Duke Deuce - GANGSTA PARTY (Official Video) ft. Offset 

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Watch the Official Video for Duke Deuce Feat. Offset "GANGSTA PARTY."
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Duke Deuce Feat. Offset ""GANGSTA PARTY"" Lyrics:
[Intro: Offset & Duke Deuce]
Ayoza, you wrong-Ayoza, you wrong for this shit
You know what I'm sayin’
Me and Duke, Duke's on you bitch ass nigga's necks
You know what I’m sayin'
(Hey, woo)
[Verse 1: Offset]
I see red, uh (Red), fifty racks on your head (Fifty)
Draco get to shaking like dreads (Draco)
We go retarded, go sped (Retarded)
I fucked a thotty on meds (Thotty)
Servin' narcotics, we duckin' the feds (Narc')
Spinnin' your block 'cause they know how I play it (Woo)
Walk with the choppa, wood grain like a [?] (Grra)
Boy, you ain't gangster, you talk to the feds (Gangster)
And I know what you said
Boy, I was gangster before a celeb (Before)
Act like a shark but get ate by the whalе (Grr)
Caught him down bad, now your boy lookin’ pale (Bow)
Trap at the store, brеakin’ down ounces 'for I got a bowl (Fasho)
Kick down the door ’fore I ever did shows (Kick door)
I make your ho kiss the dick, mistletoe (Kiss the dick)
Pull out the fire, he think he seen a ghost (Fire)
I got a scope, where the fuck you gon' go? (Where you going?)
Duke from the M, you know 'Set from the Nawf (Nawf)
Oh, we got smoke? It's a R.I.P. post (R.I.P.)
Forty-four magnum, his arteries choke (Oh)
Lambo truck, bye bye, gotta go (Bye)
Ten lil’ racks, I'll take a nigga soul (Racks)
My bitch the baddest, a modern-day ho (Ho)
You don't want static, you know what I know (You know)
Freeze, I got cameras all in the trees (Freeze)
Low key, it's my fingerprints, start up his weed(?) (Woo)
Trick or treat, I fuck her, then pull out her weave (Trick or treat)
Where the P's? I take everything when I leave (Leave)
I gave a M to each of my seeds (Period)
Put my wrist on your film, and it look like the sea (Woo)
Took off his land, now he coppin' a plea
Fifty racks makin' your family grieve (What the fuck?)
[Chorus: Duke Deuce]
This a gangsta party, ho, get the fuck out (Ayy-ayy)
Ain't no snitchin' on this side, you'll get stomped out (Stomped out)
We got hella ammunition for the opposition (Opposition)
Duke Deuce, Offset, Ayoza, fuck a competition (What the fuck?)
[Verse 2: Duke Deuce]
Duke Deuce from the Haven (Hey, hey)
Offset from the Nawf (Nawf)
Either way it go, we rep' that Boss and chuck them fours (Fours)
My bitch gotta be bad, it's just in her, it wasn't taught
Stupid ass geeked up, engine police, know I'm gettin' off (Uh)
Understand me ('Stand me)
Any time I chuck the M, that's for the family
Worrisome bitch keep blowin' my phone, she tryna blam me (She tryna blam- Whoo)
I'm stupid strapped, still slidin' out, it ain't no Plan B (It ain't no Plan B)
Know how these fans be (Know how these fans be)
Heavy like Blac Youngsta, dodgin' twelve and the potholes (Potholes)
Exotic, fuck you mean? I want three K for them bo-bo's (Three K for them bo-bo's)
Fuck with the Fat Mac, then you'll get wrapped like a burrito (Wrapped like a burrito)
Actin' ass nigga, make my nigga shoot your b-roll (Brrr), bitch
[Chorus: Duke Deuce]
This a gangsta party, ho, get the fuck out (Ayy-ayy, fuck out)
Ain't no snitchin' on this side, you'll get stomped out (Stomped out)
We got hella ammunition for the opposition (Opposition)
Duke Deuce, Offset, Ayoza, fuck a competition (What the fuck?)
