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Drama at the lot again today...
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Feb 15, 2021




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MotoBroo 17 days ago
End of the day.. a disagreement isn't worth fighting for.. Stay safe out there!
2L8 Mate
2L8 Mate 3 hours ago
Right or wrong that could’ve ended badly.
Derek Wright
Derek Wright 13 hours ago
@galaxyflesh bro I just read that 3 times and still can’t comprehend what you just said hahaha try reading what you just wrote, out loud haha. Like I said both are in the wrong
galaxyflesh 13 hours ago
@Derek Wright the biggest asshole had the entire area around the road which common knowledge amongst all riders. They dec had the white boy look which I wonder if your friends💯🔎 us your friends wtf would you bring them into that scene other then look like u hard which u are NOT
galaxyflesh 13 hours ago
@JesusGuzmanPR go around he's an absolute idiot
Honda Racing
Honda Racing 13 hours ago
@galaxyflesh Learn how to make good party music 🤌🏻
Christopher Schulte
Christopher Schulte 6 minutes ago
I woulda fought got me all the way fucked up
Matthew B-Kornafel
Matthew B-Kornafel 20 minutes ago
Usa usa !
Shawn 22 minutes ago
Who is the little red headed gnome? Shut up sleepy!
Shawn 23 minutes ago
That dude in the extra small shirt with the receding hair line was a straight fucking Karen! What a doucher
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hour ago
Glock 32 .357 sig gen 4 when i ride lol do not argue with me oh & glock 43 in my ankle holster for you lil fuckers out there
Bob Atwater
Bob Atwater Hour ago
O crap I watched more they came over to him. Realy can u see these guys going up to a real bike club. F in joke. But will take the girls. Biggest joke of a men I ever seen.
Bob Atwater
Bob Atwater Hour ago
I would of loved to see them up against a bike club out dirt rideing. His ass would have been done for. Acting all bad. I seen bad before. All of them were a joke. Lol they all would of shut there mouth and no sir and yes sir is all they would of said. Man it would of been funny. And I don't think this I know it.
Steve Newby
Steve Newby 2 hours ago
Dumb and Dumber...
norm 2 hours ago
Yeah that Beer Courage.....
MrRotery7 3 hours ago
You did a grate job dude!! you held it together way more then i would of,
landscape technique
The better situation was just leave
Kelly Petty
Kelly Petty 3 hours ago
What dead set animals. The guy was lying through his teeth. A vet then been to prision lol. So is it legal for kids to play on the road now. And block the road. I dont think so
Anthony Petro
Anthony Petro 4 hours ago
I highly doubt anyone of those so called men were a veteran. All I seen was a bunch of morons that were trying to act tough with tattoos of guns on their forearms come on get real. Complete douchebags trying to fight a bunch of kids on dirt bikes while they speak about safety with beers in their hands.
Gus Garcia
Gus Garcia 5 hours ago
This guy on the bike is 110 percent wrong. Let's cut the bullshit. Even if there were no kids...do u want a guy on a motorcycle go by you back and forth 50 mph doing wheelies? Leys even go further than that!! Do u want a guy going 50 mph flying by you when your just chilling with your buddies minding your own business? Fuck no you dont!! He's poppin off to a bunch of guys who in another minute were gonna drag him off that bike. Come on people!!
Matt ODell
Matt ODell 5 hours ago
When ex military use them being vets as an excuse in a argument of who’s more right when you’re both wrong, is Fucking disgraceful then to follow it up with “half of us have been to prison” like it’s a flex like yeah probably why half y’all still aren’t in the military...then there’s the kids like they are the actual victims in this...like great parenting, bring them to a place where they get the opportunity to play in between cars and potentially be in the middle of “gunfights” while y’all get lit. This video is sad af because all it does is make Vets and gun owners look like shitty ignorant low lives. I assure everyone in the comments we are not all like that, only a fraction. Where is this place so I know not to ever go ride there?
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 6 hours ago
Once the black dudes pull up them trailer park boys were trying to change the narrative “you got those dudes to come and try and fight us” well isn’t that what you were trying to do ???
T.J. Kloby
T.J. Kloby 7 hours ago
Hahaha all those dudes are straight up ignorant as FUCK!!!!! Extra morons for trying to stir violence with kids around. Dip shit fest at an offroad destination. Horrible parenting/examples.
