What happens when you bring a Modified Audi RS7 To the Track... 

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We have a modified audi RS7 and a modified Bmw i8 (aka the flexmobile), leenda thinks she can beat Rich in the RS7, lets see who wins
Instagram for leenda - @leendalucia
I got both these cars from www.iaai.com. Use code "save50" for half off registration!
Rich Rebuilds Merch! - www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/rich-rebuilds
E-mail: richrebuilds@gmail.com
Instagram: richiebkidd
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Apr 18, 2021




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Heather Jennifer
10.9..... now, every tenth of a second takes a ton of work.
Heather Jennifer
Only 2 mods to the trackhawk. Uhmm.... the name of the SUV is called track
Man like Jerry
Man like Jerry 11 hours ago
When is her 1st black day?
AUSTIN 22 hours ago
27:50 jesus fuck, that thing chops harder than an italian butcher good christ there was so much to comment on in this video!!
AUSTIN 23 hours ago
Dude what the fuck, you don't start up the Audi every, like. . . week or so??? What the shit is wrong with you? You know damn well the kind of damage that extended neglect does to ANY car, ESPECIALLY one built with very low tolerances like a 600hp german V8
AUSTIN 23 hours ago
LMFAOOOOO. When he started listing his three fast cars, he mentioned the C6, and i said to myself; "yeah for sure... that's a 10.2 car" and then 2:06 came around and I said to myself out loud "GOD DAMN I'M GOOD!!!" hahahaha. I fucking love C6Z's soooo much. Probably one of the top 3 best LS cars ever made. Actually maybe THE best, considering they went to the LT architecture for the 7th gen
Gus Zuccaro
Gus Zuccaro Day ago
Is that Toyota MR2 his? 1:52
Gedvinas Saldys
Gedvinas Saldys 3 days ago
Rich, whats the colour name of the wheels that you powder coated ? :)
Kevanne Clarke
Kevanne Clarke 5 days ago
That sounds like what the cops said to me but it my car was blue they meant me not be too black
Klelm 6 days ago
missed a couple bleeps in this one
Karl Viking
Karl Viking 6 days ago
11:10 Is that Cory and Trevor?
Stefan 7 days ago
Linda should just stick to the kitchen
Savage Made
Savage Made 8 days ago
"Not too "Black""!!!!...Huh???!!!...πŸ™„πŸ§πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ
chris gorman
chris gorman 8 days ago
i love of the sound of a powerful engine. if i ever get to build a custom car i would without a doubt ask you to do it. the passion you have for cars and powerful engines is very obvious, the no non sence standareds you build into your projects is 5 star.[considering your sarcastic humor ]... i love it. i thought at first you were a idiot but i see that your a [and steveo] are amazing inovater and designers. very cool rich. keep it up . i love your stuff. and we all expect some epic burnout from the v8 tesla. so practice up we are waiting for it . enough smoke up your ass, very cool rich. keep it up.
famiarojas 8 days ago
have to get back to something. it's called "strobe waffle". That's how you say it. Easy peasy.
Me.Grazzhoppah 9 days ago
Damn the chicken farmers stepmom is kinda hot, Ngl!
tahltan1910 10 days ago
Leenda has it, aah she’s okπŸ€”
Banana Man
Banana Man 13 days ago
a better name for plastic is dinosaur juice
blah blah
blah blah 13 days ago
who's linda? helps if they say who the fuck she is
Sydney Best
Sydney Best 13 days ago
"they're after you" πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† love New England humor.
JediJoker 13 days ago
A drag night is not a "track day." πŸ˜’
The Star'
The Star' 13 days ago
what is a drag radio?
don snypa
don snypa 14 days ago
i will not be fooled by the thumbnail, i will not be fooled by the thumbnail, i will no... dam it rich
mr44hz 15 days ago
This dude going end up like OJ hanging around all them wh te folks. Deep inside you know they can't stand taking orders from him or all the money he has.
shane 16 days ago
that corvette don't sound good
Kacper FabijaΕ„ski
That rs7 is to slow to be beast and that BMW i8 is ugliest BMW in historii so cannot be beauty xD
Stephanie Peeters
Stephanie Peeters 16 days ago
19:04 stroopwafel alert
Woody Brenden
Woody Brenden 17 days ago
You found Corey and Trevor at the track!
