Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters) 

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This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: us-first.info/player/video/nsyZhoGWlXx4k2A.html
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

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Apr 23, 2021




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Comments 100   
DreamXD 21 day ago
Uncut version out in the next day or so! Also going to be putting out an analysis in the next week :) lots of things to say in the analysis
zoe the gaming
zoe the gaming 9 days ago
Please do the rematch
CDF√∆NGEL 12 days ago
Fue vas a retirar
FrostComedy 21 day ago
Ivy Borja
Ivy Borja 21 day ago
lol i can chat
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma 21 day ago
You win because we can spawn dragon whein it's killed Congo
EJ - Roblox
EJ - Roblox 11 seconds ago
Dream won spawning the dragon again is not fair
Christian Erol Pili
Christian Erol Pili 58 minutes ago
Sapnap placed the four crystals before the dragon died, i dont know about the achievement tho
MJ Dont own Oyu
Mcpe Tnt Boy 2.0
Mcpe Tnt Boy 2.0 2 hours ago
Seed please?
TJ._. xone
TJ._. xone 2 hours ago
How Die they get the endercristals
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 3 hours ago
Dream won because you can only revive the after it dead there can’t be two dragons dream won. That’s the only way I watched some vids and the only way you revive the dragon bug is stupid Like if you agree Hunters are losers
W Dino
W Dino 4 hours ago
Hunters won and there is nothing you can do to change my mind
Lautaro Avellaneda
Lautaro Avellaneda 5 hours ago
Dream won idk why they screaming we won
DEMIOR 7 hours ago
so sad for dream
Andrew Fuda
Andrew Fuda 8 hours ago
True dream
Walfred Santana
Walfred Santana 10 hours ago
Dream won this
PZav 11 hours ago
thats more like "regen" than "RESPAWN" lol like do u even know what respawn means xD
Mohamadiceking 11 hours ago
U don't get it it was healing but it responded
The Holy Peanut
The Holy Peanut 12 hours ago
Best thing I can say is a competitive compromise where you both won lol
Said Hussaini
Said Hussaini 12 hours ago
Hahaha hahaha 😆🤣
Kyle McFlyle
Kyle McFlyle 13 hours ago
I don't consider this a win, but I don't consider this a loss either. You see, Dream is technically right. The dragon has to be dead in order to re-spawn it, like a player. If a player isn't dead, they can't re-spawn. Same thing with a Mob. You can only Spawn the dragon back when it is dead, therefore Dream won, but the Dragon Technically re-spawned, meaning that Dream Lost because Even though he killed the dragon, the dragon is alive and he can't go through the portal. But in Dreams defense, technically he won. It was a manhunt, and he killed the dragon before he died. Anybody can show controversy to this comment, but Dream won in my opinion.
smokey joop
smokey joop 13 hours ago
dream wins he died en then he respand
Filippo Pecorari
Filippo Pecorari 15 hours ago
This is a draw in my opinion, And they should Also make rules more clear
Wolfwhisper 16 hours ago
I love how Bad is just placing cake everywhere xD
Wolfwhisper 16 hours ago
Me not paying attention to what their saying because I'm watching everyone's mc character run around:
Wolfwhisper 16 hours ago
I barley understand what actually happened lol, but I think this is a tie
Taha Akbar
Taha Akbar 17 hours ago
Istg I hate badboyloser with all my heart
Thu Nguyen Phuong
Thu Nguyen Phuong 18 hours ago
so the hunters win?
Eric Wang
Eric Wang 21 hour ago
bruh the original video is 3 hunters
GENIXIO Games 22 hours ago
Nah that's not fair Dream won
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 hours ago
*you don't decide the winner*
Katarzyna Roszkowska
The od draw
Katarzyna Roszkowska
This is draw
Austin Meza
Austin Meza Day ago
Dream won because you can only respawn the dragon by killing it so dream won
Ryder Wolfson
Dream def won that’s bull
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Day ago
This Is Dream's Win, Because The game Didn't Register That The first one Died And It started to Respawn It and He didn't Get the achievement So Dream Technically won But It Was Entertaining!
