DRUNK MASKLESS Tom Brady Super Bowl Parade: Throws Lombardi Trophy off boat 

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Day drunk and maskless. He’s become a true Florida man. How are we supposed to explain to our kids that Tom Brady binge drinks alcohol? Shouldn’t he be setting a better example? I say this with only slight sarcasm. I do kind of feel bad for his kids. But Drunk Tom Brady is the most relatable Tom Brady.
Drunk Tom Brady TOSSED THE LOMBARDI TROPHY off his boat at the Super Bowl parade in Tampa. But thankfully, it was caught before disaster struck!
Brady hoisted the trophy back three or four times before unloading it a good 5-to-10 yards to his teammates on a nearby boat!
Like nearly every other Brady pass in the Super Bowl, though, the completion was made ... and fortunately, the trophy will survive at least a few more minutes out on the water.
Event organizers felt partying on boats was the safest way to celebrate the team since we're still in the middle of the COVID pandemic.
Boaters are allowed in the water but they must stay at least 50 feet from the vessels containing Bucs players and staff.
Tom is out in the brand new boat he got in December -- it's a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art 40-foot vessel with all the bells and whistles.
It's named "Viva a Vida" -- which seems to be inspired by his wife Gisele's environmental conservation initiative.
I bet Tom Brady drunk is still better than half the league’s QBs.
What do you think of drunk anti-masker Tom Brady? I’m not sure if he’s an anti-masker, but he did have a MAGA had in his locker. Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe by hitting my face on the right hand side.
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Feb 10, 2021




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Comments 100   
Koko Pellei
Koko Pellei 10 hours ago
Chiggalonkers 11 hours ago
They really think he finna answer shit😂
william barkenbush
william barkenbush 19 hours ago
Tom your the best!!!
mark parkes
mark parkes 21 hour ago
This a man whos mom wakes him up by turning over. Brady is a legend😁
Christopher Torres
Who ever made this video sucks. Whiney and lame.
Daken Billiot
Good times
Drew _
Drew _ 2 days ago
I guess COVID does not exist
Declan O
Declan O 2 days ago
Christian Kelly
Christian Kelly 2 days ago
So what he's maskless?
Hydra Dominatus
Hydra Dominatus 2 days ago
For real this guy should be banned from US-first
Rusty Jones
Rusty Jones 2 days ago
I guess you are perfect! Find something worth talking about!! or JUST SHUT UP!!!
NickOnPC 3 days ago
U feel bad for his kids? Bro wtf u satin the man just 1 his 7th super bowl and is enjoying his time on the water fucking relax u simp
Live From The Motherland
I think a hof quarterback can make a pass across a boat 6 feet. Just a hunch
Live From The Motherland
He came thru in the beginning looking like Jamie Foxx In Ray
meepo merp
meepo merp 3 days ago
he just won super bowl! 7th ring. mans the GOAT can do whatever he wants.....thats coming from a saints fan.
Justin Negron
Justin Negron 4 days ago
You sound like a simp 😂 “ mAsKl3Ss” take your content where it belongs. In the 🗑
Doomerbeing45 4 days ago
Guy was like Tom Brady Superbowl MVP 7 time.................
Cory Anthony
Cory Anthony 4 days ago
You don’t get invited to parties much, do you?
Abrams Family
Abrams Family 4 days ago
Wait till this guy finds out nobody cares that he wasn’t wearing a mask
jimmysp4des 4 days ago
Wait, you feel bad for his kids because their father was celebrating winning the superbowl? You are such a creepy loser, i feel bad for your kids.
Evan Kessel
Evan Kessel 4 days ago
This man is the goat of all goats. Stop being such a Karen and get a life.
Jonathan Doherty
Jonathan Doherty 4 days ago
Christopher Jobe
Christopher Jobe 4 days ago
No Doubt.. iIF I HAD THAT MANY SUPERBOWLs.. Folks would have thought something was wrong with me.. The whole Ems team would have been there😁
Savage South
Savage South 4 days ago
You feel bad for his kids? I feel bad for your parents. Smh
Viral Patel
Viral Patel 4 days ago
Hahaha love Brady fuck the haters
Your fellow Stormtrooper
Tom Brady be rockin the MAGA love it. Save America Again
Rylan Navarrete
Rylan Navarrete 5 days ago
You obviously haven’t partied before would you drink after winning a important thing and drink and get drunk Who the fuck cares if your drunk after partying that happens to a lot of people especially in college so fuck off let the man celebrate
Jessie Garcia
Jessie Garcia 5 days ago
Sylvia Ingram
Sylvia Ingram 5 days ago
And Tom Brady is NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING! On the field, Tom was NOT WEARING A MASK. On the podium accepting his MVP award, NO MASK! On the boat, NO MASK! Throw him in jail...with a mandatory mask
Nemesis UT
Nemesis UT 5 days ago
The man has won his 7th... most anyone has ever won, he works his ass off every year for over 20 years, strict diet, enjoying his success with teammates, and you are frowning upon that?? Because he had a shot or 2 ?? Jealousy, ignorance etc rums deep.... good luck achieving 5% of what this man has accomplished.... #12 🙌🏿
Project Flip
Project Flip 5 days ago
Shut up, Karen.
