fo4m you 7 years ago its so funny xD the zombie carnival
Rach N Len 2
Rach N Len 2 3 hours ago
:) missed this
CandZ Gaming
CandZ Gaming 4 hours ago
Hello Eddsworld owner, I am writing this as a suggestion! In your episode(s), “The End” Tord had lost. A weird thing about me is that I usually like the villain(s) to win. So this is probably not going to happen, but I would absolutely LOVE an alternative ending where Tord and his robot won! Like I said, it probably won’t happen but if you would at least reply with your opinion, I would be happy and you would earn a sub! Thanks! P.S. I will probably sub either way!
Russ Thaddeus Domingo
pls i sub to you for 5 years opload more
Cesar JR Rivera
Cesar JR Rivera 4 hours ago
Why do you have to make it so good!
ThatWeird ArtFreak
ThatWeird ArtFreak 5 hours ago
4:05 Edd getz rabbiez
Jalen Whiters
Jalen Whiters 5 hours ago
Lindy Ransom
Lindy Ransom 5 hours ago
where are the old voice actors for Edd’s world
Ar Jas
Ar Jas 5 hours ago
2:46 Doesn't anyone see someone that is familiar. on the first poster of face painting and you probably know who it is.
Animatic_Gacha 2021
4:04 why is nobody talking about that scream? I'm dying right now 🤣🤣🤣
Bryan the Mii
Bryan the Mii 5 hours ago
I really like the show I’d like to reference it in my web comic, is that ok?
Steve Delgado
Steve Delgado 6 hours ago
wanted edssworld- the end(part 3)
Woozoo The baboon
Woozoo The baboon 7 hours ago
Totally not Obito
Totally not Obito 7 hours ago
Ah man why did they change tom voice I miss his old voice
Jessica Jaimes
Jessica Jaimes 7 hours ago
And by when Tom is gonna turn back to a monster?
Jessica Jaimes
Jessica Jaimes 7 hours ago
Hello I was just curious and wondering, when tord is coming for his revenge
Osvaldo Andres Ahumada Cuevas
The audio quality is pretty low
Inconspicuous Cup of Blood
That was, well, hard to watch compared to your older stuff man
Captain SweaterTail Rabid
6:48 to 6:55 this actually describes me most of the time.
Donald Ducc
Donald Ducc 8 hours ago
It’s also big
Donald Ducc
Donald Ducc 8 hours ago
This is scary
mr red storm
mr red storm 8 hours ago
Hehe I saw blitz
ToManyMemes 9 hours ago
why is nobody asking where tord went?
the red master
the red master 9 hours ago
I think when edd says I'm gonna miss tom's car. it sounds like I'm gonna miss tomska
KrxzyTrix 9 hours ago
Me rewatching the video and super guy is alive
Просто Чел
Why is it so quite here?..no music or loud sounds. And everyone are unusually calm, except for Matt. That makes me feel out of place
Alfonso Quiroz
Alfonso Quiroz 10 hours ago
I just noticed the 2 people who got flung were a reference of Team Rocket LOOOKSS LIKE TEAM ROCKETS BLASTING OF AGAIN!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 10 hours ago
This episode seems so...calm.
Fred Red
Fred Red 11 hours ago
You still post thought you quite years ago
Christine Richard
Christine Richard 11 hours ago
It’s been five years
Christian Babb
Christian Babb 12 hours ago
ß ú ņ ń ý.
The Hollow Leader
The Hollow Leader 12 hours ago
Imp 2:41
SinisterSoup124 13 hours ago
toms voice threw me off what about tomska anyway? not to be rude
No Name
No Name 13 hours ago
7:16 ASDF movie AND wtfuture reference Noice
CANAL DA KINNI 13 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ aí jesus
YanRag 13 hours ago
I’m gunna miss **tomska**
Lexcro 13 hours ago
2:40 in the paint list there is an imp from helluva boss
Andreia Saraiva
Andreia Saraiva 14 hours ago
We've been getting egg jokes all day but how about eggsworld?
