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In order to get under Andy's skin, Dwight tells him he's applying to Cornell.
From Season 5, Episode 6 "Employee Transfer" - Pam is embarrassed when no one else at corporate wears a costume on Halloween; Holly and Michael get shocking news from corporate; Dwight tries to get under Andy's skin.
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Apr 29, 2021




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Parth Joshi
Parth Joshi 3 hours ago
pulling the desk was a great move
Sidh Pandit
Sidh Pandit 11 hours ago
i lost it at head shaped like a trapezoidd
Licherous 14 hours ago
i love how dwight pulls the table, great touch
tobbe Larsson
tobbe Larsson 20 hours ago
What is a trapazoid?😂
Trump 2024
Trump 2024 Day ago
please put the office back on netflix
kurihai Day ago
Andy is so relatable
identity theft is not a joke dwight! millions of cornell students suffer every year
S.M. Shan Ali Zaidi
" when the hour glass strike 3, there in the room whence employees confer "
Can Karaca
Can Karaca 2 days ago
that "hey buddy..." meant war
md faisal
md faisal 3 days ago
whats with andy's nose at 2:06 . Or has it always been that sharp.
Paul Kim
Paul Kim 3 days ago
I don't get it. Why does Dwight do this to Andy by imitating him by wearing a Cornell sweater which is the college Andy went to try to annoy him? I don't think Andy did anything wrong to Dwight in this episode even though he might have done some wrong to Dwight in the past. Yes, Andy might be annoying sometimes with how he acts, behaves, or talks but Dwight had no right to imitate Andy in this episode. Good thing Andy restrained his anger without losing his temper and punching the wall.
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
LMAO "That is all sir you may go" xD
Stephen Veerasammy
Do colleges actually allow alumni to do interviews?
roz doreman
roz doreman 2 days ago
@Stephen Veerasammy there is no shortcut. Alumni interviews are just one of many components in a college application. It just makes sense logistically at least before the Skype era as there are alumni in many places all over the world so the interview takes place closer to home. Anyways, test scores, grades, essays, etc are still also looked at. How is an alumni interview a shortcut?
Stephen Veerasammy
@roz doreman I feel like that's a really big shortcut
roz doreman
roz doreman 3 days ago
Yes. Alumni interviews have some weight, although very small in some highly selective schools
jabba dabba
jabba dabba 3 days ago
Those colors are sacred , not that I care. Lolol
Tensai Akiyama
Tensai Akiyama 3 days ago
"That is all, sir. You may go". That change in power dynamics tho
Omni Entertainment
Paddy Drapes
Paddy Drapes 4 days ago
exclusive report on ::: the smoke a fatty with paddy show podcast
Martin Luther King
If Andy went to Cornell, why is he working in a POS tiny paper company in the middle of nowhere? lol I call BS on his Cornell qualification too.
kansasgoldilocks 4 days ago
Head shaped like a trapezoid is the best roast ever. LOL
SargeantPrepper 4 days ago
thats big red bear!
llokuta 4 days ago
Jack Bauer. Ahahahahaha
David Medina
David Medina 4 days ago
Jim studied classics at Dartmouth.
TheDartdouble05 6 days ago
Go Big Green!
Bouheyr Baluch
Bouheyr Baluch 6 days ago
I had a fancy feast ad before this video. You get it if you get it...
Phinnix 6 days ago
andy was such a shitty character....
potahters 6 days ago
"Applicant has a head shaped like a trapezoid" LMAO
Violent 6 days ago
0:23 - Kevin's Cookie Monster has a Michigan Wolverines helmet on.. GO BLUE!
Fodder4Hire 7 days ago
Dwight killed it with this one
Akshat Aggarwal
Akshat Aggarwal 7 days ago
"Applicant has a head shaped like a trapezoid."
Benjamin Tharp
Benjamin Tharp 7 days ago
Really miss the office on netflix!
MrAtaguas 7 days ago
0:23 I feel like that's the most passive-aggressive someone can get before getting violent lol
whatwouldmaxdo21 7 days ago
"None percent" I feel like that's a quote from the Simpsons.