#DukeDeuce #GangstaParty #DukeNukem


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May 1, 2021




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Comments 98   
Angela Mickens
Angela Mickens 7 minutes ago
That is that Memphis Shit🔥🔥🔥
Angela Mickens
Angela Mickens 8 minutes ago
OFFset hook is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dylan Delapaz
Dylan Delapaz 12 minutes ago
Is he a dancer or a rapper or singer ?
Angela Mickens
Angela Mickens 18 minutes ago
Angela Mickens
Angela Mickens 18 minutes ago
He to handsome , his sister Culture and him got eyes alike.
Mr.WishUsWell Hour ago
One Of Offset Best Verses😎💪💯
Riley Bankz
Riley Bankz Hour ago
Offset flow just different 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shanta Robinson
Deuce footwork heavy!
j rollie
j rollie 2 hours ago
Getting ready step into work and had to play this one time before I entered that bitch 😄. fuck the competition 🖕🏼.
King Chambers
King Chambers 3 hours ago
1:24 kid on the right just found his idol.
Pareto G
Pareto G 4 hours ago
offset went straight from shoot my shot video to this one lol he wearing the same shit
Drop Top
Drop Top 5 hours ago
kody flexing hard 🔥🔥🔥
a 100
a 100 7 hours ago
Whats the girl @? At 0:25 😍
Maineski Bandz 4L
Maineski Bandz 4L 11 hours ago
Offset never lets me down.
Cris Williams
Cris Williams 11 hours ago
Luis Calderon
Luis Calderon 12 hours ago
OG GD I been down since day one 11 43 now GD till the world blow
LET’S TALK MONEY 13 hours ago
“Breakin Down Ounces Before I Got Ah Bowl” 😷💰
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 13 hours ago
Who else came bc of the kid😂
King Enow
King Enow 13 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/nK14l6aUiYCmgqc.html 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂
James Edwards
James Edwards 14 hours ago
Lucas Affonso
Lucas Affonso 14 hours ago
Family south side 4life
O.G niggaz.
West Shilo
West Shilo 18 hours ago
Only the ops hitting the thumb ⬇️.Wtf.......k South memphis
Bam Grundy
Bam Grundy 19 hours ago
Lil man reppin 2
JYL GEEK'D 19 hours ago
Can someone please please please find me the girl at 1:30 @..... Please
Dr. Angry
Dr. Angry 15 hours ago
TheJbechillin 19 hours ago
🔱 throwin rakes all in this video lol #chicagoshit
G9.88.50 20 hours ago
Hit that dance tho no kizzy
Kimeon Jamal
Kimeon Jamal 20 hours ago
Offset son took the video no cap
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 21 hour ago
Shawnie Day
Shawnie Day 21 hour ago
End Of the video was the best part 😂🔥
Rapheal Nelson
Rapheal Nelson 21 hour ago
Blacchaven STAND UP!!! 💪🏾901
Cam Seanoa-Tolls26
Cam Seanoa-Tolls26 22 hours ago
Duke Dancing was 🔥 😂😂👌🏾
SYB Yoppa Anthony
SYB Yoppa Anthony 23 hours ago
Did i see offset wearing a hoover hat or am i trippin
G Code 609
G Code 609 23 hours ago
Lil man in the video is legendary lol...💯🤙🏾
Karas Day ago
Glad I found this guy honestly, he is 🔥🔥
Trevelle Jones
Crackin 5s but was fuckin on a Brim?
Trevelle Jones
Trevelle Jones 23 hours ago
@Amerikkka's Most Wanted 😐 Bruh u is Fed asab and obviously don’t know wtf u talm Bout
Amerikkka's Most Wanted
Real Brims don’t bang the 5
Macintosh Mechi
Man big ups to LUGGA....MYYYY NIGGA.....I remember when u shit my photo shoot I was one of your 1st .