Colonel Xx
Colonel Xx 14 hours ago
Who realized this was made on april fools
Normal _ 123
Normal _ 123 14 hours ago
selozar gg
selozar gg 15 hours ago
Timmothy Groglk
Timmothy Groglk 16 hours ago
FNF Be like: Big ol' bunny! Eddsworld be like: Big ol' bunny! Timestamp: 5:40
AJAMStudio 16 hours ago
2:52 Bunny...
Etik Setyaningsih
Etik Setyaningsih 16 hours ago
Say you are my baka
Crazy Clips
Crazy Clips 17 hours ago
I used to watch these all the time with my friend before they moved from then I haven’t watched much but I still like watching y’all
Obliviouss 17 hours ago
Man these people build up my childhood.. I felt bad where I just left without saying thank you..
Mythic_Purple_Wolf 17 hours ago
With a... Special children
boofie the moose
boofie the moose 18 hours ago
Big ol bunny big ol bunnyy
Cheeseball The great
Player 18 hours ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thats how i think of this
Helen _dream
Helen _dream 19 hours ago
Eddsworld please do not allow them to continue stealing ralotrexx's dubs I know they have nothing to do with him but, they are stealing the dubs to put on videos of Piggy parodying some of his episodes of you (eddsworld)
Lazybot 19 hours ago
Matt : bunny. Girl : Are you sure? I can do all other sorts. Matt : _b u n n y ._
ready free fire player
its very good Eddsworld will keep be make
ruby balmaceda
ruby balmaceda 19 hours ago
I dont like the new voice i miss the old edd
Cooing Dash
Cooing Dash 7 hours ago
AHMET GURAN 21 hour ago
Oh no Bunny monster
AHMET GURAN 21 hour ago
Bunny Bunny :3
Rubi Carlo David
Rubi Carlo David 21 hour ago
Julius Roco Merka
Julius Roco Merka 21 hour ago
Corrupted Soul
Corrupted Soul 22 hours ago
Eddsworld barely uploads but when they do, they never fail to make it a masterpiece
SuziTheDog Day ago
7:22 Is That Super Guy?
Seeganpaps14 Day ago
7:24 who’s this Matt?,clone? And why is he so cute!?!:D
SkiddlyBopp Day ago
Glad to see this channel uploading after the end part two I loved the content
TheFinesser Day ago
Ravananda roblox
IM A MR beast
VitRoX Pan
VitRoX Pan Day ago
Crosby Nelson
why is tom more layed back
Tord the red army
Matt you murdered a kid..... *IM SUPER PROUD*
MEONG Gimanks
Uh... can you change your animation into a "The end" style? I promise its gonna be great animations in this channel
ender Day ago
Pure nostalgia 😭😭
Cryptic Monster
You should tell us how Tom got black eyes
Chase Slade
Chase Slade Day ago
Gaming Puperz
People are so oblivious to reality Me: *why is this so relatable*
I Eat Pringles
Easter egg: 6:01 Bunny from PowerPuff Girls. I love how she has three eggs that represent the colors of her sisters on her dress :).
JackieSharShar robloxing Jackson
2:45 looks real
that one creepy music lover ll
Wow a new video cool!
Thayline .08
Thayline .08 Day ago
4:40 Jamie Spicer-Lewis, Ladies and gentlemen...we got him.
Daily dose of Roblox Axolotls
Ryan lagan
Ryan lagan Day ago
I went back and listened to og eds voice😢
2:25 matt got a black eye from the end part 2 when tord punched him in the face
Make a video on my Birthday May 14
A child Was slaughtered
we miss you edd.
Bonnieman64 Day ago
Just a thought mabey this was based off the Friday night funkin meme
Deimos Gaming
7:56 Tom using 2% of his brain Tom: Edd your a genius when it tears us limb to limb WE WON'T FEEL A THING!
Kate Hall
Kate Hall Day ago
When is the next éddîšödé
Kenan Castleman
Edd & Tom sound the same
AlienFrog Rabbit
Tobias Murphy
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