Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Fall of Dream 

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Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Fall of Dream!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the Dream SMP. In this video I retell the New L’manburg Festival, Doomsday War and Disc Saga Finale. In this series I cover everything from the Disc Saga and L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Tommy’s Exile and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
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Twitter: evanmcgaming
Discord: discord.gg/tmcqCqPNT9
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/evanmcgamingyt
Instagram: evanmcgaming
Thumbnail by Ekozaak: Ekozaak
LordKanter (Guy who recreated the entire server): us-first.info
My Second Channel: us-first.info
Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!
Thanks to @Kanaya for the AMAZING song used at the beginning of the video!! (Welcome Home Theseus): us-first.info/player/video/gdxsZoyol5eHgKc.html
Recap: (00:00)
Theseus: (00:55)
A New Plan: (02:07)
Hiding From Dream: (04:03)
The Festival: (09:17)
A Dark Turn: (13:18)
Preperation For War: (19:41)
Doomsday: (21:08)
It's All Over: (25:54)
Memories: (29:06)
The End Draws Near: (32:50)
The Disc Saga Finale: (36:54)
Free at Last: (51:08)
Credits: (52:52)


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May 2, 2021




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EvanMCGaming 12 days ago
Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE because this took a ridiculous amount of time to make 😂👍 Also this is not the last part (Hence why I said “To be Continued” at the end). Part 6 will cover up to an event that happened a few days before this videos release.
Ima shut up ._.
Wait bruh
Just kidding this is the last one...
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@Marissa jacques Axe D
Prince Charles
Prince Charles 59 seconds ago
If you dare to prison dreem you will lose
gaming kids
gaming kids 8 minutes ago
I want part 6 please
kheeno studio Gabriel
kheeno studio Gabriel 13 minutes ago
Technoblade and dream
Deuce Cervantes
Deuce Cervantes 24 minutes ago
Is this all scripted? Or are they actually screaming and yelling at each other as if it’s real life?😂
JAMES LUCAS 36 minutes ago
Dream is evel
UltraCat4044Gaming 48 minutes ago
at 0:44 the slime and honey are placed incorrectly
Carlos the logo editor
Carlos the logo editor 50 minutes ago
This like a movie🎥 with parts
DJFlare84 52 minutes ago
Dream: L'Manberg is being destroyed TOMORROW! Techno: Why not now!? I love Technoblade but Dream is a TRUE ANIME VILLAIN with a flair for the dramatic, here. lol
Ace Delos Reyes
I hate Tommy the dummy. the more there are of them the dummer they get!!!!!!!!
YaBoiSoundy Hour ago
ailie jang
ailie jang 2 hours ago
I’ll he honest with everyone. I cried a lot when all the tnt was raining down. I cried too much
Bluebys 2 hours ago
3:57 look at ur top right
moltenz craft
moltenz craft 2 hours ago
I am t the side of techno cuz when techno was ready to fight for techno nd tommy went to the side of tubbo when techno was ready to fight for his invitation in lmangberg
f o o r e n z i c s
"See you soon." Hits so much differently now imma cry-
YouTube Monster face
Oh my God turbo gave dream the disc
raeford Laragan
raeford Laragan 4 hours ago
I'm side of dream and techno blade 😍
jerry kolberg
jerry kolberg 4 hours ago
the national athem a le manberg made me cry :(
Cheryl Lequigan
Cheryl Lequigan 4 hours ago
This made me cry😢😢
Aparnesh Dadhich
Aparnesh Dadhich 4 hours ago
literally a minecraft server's story is better than most of the bollywood movies XD
American Battleship Iowa
Homeless telatubbie is in prison POG
ArcadeGamer Official
The suspense
Mach Castro
Mach Castro 5 hours ago
Konain Ali
Konain Ali 5 hours ago
I seriously can’t stop watching u
Shawn Backup Twitter
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Shawn Backup Twitter
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PrinceseHannah 5 hours ago
Why does destruction look so beautiful 😩
Mr. Roblox Kyle
Mr. Roblox Kyle 5 hours ago
This is not real right
JBLCoolkid 0609
JBLCoolkid 0609 5 hours ago
Looking forward to Part 6!
