Druski stops by Yung Miami's crib for a fun lesson on sustainability | Sneakin' In With Druski 

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This week on "Sneakin' In With Druski," hip hop's favorite comedian Druski is back to his shenanigans all in the name of sustainability. This time, he invades the home of City Girls' own Yung Miami...and quickly pisses her off. Luckily, he still manages to teach her a thing or two about recycling before the rapper gives him the boot. Presented by adidas Originals. Watch the new episode above!
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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
In Living Other
In Living Other 8 days ago
This is like the new version of Cribs lowkey lol
In Living Other
In Living Other 2 days ago
@Jovan Monroe and on Cribs some celebrities use to also rent homes.
Jovan Monroe
Jovan Monroe 2 days ago
@In Living Other That’s not her house. They just shoot in other people’s homes. 😂
Sofiya Hayes
Sofiya Hayes 3 days ago
@Kenneth Jackson no
caramel qt
caramel qt 3 days ago
Then she said you got on my robe and he like this the guest robe....😂🤣😂🤣 like what?
B Square
B Square 3 days ago
🧢 us-first.info/player/video/mqipkpqomGlzZps.html
Neish J
Neish J Hour ago
I started watching Druski in 2018. He's naturally funny without even trying 😅👍🏽 .. I've always said "I'd love to see him make it" and look. Congrats Dru 👏🏽 .. Keep doing amazing work and never change up!
Angela Chapman
Angela Chapman 4 hours ago
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ZaZa Beatz
ZaZa Beatz 10 hours ago
Legacy 12
Legacy 12 12 hours ago
Who you think you is... Sisqo!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saintly Cyn
Saintly Cyn 14 hours ago
Good thing he didn't call her Caresha😂
geneva simmons
geneva simmons 15 hours ago
Lol black people get way too comfortable!!
Kasey Thomas
Kasey Thomas 17 hours ago
How he drink vodka like that 😂
Tia Coleman
Tia Coleman 23 hours ago
not him saying the pool water smelled fishy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jarrica H
Jarrica H Day ago
I know that ain't her house but still this vid was funny
S Wo
S Wo Day ago
Gerald Morrison
Ok but is this Yung Miami real house ?
Ronia Day ago
Him running on the treadmill 😂😂😂
Nivia Abraham
Him in the shower killing me 😭😭😭
Shante Day ago
“I really Don’t even know what u saying” lmaooo
quintin mejia
That aint her house no way in hell he doing all that shit in her house
Shante Day ago
4.6 Million views?!! Yasss Druski!!👏🏾👏🏾
Marcell Ortiz
She said go upstairs and dry off she never said anything about a shower 😂
Hector Cordova
The music reminds me of Sly Cooper from ps2 😭
Will Day ago
This ain’t Miami’s house lol 😂
Leslie Givens
I wanted those shoes so bad and, I ordered them a long time ago but, never received them 😭😭
This is cap af smh... Caresha doesn't live in miami anymore
paperchasintyy !!!
Yung Miami look too Mf good
Sadaeya Day ago
Moe Moe
Moe Moe 2 days ago
a bipp
a bipp 2 days ago
she called tht man cisco😂😂😂
Jayson Moore
Jayson Moore 2 days ago
Druski is hilarious
Ashley Currington
Derek Divyne
Derek Divyne 2 days ago
She so bad
Keyana Breshaé
He got on Santana robe 😂😂😂😂😂
LOVE_ RICAxoxo 2 days ago
Is this really Miami’s house? Because J.T. Was on live talking about living in an apartment or condo..
Monica Loren
Monica Loren 2 days ago
YM: “go upstairs dry off dont touch my stuff” Druskii: *takes a shower, sprays perfume and gets on treadmill* 😂😂😂
Laquane Wright
Laquane Wright 2 days ago
This dude isn't funny at all tho
melaku hawkins
melaku hawkins 2 days ago
TALENTSGlamSquad 2 days ago
I liked this !! 🥰
TALENTSGlamSquad 2 days ago
I liked this !! 🥰 Let me go do my part 🤍
Jay 2wavy
Jay 2wavy 2 days ago
Jolisha Howard
Jolisha Howard 2 days ago
The stairway 😍
Prince 2 days ago
yung miami got a bad ass house. 😍
Riahjay 's Reality
her crib nice asf 🔥🔥
Cicely Gillispie
Cicely Gillispie 3 days ago
RafFoeDub 3 days ago
Druski came out of nowhere and is taking over.
Heather Nurse
Heather Nurse 3 days ago
It's DRUSKI singinggg in tha shower fuh meeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zyria 3 days ago
i was ready for ha to be like "and you know you big" lol
Quokka 3 days ago
I sweeeeaaaar I never heard anyone in my life sound like Miami.