Oscar aburto
Oscar aburto 8 days ago
Since the peacock got the office they have been uploading many clips from different seasons. At this rate they are going to cover all episodes.
Rodela5 8 days ago
If some who barely outsells Phillips can get in, I should be fine LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Jocco 8 days ago
*take it off*
mikepoveyrulz 8 days ago
The head like a trapezoid line gets me everytime
Ethan Leahy
Ethan Leahy 8 days ago
Andy: who was Cornells 8th president? Dwight: gets right answer Andy: sorry that's incorrect cornells 7th president was in fact... The little things like that have me dying hahaha
MSAMan 9
MSAMan 9 8 days ago
Every time I see someone commit to Dartmouth I think of the end of this clip. 😂😂
flubb831 8 days ago
Do-re-migos sounds fire
Uday Bains
Uday Bains 8 days ago
I think they were secret lovers
Tony2Truuu TV
Tony2Truuu TV 8 days ago
“ Sooooo should I not let you in now or do you wanna “do the interview” and then I won’t let you in. If I had to rate Dwight’s chance of getting in I would saw none percent. 💀💀💀💀💀
Ted Clubberlang
Ted Clubberlang 8 days ago
Andy: You might be interested Stanley: WhAt
YourPalAL 8 days ago
Dwight overpowered him with the table.
Lestat Lunar
Lestat Lunar 8 days ago
Dwight loves cornell, more like dwight insults cornell
Mariah Trotsenko
Mariah Trotsenko 8 days ago
I always found Andy to be annoying so I root for anyone who pisses him off
jbrumundsmith 8 days ago
Those two pulling on the table takes the comedy up to 11.
Stephen 8 days ago
Remember when I jokingly told you to take your sweatshirt off?
heritage prex
heritage prex 9 days ago
Actors from this show amazing.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 9 days ago
Andy: whos cornells 8th president Dwight: dale ramond corsen Andy: im sorry incorrect cornells "7th" is 🤣🤣🤣🤣
reefemcg 9 days ago
And for a split second Dwight became Jim
Johnny Walters
Johnny Walters 9 days ago
Brinley Winkler
Brinley Winkler 9 days ago
Eventually this channel will run out of clips and it makes me sad
Pendarr 9 days ago
Jocelyn Gold
Jocelyn Gold 10 days ago
i've seen the office 6 times I think i'm gonna rewatch it again
crystal 11
crystal 11 10 days ago
Dwight did to Andy what Jim once did to Dwight hahaha
Brody Penn
Brody Penn 10 days ago
This scene made me weirdly mad since Andy only got in because his parents are rich, yet he feels justified by turning down Dwight just because.
55shfiftyfive55 2 days ago
So that’s kinda how universities in America work
Ashcool 3 days ago
It may be true that he only got in because his parents were rich but once you start going to a school, the camaraderie and the experience there will inevitably make you feel proud of it. Plus, I think Andy made friends with other trust fund kids there who all reassured each other that they belong.
Ray D Tutto
Ray D Tutto 4 days ago
All posh people are like that.
Wheeler 8 days ago
when do we not get annoyed with andy lol
whoopie whoop
whoopie whoop 10 days ago
i want to know how dwight survived college
duplex 10 days ago
Identity theft is not a joke Dwight, millions of Cornellians suffer every year
Small balls 510
Small balls 510 10 days ago
Dwight was the only reason why I liked watching this show
Jack Kapral
Jack Kapral 10 days ago
Who agrees that Andy annoys them.
Black_ hammer347
Black_ hammer347 10 days ago
andy asked for the 8th president and named the 7th persistent
Kezhasivo Zashumo
Kezhasivo Zashumo 10 days ago
That is all sir , you may go
Galaxy Music Customs
"that is all sir you may go."
Der Jude
Der Jude 10 days ago
0:24 when my girl wears my sweatshirt
K Ya
K Ya 10 days ago
I love when Andy tries to hide his anger 🤣🤣
WJen8 10 days ago
I once had an interview where the interviewer was absolutely horrible to me for no obvious reason. Didn't get the job, but then reapplied a short time later and got the job after an interview with someone normal. Eventually I moved up to a supervisor position and that rude person had to report to me, which means I get to evaluate their performance. I guess sometimes tables do turn. And in case anyone wondered what happened to that guy, he was fired after my very first evaluation with him (for legitimate reasons). Karma.