MC LD 17 days ago
Every single honda on this channel blows upπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ WHYYYY
Jbrownjetmech -
Jbrownjetmech - 17 days ago
Hell yes that makeup is flawless, just sit down in my C7 and we'll show everybody....lookin' SO HOT pretty girl. OMG I'ma little drunk. but I meant that.... lookin' so fine.
Robert Orr
Robert Orr 19 days ago
Was the Trevor and Cory at the track?
Andy Guest
Andy Guest 19 days ago
Didn't the RS7 have an 800hp e85 tune when the "chicken farmer" bought it? Why not fuel it with e85 and set the tune?
Andy 19 days ago
Leenda is literally the best addition to your crew. God she's so hot.
LDT waddawa
LDT waddawa 20 days ago
holy fuck i want an RS7..
Ken Bailey
Ken Bailey 20 days ago
Steve-on needs to stop with the black stereotype jokes. Shit gets old.
val barnett
val barnett 20 days ago
Vorsprung durch Technik....they make amzing cars alongside making some abismal engineering ideas (turbo oil strainer)
Chris C.
Chris C. 20 days ago
13.5, 13.5, 13.5... 14.4?!
Road Odyssey
Road Odyssey 21 day ago
Fun as usual...
Game Rap
Game Rap 21 day ago
Damn that RS7 though πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Game Rap
Game Rap 21 day ago
Big booty may get you likes but big booty is a lot weight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
john brown
john brown 22 days ago
So if you want a fast car, buy a Jeep.
Nikos V
Nikos V 22 days ago
"gender neutral cars" hahahaha. This channel is HLARIOUS!
Donuts 23 days ago
Also k20 swap that prius
Donuts 23 days ago
Damn those audi panel gaps tho
Drone Wizard Jay
Drone Wizard Jay 23 days ago
I'm here for Richs commentary and leendas visuals 😍
nazspeed1 23 days ago
Hey rich the honda did 9's your rs7 did 10 ...honda for the win!
dirtmatt 23 days ago
The Audi needs better tires for sureee
I think the sexiest part of Linda is her nose. Am I right?
SuRF 23 days ago
I am only here for linda.
Ben Daulton
Ben Daulton 23 days ago
GM is crazy capable if they want. The LS7 is a beast and probably one of their best engines. It would be nice if they got the C7R engine to the consumer. The GT 350 wouldn't compare.
Ernst Spitaler
Ernst Spitaler 23 days ago
more swearing so we can hear more flute sounds please. these crack me up.
John Smith
John Smith 23 days ago
No way the new Corvette is the best price as a low budget supercar
clive ramsbotty
clive ramsbotty 23 days ago
ah yes, the british car manufacturer 'mig-larin'
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 23 days ago
Mikey Muscles77
Mikey Muscles77 23 days ago
Daddy ...πŸ₯΄πŸ₯³πŸ€”
" Kids strewn about the land " eh ?
Trig0r 24 days ago
Oh wtf, no wonder leenda's time was crap with all that shipstation segway stuff in the back seats, should let her have a go in the RS....
Trig0r 24 days ago
To be fair, props to Stee'van for not dropping the camera angle when Leenda said she was cold...
Trig0r 24 days ago
As much as I love the RS7, I do 8 miles a day, where do you go with that?!?!
Steve 24 days ago
General Zod sounds like spanners in a blender πŸ€”
Brandon Dimmitt
Brandon Dimmitt 24 days ago
Sell me ur z06 rich! Just a broke floridian w c6 dreams and decent credit! I'll even put some lotion on ur feet lol
kevkeisha 24 days ago
The transitions are elite!
pablo rages
pablo rages 24 days ago
Not enought shots of Leendas ass !
