Earthquake on How R. Kelly Continued to Incriminate Himself (Part 10) 

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Part 11: us-first.info/player/video/eJeAp3-gnYx3oH0.html
Part 9: us-first.info/player/video/Y9ylnpt5hG2oe58.html
Part 1: us-first.info/player/video/iJdlZJlndWybrHk.html
In this clip, Earthquake and Vlad talked about how R. Kelly believed he was untouchable after beating his first child sex case. They discussed how he's continuously incriminated himself en route to being in prison.
Later, Earthquake responded to questions about Michael Jackson and whether he believes they are MJ's biological children or not.


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Feb 19, 2021




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Be You
Be You 13 hours ago
What is Vlad’s obsession with R. Kelly? Shit is weird.
Lamb of the YHWH Tribe
You will reap what you sow🤷‍♀️
N winters
N winters 16 hours ago
With a tommy Hilfiger shirt???
Angelo Johnson
Angelo Johnson 18 hours ago
At 2:42 you can hear a old guy laugh coughing
Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane 18 hours ago
“I wouldn’t even hang out with midgets” 😂
I'm an MJ super Stan... Those aren't his biological
No bullshit, I've been in the presence of someone who looks exactly like r Kelly..... Like exactly....
SaVon Shagnastee
Who remembers when R. Kelly and a teenage Aaliyah came on BET dressed like twins in Mickey Mouse gear!!?? LOLOL!!!
1879gym Day ago
The funniest comedian on the planet
Gang Mafia
Gang Mafia Day ago
Vlad didn’t understand that quake was talking about him when he said who cares. Stupid vlad
MrKyobeatz Day ago
I think glad should say they ain’t his biological kids
Kay-Jay Johnson
So Vlad just gonna steal that quote from the Boodnocks episode, but not give them credit, huh?
Jeremy BlackWater
Glad I’m going to look into kicking your ass over some of the shit you say bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️.
They funny as shit 😭
Edward Newsome
“I wouldn’t even hang around no midgets.”
Tommy Bunns
Tommy Bunns Day ago
Why Glad so infatuated with MJ kids
L Boogie5413
L Boogie5413 2 days ago
Detective Vlad....down to the wood but which wood????
R VITALIS 2 days ago
This nigga Vlad stay snitching 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
God Will Music
God Will Music 2 days ago
I never saw the tape! That’s gross if you watched that being an adult! 🤷🏽‍♂️
SuperbaDD C
SuperbaDD C 2 days ago
1:25 Earthquake almost jeapordized his Career
Man fuck Vlad....let's talk about Sean pen,Robert downy,etc etc...
Come on quake fuck Vlad.....we gotta stop letting these devil's compromise our culture..
Tom Banks
Tom Banks 2 days ago
Step in the name of love , ignition while this tape was circulating around the neighborhood! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moneyline Parlay
Moneyline Parlay 2 days ago
R kelly will be all charges. Taking all bets
Walter Smith
Walter Smith 2 days ago
So if you watched the tape you fucked up too...
Thanos Infinity
Thanos Infinity 2 days ago
Just when I think vlad understands the american system he turn around and shows his true color. The american system thinks it is OK for white folks to adopt black kids but they don't believe it it cool for black folk to adopt white kids, WHY! Because most black people don't have the education and resources to raise their own black children properly like white folk does which is true like it are not that's how it is in America damn vlad I thought you knew. Michael Jackson had the fortune and fame so white America gave him a pass and Americans you know this.
Scru Face Jean
Scru Face Jean 2 days ago
What does the color MJs kids have to do with his accusations? He tried to equate super fans thinking his kids are his kids to people thinkin he didn’t do the things he was accused of (and beat every case of) that was a really weird Segway. Like he was tryin to discredit people for thinkin those kids are his. I’m glad earthquake was like “nigga who cares?” And Vlad realized he had no point at all 🤣
DeLorean Baker
DeLorean Baker 2 days ago
He been talking about Michael Jacksons kids not being biologically his on so many interviews I swear he feel like he got the universe locked.