John Zakrin
John Zakrin 8 hours ago
In Michigan I’ve been to orv parks, tracks, trails and never ran into this bullshit we only get warm weather for a few months and we are not going to waist it! Lol just go ride and have fun. Fuck them guys. Wanted to throw hands more then ride 😂
qbconnect 8 hours ago
Mad cause they batches rather be wit the cool dudes and tryna make themselves look bigger 😂 That's how shit turns tragic
GhosTizM 8 hours ago
What an embarrassment to veterans
Lanceifer 10 hours ago
A nice rooster of dirt in their face and in their cans would’ve been a great ending to that 😂
Cottonfit 360
Cottonfit 360 10 hours ago
Hell nah as soon as somebody threw a drink it’s over with we throwing hands Idk how many there are, that disrespect aint gonna slide
Brett Maurer
Brett Maurer 10 hours ago
They were dicks, but c'mon dude. Probably shouldn't be doing that shit that close the vehicles in the first place. You pull shit like that in the pits at an actual track and you get your ass beat 10 times out of 10.
heatwad101 10 hours ago
FUCK ALL THAT !!!! HERE IS THE NUMBER 1 THING - If you don't OWN that property, you DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT to tell anyone else what the hell to do or not to do!!!! Those dude were a bunch of dumb ass fucking idiot knuckle draggers!!!! "Oh we have kids out here !!!" Funny, that didn't look like much of a playground to me !!!! Why don't you try being a decent parent and just take your kids to the park?????
YA BOY GHE 10 hours ago
😂these folks crazy
James Mazzone
James Mazzone 10 hours ago
I'm not only a US Citizen but also a US Veteran, yet I cannot get justice here: I support the blue line when it's honest and legit unlike what happened here. I have both family and friends that are on the job. They truly serve it with out a doubt, devoutly and 100% of it honorably. However all do not. The ones that violates that law and public Trust are ones that I do not back: I was Illegally Shot with a Taser, Aggravated Assault, Fourth amendment Violation, Bloomingrove PA State Troopers that committed theft, false arrest, false imprisonment. Illegally held in jail on bogus charges "that were proven false last year" . All initial Probable Cause Charges were proven false, therefore all charges stemming from it must be dismissed by Law Mandate, which is not the case here. They Held Me in the county jail until My Nephew had posted My Bail. A $30,000 bond. While My Mother went on hospice and died Feb 15-March20,2019 died while I was illegally arrested and held all in a violation of both State and Our Federal Constitutional Law Mandates. Https://us-first.info/player/video/rJ2cn2Snc6uZln0.html This is My actual written statement of part of what actually happened not all of it. I have to discuss with the lawyer first whether I should put the rest, as their kind of in trouble between the video and this their just in so much trouble. All contrary to the Law. 1drv.ms/w/s!AupUfe3dYPHOghhjqxOzvJaN3VTs?e=5mIuvi The cops are caught dead wrong on video and also transcript minutes that follow below at the factual testimony on the transcript of the Preliminary Hearing held on the date of: Tuesday 14 January 20, beginning at 12pm. Hearing held before the then District Justice Paul Menditto, 213 Silver Lake Road, Demens Ferry, in Pennsylvania
Luke's workout
Luke's workout 11 hours ago
Why did they bring their kids to a dirt bike park?
Theodore 11 hours ago
I have an idea...keep the kids away and parent!
Charlie Blazin
Charlie Blazin 11 hours ago
Hahah cut of the rev off..you instigated
Charlie Blazin
Charlie Blazin 11 hours ago
Jesus they're being extra aggressive. Blocking roadway and threats. Call the cops next time. Once they threaten say you'll call the cops
Charlie Blazin
Charlie Blazin 11 hours ago
As I continue. Reasonable. Should've been the bigger man. Just been like okay that's fine and settle for something to let you buy
Ted Riley
Ted Riley 11 hours ago
You people are missing the point I'll say again all he had to do was go around them he had the whole field to ride in
Ted Riley
Ted Riley 11 hours ago
Your stupid man why would you try to go through a group of people all you had to do is go around them there were kids there why would you have to go through them just go around them why would you need to walk your bike through them and why do you sound like your nuts haven't dropped yet LOL
me and my pooch
me and my pooch 12 hours ago
Americans such polite people
me and my pooch
me and my pooch 12 hours ago
The leprechaun was in the army yeah right
Scoop Dukem
Scoop Dukem 12 hours ago
@8:18 homegirl picking her nose... no shame
Anthony P
Anthony P 12 hours ago
What a waste of time just keep riding someone's always going to be jealous
Terry Turner
Terry Turner 12 hours ago
They act like they own the fucking place
Dmane2207 The God
Dmane2207 The God 12 hours ago
They all out there being illegal lmao they all trespassing 😂😂
Joseph Valentine
Joseph Valentine 12 hours ago
@2:20 something, respect a man whn he’s with his family. They’re trying to protect the children!
Diidly Pepper
Diidly Pepper 13 hours ago
You can't reason with the unreasonable
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen 14 hours ago
If it's such a dangerous place don't bring ur kids just play under the truck and hitch you will be ok lol
A Baca
A Baca 14 hours ago
They were all prison vets
Cameron Deschaine
Cameron Deschaine 14 hours ago
I pray for your children’s safety, I pray for your unborn children’s safety, because they’re to rely on your inconsiderate decisions. And I hope you learn. Kids are innocent and unknowing of their surroundings.
