Dream Job 

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Fresh of off finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak!

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Apr 7, 2021




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Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee Hour ago
He looks like the devil from Legend, a Ridley Scott movie in 1985. It brings me back fond memories of childhood... heh
kickster 0
kickster 0 Hour ago
damn didn't know that the devil also had to get a job
APolarTV Hour ago
Satan is so evil he didn't wash his hands after dropping a load and just high-fived the other guy.
K GRHAGAN 2 hours ago
1🇺🇸🖕.,🔪there IS a boardroom in hell...
James 3 hours ago
0:45 "You're FIREEED!!"
marco moriarty
marco moriarty 3 hours ago
So this is what he's doing when Nas isn't giving him lappies after work 😅
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Collin Steffler
Collin Steffler 4 hours ago
everyone gangsta until Lil Nas X applies
Cogitator Cat
Cogitator Cat 5 hours ago
The jokes on Satan, Big Wireless employees have no soul, they stiffed Satan, just like they stiff everyone.
Gary Shaw
Gary Shaw 5 hours ago
see, a youtube ad that you ACTUALLY click on and watch till the end, advertisers of other crap products DONT take notice
Ventus Vero
Ventus Vero 6 hours ago
Sweetie Cartoons
Sweetie Cartoons 7 hours ago
For anyone wondering, the song is "Danse Macabre."
Melissa Anderson
Melissa Anderson 7 hours ago
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui 7 hours ago
0:31 Did he just Hi-Fived him without washing Hands?
gary K
gary K 8 hours ago
Condoms always say "pre-tested". THAT's my dream job.
Andrii Ieroshenko
Andrii Ieroshenko 8 hours ago
Cool ad bruh
Nisa Night
Nisa Night 8 hours ago
That - "I bought all their souls" - just at the last is priceless. These ads are brilliant!
that wasn't a bathroom stall that was the femur breaker
Gastón Melchiori
Gastón Melchiori 9 hours ago
the amount of likes right now is 66690 nice!!
Blue Nytro Gamingg
Blue Nytro Gamingg 9 hours ago
Didn't you let lil nas x give you a lap dance?
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 10 hours ago
A different detail: I love this music piece in the background. It is Danse Macabre by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921). Even though it is often used in contexts like this clip or e.g. a haunted house and such, I have simply always loved this wonderful piece of music🤷 Enjoy🎻😃
Gamemediafan 17
Gamemediafan 17 13 hours ago
He looks like Tim Curry from Legend (1985)
Jeremiah Wallace
Jeremiah Wallace 14 hours ago
Really Ryan? Did you force poor Tim Curry to reprise his role as the Lord of Darkness in “Legend”, just for this sketch?! 🤣
Nigel Mutepfa
Nigel Mutepfa 14 hours ago
password is "2020 a love story" hahaha
Mads Feierskov
Mads Feierskov 15 hours ago
It's a win/win... For us... We win twice.
Always28 15 hours ago
didnt south park warn us about these type of adds?
Victor 15 hours ago
Did I just watch a full ad? Yes yes I did
Action Shorts
Action Shorts 16 hours ago
Caio Vianna
Caio Vianna 16 hours ago
He kinda sounded like the rock
k Johns
k Johns 18 hours ago
ryan you capture the true essence of real life here. a masterpiece. lets art critique! feels as though there is an underlying message here - something about where the devil situates himself! hell on earth :) nothing more true than that
Riddle MeThat
Riddle MeThat 19 hours ago
Satan's had a rough time ever since Tom Cruise stole his last girlfriend/abductee back in '85
C Viasco
C Viasco 20 hours ago
Tbh I thought they were remaking reaper
Chadx M
Chadx M 21 hour ago
nice ads
Gin Yoshida
Gin Yoshida 21 hour ago
I thought it was Mel Gibson playing as the Satan.
Skim Broskie
Skim Broskie 22 hours ago
haha this is verizon/samsung
Red Pill
Red Pill 23 hours ago
not even hiding the satanic agenda anymore arent you sheep?
Einstein Ray
Einstein Ray Day ago
Dale Babcock
Dale Babcock Day ago
Is that hulk hogan?
coach simmons
Lil Nas wants to holla
Quinton Aungst
FTB Day ago
He escaped hell cuz someone is twerking on his throne
jwagoner7 Day ago
Curse you Ryan Reynolds! Making adds so interesting I watch them on purpose! Shameful!
Hannes Day ago
How I see my parents when I bring a 6 home
Collie crazies
Is everything you do now an advert? Jesus
Tiffany Elste
I'm dying to switch to Mint Mobile, but you need to expand service in rural areas. Please, let me leave Verizon. I hate them a lot.
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds 16 hours ago
Thanks for your love and support, I really do appreciate. You all my fan made me who I'm today, so a big thanks from me to you. Please feel free to DM me Officialryanreynoldsfanchat@gmail.com I need your reviews about my career and how or in what way you want me to improve in my acting career. Thanks once again