Nef 24 days ago
By the way leenda is a little bit heavier ok. Let's give her credit.
Nef 24 days ago
I can't help to notice how dirty your glasses are.......clean them and run a 10...
Benjamin David
Benjamin David 24 days ago
11:08 The annoying chick; she kinda hot XD
Vikingbase 24 days ago
Why didn't your "sexy" assistant clean your RS7???
Curt Cour de Lion
Curt Cour de Lion 25 days ago
Sorry, but that Chicken-Farmer seems very very shady to me!
International Jacques
That girl is beautiful is she single ?
The Rhins Ranger
The Rhins Ranger 25 days ago
I wanna see the sherp on the track
Steven Jacobs
Steven Jacobs 25 days ago
17:00 not the Del Sol!
Sam Crac and Rich were born to make skits together 🀣 these two are best in the car game!
Alexander Gloux
Alexander Gloux 25 days ago
Full EV i8? I haven’t done researched but I’d be interested in seeing and owning this
Clement Osei Tano
Clement Osei Tano 25 days ago
I want to see the video of the chicken farmer, just to know more about the view CreditMRI blocked
Vtec hits different with this turbos
O P 25 days ago
There’s sponsorship in the beard,?!? your missing out, The beards are in,sport the well groomed mustache,I know your to Busy! and just not thinking about it? Well think about it?
Erik Hohler
Erik Hohler 25 days ago
The I8 is a POS!
A QAT 25 days ago
Also? For a next project (on the list, anyway): electric Lexus GX470. I can guarantee 30k more views over within the first 72 hours.
A QAT 25 days ago
Let's see that
anuar w
anuar w 25 days ago
Did he say right hand corrado?
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 25 days ago
18:50 For when you need to pick your nose on camera, think about eating but then decide to rub it into your beard instead, and then you don't care enough to edit it out!
Michael Whittaker
Michael Whittaker 26 days ago
JS K 26 days ago
13.5, 13.5, 13.5... 14.4?!?!?!?!?! πŸ˜‚
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 26 days ago
Check out the channel SuperfastMatt that’s modifying a 1950 Jaguar with a Model 3 motor and battery pack. Super job so far.
Manz 26 days ago
23:00 and here we see a miata, outside of its comfort zone
Richard M
Richard M 26 days ago
1:51 MR2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LeeVert 26 days ago
lol the RS7 is very common in the UK
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 26 days ago
turbo upgrade for the I8
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 26 days ago
drop wheel size down to 19's or 18s with drag radials on all fours and the RS7 run faster
Love animals because they are delicious!
Pierrie' Bezuidenhout
How he goes into sponsor bit... Kiddin me LOL
OpenEye Automobile
OpenEye Automobile 26 days ago
8:00 Me noticing a flat tire on my car but still prefer to wash it first.
Roo The conqueror
Roo The conqueror 26 days ago
wish i could do squats and have a "career" also 14.4 is the time a stock honda ek puts down
Earl Cain
Earl Cain 26 days ago
Is it just me or is Linda just fine as hell I’m in love with her πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
OgtheLabel 26 days ago
Richs swinger lifestyle is too much for my kids on youtube
JinkProject 26 days ago
at the end there, Leenda lost to a Model Y, not Model 3
aptwo 26 days ago
I8 is the worst super car you can fucking buy, what a joke. Unsubscribed.
Mo Fam Vlogs
Mo Fam Vlogs 26 days ago
Love the sense of humor
Ryon Richards
Ryon Richards 26 days ago
Hey uncle rich my name is Ryon and I have a request, is it possible for you to try and create a hydro powered vehicle as one of your collections of crazy vehicles? I'm really interested in an amazing invention like that one bro..... please I hope you see this message it doesn't have to be now but maybe after all your current inventions...
mark summerskill
mark summerskill 26 days ago
All that stupid shit . Make an american car that can go around corners . Amaze the world if you can do that with American components . Surprise us !