Early Birthday Trip To LA!! 

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Julie Gonzales
Julie Gonzales 14 hours ago
Where did Nikki get her sandals 👀☺️
Arlene Garcia
Arlene Garcia 4 days ago
That’s me wanting to take my brothers everywhere with me . I like taking them tho . They are annoying but but but I love them. Lol
mua_summermariie 6 days ago
Was that Santa Fe dam park? Omg y’all was In my area !!! 😩
Jocelyn Medina
Jocelyn Medina 7 days ago
Santa fe dam 😃 i live in baldwin park lol
Lilo Style
Lilo Style 9 days ago
Real respect ✊ when you have to take your younger siblings with you !
Lorena Cruz
Lorena Cruz 9 days ago
LMAO !!! Nicole is me “ I feel like eating is fun”
Cherish Santos
Cherish Santos 9 days ago
You and Nikki are I so cute together!
CeeBubz Be
CeeBubz Be 10 days ago
Happy birtright, Mr.
CeeBubz Be
CeeBubz Be 10 days ago
Good job prioritizing business....💯👍
CeeBubz Be
CeeBubz Be 10 days ago
Sounds bounce off the buildings and amplifies... #Cityproblems
CeeBubz Be
CeeBubz Be 10 days ago
Wow, them palm tree have grown so much in 22 yrs. 😆
Sandra Salazar
Sandra Salazar 10 days ago
So glad you enjoyed L.A!!! Keep creating memories💕💕💕love ya💕💕
Caroll 10 days ago
The more I see ur videos the more I like you! Very humble kid stay that way always
raylene Silva
raylene Silva 10 days ago
What was that Park called ?
Coralinda Ramirz Robles
Quitanse mascaa
Lisa Moran
Lisa Moran 11 days ago
Dam!!! Wats the name of the hotel so I make sure we don't stay there when we go to LA😳 lol
Adriana Torres
Adriana Torres 11 days ago
You guys went to Santa Fe Dam???😲
Marcie Gonzalez
Marcie Gonzalez 11 days ago
yall are so cute together
Robert cano
Robert cano 12 days ago
Ethan don’t even want to be there!lol
Ruby Fuentes
Ruby Fuentes 12 days ago
18 and 19 but still gotta have her lil bro go 😂😂
Vanessa Ochoa
Vanessa Ochoa 12 days ago
That’s how Jenni Rivera got pregnant loL they used to make her take Lupillo.
Puzzo WMD
Puzzo WMD 12 days ago
Happy birthday hope you have blessed day 🎊🥂💑
Mariana Munoz
Mariana Munoz 12 days ago
Aaw How nice taking Ethan 🥲 happy birthday Jonathan Love you guys
Saucy Gio
Saucy Gio 12 days ago
Really good vid Jonathan Hernandez, bangers always 🔥🔥 always tuned for new vids
Susi Montelongo
Susi Montelongo 12 days ago
My birthday was yesterday a APRIL 30th ☺️🤍
Yuri Castro
Yuri Castro 12 days ago
I live like 10 minutes away from there 😽
valerie guerrero
valerie guerrero 13 days ago
If you don’t know that’s the Santa Fe Dam you ain’t a real one aka the park 😌
Julie Velasquez
Julie Velasquez 13 days ago
Oh nooo don't stay there 🥴🥴
Chola 101
Chola 101 13 days ago
What’s that park called
Ray Leyva
Ray Leyva 13 days ago
Thoes are not Ducks they are geeses
Ray Leyva
Ray Leyva 13 days ago
Happy birthday enjoy your visit in California\ Beverly Hills \ Los Angeles
Briseida Cano
Briseida Cano 13 days ago
Stephanie Bermudez
Stephanie Bermudez 13 days ago
You 19 and need a chaperone😂😂😂😂
veronica varela
veronica varela 13 days ago
Love you guys happy birthday
S Flores
S Flores 13 days ago
Y’all can never be alone?! That’s shady that they had to take the little bro on something that was obviously for COUPLES
Dream AngelCO
Dream AngelCO 13 days ago
There’s nothing wrong with them taking Ethan. Jonathan obviously respects Nester and Candy, and they trust him with their daughter. So if this was the only way they could go (which we don’t know, maybe they wanted to take him) he obviously respected her parents wishes. And Nester and Candy joining them, nothing wrong there either. He looks at them as family as well. Mexicans and Hispanics are very family oriented, and respect theirs and each others families. The way it should be.
Arlett Olvera
Arlett Olvera 13 days ago
Who else would buy merch of Nikki and Jonathan 😍
Monica 13 days ago
Omg I saw Ethan and I was like I'm sure the only way you guys can go and get a hotel room was if he went 🤣🤣
Alexia Rodriguez
Alexia Rodriguez 13 days ago
Happy birthday Jonathan hope you have an amazing Day ,, Also it my birthday it would me the world to me if you said happy birthday to me
Milagro Rivas
Milagro Rivas 13 days ago
The fact that Ethan sees you as an older brother is so cute !!