Steve Lindquist
Steve Lindquist 5 days ago
You’re a fucking loser man, the inflection in your voice is unbearable.
Tambo508 On Twitch
The creator of this video is a geek, and trying to make people dislike Tom. Sorry Doofus ain’t gonna happen!
Megabenjamin 6 days ago
Nobody cares if he is maskless it’s Florida 😂 nobody there gives a shit, also let him do whatever he wants
Pam Dolan
Pam Dolan 6 days ago
Commentator, you seem a bit drunk yourself.
Max Taunton
Max Taunton 6 days ago
This not the Tom Brady every one looked up this is so not brady I am done with him
mrtweetski 6 days ago
Tom Brady can do whatever the fuck he wants bro lol wtf are you trying to accomplish with this video. Have you ever won 7 Super Bowls? Quit begging for money
TreyParkersBitch 7 days ago
This is a stupid video
Joshua LaPointe
Joshua LaPointe 7 days ago
Mask is like wearing a scarf with a coat, it’s just an accessory.
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 7 days ago
Tom is awesome.. glad he doesn't play into the communist..
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 8 days ago
Let him enjoy
Liam Gray
Liam Gray 8 days ago
Guys adults can’t get drunk anymore
Mark Hemmingsen
Mark Hemmingsen 8 days ago
Hey Joseph, they should write about you in Laffy Taffy wrappers, 'cause you're a fucking joke, bro!
Meeks Palmer
Meeks Palmer 8 days ago
Lol people being mad at him being a bad example while listening to nicki minaj
J. S.
J. S. 8 days ago
Wait this is what people are talking about? This is literally nothing worth a conversation. He was drunk and threw a trophy to his friends. Lol that's literally all.
McTaint69 8 days ago
Welp! This video sure did backfired. This kid sounds like a bigger hater than Buc Nasty.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 8 days ago
Oh maskless ?!? Shut up this is florida we have freedom over here. Soyboy
Archonic 9 days ago
Good for him. Get drinky and enjoy the ride. 7!
Brandi 9 days ago
I say..."Live a little" #TomBrady! You're good! You're still the GOAT! Just my opinion folks...😊✌❤🏆🏈
Mario M
Mario M 9 days ago
Joseph Karen Morris 🤦‍♂️
Beatriz Parga
Beatriz Parga 9 days ago
Micah Mario
Micah Mario 9 days ago
This is the reason the Chiefs should have won. I don’t think Pat Mahomes would get drunk, and toss the Lombardy trophy off a boat. I know they lost, fair and square, but still.
Micah Mario
Micah Mario 7 days ago
@J. S. Lol good reason to root for the Bucs. I let it slide for this reason. 😂
J. S.
J. S. 7 days ago
@Micah Mario pshh that was nothing to what others are doing lmao so all good. I only wanted them to lose because that's my teachers fav team so maybe I am biast lol
Micah Mario
Micah Mario 7 days ago
@J. S. Yeah this is true. I kind of overreacted when the Chiefs lost lol
J. S.
J. S. 8 days ago
Well no harm was done. Only overly sensitive people are bothered by this lol
MitchMayne 9 days ago
Jesus christ he just won the superbowl your aloud to get fucked up
Soljah15 9 days ago
You trying to apply at a left news media station? Bruh, you saying stuff but the facts are he is celebrating- the right way. Go Tompa Bay!
Ondřej Zydroň
Ondřej Zydroň 9 days ago
I'm curious if someone will try this with Stanley Cup.
J.A. Gallegos
J.A. Gallegos 9 days ago
“Maskless” LOL Grow some balls!
Tian C
Tian C 9 days ago
Well played. Getting people to comment for the US-first $.
Benjamin Bryce
Benjamin Bryce 9 days ago
What kind of scumbag would get drunk and celebrate after winning the Superbowl? Smh
Dylan Scheller
Dylan Scheller 9 days ago
My mans is ZOOTED.
Zachary Mullins
Zachary Mullins 9 days ago
Can some nerd dox this guy? Im a career criminal btw
Zachary Mullins
Zachary Mullins 9 days ago
I applaud tom for getting drunk without a mask. Courageous leader
Vicktor s
Vicktor s 9 days ago
PnP dynamic
PnP dynamic 9 days ago
Dude stfu with your mask virtue signaling. We don't care. Your youtube channel is gonna go nowhere because you are out of touch.
World War Champ
World War Champ 9 days ago
Nothing wrong with a man enjoying the success of hard work and conviction.
Brodie Wordell
Brodie Wordell 9 days ago
You are so toxic. He just won his 7th super bowl. You probably just a sad, divorced man who’s wife left him because you just criticized everything she did. Your kids hate you because your he guy who just didn’t accept anything they did.
