Drunk Valentine's Makeover on Trixie Mattel | Brittany Broski 

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sorry for how much I scream in this, and a specific apology to Trixie's neighbors...WE'RE ALMOST AT A MILLION, TEAM!!! I COULD CRY AND SOB i love you guys so much!! thank you for watching and supporting me, pls sub if u havent 😎😎😎
sub to Trixie here: us-first.info/more/0biFgrMdkv1hFAFLVePODQ
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thank u to my beautiful hot sexy man editor @lastmanstanley for da edits
gold playboy bunny makeover coming once we hit that milli mark; also new art history vid coming soon hehe
stream La Noche de Anoche by Bad Bunny & Rosalía btw

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Feb 17, 2021




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RoxiSheep 20 minutes ago
Anyone catch what foundation Trixie came in with I need it in my life
Jessica ;
Jessica ; 3 hours ago
Trixie needs to relax.some of that tension hahahaha she was NOT having it. Lol I wonder why he wasn't drinkin
gemspml 4 hours ago
Sarah’s country accent goes 5x harder when she’s drunk
lizzzella 5 hours ago
Please include katya on the gold play boy collab that is all i ask
Madison Doucet
Madison Doucet 5 hours ago
The ‘I’m gonna die in LA’ took me out. I’m from South West LA. We’d be honored to have you in like 80 years haha
Jasper Hickey
Jasper Hickey 5 hours ago
God yes
Madison Doucet
Madison Doucet 5 hours ago
The chaos this video exudes is amazing
Ab Wilson
Ab Wilson 5 hours ago
gabrihella 6 hours ago
okay why did she lowkey snap 👏🏼😳
Mackenzie Carroll
Mackenzie Carroll 6 hours ago
if you guys host drag shows in LA i’m literally leaving Canada to come watch
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 6 hours ago
“But when you do this makeup you choose homophobia” LMAOOOO
Loni Baby
Loni Baby 7 hours ago
The echo im- 💀😭😂😂😂😂
Ruby Vuitton
Ruby Vuitton 7 hours ago
I’d literally come to LA to see you guys together. I never particularly liked either of you but when you started doing videos together, I was instantly addicted
Evan Swiech
Evan Swiech 8 hours ago
"I have a tension in my chest that's medically... alarming."
ZenMeow 8 hours ago
what foundation!!!!! the drugstore one!!!!!
Kayla R
Kayla R 8 hours ago
I’m living for their friendship. ♥️
Rachel Skiba
Rachel Skiba 9 hours ago
“But when you do the makeup you choose homophobia” 😹😹
Megan 9 hours ago
I literally love Brittany but girl ... have we heard of blending
Honey 10 hours ago
I love the look Brittany
PinkyChiChi 10 hours ago
There is loud. Very loud loud. (It’s the rugged that we like. Did I mention there is also cackling?)
StarLuv 10 hours ago
this is the most iconic shit ive ever seen wtf omg
Kim Mahoney
Kim Mahoney 11 hours ago
I didn’t know that there were other straight white women who simply gravitate towards the gays. Happy I found my community.
Sophia Braun
Sophia Braun 11 hours ago
“These woman have never met” hahaha
Darby Moran
Darby Moran 11 hours ago
I would travel from Texas to come see y'all host! I'll even bring Mrs. Tracy some Whataburger!
rlkmjh 11 hours ago
Girl STOP belching in his ear lol he clearly hates it
Tania Gonzalez
Tania Gonzalez 12 hours ago
Dhiann VandeBogart
Dhiann VandeBogart 12 hours ago
I really want to see Brittany do one of those "face map" drawings and have Trixie recreate it.
danjay jacome
danjay jacome 12 hours ago
why does the eye look remind me of that girl avatar from the last air bender
danjay jacome
danjay jacome 12 hours ago
the way trixie just stares into space after brittany burps
vide0 n4sty
vide0 n4sty 12 hours ago
genuinely, i love the dynamic between brittany and trixie. just...v v wholesome solidarity in this chillis today.
vinthesin613 12 hours ago
You are 100%...my people.💖
Jordan Barnes
Jordan Barnes 13 hours ago
IM A STRIGHT MAN!!!! but i get the vibe
evelyn chavez
evelyn chavez 13 hours ago
Does anyone know what foundation they decided to use??
Steph 13 hours ago
WTF you guys?! I wanna come to a show but I'm in Canada
Giddony S
Giddony S 13 hours ago
Omg yes I’d go all the way from houston!
Erika Jade
Erika Jade 13 hours ago
Brittany’s about to get this video copyright claimed for singing Rain On Me lol
Anthony Cano
Anthony Cano 14 hours ago
4:17 is me and my best friend constantly
Jay Green
Jay Green 14 hours ago
that outfit and wig are sooo cute! love trixie's style
Lemonade 66
Lemonade 66 15 hours ago
the asymmetry makes it look like trixie is having a stroke
Grace 16 hours ago
Trixie and Brittany ARE Ru and Michelle
Kabel93 16 hours ago
Like for the 1.8 million bestie gang
JustZaya 16 hours ago
Trixie is so affirming and sweet🥺💖
CrescentBunny 16 hours ago
Trixie doing this look mostly on her own and hyping up Brittany so much for doing so good - friendship goals
Emmind 16 hours ago
Trixie acts like a disappointed dad that now has to deal with drunk kids. 🤣🤣🤣
Jack Fitzgerald
Jack Fitzgerald 17 hours ago
