Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL) 

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This episode is not sponsored by Ryobi, I just wanted to make the tool snobs mad!!!!!!
Watch me vlog. us-first.info
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, us-first.info/player/video/aMSpaIOfYGlie6c.html


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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Julian Gomez
Julian Gomez 2 minutes ago
guys I'm starting to thing foreman fred is the demoranch guy
thebass1904 27 minutes ago
after 02:35 the video starts - this was a long intro.
Yuvan Baldwine W
Yuvan Baldwine W 32 minutes ago
Investors buy ryobi stock. I would love to do a drill test like that
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong 33 minutes ago
can you send me the good milwaukee battery? i could use it
jacob murphy
jacob murphy 58 minutes ago
Ryobi is the Hi-Point of drills
Denis Nam
Denis Nam Hour ago
Good job bro. I'm from Kazakhstan. I'm looking you're video 👍
Wile Stoned
Wile Stoned Hour ago
Your funny bro I almost peed myself
Daniel M
Daniel M Hour ago
As a Journeyman Electrician I can tell you for a fact it literally doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as you’re happy with the tool, it doesn’t break, and it gets the job done. I have mostly Milwaukee but I also have Dewalt, Makita, Hilti and Festool power tools. People talk about tools like they are being paid to represent the brands.
Andrew J
Andrew J Hour ago
Anyone going to tell him that Ryobi is the equivalent of a hi-point?
Suburban Havoc
Pulling this up anytime the other guys in the shop give me shit about my Ryobis.
Pyro 2 hours ago
WALT is 100% the best drill
Jared W. Bailey
Jared W. Bailey 2 hours ago
So.......My grandfather actually does have a Makita.
*iTs STill ME* V-i-P
everything green on ryobi does something
Shoen gaming
Shoen gaming 2 hours ago
The batteries are more likely to flare up with a full metal jacket
Doug Line
Doug Line 2 hours ago
This is by far the most honest and thoroughly tested test! BRB throwing all my Dewalts away and getting Ryobi
Chris Moccio
Chris Moccio 2 hours ago
What hat are you wearing and where do I get one?
Mastersanada 2 hours ago
Ryobi is cheap and it works. That's all you need out of a tool. You got the money I guess you could pay a load of cash for something that's probably better (more money usually, usually means better quality. Not necessarily best in terms of bang for buck but better). But all you need is a tool to work.
King Ave Garage
King Ave Garage 3 hours ago
Who knew Ryobi was bulletproof* * Just ignore the florescent green pieces he kicked away
RJ 3 hours ago
You have black with gray words
Jake Angstman
Jake Angstman 3 hours ago
Should look into a Hilti
j kala
j kala 3 hours ago
I would like to see you shoot PS5, PS4, XBOX. That would be great fun!!!!
tdutch88 3 hours ago
Deep down Matt knows that Ryobi is the High point of the drill world
Linear Fusion
Linear Fusion 3 hours ago
So accurate! Defiantly sticking with dewalt! The thing is my grandpa did ALWAYS have makita stuff
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 4 hours ago
6:50 lmao
Caleb Higgs
Caleb Higgs 4 hours ago
My dad is a joiner and he uses the blue one
Emmett Hardie
Emmett Hardie 4 hours ago
DeWalt is 100% the best
Spark345YT 4 hours ago
16:08 *Casually Kicks away the destroyed Ryobi*
Chuck G
Chuck G 4 hours ago
I've always had great luck with Ryobi. There's nothing wrong with them and you can get some of their package deals really inexpensive.
Safi""Yullah Souleiman
😂😂he not slick y’all didn’t see him kick the shredded ryobi drill 16:05
Trevor Sorensen
Trevor Sorensen 4 hours ago
Gotta throw in Bauer from harbor freight against Ryobi. Cheap vs Cheap!
peyton Wilaon
peyton Wilaon 4 hours ago
All great drills...besides ryobi😂
Mc beast
Mc beast 5 hours ago
y do u have beef with mauwaki
dennis bryan
dennis bryan 5 hours ago
Matt- Mare has never squeaked a tire Mare- Don't tell Matt
Rafa Aquino
Rafa Aquino 5 hours ago
no bosch tho
Unique 5 hours ago
Every kid ever 0:00
peppew stake
peppew stake 6 hours ago
What is your favored brand mine is Dewalt
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan 6 hours ago
Love to buy the tattoo shirt but when I looked the postage to Australia was as much as the shirt.