Elizabeth Rodas
Elizabeth Rodas 13 days ago
Happy Birthday Jonathan!! Best wishes! Glad you had a great trip with your beautiful girlfriend Nikki and Ethan! 🥳
RubyMariana 13 days ago
Y’all are mean maybe they wanted ethan to go? Maybe Jonathan invited him? Who cares if he went I’m sure Jonathan would have canceled the trip if he had a problem with him going plus they always get alone time they are of age and can do whatever they want. La candy y Nestor no siempre la van a tener de la manita im sure her and Jonathan have done stuff and not that it’s anyone’s business anyway.
Jasmin Garcia
Jasmin Garcia 13 days ago
Lol I wonder if they were talking about the Cecil hotel
Denise G
Denise G 13 days ago
Es qué le les importa si fue Ethan 😂 gente metiche I swear nunca les dan gusto
erika rodriguez
erika rodriguez 13 days ago
Happy early birthday Jonathan!
Arizzll 13 days ago
Hope you guys had a great time !!
Celia Arellano
Celia Arellano 13 days ago
Jonathans air bags😳😳😳😳😳
Celia Arellano
Celia Arellano 13 days ago
They took ethan so they wont be alone in the hotel😂😂😂
Dylan F
Dylan F 13 days ago
I’m scared for them to not workout and Nikki v leaveing Jonathan with clout like melody did to Jose Ochoa
Cristopher Gaitan
Cristopher Gaitan 13 days ago
I mean atleast Ethan and Jonathan get along so that’s good
Orlando Mercado
Orlando Mercado 13 days ago
Ethan was on the way and nikki couldn’t give birthday head
Dulce Hernandez
Dulce Hernandez 13 days ago
i been to that hotel. The stories are scary
Cynthia Perez
Cynthia Perez 13 days ago
Happy Birthday 🎂 🎉 🎁 🥳 🎈
Martha B
Martha B 13 days ago
Happy birthday Jonathan 🎉🎉
Margaret Torres
Margaret Torres 13 days ago
I went to LA for the first time a couple weeks back and I was nottt expecting the wind and cold 🥲 Nicky is meeee 🤣
evy queen
evy queen 13 days ago
Si puedes ir pero no sola .... tu hermanito va contigo ..tu sabes,,,,,, ooo dat was my mom evry time I does go out with my boyfriend now my husband ❤️
Jessica Santos
Jessica Santos 13 days ago
Let me find out se les pego la word “huhh” como dice la melo 🤟🏼👽 happy birthday 🎊
Raquel Porcayo
Raquel Porcayo 13 days ago
The "huhh" word is the Candy.
misses peep
misses peep 13 days ago
Aw man was looking forward to a lil ghost hunting moment.
Jocelyn Velazquez
Jocelyn Velazquez 13 days ago
Ethan be like "dice mi mama que si no me llevas contigo, no vas. Dice mi mama" LMAO
Diana 13 days ago
Ya’ll are annoying lol
Nayelly Buruel
Nayelly Buruel 13 days ago
My brothers birthday is also on Friday which today lol but happy early birthday 🎉
Florencia13 Florencia13
Love ❤️ 3 together
Florencia13 Florencia13
Love how they sent her off with Ethan lol every Mexican parent .
The Wesleys
The Wesleys 13 days ago
Happy Belated Bday!!
Sonia Pinedo
Sonia Pinedo 14 days ago
Was that Santa Fe dam
Enedina Perez
Enedina Perez 14 days ago
Today is Friday!!! Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎈 wishing you many more years to come🤩
Magaly Rodriguez
Magaly Rodriguez 14 days ago
Let me find out you were at the Cecil hotel🤣
ItsAngie 13 days ago
Imagine 😂😳😳. That would be scary
Princess Garcia
Princess Garcia 14 days ago
I live by that park
Princess Garcia
Princess Garcia 14 days ago
Happy birthday
Joanna Gomez
Joanna Gomez 14 days ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 enjoy your last year being a teen
Your girl Jazmine Avalos
Happy early birthday
Sandra Mellado
Sandra Mellado 14 days ago
Y’all should’ve vist Watts 😄 wonderful place with a beautiful ocean view
Laurab7 14 days ago
Y’all stayed at the Cecil Hotel? 😳😳
Estefany Contreras
Estefany Contreras 14 days ago
Chulos happy birthday 🎂 I love the Aguilars they're so amazing 🥰
Melissa Reyes
Melissa Reyes 14 days ago
Happy birthday Jonathan 🎂🥳 May the lord continue to bless you with many more years 🙏 loved the video especially how nikki v is Ethans hype man.