denzelpogi190 playz
Elijah Tietje
I still think dream wins! even tho he is like going along with it bad is just being a b and just telling him they won when first of all its 1 v 5 its very hard and he technically won soooooooooo
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 5 hours ago
But he *didn't* , so it doesn't count for him
Elijah Tietje
Elijah Tietje 5 hours ago
@Hairy Sauce but he would've killed the dragon tho cause nobody is near and it was one shot but they bugged it
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 12 hours ago
Bbh is DREAMS FRIEND. IT'S OK THAT HE WAS TALKING LIKE THAT, BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDS. It's literally bothering you more than it should This has nothing to do with his good dream is compared to bad. It's Minecraft manhunt, dream has to kill the dragon while bad and the others have to kill him, which are two different things. Dream didn't even deny that he lost, so stop acting like he won because he didn't even make a single statement saying he was the winner
Elijah Tietje
Elijah Tietje 15 hours ago
@Hairy Sauce i know the amount of hunter doesn't matter just bbh was rubbing it in his face when first of all bbh does like nothing in the videos and dream is way better than he will ever be and he would've killed the dragon because it was 1 hit and nobody was near him but he didn't get the advancement but still technically killed the dragon cause you cant respawn when the dragon is alive so the advancement bugged
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 15 hours ago
He literally didn't even deny the fact that he lost. They were confused at what happened but dream accepted he lost. The amount of hunters changes nothing, if dream dies and he doesn't get the advancement he loses
LordDoge531 TTV
*d r a w*
Jack Carlos
Jack Carlos Day ago
bull he won
Kyan Silva Méndez
Guys i know what happened, i have all the evidence. So what happened was that Dream killed the dragon but when he killed it it disappeared right when it died and it was being respawned by the crystals and he didn’t get the achievement but he still killed it so i think thats a win for Dream
Ella Brodhagen
I think this was Dream’s win it was just glitched
Ryan Freeman
Ryan Freeman Day ago
Dream won, in a previous manhunt, they agreed the achievement did not matter, only killing the dragon did. Dream killed the Dragon, but it was immediately revived, so it skipped the achievement.
The badger bible
This kinda makes me angry
Celestial Solikar
Can we just appreciate that he is doing the most amazing parkour anyone has done because if there was no talking it would have been parkour video
caleb hernandez
The fact that dream even got to the point where he was gonna kill the dragon should just make all 5 of them feel sad lmao
nana nana
nana nana Day ago
doesnt dream say at the start of the video they need to stop him before he kill the dragon? i never hear him say something about the achievement
Julie Martin
Julie Martin Day ago
He won
Nasir Hillary
We can all say that this would be a tie right?
rainne baguio
Bro there are cheater it means is doesn't count you muffin heads
rainne baguio
Bro killing the ender dragon with or without the achievement right dream
William Morales
You guys should do a rematch but no bring the dragon back to life or healing it
ebox64 maker
ebox64 maker Day ago
Wat happened to uncut
HopeDestiny Day ago
rematch 5v1
Solori Yeovin
i didnt even KNOW you could RESPAWN the dragon-
the final blow
Quang Nhật
Quang Nhật Day ago
Lose isn't make u weaker. It's make stronger
i can't believe what just happened in the END
Nawa Fuu
Nawa Fuu Day ago
"The End...Again" Define again
karate_ kip
karate_ kip Day ago
Do a rematch
Artem Katelnytskyi
These confusions wouldn't have happened if the rule was to go through the portal and see end credits.
Saffira Mol
Saffira Mol 2 days ago
I was kinda confused at the end
TheNoob Guy
TheNoob Guy 2 days ago
If dream kill Ender dragon with bed she not get the achievement
Jane Rose T Estosata
u can respawn the ender dragon even when its still alive
Anthony FTW
Anthony FTW 2 days ago
Dream won because they Respawned the Dragon it is NOT allowed.
Dylan Manasan
Dylan Manasan 2 days ago
Did he win or lose or draw
ElectrisGaming 2 days ago
He lost
crimson flame
crimson flame 2 days ago
When everyone got the achievement dream got it
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 hours ago
crimson flame
crimson flame 2 days ago
Dream got the achievement
Nightmare 2 days ago
I feel like Dream should have won that one
Pidosh 2 days ago
what a plot...like literally idk that would happen really...lol Nice video :>
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez 2 days ago
Is respawning the elder dragon allowed 🤔 it shouldn’t be
Finman Family
Finman Family 2 days ago
Can we have a developer determine if he killed it
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 hours ago
Harold GamesUwUXd
Matthias 2 days ago
This doesn't happen in versions 1.14 - 1.16.5 i've tested it. Also, the Dragon doesn't respawn from crystals placed before he first died. That implies that they HAVE to be placed after his death to resummon him. What happened here, should never have been possible. So i suppose it is a glitch added by their custom server .jar.