Yukno stretch
Yukno stretch 3 days ago
Shawdy said yunmanami lol can't say her own damn name right
Tai 3 days ago
I would die on her steps...I’m clumsy 😭
Chance Collins
Chance Collins 3 days ago
these are hilarious lolololol
Fenkell Boyz
Fenkell Boyz 3 days ago
Air bnb
Monique Holland
Monique Holland 3 days ago
I like how they recreated that one pool scene in Love Don’t Cost A Thing😂
Clumsy as get out. 👉🏾 Just just... Get out👉🏾
A Matthews Situation
I love him 😂😂😂
Devonta White
Devonta White 3 days ago
I really love this content from Revolt and Adidas
Aaron YT
Aaron YT 3 days ago
The way Miami speaks... oof has me feeling some type of way ngl
elmore 292
elmore 292 3 days ago
Druski is like the Anthony Anderson of this generation
MrTruefacts101 3 days ago
This definitely not yung miami house she don't stay on the water in miami or south florida in order to stay on the water we talking atleast 8 million or better
First last
First last 3 days ago
That's not miamis house but this is cute
Eddie Soul
Eddie Soul 3 days ago
That couldn’t be vodka but that shit funny as hell 😂
Poppa Steph
Poppa Steph 3 days ago
I dont even know what you saying lol
WP Snick
WP Snick 3 days ago
4.5 million views and only 600 comments 🤔 sum ain’t adding up !
Olivia Love
Olivia Love 3 days ago
Where jt at?.... 🗣 JT 😂
Steven Turner
Steven Turner 3 days ago
This a stupid AZZ show like why 😳
Monica Carter
Monica Carter 3 days ago
She got a nice crib
its summmeeer
its summmeeer 3 days ago
yesss i luv them salad bags !
Kiki Kollective
Kiki Kollective 3 days ago
Love this series Druski u the 🐐
Dartagnon Raines
Dartagnon Raines 4 days ago
So far this has been the worst one lol and it’s not cuz of dru..
Afiba Bessa
Afiba Bessa 4 days ago
Her house is soo beautiful, I need architectural digest in there
S J 4 days ago
I love her outfit
Mikey Estrada
Mikey Estrada 4 days ago
Bro this video sucked it was short and not funny
AR5ON 4 days ago
Nobody heard the way she said her name🤔
Ye-Maje H
Ye-Maje H 4 days ago
yung miami can definitely be a actress because this was good!
Brando Montana
Brando Montana 4 days ago
1:38 Sly Cooper ass music LMFAO 💀
Doc Flop
Doc Flop 4 days ago
That was awesome ⭐️
DDomino Geronimo
DDomino Geronimo 4 days ago
candice Miller
candice Miller 4 days ago
Is that Miami’s house fr 👀
janeSPEAKS 4 days ago
4:25 😂😂😂 He sniffed her toothbrush??😖
alfred bellinger
alfred bellinger 4 days ago
Not the sly cooper game music 😂😂
I bet you’ve never seen an UNFUNNY big black man
Young Ju
Young Ju 4 days ago
Dude get out da shower and wash his hands 😂😂😂 touches everything
NeNe's Holy Grail
She shops at Kroger 😝😎
G B 4 days ago
Ok so first, I just fell in love with Yung Miami like 2 days ago 😍😍🤤 And 2, Drew is hilarious 😂😂
Key2 e
Key2 e 4 days ago
Lmao it him singing jt verse from throat baby for me 😭
Glizzy GLO’
Glizzy GLO’ 4 days ago
This was way too but doesn’t take away from the fact I loved it .
Tflacko Gaming
Tflacko Gaming 4 days ago
Bro washed his hands after he JUST got out the shower 😂🤣
Anselmo Huerta
Anselmo Huerta 4 days ago
Last one was funnier
Chanelle Liggens
Chanelle Liggens 4 days ago
She remind me of Trina lol
Lexbo El'bezzy
Lexbo El'bezzy 4 days ago
Bruh look 👀 like 👍🏿 a fat golden lord 😁
That staircase 😍😍😍😍
Free Truth
Free Truth 4 days ago
I don’t even know what you saying ?? 😭😂
The Boiziez
The Boiziez 4 days ago
why did he get a straw to drink off the wine glass🤣
johngabonna 4 days ago
That jt then the laugh 😂😂😂
KIDROBOT4 4 days ago
Idk who she is.
erin powell
erin powell 4 days ago
Omg the sly cooper music tho
ishemane 4 days ago
Caresha Brownlee
Strike God Zias
Strike God Zias 4 days ago
Nigga pouring vodka like it’s wine or some shit 😂
Xo Xo
Xo Xo 4 days ago
Yaaaassss caresha😅
El Traviezo
El Traviezo 4 days ago
This man druski stay fuccin up 😂😂😂
17 Protect Black Women 17 Expose Black Men
Nah Yung Miami is so beautiful 😍😘😍
I Drove a Tank!
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