Vendetta Youth
Dream Maker
Dream Maker Day ago
Visionary Beats
Visionary Beats 20 hours ago
Listen to Snupebandzz from Memphis 🔥✡️
Haikal Alexander
A.B Day ago
la rompio biggie smalls
Sama Rasulova
Yoonavi XXIII
Always lookin' da kid hahaha so lit 🔥
Bonez G Namikaze
JustNotU Day ago
Aye this joint lit 🔥
Mchungamali kg Game boy
money all over
bih kat
bih kat Day ago
I’m here for Offset 🔥🔥🔥
/x24weed42\ Day ago
Kile Day ago
Who else like the video just for his dance moves in the circle.
Wan Hundo
Wan Hundo Day ago
Ain’t seen Offset rep GD in a long time
RICH BOY Day ago
This dude is ass wtf I thought it was gone be good I never heard anyone mess up on a song with offset
Danny Stacks
Danny Stacks Day ago
Boy I was a gangster before a celeb 💙💙💯💥🔥
Someone needs to clip offset verse with the verse he did for met gala
efawfewa Day ago
bamc fat
Who got SET TURNT UP !! 🕺🕺🔥😂😂🕺🕺🕺
Kai Tzu
Kai Tzu Day ago
Memphis running this rap shit...
Visionary Beats
Visionary Beats 20 hours ago
Listen to Snupebandzz from Memphis 🔥✡️
fatty killed it on the dance/set
yourmomisbomb _
Damn 🤯
Kemoy Lee
Kemoy Lee Day ago
jay M.
jay M. Day ago
Man big dawg killed that shit @1:09 hellz knawl 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Australian Don Juan
Must be on the other side of Shelby drive 🤷🏾‍♂️
Mr. Mook
Mr. Mook Day ago
Angela Mickens
This the Memphis shit901 that is really how we get down🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lewis South
Lewis South Day ago
Camilo Sarmiento
Offset never disapoint
Pilscy Day ago
never had a track grow on me like this one. first time I heard this I switched it. now its a must play daily 🔥
TAlAl & 1980
TAlAl & 1980 Day ago
Giovani Matheus
Ron Driver
Ron Driver Day ago
Skeeiii Day ago
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16
Ryan D
Ryan D Day ago
1:09 was tooo smooth
TFaulk09 Day ago
lil mam holding it down 🤣
Mannn i aint kno offset was folkkz lmao
Damien Forbey
I just wanted to say thank you to these people that made this song thats all i enjoyed it💯
TanKTv Day ago
Yo if drake was on this it would have blew up
Kuchi Sav
Kuchi Sav Day ago
Z Wolski
Z Wolski Day ago
He sort of sounds like Easy. Love it
King Kody!!!!
AI Yunginn
AI Yunginn Day ago
BoS PML ✡️🔯
Visionary Beats
Visionary Beats 20 hours ago
Listen to Snupebandzz from Memphis 🔥✡️
Iteriana Wright
Straight heat coming from the big M-town 🔥🔥
Antonio Mendez
Never knew the Migos was GD 😂
Zane Purmaliete
Is this normal?
Joy ce *
Joy ce * Day ago
B4nk Rollzz
B4nk Rollzz Day ago
Shit goes hard
The Tatyana Show
This go hard!
Feeds Day ago
Blockboy gotta hop on this
Darryl Jones
Darryl Jones Day ago
Offset on Takeoff ass as the best Migo when it come to spittin fr
Patrick Ramsey
0:10 you’re welcome.
buhonero ツ
buhonero ツ Day ago
Damien Dillon
Can't even front. That boy's dancin made me wanna be young again. The Bay loves that type of shit. We see you boy!
Brandon Hernandez
LEVI ISAIAH 2 days ago
1:12 those kids on the right went to the wrong birthday party
West713Trey 2 days ago
Offset repping Houston >
BENNY B3NZO 2 days ago
I don’t like his adlibs but to each is own
Yuri Oliveira
Yuri Oliveira 2 days ago
Flow Da Gawd Harris
Offset actually rapped for the first time and he was fireeeeee
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez 2 days ago
I’m Tryna learn those moves that duke flexin at 1:09 lmao
Uliyana Boyko
Uliyana Boyko 2 days ago
Offset son going crazy no kizzy