Jason 14 hours ago
I figured it out... Didn't notice it at first but they going all ignorant on the white dude doing wheelies because he chillin with the black dudes lol.. racist fuck boys
Cameron Deschaine
Cameron Deschaine 14 hours ago
You’re all ignorant to the real world and need a reality check. It’s not your fault, you’ll learn with age and experience. I pray to god that my children never have harm come there way, and I pray that he may give me the strength to restrain myself from harming those who bring danger to my family. Amen.
Cameron Deschaine
Cameron Deschaine 14 hours ago
You’re all ignorant to the real world and need a reality check, maybe grow up a little, get some sunlight it’s good for you
Cameron Deschaine
Cameron Deschaine 14 hours ago
“They’re just haters bro” if you have kids someday you’ll know exactly what they meant. The restraint you have to take in not hurting somebody who put your kids in harms way. No question, no arguments, if you hurt my child with your wreck less behavior its going to be your life. When shit gets real it gets real, don’t test that theory
Round One
Round One 14 hours ago
When the guy said it will only take one of us go ahead and pick 1. I would have picked him! And dog walked that pumk! I used to love to beat up bullies!
AboutThatTime420 15 hours ago
"Do what I say or I'll fight you because you aren't being mindful of others!" How does this logic even run through someones head
Tom Miller
Tom Miller 15 hours ago
Mickey Mouse on a bike
TheFuzzyOne 15 hours ago
Real big dudes to talk shit to 1 person when there are 5 people to back ur ass up and u gotta grab a weapon. Real big dudes there
Terry Miracle
Terry Miracle 15 hours ago
They just jelly that your a bad ass on the bike everyone in there group out there with one side by side for a farm😜😂😂😂😂
TheRealAndrew Here
TheRealAndrew Here 15 hours ago
These dudes are in the right man all the way 100 percent
Internet Mayor
Internet Mayor 15 hours ago
Leave the kids home next.. If i was there they would of got knocked out.. Bunch of drunk trash
TheRealAndrew Here
TheRealAndrew Here 15 hours ago
If they weren't there dude would have rode thru wheeling and could have hit a kid
TheRealAndrew Here
TheRealAndrew Here 15 hours ago
The moto guy is not thinking about the kids if I was those big white boys i would do the same I would fuck somebody up if they came by like that and scared one of my kids
Ryan Lowry
Ryan Lowry 15 hours ago
I wish you all could've confronted those douche bags. But that's when people get shot
Lp Lp
Lp Lp 15 hours ago
Not sure why you rode a wheelie directly into them ? You got lucky there and you know it . They’re obviously standing there for a reason to protect their kids . You’re wrong here and I would be more careful in the future . I would have said to myself why are these guys blocking the road ?Then I would have driven by on the track seen the kids and completely understood. The way you went about it was dangerous for one your out numbered for two they were clearly drinking . Don’t ever let your pride get you hurt or worse . After they explained the kids being there you should have went around on the track . Instead you went and tried to get others involved. Unreal
Hellcat Redeye -G
Hellcat Redeye -G 16 hours ago
Bunch of guys drinking letting their kids play between cars on a paved road And wanting to fight ......Best just to Stay away
Mind Ur bussines
Mind Ur bussines 16 hours ago
Everyone’s a hardass when it’s 8:1
tv lt
tv lt 16 hours ago
All those guys are stupid don't take your kids to an off road park if they only get to play in a four foot square why don't they stay home with their kids
Gil Vogt
Gil Vogt 16 hours ago
Pick which ever one you want......😭....I don't wanna fight, then stop running your mouth.....why not be a man and fight, that's what we do to settle problems....you win, you can ride wheelies......he wins, you can't.....simple.......your just lucky he didn't sic his 13yr old daughter on you ......
Tyler Cheek
Tyler Cheek 16 hours ago
The one guy that said put me on youtube. I really would have, would've dropped his ass and then said NOW YOU'RE ON US-first
super punchers
super punchers 17 hours ago
U guys shoulda stomped them old men!
Lincoln LS04
Lincoln LS04 17 hours ago
1st of all these clowns on bikes and 4 wheelers driving like A dumbazz should find out who owns the road. Most roads like these are people who live out in the country owns these roads. Next the 1 that was putting his hands up had a black shirt on not a white shirt. Last PTSD can attack someone in a heart beat. If ya city boys don't need to be in the country.
ill will
ill will 18 hours ago
You right though it ain’t worth it lol
ill will
ill will 18 hours ago
Like prison has anything to do with it lolz
Hooper_c4 18 hours ago
The tough guy act in this video is phenomenal 👏
Darren Lee
Darren Lee 18 hours ago
oh man! bunch of big bad guys... oh man!
