Dwight Howard Crying Emotional In Locker Room After Winning Championship In Game 6! Lakers vs Heat 

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Dwight Howard Crying Emotional In Locker Room After Winning Championship After Game 6! Lakers vs Heat October 10, 2019-20 NBA Finals
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Oct 11, 2020




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Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts 2 months ago
fuck shaq for discrediting dwight for this championship. he did his part. nuggets wasnt an easy pass for the lakers. you are deserving and forever a champion dh
Ben Zito
Ben Zito 2 months ago
Lebron smh, just like the true momma's boy he is .
Bradley Hine
Bradley Hine 3 months ago
Great for Dwight! He had a long path, but nice to see him as a humble world champion! And the 3 he took at the end of game 6 was amazing! #iceman Great story.
komodo komodo
komodo komodo 3 months ago
Now Howard is a world champion
NoobPlayZ Productions
Imagine if he dropped that thing and broke it 😂😂🤣🤣
Swarm1x 3 months ago
I felt so bad for him he worked so hard he deserves it fr
Leon Weikel
Leon Weikel 3 months ago
That’s awesome especially considering he contributed and fought to win them rings and that trophy
chexmix0101 3 months ago
What happen to the video Clive saying lakers win doesn’t count?
the Goat!!!
the Goat!!! 3 months ago
Fuck this man Clive!
Adrian Reyes
Adrian Reyes 3 months ago
Much respect to our Lakers team . Thank you we are 2019-2020 NBA CHAMPION. thank you Dwight for inspiring us
AllEyez OnMe
AllEyez OnMe 3 months ago
It Took This Man 16 Years Too Win A Championship 😂😂😂😂😭
RealBooters 3 months ago
@AllEyez OnMe Dwight deff deserved it after all these years of putting in the work and bettering himself. He deff deserves it unlike other players.
AllEyez OnMe
AllEyez OnMe 3 months ago
@RealBooters exactly so how is that an earned chip?
RealBooters 3 months ago
@AllEyez OnMe neither did kostas
AllEyez OnMe
AllEyez OnMe 3 months ago
@RealBooters : he didnt even play in the finals 😂😭
RealBooters 3 months ago
And yet kostas wins a chip before giannis, harden, cp3 Westbrook AND PG.
Papa Médoune Fall DIOP
Tone McKinney
Tone McKinney 3 months ago
Javale Magee is foolin 🤣😂😂
Tod Manson
Tod Manson 3 months ago
So touching words
Jay Reisis
Jay Reisis 3 months ago
May be it's just me however ...just felt the win was un-inspirational. A team specifically put together for a win a mish mash of individuals beyond their peak ... no longevity no honour in the win
Gwapito Onse
Gwapito Onse 3 months ago
i thought lebron talkin to MAMBA..
Anthony Catbagan
Anthony Catbagan 3 months ago
You just proved to the world that you ain't soft. Congratulations!!
G L 3 months ago
And D Howard wasn't just going for the ride. He contributed!!!
Thygaaa_ 98
Thygaaa_ 98 3 months ago
He deserved it he worked really hard
JR11 3 months ago
He deserves it. Congrats champ.
poop pool
poop pool 3 months ago
This win was for BLACK MAMBA
SirCash 3 months ago
Man as much as I hated the lakers during this series (I really wanted jimmy to win a ring before he retires) but you really gotta give credit when it’s due the lakers did it . They won
Mathieu usas
Mathieu usas 3 months ago
Looks like me when i am drunk !
A 3 months ago
Алексей Соколов
Finally, the last TRUE star center after SHAQ earned his title!
Ronaldo 47
Ronaldo 47 3 months ago
We all knew lakers were gonna win it 👁
Easton Stanley
Easton Stanley 3 months ago
I’m happy for him
Will 3 months ago
Giannis brother won a ring before giannis does 😂
The turtleboi
The turtleboi 3 months ago
All I can say is, run bronny run😂
Prosper Kitenge
Prosper Kitenge 3 months ago
Igor Begovic
Igor Begovic 3 months ago
Happy for him..javale and ad Sick to the gut lebron and rondo won If lebron and jimmy trade places before playoffs...miami would lose in the second round
Vincent Tan
Vincent Tan 3 months ago
The most Powerful gaint , long wait Champion , thanks to you change your emotion to Support Lebron James . with you and A.Davis , the point below the rim are more successful.
Mak is Real
Mak is Real 3 months ago
nice kostas and dwight howard
Andrew 3 months ago
Antetekumbo has a ring yes but he wasn’t even listed as a player on the box scores but he has his flag out lol
Tomugetsu 3 months ago
JaVale the hypeman! 😂😂😂
ChillyCity88 3 months ago
Ohio vibes, Bron like mama that’s us all day. Only true Ohioans know.