Princess Sparkles
I think you're setting a bad example for the kids. I don't want my kid to grow up being bitter about some other guys success. Set a better example for the youth please.
Alex Fedosenko
Alex Fedosenko 9 days ago
Bruh fuck off, the man just won the biggest trophy in his field for 7th time, he has the right to celebrate And you're not the one to judge him, cause you don't know what that's like
Titus Booker
Titus Booker 10 days ago
Please never post another sports video stay in your lane
Sean Gilliam
Sean Gilliam 10 days ago
ratioed so hard.
RAFAEL GUERRA 10 days ago
Your mad just take down the video
Ashley Lane
Ashley Lane 10 days ago
So annoyed. Says the keyboard judger that has no idea of success and hard work. I’m not even a Tom Brady fan, but have appreciation for what he has done. Rarely drinks, and he cut loose after how many super bowl rings? And you want to bring his kids into it? Go away, you are gross!
Jake Nastars
Jake Nastars 10 days ago
He’s having fun come on people. What would you be doing if you won so many Super Bowls? I get lit for taco Tuesday, or for a random week. And I go even harder at a festival, like oh man he got drunk, didn’t drive, and y’all think he couldn’t afford divers to go get the trophy if it did fall. @TomBrady I wasn’t a fan until now, enjoy your best life.
noah 10 days ago
Oh no no mask!!! How could he?!?!?!? Jk masks don't work and I don't wear them myself.
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli 10 days ago
that's not the real trophy dummies
5 Star PWC
5 Star PWC 10 days ago
Listening to a leftist "stay safe" nut case give his two cents about Brady and "CV" dogma is like watching ESPN.. it's enough to make me hurl.
Chris Darnell
Chris Darnell 10 days ago
Haters hate... I wasted 30 seconds of my life with this bs
Gerald Pridie
Gerald Pridie 10 days ago
Lmfao 🤣 feel bad for his kids? Bro y’all some weirdos on here 🤣🤣🤣 oh my god a man who is more fit then all your subs got drunk after winning the biggest title he could win for the 7th time..
Alex Sergeev
Alex Sergeev 10 days ago
let the boys have fun
dumais ouellet jonathan
And here we go again with the leftist virtue signaling narratif , can we just have fun without someone trying to impose their marxist view on everyone please
Braden Pomponi
Braden Pomponi 10 days ago
kristin gee
kristin gee 10 days ago
Ignore was playing in the background
NerfDude 10 days ago
Cheifs fan I’m guessing
Sosa 10 days ago
Let the man celebrate
Wrenlin Whitelight
Wrenlin Whitelight 10 days ago
Sh*t video title. Tells me everything I Need to know about NOT subbing to this douche
CFW VNIQ 10 days ago
So he had a MAGA hat. TRUMP Baby. You don't like it Eat ABOD
Ricardio 10 days ago
“He’s a role model” I hate it when people use that on celebrities. They did to Britney Spears and now Tom. For fuck sakes the man is in his 40s. He won most Super Bowls than any other player in NFL history. LET THE MAN HAVE HIS MOMENT! Like the guy needs a break now and then, stop bitching about Tom and get a life.
athlete016 10 days ago
fuck the masks !!! great to see that somebody acts normal and have fun !
j. f.
j. f. 10 days ago
you’re the male equivalent of a Karen, jo jo.
El barto
El barto 10 days ago
Dude let him support who he wants to support we live in a democracy where we can have different opinions
Matteo Watteo
Matteo Watteo 10 days ago
GOAT'S ....... they're just like us. Give the man a break. He got his Florida on, so what?
Lemon Dishonor
Lemon Dishonor 10 days ago
Jeez, he won another Super Bowl. I’ve got loaded for doing way less. People need to let people live.
Justin B
Justin B 10 days ago
Ohhh la la, someone’s going to get laid in college..
Damn Jamz
Damn Jamz 10 days ago
bruh this commentary sucks. stfu we got eyes. You aren't being entertaining or informative.
Victoria Xo
Victoria Xo 11 days ago
You sound so pathetic!
Sergio Mendez
Sergio Mendez 11 days ago
Tom Brady the goat
Lowell Smith
Lowell Smith 11 days ago
Far as I’m concerned he owns that trophy. They should change the name to the Tom Brady trophy after seven Super Bowls
Tashia 11 days ago
You need to shut the heck up he just won his 7th Super Bowl he can have a good time and not where a mask.
Greg Knepp
Greg Knepp 11 days ago
Give me a break, I'm not a huge brady fan but let the guy be!? Geese he just won his 7th lombardi!??? G.O.A.T. If he wants to get schwaassted and party with his team and city let him, your an idiot if you put this together to try and talk shit on him for not wearing a mask and celebrating. Get a life dude!
James Craig
James Craig 11 days ago
This guy won’t get a “ subscribed “ from me.....it was a poor story by even a poorer US-firstr wannabe!
Nap P
Nap P 11 days ago
Grow a real pair between your legs, win 7 super bowls and try not to party as hard as u can