Sean 6 hours ago
I can’t explain it but I just love the 1911 #TheLordsCaliber
Phillip Cossell
Phillip Cossell 8 hours ago
Milwaukee all day
Jax Wise
Jax Wise 8 hours ago
He forgot about black and decker
Peter J.
Peter J. 9 hours ago
Ryobi with the win!! 🤣👍
Bopples 10 hours ago
Matt never stops amazing me with his intros they only get better and better!
Nathan Quock
Nathan Quock 11 hours ago
Who knew a drill could be so powerful like that lol
Joe 11 hours ago
Finally a good reviewer that isnt biased or paid off. well done.
143iloveher143 11 hours ago
Dang it....I wish I could still get a shirt....:/
Brian Corley
Brian Corley 11 hours ago
haha nice switcharoo i did;t even see anyone commenting about it
Night x Twilight
Night x Twilight 12 hours ago
First time matt actually ran put of ammo while testing, with the .22 atleast.
coυnтry вoy
coυnтry вoy 12 hours ago
Matt the lever action shotgun is beautiful
justin buck
justin buck 12 hours ago
I love the dumb and dumber reference 😂😂😂
that one guy 500
that one guy 500 12 hours ago
I've always been a dewalt guy myself. The yellow looks nice.
brody simmons
brody simmons 13 hours ago
can you teats a riget drill
Joshua Webster
Joshua Webster 13 hours ago
My dad ran over his drill with a two ton tractor and it works fine😂😂😅😅
The W.O.P.
The W.O.P. 13 hours ago
This dude is hysterical
bradley harris
bradley harris 13 hours ago
Lmao you threw that gun better than you shit it lmao jk🤣 cool video I’ve kinda wanted to shoot my own drill before.
James I
James I 13 hours ago
I love the shirts... but $35 with shipping?!
mitchelldbarnes 14 hours ago
Makita is Grandpa's favorite because it was the first cordless power drill on the market. I remember my dad used to have both the drills and the flashlight that took the long stick style batteries, and they were an even fuglier greenish color back then.
Shane Copher
Shane Copher 14 hours ago
Makita batteries have always been my issue with them
Alberto Huesca
Alberto Huesca 14 hours ago
How much did Ryobi pay you
Alberto Huesca
Alberto Huesca 14 hours ago
I love your videos I’ve been watching it since you started But that is not fair Milwaukee is metal was not designed to take a bullet all the other ones are plastic just happens to be lucky enough you hit plastic not metal Milwaukee since it’s all metal you hit it from the side obviously it’s gonna jam Now think about this which ones last longer metal or plastic
chomperjr34 14 hours ago
1911 gone but not forgotten
Adventure Bros
Adventure Bros 14 hours ago
Just sayin dewalt Won
BIG FRANK 15 hours ago
RH Scoots
RH Scoots 15 hours ago
You forgot ridgid
callmejuan 15 hours ago
i take good care of my guns?
Jared Conduit
Jared Conduit 15 hours ago
would be really cool to see if australia has any good stuff to shoot
Eli Luttrell
Eli Luttrell 15 hours ago
Next episode Rigid Vs Ingersoll Rand Vs Hyper Tough Vs Craftsman After going through several have a final 4 showdown
John Cramm
John Cramm 15 hours ago
Ryobi dont grow legs and same batteries work with all tools.
Douglas Shaffer
Douglas Shaffer 15 hours ago
The PS90 is probably sighted correctly, but you didn’t take into consideration how close you were to the target and how high the red dot is above the barrel
Max_Moto 15 hours ago
I know I never wanna challenge Matt to a throwing competition
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing 16 hours ago
If you love your subscribers give my comment a heart ♥️
Robert Hamner
Robert Hamner 16 hours ago
was it just me or when he picked up the last drill at the end did he kick a broken ryobi out of the way real quickly? i think he just loves his ryobi enough to fib about it failing.....