Shannon Cleveland
Shannon Cleveland 3 months ago
I love you Dwight.
trebledc 3 months ago
Ei! DWIGHT! I google you're name its updated you're a NBA champ, ECF champ and soon a hall of famer. Not bad for a career! Congratulations!
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores 3 months ago
Congrats Los Angeles Lakers I know you can be a champion
Jay H
Jay H 3 months ago
Dwight finally got his due diligence 🙏🏾🙏🏾
michael on the sticks
Yessir it was hype Last night even tho I'm not a Lakers fan boston ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘
Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
Javelle throwing shade at Giannis 🤣
KZY 3 months ago
Nobody: The comments: *UNBLOCK @TROYDAN*
Marquez Michael Angelo W.
Dwight send a tweet 7 years ago that he wants another change to make it up with LA soon .And now ,he achieved his dreams in LA .You are a champion now Dwight ,we appreciate your outstanding efforts for 16 years ,enjoy your moments Superman .
Jonathan 2488
Jonathan 2488 3 months ago
0:50 referencing J.R. Smith
John Louie Fabular
John Louie Fabular 3 months ago
Javele straight savage
Elijah Porter
Elijah Porter 3 months ago
Giannis brother is lit af... “y’all talking about the Greek freak” 😂😂😂😂 “he the first one with it”
Stings 3 months ago
0:25 GIANNIS: Am I a joke to you?
King2kBadgerTM 3 months ago
proud of dwight, finally realized that he's a role player and took a stepback. he was kinda a blackhole after his rockets days imo
Dan Jimenez
Dan Jimenez 3 months ago
Considering that Lebron was homeless and didnt have a father growing and the only parent he had was her mother, I was just so happy to he called her mama after winning that ring
alvin tanay
alvin tanay 3 months ago
Kostas 👌
Infinity Mixtapes
Infinity Mixtapes 3 months ago
I’m so proud of this dude
Jalen Joni
Jalen Joni 3 months ago
Can you guys please check out our channel? us-first.info/more/JJA9h9EatA5kag1hRGgduw
SBG _ 3 months ago
Dwight’s a Hall of Famer bro. All Star selections, All NBA selections, finals appearances, all defensive team, multiple defensive player of the year awards. He deserves the Hall of Fame induction
RealBooters 3 months ago
He’s first ballot without a doubt
jonah exe
jonah exe 3 months ago
Dwight does not deserve this ring because he still has not unblocked troydan
Jose Luna
Jose Luna 3 months ago
Nigga stfu
루캥거 3 months ago
Lebron = Chinese
NotAdmire 3 months ago
amare1cro 3 months ago
Wow, it's really over. Don't forget to celebrate like MOFOs the next whole month or so, but I'm looking at a 3-peat already and Bron catching MJ in rings, so stay with me: I think this team really peaked in the Playoffs, but competition should be better next year. You can never defend a title riding the exact same team (unless you got a perfect team, all in primes, which we don't). This Playoff run was eye-opening for a couple of reasons. The NBA is even moreso a game of matchups - one series Dwight can be crucial in containing Jokić, and the next one he is barely getting playing time. Let's call this the modern NBA - you really need to adapt. 1. I dont think any big moves are gonna happen / are available. We don't have many trade pieces so you gotta focus on free agents, MLE and similar stuff. 2. Players we need to build around are the core which rode out this playoffs - a starting five of Rondo, Caruso, KCP, Bron and AD. 3. The players to complement this squad are Dwight, Danny, Kuz and Markieff. 4. You may as well keep Javale for team chemistry and jokes, and regular season. He is not expensive. Danny and Kuz were catching a lot of fire this playoffs and it is now obvious that Kuz cannot even guard a chair, and I don't know if he can change that. Since this team prides on their defense, anyone being a constant mismatch for his own team is a bad piece. Danny has championship experience and I guess deserves another shot, plus has a shitty contract. I love em both but if there is a chance to improve the team, that's where you need to look. Not sure if Kieff can play that 3-4 stretch role full-time, and we don't have many players. Danny and Kcp will unfortunately get bullied by bigger guards, especially if the Clippers arrive next year to the expected WCF matchup. Now, i'm hoping for their complete collapse, but you never know. I wouldn't like to be giving up any matchups and putting too much pressure on year 18 LeBron or A.D. with some injury issues. I'd really like Draymond in this team for CRAZY defensive intensity (and he would LOVE to play here with Bron) because he became likeable recently, having signed for Klutch, obviously courting LBJ and calling him the true MVP. But Dray has a big-ass contract which could only be matched by Danny + somebody else, and I have no idea why the Warriors would accept that, even if Dray acts out and tries to force a trade. So what do you think guys? Can we ride this team to 2021 chip or do we need to retool in the offseason?
raul gamma
raul gamma 3 months ago
You deserve this man.. you did a great job over Denve..