I’m straight and these two are funny asf
Rafeal Simon
Rafeal Simon 18 hours ago
Christopher Sousa Ebels
Definitely do the drag night in LA. Mickys when it reopens. I’ll be there!
Patricia Snow
Patricia Snow 19 hours ago
"I can't see!" *Reality sinks in....* omg I love this
Miranda Grigar
Miranda Grigar 19 hours ago
I love this video so much. I will literally watch anything that you two do together. Standup. Tour. Videos. Club nights (if I lived in LA). Give me all the content, I’ll take it happily. Thanks moms
ccarullo 20 hours ago
A night in LA? Tour the country. Boystown in Chicago would LOVE y’all 🥺❤️
Jenna Vélez
Jenna Vélez 22 hours ago
If Trixie was as drunk as Brittany this would have been an Oscar-nominated video 😂
Brianne Dora
Brianne Dora 22 hours ago
I love watching you guys together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks so fucking good! lol
Jared Twain
Jared Twain 22 hours ago
We love Tracy
Terrah Card
Terrah Card 22 hours ago
Trixie is offensively dark.
Asia 23 hours ago
Trixie’s love and support for brittany is so heart warming
Teigan Lynne
Teigan Lynne 23 hours ago
Your duo is legendary
bigE Cheese
bigE Cheese 23 hours ago
I love how one video turned into many more
Marios Gregoriou
fact: This isn't your first time watching this
ckaji15 Day ago
Funny how Trixie attracts Taurus signs, I want Katya and Brittany to in a video together and talk about Trixie.
Emily Cowan
Emily Cowan Day ago
Ughh the burps..
Jessica Mitchell
I’m so honored to be able to watch your videos and fall in love with your personality 💚🖤💚🖤💚 keep on bein you we all love it so damn much 💚💚💚💚💚 same for Sarah and Trixie 💚💚💚💚 I’m seriously living for all your content you’re amazing okay I’ll go now I’m just simping over amazing people 💚💚💚💚💚💚
Pia Pia
Pia Pia Day ago
Brittany's channel is like the party after the after party
Megan Day ago
The way she said taurus ♉️
Kat F
Kat F Day ago
Miss ma’am shouldn’t have been drunk for this... or Tracy should’ve been even more drunk
Megan Day ago
The lighting hunnyy nuhuh
I miss having drunk friends like this 💕💕
Erick Sanchez
Can we get a Brittany, Trixie and Katya moment?
Erick Sanchez
I could watch you guys together for evaaaaah.
Rainrider Day ago
I'd fly wherever that show is! I'm in!!
The King
The King Day ago
I knew this video was going to be chaotic lol 😂
Jacob Guidry
Jacob Guidry Day ago
Louisiana gang wya
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee Day ago
I love whenever Trixie does Wendy Williams 😂 *throws How you doin' hands* "So, appurently..."
caroline sorrells
i wanna know what trixie said after brittany said she wanted to film with bob. that shit cut QUICK🤣
Kimberly Breadjinington Mum
Omg next collab needs to be a half and half they do half of their own face and half of each others !!!!
MariBeth Rider
Historical trauma entered the chat when she hit the British accent when showing the indigenous owned palette
Matias Rdo
Matias Rdo Day ago
26:00 I'm literally dead at laughing for this moment
Moriah Rizzo
Moriah Rizzo Day ago
Trixie is the best
Moriah Rizzo
Moriah Rizzo Day ago
Need the robe
Taylor Day ago
Wolken Sisters
“do you wanna see....... my naked body”
taradactyle Day ago
I need a Trixie and Brittany bake in an easy bake oven together video
Kayotic Reign
Did u just call Trixie “Tracey” ? Lmfao
Kinsey Chapman
Kinsey Chapman 14 hours ago
you must be new here lol
hattie rebecca
yes i would go to a drag show for you guys after covid
Kathispetss 1
Trixie is sooo patient omg I could never handle a drunk Brittany😭😭
freya hatfield
17:54 when I tell you I started crying from laughter from that lip pencil breaking 🤣🤣🤣
Liss cat
Liss cat Day ago
pls someone tell me what that foundation was
Jacob Cannon
Jacob Cannon Day ago
my guess is that Brittany is a cancer moon with a leo rising, adding to the psychic theory
Lisa Waters
Lisa Waters Day ago
I loooooove post malone
Nicole Medina
so no one is gonna ask if Sarah is okay? 😂 home girl left to the bathroom and never came back LMFAO (unless I missed something🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Hannah Tacticat
tracey being so supportive of BB's dreams she didn't even know she had *wholesome*
suzzanne Irene
This is so fucking funny I'm currently tipsy and God damn I can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Miller-Robinson
i live in weho and I would totally go for the two of you as co-hosts LOVEEE IT!!!
Katie G
Katie G Day ago
“I love average white men. That’s my type.” I feel that
Justin Gongora
Trixie seems so annoyed that Britney is drunk it’s hilarious
Ruth 123
Ruth 123 Day ago
"I need to try and fix this while she's in the bathroom" I'm dying XD
Alyssa Legaspi
I need you guys to make a podcast please
Lukas Johanson
Sis really improved
theo Day ago
trixie is so lost she hates it there
TheNinito25 Day ago
I like that top. Where is it from? I love anything Keith Haring.
Margie Raupp
Margie Raupp Day ago
Can you guys please do a video with Juno Birch?? I would die.