TheKillzone1511 18 hours ago
Being a military vet has nothing to do with the reckless riding you did
john cisneros
john cisneros 18 hours ago
You should of done a wheelie off that crock wearing drunks face.🤪jk.u outclassed them.👍
Will Engelhardt
Will Engelhardt 18 hours ago
ahhhh the south
SouthWess Dev
SouthWess Dev 19 hours ago
Why the fucc they had their kids hanging out there any way ... that particular place is for machinery vehicles not a beach set for DUMB ASS people
purps831 19 hours ago
I dnt kwn what state this is but here in cali you come to the hole and act like these vets all hard...someone is gonna get followed home and get checked.
Huntsvegas Smoov
Huntsvegas Smoov 19 hours ago
Yall ran into a group of proud boys is what happened. Beware!
karma 20 hours ago
Big tough guys hey ahah big tough guys ahah I said fuck off so many times watching this video 😂😂
Solitary Soldier DEFINED BY ONE
As soon as you were aware there were CHILDREN you should have stayed away from that area....instead you continued to instigate the situation....YOU WERE IN THE WRONG
taylor hintz
taylor hintz 20 hours ago
How tf you stay calm dude? Dudes constantly walkin up. Fuck. I would planted dudes face into my bikes crash cage.
PDRZONE 20 hours ago
You can always tell when ppl have a gun handy. They get bold.
Aaren Starr
Aaren Starr 20 hours ago
Homies voice is wild.
redeye333420 20 hours ago
Why would you keep going back escalating the situation and then say it isnt worth it when someone is going to beat your ass .....I'm thinking its called for an ass beating that is..
S. McGlothlin
S. McGlothlin 21 hour ago
So are they war vet's or felons??
North Star Courage
North Star Courage 21 hour ago
Have the kids play between a couple cars on the side of the road while the adults get drunk and try to start fights. When the person submits and starts to leave doing what u want throw a beer at his back. Hopefully someone who knows them contacts CPS and gets those kids out of there.
Shane Nickles
Shane Nickles 21 hour ago
This kid is a hell of a lot calmer than my 40 yr old ass. I was just brought up differently, we love to fight, just for fun. Growing up , my very respected father taught me and two older brothers, (respecte is everything in this type situation,) If they would have asked nicely it went good. But u stop me like that 4 anything, and we lace up, square up, and one at time.
Jasen Worrell
Jasen Worrell 21 hour ago
It's kinda stupid instead of finding a safe place for the kids to play they debo ppl off the road what a pos
DS2020 _
DS2020 _ 22 hours ago
nah bro you got the right people wit you see black people ain’t care we gone beat somebody ass if we got to them real friends right there💪🏽 see how they went up there and ain’t give a fuck
bigblockin427 22 hours ago
I think CPS would agree those children are in danger with their parents
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones 22 hours ago
Being tough cuz they out number him pussies
Jesse Quiroz
Jesse Quiroz 22 hours ago
Props to this guy for not escalating but I’m no better I’m down to throw my life away after being told I’d get smoked
Mulatto Heat
Mulatto Heat 22 hours ago
Bunch of libtards in disguise
Isau ReDD
Isau ReDD 23 hours ago
I bet all the problems they ever had were because they're so dam ignorant
Isau ReDD
Isau ReDD 23 hours ago
They so gotdam stupid...get the fk out the street how u gonna be at place like that claiming space an blocking the street..old vets pissed at their own failures in life...
Quintrell Dawkins
Quintrell Dawkins 23 hours ago
You handled that situation more like a adult then them jack azz! When I ride I got that 9 and my 380 holstered in my boot. Fuck them at that point! You throw a beer can and tried to hit somebody with a rack. Who cares cause half of y’all been to prison that just shows your a stupid idiot. Play pu$$¥ get fu
mendezeddie1322 23 hours ago
You gotta respect the kids bro.thats where you messed up.your pride kept you engaging a wolf pack protecting their children.plus it doesn't help that some of them are drunk.
slow6.0 excursion
Call it what you wanna call it . The didn't like black folks their . Be real
Damien Kayn
Damien Kayn Day ago
Whenever dude with tattoos said he would take you 1 on 1 you should stuck him right in the mouth. Buddy don’t look like he’s like that
James Meyers
James Meyers Day ago
Dudes justification is wrong. Watch your kids. Stop expecting other people to parent your children. People are fucking dumb.
Then don’t bring your 4 year old kids to a dangerous place
Dana Kahler
Dana Kahler Day ago
Who was the designated driver
Dot Com
Dot Com Day ago
🤦🏾‍♂️ I hate Mfs like that bruh, I would’ve slapped buddy I hate my temper