Natan Mysli
Natan Mysli 3 months ago
Is he a native speaker? He hardly speaks English... My English(third language after polish and french) is not much worse than this...
Supreme Legacy
Supreme Legacy 3 months ago
Congratulations Dwight
Giona Strazzacappa
Giona Strazzacappa 3 months ago
I was here man💔
Ball-Steve Johnson
Ball-Steve Johnson 3 months ago
Alex Caruso is the real MVP of the finals though.
Vintage Hillary Clinton
Vintage Hillary Clinton
Choji Choji Pam
Choji Choji Pam 3 months ago
All the guys throwing shade at Giannis are way below his skill set. Javel McGee is useless to LeBron without Anthony Davis. But i get it, they are doing a solidarity for LeBron to his pipedream claim for the regular season mvp. Anybody who still thinks Giannis didn't deserve the MVP is just stupid. What's the Stat for Mcgee, Howard throughout the regular and post season?
Rion Ricks
Rion Ricks 3 months ago
Kostas is the 2020 NBA Finals Jeremy Lin. Except, Jeremy Lin played longer lmao
Carlo Escalante
Carlo Escalante 3 months ago
Brandin San Nicolas
Brandin San Nicolas 3 months ago
Guess he won a title in Orlando after all
guleiro 3 months ago
Happy for Dwight and Javale Mcgee ❤👍👍👍 Mcgee specially because he had a lot of critics in the beginning of his career ❤
Liquid Ocelot
Liquid Ocelot 3 months ago
Congrats dh ☺️☺️☺️
C Sanders
C Sanders 3 months ago
So proud and happy for Dwight. This is one hell of a redemption story man.
Aljo Ricahuerta
Aljo Ricahuerta 3 months ago
Even Kostas is throlling his brother😂😂
Tony Varela
Tony Varela 3 months ago
he ain’t do shit
Kelz4000 Roberts
Kelz4000 Roberts 3 months ago
They didn't have to do Giannis like that😂😂😂😶
Charisse w
Charisse w 3 months ago
He deserves this title. God gave him a second chance
Juss dre
Juss dre 3 months ago
He will always be my fav center he deserve it
Jon Chio
Jon Chio 3 months ago
Only Bron gave him the NBA Championship
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 3 months ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Avery Bradley: "CRYING with Bronny"
ceodavid100 3 months ago
Major major respect to Dwight Howard man, he finally did it, he played amazing and he deserves to have this ring, I’m glad he got the chance again to play for the lakers
Reggie Reyes
Reggie Reyes 3 months ago
He crying and he didn’t even do shit to win that championship 😂
Reggie Reyes
Reggie Reyes 3 months ago
Khyle Christian De Rosales lmao he averaged 5pts and 4reb 🤡
Khyle Christian De Rosales
You must have missed the denver series and 5 games in Heat🙄
Clay 3 months ago
Pervy Sage
Pervy Sage 3 months ago
101% HOF
Strappy Coco
Strappy Coco 3 months ago
thats for kobe ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ kobe's proud of you guys! ❤️❤️❤️
GOLDEN 3 months ago
Happy for u mate and i was so happy that u put that 3pts shoot in the end even didnt mean much , you dope Dwight , enjoy!
Rocket League
Rocket League 3 months ago
Imagine calling ur mom after winning a championship😭
PG 13PACERNATION 3 months ago
Dwight is patient for his time.. Great win bro!!
Haofeng Wu
Haofeng Wu 3 months ago
He deserves it!
Antonio Torres
Antonio Torres 3 months ago
Dwight howard didn’t do shit
diniie james
diniie james 3 months ago
LOL Kostas Antetokounmpo got a ring BEFORE Gianis
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 3 months ago
HOF bound
Rommel Antolin
Rommel Antolin 3 months ago
Hey dwight congrats you're a WORLD CHAMPION now 🎉🎉🎉🎉💍💍💍
Iggins Wiggins Of Andrew
Watch giannis come to the warriors.
Iggins Wiggins Of Andrew
Come to gsw now. Get a second ring.
Brrazzy 3 months ago
They really did Giannis like that🤣
Otis Floyd
Otis Floyd 3 months ago
Thanks Dwight for the encouraging words we all needed to hear it congrats broski
Chin Keat Yein Jewelx
I am very happy & proud to be the Lakers Fan because the Los Angeles Lakers is the Champion 🏆
Lee Jeferson
Lee Jeferson 3 months ago
Lol I thought he was wearing a naruto headband
King Taylor
King Taylor 3 months ago
Giannis little brother had me dying this video holding that trophy mane 🤣
Ace Berdejo
Ace Berdejo 3 months ago
Fuck you Howard and the rest of the lakers lol
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓ 3 months ago
Dwights message just made me gain respect for him