JBLCoolkid 0609
JBLCoolkid 0609 5 hours ago
28:09 “DISCS AREN’T PEOPLE!” One of the most obvious things Technoblade has ever said.
Lucy D
Lucy D 7 hours ago
2:12 um excuse me?
Jacob Carson
Jacob Carson 7 hours ago
and fruit is better than dream
Jacob Carson
Jacob Carson 7 hours ago
this made me cry
Jim E
Jim E 7 hours ago
love it
Jim E
Jim E 7 hours ago
Bikes and Boards
Bikes and Boards 7 hours ago
5:57 callahan crouching in the backround
Hyphenss 8 hours ago
singing the l’manburg anthem went really well, I’m surprised it wasn’t just everyone singing faster or slower and it just being a jumbled mess
Just a ordinary egg
I know this is irrelevant, but i just ate the best orange ever 💀
Hyphenss 8 hours ago
is techno speaking loudly or is his mic just really sensitive
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 9 hours ago
Will there be a part 6?
Examps 9 hours ago
Yoo Undertale OST called Undertale in the video. Niceeeee
Mr Puggaming
Mr Puggaming 9 hours ago
Dream and tommy are like the batman and joker of the smp
Darío Nicolás Bermudez Luna
dream got his but locked up in the clink
Norsalam Mauga
Norsalam Mauga 10 hours ago
Yay a tnt rain
NEHOM 10 hours ago
I just wana say a quick thing...umm i havent seen the smp of all this war and when i see that dream was in prison i didnt think he would do that so i was like what did he do and i found this vid. But anyways everyone whos watching this umm the war havent end yet
Sebastian Gonzalez Chavez
3:57 No one: **Callahan on the background**
LuCzy Beast
LuCzy Beast 10 hours ago
I hate dream now he hurt Tommy’s feelings sooo much
Tanserf gamer
Tanserf gamer 11 hours ago
The Lmanburg anthem made me tear up
awaken the king 2021
Dream and thecnoblad are the good guys
Mason Lee
Mason Lee 12 hours ago
What's the song at 52:53 I've been searching for 2 weeks
Jiří Ježek
Jiří Ježek 12 hours ago
wait if is there a lava in the prison the dream can kill him self am i right ? if yes Tomy you idiot
Roshan Surelia
Roshan Surelia 12 hours ago
It’s not impossible just make a nether portal in the prison with the lava
Super extra boy
Super extra boy 13 hours ago
pls guys make a 1m subscriber pls he took so much time to make this pls subscribe and like and turn on notifications pls it would help him rest just to click the subscribe
Minenite 13 hours ago
in the recap, tehcno kept saying, "HANK! HANK! HANK!"
Mr. KnightBlox
Mr. KnightBlox 13 hours ago
26:42 Quackity looks dead inside
lana ayers
lana ayers 13 hours ago
this has me crying doomsday a day the dreamsmp fans will never forget
The gamer
The gamer 13 hours ago
Weather has an entire army kill Tommy make sure that the dream S&P become the tree MSCP again mate Tommy Tommy Paul free dream whoever is listening free dream you were repeated by the
The gamer
The gamer 13 hours ago
No no no no no dream must become free someone get him out
Netheriea 13 hours ago
Kristoffer Ødegård
what is the name of that song when wulber spoke to tommy at the end
Exploding Turtle
Exploding Turtle 14 hours ago
Hey Evan! I recommend that once your done that you make like a series called Side stories like the Pet way and The eggpire becayse im very confused bout the eggpire and many others are too
Burnoff 14 hours ago
Dream: I'm only giving you a day Techno: why are we giving them time I can bring the skulls in 30 mins
Queen of Moths
Queen of Moths 14 hours ago
U know im dream if this was me with my friends
577k is not enough. You need 10mill
Georgia Mendez
Georgia Mendez 15 hours ago
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Marco Chan
Marco Chan 16 hours ago
The mad lad actually went through the streams watching hours for our entertainment.