DeLorean Baker
DeLorean Baker 2 days ago
Yeah. At first you could tell Vlad felt like he had a hold on this one but if someone refutes his point by basically saying it's not them then he pushes for more validation. But yeah he gave up at the end. 😂
charles taylor
charles taylor 2 days ago
He had to mention Mike smh , quake you idiot keep falling into this bs you know the history of what has and still is being done to any black leaders and singers etc . Take their $ and mess their names up.
John Blaze
John Blaze 2 days ago
stripe801 2 days ago
how many times vLad gonna admit to watching chiLd pornography?
stripe801 2 days ago
vLad stoLe that sociaL security joke from chappeLLe & boondocks.
Kgaugelo Magolego
That Lisa girl became a criminal after R Kelly
Galatians 5:16
Galatians 5:16 2 days ago
Leave Mike alone!!!
Notorious B.I.Z.
Notorious B.I.Z. 2 days ago
I saw the tape in high school... CVS 2002 my junior year
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 3 days ago
Glad..."I still be watching the R Kelly sextape..."
On 2Wheels
On 2Wheels 3 days ago
The FBI investigated MJ for 15 years and found no evidence of what they accused him of...
Rell Phoenix
Rell Phoenix 3 days ago
R Kelly ain't do that shit y'all. They fuckin with that man life because he wanted his masters. Easy target because of his controversial past but that surviving R Kelly shit was some BS. There's a reason he ain't been to trial yet.
dommyson 3 days ago
vlad casually admitting to watching the R Kelly sex tape to everyone
VULCAN1135 3 days ago
Did Vlad just admit to watching child porn? I've never seen the tape 😳
Ant Francis
Ant Francis 3 days ago
R.kelly has been incriminating himself since 1995.
Bellissimma 3 days ago
People said the same thing about MJ. It's just stupid to keep people who fit the description of who you're accused of attacking around you. They clearly just dgaf.
Dash Wolf
Dash Wolf 3 days ago
7:45 - that was weird
Angelica Scott
Angelica Scott 3 days ago
I have a friend who is black. Blackity black black black. He has children with a white woman. None of his children look “mixed”. They do look like him though. But like a “white” version if you’re paying attention to features and not skin color. Anyway, I say that to say that not all “mixed” children look “mixed”. Sometimes genetics renders a different composition than what we may be accustomed to in society. It may be “unusual” to some but not impossible to have children that don’t look “black” or “white” that are mixed. It’s also possible to have children that don’t look like the other parent’s skin color or facial composition. Its just really getting played out and down right ignorant to me how we keep “questioning” the validity of Michael Jackson’s seedline.
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 3 days ago
No, I am sorry, but those kids are not mixed. His brothers have the same DNA and their mixed kids look mixed. It really doesn’t matter as he raised them.
B S 3 days ago
EarthQuake is intelligent and savvy. I believe he has a higher purpose for being interviewed by this person. I looked for it while watching. VLAD is despicable. Many VLADs showing who they are now and are fearless. To each his own. To thine ownself be true.
MH VisionZZ
MH VisionZZ 3 days ago
That father or any father like that is a goofy I would never sell my kids for money , sad greedy world
David Townsend
David Townsend 3 days ago
Earthquake a funny dude lol
jctai100 3 days ago
"No friends that were short" 🤣🤣🤣
Jreese55 R
Jreese55 R 3 days ago
How does vlads voice pitch gets so high?? Lol
Rose Amberzine
Rose Amberzine 3 days ago
The discussion about Michael's children is stupid because clearly Vlad knows nothing about Black families and genetics. The mother of Michael's children is a White woman. I love your channel Vlad but you need to stay in your lane when trying to discuss the Black gene pool and the look of it's possible offspring.
Brandon Madden
Brandon Madden 3 days ago
Bruh vlad needs to stop trying to tell jokes shit is annoying
Antonio Larkett
Antonio Larkett 3 days ago
Vlad contradicted himself.if a white person adopt a black it’s ok but when a black adopt a white it’s a problem but with that said I don’t them Michael biological kids by blood
Khalid Ibn
Khalid Ibn 3 days ago
He never had his ssc
Fat Dan
Fat Dan 3 days ago
Vlad just admitted to viewing child pornography. Y’all gonna just let that slide?