Divraan Power
tbh that satan has face similar to wyatt russel
Dre Wurkin
Dre Wurkin Day ago
only a fool would think you could buy a “soul”
John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
Untrepid One
Untrepid One Day ago
It is kind of peculiar that people feel the need to touch hands when they know hands do get into the dirtiest places.
David Herron
David Herron Day ago
Is it actually the same mold they used for legend ?
Mars Hamilton
Is that Bautista?
TechGoggles Day ago
So basically jio india
He is funny guy
Larry Blythe
Larry Blythe Day ago
Damn I miss Tim Curry. He was great as Darkness. Wish he could be playing him in these commercials.
MochiMations _SI
This deserves to go on cursed commercials cause what are they trying to persuade us that their such an awful company satan himself agrees
samuel aponte
poisoned leaves
Satan is just a less evil version of Michael Scott
Aesthetics Vibes
*Some dude summoning demon* Demon: "you've summoned me... now what do you want.. ?" Dude: I want you to be an ordinary employees
Aesthetics Vibes
Alternate universe where hellboy is summoned in 21 century
ItzDukey Day ago
thought this was the guy Lil Nas X be twerking on
Kinjal Roy
Kinjal Roy Day ago
*Evil* *Twerking*
its doom
its doom Day ago
rza884 Day ago
Deadpool with satan I would love to see that interaction
MUUDUS Tv Day ago
Is that Casey Neistat ?
VikingFyre 2 days ago
So...he's dressed up as Darkness from the movie "Legend"?
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 2 days ago
Did we all just watch a minute Long ad without skipping?
MQJD 2 days ago
Liam Dawson
Liam Dawson 2 days ago
I dont get it, where were you the whole time
Keenergetic 2 days ago
Nice! I'd like to see a movie about this.
Ranter2887 2 days ago
Not just wireless. Heartless.
Erickson Maina
Erickson Maina 2 days ago
Dream Store
Dream Store 2 days ago
From the film "Legend"
Son' Zai OSRS
Son' Zai OSRS 2 days ago
Yall approve this
Ahmed Al-Enezi
Ahmed Al-Enezi 2 days ago
EA in a nutshell
Mero 2 days ago
Незнайка на Луне
Jewel Bridges
Jewel Bridges 2 days ago
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KabutoRyu 2 days ago
thanks now i can cringe all day now
The Professor
The Professor 2 days ago
Now you just showing off that you have more talent!
Kevin S
Kevin S 2 days ago
Legend: Tim Curry
Cooper Neeble
Cooper Neeble 2 days ago
Ok, where’s Lil Nas X tho?
Tien Tran
Tien Tran 2 days ago
The ad about Satan working for an internet service provider and the subtitles is in Korean. Perfect
Piper's Spice of Life
You have got to be kidding me. I know the music used! BUT I DON’T KNOW THE NAME OF IT!! This truly is hell.
MatthewPlays_YT 2 days ago
JS 2 days ago
This kind of ad is completely and flat out wrong. It’s calling “Big Wireless” horrible and telling its audience you should buy from “mint mobile” instead. And it’s not even saying “leading company” instead of “Big Wireless”.
K Jayanth
K Jayanth 2 days ago
You are the best creator 💐💐💐💐👍👍👍👍
David Moreno
David Moreno 2 days ago
Is so cool to be a Satanist isn't it?
David Moreno
David Moreno Day ago
@Ross M yeah Ross sure..... wait until they take control of everything...... you'll tell me then....... no religion is good, no church has passed the test of power..... time to time.
Ross M
Ross M 2 days ago
well the satanist temple does have better morals and ethics than other religions, so.......
Kamala Nenavath
Kamala Nenavath 2 days ago
He is looking like ghost
Project Spatium
Project Spatium 2 days ago
How are people disliking this ad... Do they not get it?
Dch 75
Dch 75 3 days ago
Oh shit. Hes' still here!!!
Lance Love
Lance Love 3 days ago
I wondered what Casey Neistat was doing now.
LordDoom10 3 days ago
Why does this Satan look so familiar?
Toni Curtiss
Toni Curtiss 3 days ago
Best commercial in the whole world on checking it out just because it was such a good commercial thank you guys for making me laugh
Scar 3 days ago
This is the same satan from the match 2020 Commercial
Sam Judge
Sam Judge 3 days ago
Someone is the fan to the 80s.
gamer 3 days ago
Gotta love Danse Macabre being the song.
Raven Rav
Raven Rav 3 days ago
they put it in your face people, and you still think it's just comedy. it's so much more than that
Ashwath Spark
Ashwath Spark 3 days ago
Noneofyerbiz 3 days ago
Why is there an ad in here with Ryan Reynolds' name on it? Have to admit, after using Ublock Origin on Firefox, it's the first US-first ad I've seen in years. Seriously though, both Ryan Reynolds and Mint Suckalittleless can drown in their own gaping buttholes.
Higor Valeriano
Higor Valeriano 3 days ago
Is this the Devil Lil Nas Tweaked to?
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