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez 2 days ago
pascal umboh
pascal umboh 2 days ago
andrew shackleton
lol no, dream definitely won. they always make up rules that put them in favor of winning lol.
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 hours ago
You're literally trying to make up rules right now. Dream didn't even deny that he lost
GreenApple 2 days ago
Awww I'm so sad 😢
awras Ibrahim
awras Ibrahim 2 days ago
um are you dream
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 hours ago
Antonio Horincar
Antonio Horincar 2 days ago
I mean if he would've got the achievement they would probably say you had to get the xp too. Or go through the portal
Sharyn Liebenberg
i think dream won
Sharyn Liebenberg
He killed the dragon and then they did the respawn thing again
Crimson 2 days ago
Its a glitch. There should be a kill rule instead of an achievement. It would be easier to get the winner (no exploiting bugs rule too as it is a bug. You should had gotten the achievement)
Ben Frampton
Ben Frampton 2 days ago
Thats contorversial
Adde21 30
Adde21 30 2 days ago
Dream: "That's literally a glitch though" Also Dream: *Flies through the nether using scaffolding*
Crazy Minions
Crazy Minions 2 days ago
You won
HannahCookie 2 days ago
the hunters: YESSSS HAAAAA YESSS Dream: WHATTT the ender dragon: thamk youu :)
Jillian Hope
Jillian Hope 2 days ago
Dream should’ve won
Kampung People
Kampung People 2 days ago
this is so unfair u already won
Anand 2 days ago
Pls do manhunt where all the five hunters has ur name and skin That will be very crazy Pls do it Pls
Aryan Padhy
Aryan Padhy 2 days ago
Ethan Baird
Ethan Baird 2 days ago
dream: uses boat glitches and other tricks hunters: places end crystals to heal the dragon dream: but that’s a glitch though that’s stupid!
CrypticShadow 2 days ago
I actually don't think that was fair there are literally 5 hunters they shouldn't be allowed to do that or they need to give dream something to make it more fair
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 hours ago
Albert Barrero
Albert Barrero 2 days ago
first draw in manhuunt history
ElectrisGaming 2 days ago
Dream said that he lost in one of his streams
Fateh Burki
Fateh Burki 2 days ago
I give dream the point that was a glitch
Fateh Burki
Fateh Burki 2 days ago
Dream should have won
Fateh Burki
Fateh Burki 2 days ago
Dream won
aneshtkl 3 days ago
In Philza's hardcore world, one dragon flew into a small portal and it was forgotten until Philza transformed his end island (this was very much later). He continued respawning and killing dragons despite that 1 dragon was still alive, out there. So... 2 dragons could coexist in a world. Idk exactly if a dead dragon is a compulsory prerequisite of respawning another dragon...
Matthias 2 days ago
This doesn't happen in versions 1.14 - 1.16.5 i've tested it. Also, the Dragon doesn't respawn from crystals placed before he first died. That implies that they HAVE to be placed after his death to resummon him. What happened here, should never have been possible. So i suppose it is a glitch added by their custom server .jar. Also I believe that in fact a second dragon CAN be spawned with one still alive. I have not tested this though. From what I think I know, the original dragon has to be in unloaded chunks or far away so that his health bar isn't visible anymore.
Malachi Ganess
Malachi Ganess 3 days ago
The hardcore world he was talking about is danTDM I watched all the episodes but he died
Kolton Summers
Kolton Summers 3 days ago
in my eyes u win
Tyler Schoch
Tyler Schoch 3 days ago
U won
dup lup
dup lup 3 days ago
All the dream addicts are hella salty like bro calm down its for fun
Nua25ning Nuanua
Nua25ning Nuanua 3 days ago
Dream win tho Cuz even tho they revived it dream still win cuz the dragon nearly died and just ignore the revive and the revive was banned all the time so ignore the revive so if we ignore it that means dream shot the dragon
Clancy Smith
Clancy Smith 3 days ago
george be like : LOL U SO BAD EZ
41 Fury
41 Fury 3 days ago
Dream won
Raquelle Schafhauser
you br
Estelle Heesbeen
Estelle Heesbeen 3 days ago
dream won it was a glitch or something bc the end again can you only get if you killed the enderdragon
Zer0netaken 3 days ago
Dream really tried to pull the "it's a glitch card" like dream I love you man but you use quite a bit of glitches yourself