Independent360 3 days ago
I like that Earthquake has good old common sense! Alot of people lack that nowadays
Jaron K.
Jaron K. 3 days ago
I saw the title of this interview and knew before watching, that he was gonna say something about Michael Jackson somewhere in the middle or before the end of this clip. Tupac, Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson are his "go to" topics.
Mr. 334 Alabama
Mr. 334 Alabama 3 days ago
“I ain’t never fucked em”....😂🤣😂
SevenMile Meech
SevenMile Meech 3 days ago
I seen that wooded room too. Girl was riding on top & he had the afro 😭😭😭
The Michael Jackson comment was uncalled for. Let thet innocent man rest vlad
Wounded Womb
Wounded Womb 3 days ago
R Kelly is sick, he didn't think anything was wrong with his behavior which is why he didn't stop.
Power one two three Trust
R. Kelly was found not guilty in 2008 in the court of law just like Michael Jackson was in 2005 the Government doesn’t have a case against R. Kelly now. R. Kelly has been sitting in a Federal jail since July of 2019 we are in February 21,2021 and he is still behind bars R. Kelly has not been convicted of any crimes,R. Kelly doesn’t even have a criminal record. R. Kelly has been convicted by Court of public opinion. Indictments or being charged with a crime doesn’t mean that you are Guilty of the Crime. All the women that R. Kelly has been with has been legal age of consist no under age girls that is what the media has put out there. R. Kelly was Suing his record Label for 750 millions dollars.
Cameron 3 days ago
So according to Vlad, Michael Jackson adopted 3 white kids & didn't tell anyone due to the black communities outrage? This dude calls himself a jounalist. Look at Devin Booker, not every mixed kid comes out looking like Chris Brown
Daniel Glass
Daniel Glass 4 days ago
Those is Michael kids he adopted them they were in his custody I don't give a damn about who kids is who kids I'm too much worried about what I got going on
Krystal Ashley
Krystal Ashley 4 days ago
I feel like it’s not a conversation Vlad should have a seat to for some reason🤔
Tyler S
Tyler S 4 days ago
I'm ready for vlad to laugh and joke about Jeffrey epstien and Harvey weinsten now.....
TBD 4 days ago
vlad had to be high asf in this interview lmaoo. laughin n shit
Tahlia Higgins
Tahlia Higgins 4 days ago
Please put earthquake and Tk Kirkland on camera together
SlyRedfoxx85 4 days ago
That guy was also Sparkle's BROTHER
Jay Gray
Jay Gray 4 days ago
Mjw don’t like u like that glad
Kali dakid
Kali dakid 4 days ago
WS Taft
WS Taft 4 days ago
"I can understand, Naw, I don't wanna say I understand"....lmao....I feel you Earthquake 😆😆😆
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson 4 days ago
Vlad, ease up on the Michael Jackson comments. Elvis was a hero to most, but got a pass for underaged girls. Hell, he married one.
Taste Served ANY & EVERYTHING Food Related
“I told R.Kelly not to have any types of dealings with those underage girls when he first meet em.” -TK Kirkland
R Kelly’s life has to be a living hell right now.
Kirby G Mason
Kirby G Mason 4 days ago
The same “interview” with different guests over and over again. Vlad can’t help but insert himself or a name drop each and every time. Earthquake dodged that MJs kids are white lameness with the swiftness. Glad, go ahead and talk about your own people.
אֱלִישׁוּעַ Edwardz
🎵You re-mind me of some fee-eet, cuz you be stankin’ somethin’ like some toes cuz you be funk-y, girl you cut me like a scar🎶😆
Rob Pratt
Rob Pratt 4 days ago
I seen the tape back in the day it was definitely him 🤦🏾‍♂️
breezy Johnson
breezy Johnson 4 days ago
Type big black breezy and see what happens!!!!