Cris Ordez
Cris Ordez 14 days ago
It's part of Mexican culture to have chaperone when your a girl, chill 😉🌼
Aquarius Sofa
Aquarius Sofa 6 days ago
Girll tell me about it, I had my little 3 bros. Be mine!! Lol!
S Flores
S Flores 13 days ago
paola lopez
paola lopez 14 days ago
You guys are a vibeee 🥰🎉🎉
Cindy hernandez
Cindy hernandez 14 days ago
What was the hotel’s name?
candygirl171 14 days ago
Happy Birthday! 🎂
may kaeo
may kaeo 14 days ago
Happy Birthday
Marisol suleyma Rise Fernandez
Happy early birthday 🎂 has a wonderful beautiful birthday with your girlfriend friend family god blessed you every one going through journey🎂🎂❤️😍💜🦋💙🙏💎💜🥳🥳🤩🤩
Patty Gonzalez
Patty Gonzalez 14 days ago
Have fun... I can tell u good places to eat
Lluvia Garcia
Lluvia Garcia 14 days ago
Happy early birthday Jonathan
Fabian My wuebos
Fabian My wuebos 14 days ago
That hotel is haunted 😂
g guevara
g guevara 14 days ago
Laura C.
Laura C. 14 days ago
Happy Birthday Jonathan I’m glad you guys had a great time next time go to Lenchitas restaurant it’s a small place in Van Nuys Ca., but you will love it❤️
Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez 14 days ago
Like those shades...
Esmeralda Martinez
Esmeralda Martinez 14 days ago
🎂Happy birthday Jonathan🎂
Nyssa Garcia
Nyssa Garcia 14 days ago
HHappy birthday Jonathan🎈🥳🎉🎂
Jayla cabrera
Jayla cabrera 14 days ago
Pero ala Melody si la dejaban estar sola con Jose saviendo k el era mayor de edad 🙄
Yahairaaa Perezz
Yahairaaa Perezz 12 days ago
@Esperanza Rodriguez eso no es sierto candy siempre trata ah sus hijos todos por igual ella lo ah dicho 🙄
Esperanza Rodriguez
Xq la meli es su fave daughter 🙄
Lau wera
Lau wera 13 days ago
@Yahairaaa Perezz pues que bien 👏🤣
Yahairaaa Perezz
Yahairaaa Perezz 13 days ago
wera parese porquee es bien ignorante
Lau wera
Lau wera 13 days ago
@Yahairaaa Perezz no soy señora para que sepa 😂
Jessica Marie rivera
Aww happy birthday❤ may you have many more years to come you guys are so beautiful and amazing I love watching you guys and her her family as well❤
Susan Alaniz
Susan Alaniz 14 days ago
Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉
You Dumb
You Dumb 14 days ago
Dude this comments 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cesar Cadenas
Cesar Cadenas 14 days ago
She gettin piped regardless
The Vfam
The Vfam 14 days ago
Y pobre Ethan looks all bored. I remember when I had to take my little brother too with us (me and my bf) good old days haha 😄 pero les sirvio de fotografo! 👏
Michelle Armijo
Michelle Armijo 14 days ago
Happy birthday 🎁
Its Leslie
Its Leslie 14 days ago
These comments are unnecessary. Like we all know why Ethan went... Okay and ? That’s none of our business! Nikki your parents are doing a good job🤗🥰 Happy Birthday Jonathan!!
Denise Prado
Denise Prado 14 days ago
Y’all adults now you ain’t gotta take the lil bro lol do you !! I’m sure they’ve baptized the cars before or got a hotel lol they’re adults and got needs sooo yeah 😂😂
Denise Prado
Denise Prado 13 days ago
@Finesse Queen lol exactly they’ll find a way 😅
Finesse Queen
Finesse Queen 14 days ago
or his room 😂
Yolanda A
Yolanda A 14 days ago
Happy Birthday Jonathan cheers🍻 you are soooooo Beautiful Nikki💖💜💖💜 Ethan you look alllll like your dad and your voice alllll like your dad😁 Love Love ya'll guys😍💖💜💖💜😍
Fabyola Ramirez
Fabyola Ramirez 14 days ago
Happy early birthday!!! Hope y'all had a good time
Rocio Merida
Rocio Merida 14 days ago
HAPPY early Birthday 🎂🥳🎉
Jazmin Sanchez
Jazmin Sanchez 14 days ago
Nikki “That’s whyyy eating is fun” 😂
Lupe Sanchez
Lupe Sanchez 14 days ago
it has to be the cecil hotel huh 😫😫 - happy birthday jonathan!!!
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