Brady Hughes
Brady Hughes 10 days ago
Andy asked who is Cornell’s 8th president and then he said incorrect and said the 7th president instead
Dots and Loops
Dots and Loops 10 days ago
Take that sweatshirt off haha
adam 11 days ago
what a great school, imagine the credentials it must take to end up in a job like this
Luke Cappelletti
Luke Cappelletti 11 days ago
Post more
B R 11 days ago
Matthias 11 days ago
How could they keep a straight face?
prajesh bhushan
prajesh bhushan 11 days ago
When the hourglass strikes 3 Lol
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 11 days ago
Would've been funny if Dwight donated a load of Cornell branded clothes to the homeless around scranton to make it look like they all attended and got nowhere just to infuriate Andy.
Forbes Hutton
Forbes Hutton 3 days ago
Or if he had walked out of the washroom wiping/drying his hands on the sweatshirt.
Chitra Sahai
Chitra Sahai 3 days ago
He is new to pranks, Jim might have done this.
erika Lynn
erika Lynn 5 days ago
Omg what a great idea 😊
simon mkongwa
simon mkongwa 6 days ago
Epitome of Evil
Luis Alamilla
Luis Alamilla 11 days ago
Jajaja bro that would have been awesome
guy 11 days ago
it's the table for me
Malorie El
Malorie El 11 days ago
Soooo... When is this coming back to Netflix?
Luis Alamilla
Luis Alamilla 11 days ago
You can watch it in ffmovies just close the ads
1k With No Videos Challenge
What a great show
happy twolaffs
happy twolaffs 11 days ago
Andy likes to sing and he went to Cornell. Dwight is being funny by imitating Andy.
Joaquín Armijo Torres
When the hourglass strikes three, then in the room whence employees confer
ICYMI with Tamarah
ICYMI with Tamarah 12 days ago
Not a head like a trapezoid!
Lloyd Kinnear
Lloyd Kinnear 12 days ago
Funniest part is that some people watching believe Cornell is a "real" Ivy League university.
blppt 9 days ago
Well, technically it is, but haters consider it to be the weird "Red Headed Stepchild" of the Ivy League.
Ahsan Haider
Ahsan Haider 10 days ago
it isn't ? i thought it was one of those 8 universities
Prakhar 12 days ago
This is just your customary comment to remind you that Ryan started the fire.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 12 days ago
I should squeeze these two for better.... That's what she said. Hehe
Nathan Waring
Nathan Waring 12 days ago
It is insane how this show is still popular when u have Dwight saying Eli Whitney is his role model 😂, makes me laugh every time! (If u don’t know who Eli Whitney is he made the Cotten Gin, if u don’t know that u r a idiot and look it up)
Con Omer
Con Omer 12 days ago
I...just got into Cornell. Dwight is an icon
MrRobYo Auntie
MrRobYo Auntie 12 days ago
"That is all sir you may go" that killed me lmao
Marley Roberts
Marley Roberts 12 days ago
Dwight can't sing
Rassenngann 12 days ago
team dwight
Immigrato clandestino
Identity theft is not a joke, Dwight!
Noor Bhatia
Noor Bhatia 12 days ago
Collector by Nature
How the table has literally turned.
Jeremy Harrelson
Jeremy Harrelson 12 days ago
They worked so well together
J Markey
J Markey 13 days ago
Kumar Hinds
Kumar Hinds 13 days ago
“When the hour glass strikes 3 o’ clock.” - priceless
Daniel Zerich
Daniel Zerich 13 days ago
Ngl the character Andy ruined the show fer me.
Matrix Drift
Matrix Drift 13 days ago
This is it. I think Cornell interviewer/evaluator scene is my favorite scene in the entire show.
xXOOMYXx25 13 days ago
"Applicant has a head shaped like a trapezoid".
Cornell "The Movie Dude"
Umm... I'm flattered?
Christina Marie Hicks
I dont care who you are no more famiky or foe ..press charges..
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 13 days ago
Dwight did Jim to Andy