عبدالله فهد الجدراوي
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Caitlin Jauncey
Caitlin Jauncey 16 hours ago
"What am I without you?" "... Yourself." is some raw dialogue for two RPing teenagers ngl
عبدالله فهد الجدراوي
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Mateja Ivanov
Mateja Ivanov 16 hours ago
*It's all over... but the crying...*
Skelemen 2020
Skelemen 2020 16 hours ago
30:32 someone cried in this part?
Christos 16 hours ago
3:57 Callahan doing a little dance
Rocketi3r 17 hours ago
Government And most importantly PoNk
Premium Kickz
Premium Kickz 17 hours ago
The plausible refund realistically supply because badger grossly escape along a hot huge powder. natural, tidy taiwan
The Official Golden Gacha
Not me crying over a block game war
Dette Florentino
Dette Florentino 19 hours ago
I just watch a 55 minute video now there's a new episode :O
Mimi 265
Mimi 265 20 hours ago
Did you guys see Callahan in the background? 3:59
Nielt 20 hours ago
You are so good
Livy DODE 20 hours ago
Wait- hold up, so Dream destroyed George’s house?
Livy DODE 15 hours ago
@EvanMCGaming oh good, boi I was about to be like- Btw rly awsome vid, : ) must have spent MONTHS doing it. It teaches me so much :D
EvanMCGaming 15 hours ago
No Tommy did that. Dream did all the other griefings that were reported around that time
Wan-1 Won
Wan-1 Won 20 hours ago
Rayan Zia
Rayan Zia 20 hours ago
whens the next one
Gamer Jay
Gamer Jay 21 hour ago
Basiclly in this story the first thing i know about the story is FUCK DREAM
Anantha Raman
Anantha Raman 21 hour ago
I like how dream in other videos is an actual good person and extremely a bad person in the dream smp
Mikayla Gabbitus
Mikayla Gabbitus 21 hour ago
They are so out of tune when singing, but it’s so soothing
BRAWLER DUDE YT 21 hour ago
Dragana d
Dragana d 22 hours ago
I'm on dreams site
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 22 hours ago
Oussen sama
Oussen sama 22 hours ago
I love Dream's character as he is a mastermind But we all know all his informations come from watching other people streams, with is not what I call roleplaying He found Techno's house without the compass... He found Tommy's chest by analysing his stream... The dude is just a cheater...
EvanMCGaming 15 hours ago
He helps write the story. All of them have a general idea of what’s gonna happen and what’s already happened. The analyzing Tommy’s stream was before they officially started the storyline and Dream asked Techno for the coordinates before he came
cookkie boi
cookkie boi 22 hours ago
26:37 - 26:43 I love that reaction just a strait shock face
Rompo Panvichatikul
Rompo Panvichatikul 22 hours ago
I'm crying!
Lisa Veddegjerde
Lisa Veddegjerde 23 hours ago
I’m not on dream’s team but i miss dream on the smp
Hezus Chico
Hezus Chico 23 hours ago
Im so sad for dream 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lorna Iginoef
Lorna Iginoef 23 hours ago
I love to see tommy getting wrecked seeing his home get destroyed
i like to know dream smp stroy again!
EnsuredChaos Day ago
Ew dream SMP 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Moe Moffatt
Moe Moffatt Day ago
While I agree that Tommy was a source of chaos on the server and he made many bad and impulsive decisions, namely grieving and starting wars over the discs in the end i can only sympathize with him. He’s a kid man, a kid who deserved better adult influences in his life than Wilbur, Phil, Techno, and especially dream. He’s made mistakes but his heart is usually in the right place and he fights for what he believes to be noble causes and is often punished much more harshly than the adults of the SMP.
Anarchist Maverick
This is scripted
A G Day ago
Techno has more dogs than I had in my old minecraft 'survival world'
fire rblx
fire rblx Day ago
Dam this story is better then my history class The dream SMP is amazing
Deezee3D Gaming I bad
You know that dream can use creative mode right
I Made Tommy Cry