Chance Wiltse
Chance Wiltse 16 hours ago
I was so happy to see the Milwaukee fail
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 hours ago
it would be so funny... ??
John Kiser
John Kiser 17 hours ago
Say what you will about Ryobi, but their tools are half decent and their customer care is actually quite good. My mother fell on a newly bought gas powered trimmer from them (after she was told not to walk in that area and she fell and tripped) this caused the shaft of it to bend and thus not work. I contacted them about it and they flat out sent me a new one.
Matheus Valezin
Matheus Valezin 17 hours ago
U could do a video shooting ONLY batteries
tanner fenske
tanner fenske 17 hours ago
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 hours ago
laughs in Hilti
Stand Together
Stand Together 17 hours ago
11:40, trust me 🤣🤣
Gunner 14
Gunner 14 17 hours ago
Ima have to respectfully disagree dewalt is best
Gunner 14
Gunner 14 17 hours ago
But I still love ya
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 17 hours ago
Please give me the broken Milwaukee!!!!!!!
Derek Ostrom
Derek Ostrom 17 hours ago
Shoot lights
Defeat Ignorance
Defeat Ignorance 17 hours ago
Now we all know what happens when you have more money than you have guns. You just keep spending money on new guns and the ones you already have get neglected. This is why it is best to invest every dime you have on firearms each month. Then you have 30 days to get them sighted in, pamper them a bit and put some rounds through them to know how they shoot. If you don't do this you will have a lot of neglected firearms and Matt just proved it. 😁
Grayson Savri
Grayson Savri 18 hours ago
ryobi is good dont you dare hate on them dewalt broke for my grandma she hardly used it
unreal571 18 hours ago
the mil is bullet proof
Robert Presti Jr
Robert Presti Jr 18 hours ago
Tool snobs??? I use tools like these everyday. Times change and so does quality, but I think Milwaukee might really be the best.I bought Snap On to replace some De Walt . The De Walt is still working fine, but the rubber grip area is falling off after some years, and that's why it's time for something new.
Justin Church
Justin Church 18 hours ago
You gotta put a new battery in the Milwaukee like you did the makita.....doing this like a Democrat....
Jake Keller
Jake Keller 18 hours ago
That is the most unsafe thing I’ve ever seen
Brad Klingensmith
Brad Klingensmith 18 hours ago
I bought a damn shirt just to see Mere do a burnout. I'm an appraiser and use a tape for homes quite often. My stupid Milwaukee broke its handle when I tucked it under my arm. Batteries Plus can usually rebuild those battery packs. You should take them in.
Derwaz 18 hours ago
I used a Ryobi Cordless Grinder and it could barely cut into a bolt
Spicy Tide
Spicy Tide 18 hours ago
I love how I have every single one of those drills but the DeWalt lmfaooo
luis moreno
luis moreno 18 hours ago
Ryobi sponsorship this man!!!
WalnutandStihl 18 hours ago
laughs in Hilti
Lacrosse Player00o7
Lacrosse Player00o7 18 hours ago
When the fuck are you going to shoot you drill tho
Mirra Washburn
Mirra Washburn 18 hours ago
“Professional “ more like professional dumby lol jk love your vids and i love that always say i love you . Love that u love us so much ( your fans)
Christopher Esposti
Christopher Esposti 18 hours ago
The goat of drills is definitely porter cables
Ethan Joubert
Ethan Joubert 18 hours ago
Best tool test in the world Ryobi just that much better LOL
Johnny Pickle
Johnny Pickle 18 hours ago
I hope you picked upped the 1911
logan knue
logan knue 18 hours ago
You need rigid
Jaye Redd
Jaye Redd 19 hours ago
Dewalt > Ryobi.
1911loaded 19 hours ago
I would take the other 3 back for warranty 😂
leos 19 hours ago
Wheres all the dam snow
i broke my foot...
50 Cal vs ICE ❄
i broke my foot...