J Kelly IV
J Kelly IV 4 days ago
Quake said you got to be at least 6 feet to get into neverland ranch lol Show ID
Yo Go
Yo Go 4 days ago
The R Kelly joke was funny asf😂
Damon Dunn
Damon Dunn 4 days ago
Damn shame they way they doing kels.
Blitz Exotic
Blitz Exotic 4 days ago
She 75 🤣🤣🤣
Bayou Storm Ryder
The parents should be in the same cell with R Kelly.
Floridaboyduval 4 days ago
I wanna go see my boi earthquake next weekend but I'm scared of the rona
pidouble145 4 days ago
The highest stripper poles in all of the west coast! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MissRory662 4 days ago
A lot of men back in the days talked to younger girls. My cousin had a baby at 14 by a 28 year old back in 97. Not saying its right but most of the parents didn’t care.
MissRory662 4 days ago
Vlad dumb asf if he think r kelly broke! I bet he think future broke and living in that apartment too just so he won’t pay child support 😒 that man got money hid in accounts somewhere. Vlad so intrigued with our culture that he dumb and don’t know that people who doing something wrong always got money put up
Audra Clark
Audra Clark 4 days ago
They said his management and even family members in his camp was having his money going in there bank account. He hired some professional people look in his finances. That's why he had no money.
* Classic
* Classic 4 days ago
Vlad paints to many narratives when he's giving his opinion
Maxamillian Steele
DJ INSANE 4 days ago
He aint mentioned one white person who did these same crimes. Fuck vlad
The Yield Group
The Yield Group 4 days ago
I'm always shocked when grown men say that they saw a R Kelly tape... So you just chose to WATCH child pornography 🤔🤨
D. D.
D. D. Day ago
Well.. when the tape came out, everyone wanted to see it. So, technically yes you're right. But it was so unbelievable that R Kelly had a tape out at that time.
ronmex 4 days ago
Why is glad admitting he watched underage porn?
King Santana
King Santana 4 days ago
Lmfao truth
Ronald Chump
Ronald Chump 4 days ago
Vlad-“Who the fuck cares” 🙄Um....that’s would be you Vlad
Confessions 4 days ago
Vlad asks and brings up the same topics with guests over and over again: Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, and R Kelly. Do better
Luke Khalid
Luke Khalid 2 days ago
@Ryan Carree appreciate it. We woulda never thought of that without your brilliant suggestion
Ryan Carree
Ryan Carree 2 days ago
Don't watch it then
Luke Khalid
Luke Khalid 2 days ago
@Chris Chuck Facts. The very first MOB James 39 part interview was good, just because he gave a little new inside info. But then he ran that Death Row topic into the ground with the same ol questions.
Chris Chuck
Chris Chuck 2 days ago
He dont have shit else to talk about. Idk why he so successful. Worst interviewer in life. No substance. Not engaging. Luenelle does better interviews on his platform. I only come here when i see legends that dont interview much
Luke Khalid
Luke Khalid 2 days ago
At least he stopped bringing up Pac and Suge. Lol
Deon P
Deon P 4 days ago
Stay out of our culture , talk about your culture , you guys don't see what he's doing , he's trying to tear down our famous black people.
Dave Latrell
Dave Latrell 4 days ago
Vlad only does this with black artist! Vlad is the fkn Feds!! All these allegations and so many ppl saying vlad the Feds yet he’s still doing fed type shi
Jr Santoyo
Jr Santoyo 3 days ago
Hahaha fro real he’s had a few Mexicans but he kept it solid with them.
Spencer Playgames
There goes vlad tv talking shit about Michael Jackson
Shaquille R
Shaquille R 4 days ago
Earthquake funny yo he said some real shit
Shaquille R
Shaquille R 4 days ago
R Kelly was doing what all of thwm do drake was friend with the girl from strangers things she was 14 im not defending r Kelly but he like many others in the industry in the money game do this ita about power
Rico Black
Rico Black 4 days ago
He's hype he seen that tape 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂 that's so R Kelly! 😂
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