Down With the SICK 

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Winter Wear: bit.ly/36ovF6k

I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

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Nov 20, 2020




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maniac micah
maniac micah 34 minutes ago
Since i haven't seen any comments like this: get better soon! :D
shut up
shut up 48 minutes ago
shut up
Pringelz :D
Pringelz :D Hour ago
I love you :)
Lian Kolombo
Lian Kolombo Hour ago
Hopefully you well feel batter soon
The Dark Sloth
get well soon!!!!
Princess lexuz Bermudez
Me having stuffy nose
Adriana Arevalo
the mearch looks like a ravenclaw outfit I'LL TAKE IT!!!
the hallow void
the hallow void 2 hours ago
I forgot about you
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 hours ago
Rebecca... My favorite person
flower garden
flower garden 2 hours ago
Internet Mouse
Internet Mouse 2 hours ago
Oh when you're down with the sickness! Oh when you're down with the sickness!!!
Kayla Ruthrauff
Kayla Ruthrauff 2 hours ago
Nuuu ;^; I feel so bad for u, your like my queen 👑
Arch Plays
Arch Plays 2 hours ago
im sick aswell
Bamboo blanket
Bamboo blanket 2 hours ago
Lost in Time
Lost in Time 3 hours ago
Cool projectile vomit
hyper foot
hyper foot 3 hours ago
I have allergies so
꧁Hannah Quaintrelle꧂
I was with it, until she did th e f l o s s .
Zero nine
Zero nine 3 hours ago
To be honest you sound like a Harley Quinn
Little pandaT1D
Little pandaT1D 3 hours ago
I hope you feel better soon 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Grace Velder
Grace Velder 3 hours ago
I love it when she calls us Explainer Babies
Carly Mackey
Carly Mackey 3 hours ago
Me scrolling through the comments waiting for someone to point out that her new merch looks like Hogwarts uniform
Random Not important person
_I know this is off topic but,_ … *Just imagine asking for raw toast at any random restaurant. You wait for your meal as your family next to you on the table laugh. Then suddenly you receive your meal that concludes an entire loaf of bread with some packs of butter on a plate.*
CyanFox 3 hours ago
haha! classic, is this the bus to blizzard beach?
Jax Sutton
Jax Sutton 3 hours ago
Me after watching the first minute of the video: visible confusion
kitten vlogs
kitten vlogs 3 hours ago
🇫 🇻 🇳
Arron Burr
Arron Burr 3 hours ago
The merch looked like ravenclaw so I kinda expected her to have slitheryn hufflepuff and gryffindor lmes hoodies too, 😂
tht clan
tht clan 4 hours ago
She has corona too.? Just like me I think.
Reyna Bess
Reyna Bess 4 hours ago
I'm naming it the Rebecca Disease
brunt spaghetti
brunt spaghetti 4 hours ago
Taylor Dillingham
Taylor Dillingham 4 hours ago
We will be here when you get back. Get some rest and take care of yourself. We enjoy your videos but you deserve a break. Please feel better, we will be here to watch when you do❤️
Nick The panda
Nick The panda 4 hours ago
There there
Catia Becerra
Catia Becerra 4 hours ago
When rebecca's so sick that even without a mouth she vomited .
Kevin McManus 27
Kevin McManus 27 5 hours ago
Hello I hope you had a merry thanksgiving
IDoSomeRandomStuff 5 hours ago
She’s alive!!!
Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen 5 hours ago
Galaxy wolf
Galaxy wolf 5 hours ago
I hope she don't have covid19 I be safe
Vincenzo's 1 4 7 9 3
Vincenzo's 1 4 7 9 3
GoodBye.Katsuki 5 hours ago
The logo on the merch reminds me of raven claw
casey acosta
casey acosta 5 hours ago
did she name her vid after the song down with the sickness by disturbed?
Kendall Gilbert
Kendall Gilbert 5 hours ago
I love your acsent you toock from her
EmmEH_ 5 hours ago
Other youtubers promoting merch: Rebecca: 0:48
Lulu Gilbert
Lulu Gilbert 5 hours ago
I hope you feel better Becca!😊💕
Xanda Barnacle
Xanda Barnacle 6 hours ago
The girlfriend fari has returned
Slut Slayer
Slut Slayer 6 hours ago
Got some serious Disturbed vibes from the title.
Aesthetic Yoons
Aesthetic Yoons 6 hours ago
Is it just me or when i saw the title Going down with the sickness the disturbed-
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 6 hours ago
Come up come down with the sickness Tell me what song is that
Doesn’t Rebecca sound like an actor in the 50-70’s in some parts?
waterstardrop 6 hours ago
that sweater looks amazing! if i wasn't poor and could sell my left kidney id buy 10! all for myself~ (OwO)
Pinkhairedhaley 6 hours ago
Let’s all appreciate our clear non-congested noses
naan 6 hours ago
Always cherish your clear noses before it’s too late
Nicholas McCloud
Nicholas McCloud 6 hours ago
Lollipop Snowy
Lollipop Snowy 6 hours ago
Oh god not again
Diego Luna
Diego Luna 7 hours ago
Harry yeager
Harry yeager 7 hours ago
Its ok Becca, i was just wondering if you were ok, and you are, so that's good, can wait for your next vid!!!
Lorien Zoeller
Lorien Zoeller 7 hours ago
Rebecca and I have the same Hogwarts house eep!!!!!
Megan Ashley Pangan
Walkin' in an Winter Wonderland but it doesn't snow here but I still want it
Megan Ashley Pangan
nice story
Kate Dulisse
Kate Dulisse 8 hours ago
I hope you feel better:)
Carlo Morales
Carlo Morales 8 hours ago
I’m sick too I hope I don’t have crona I don’t want to die when I’m only 10
ShaneT Mchugh
ShaneT Mchugh 7 hours ago
Your chances of dying at covid at 10 are very low.
Speedster M
Speedster M 8 hours ago
I want I want to be a ghost story back for a T-shirt
Isabella Gordash
Isabella Gordash 8 hours ago
I have a strong feeling she is okay
Wren Online
Wren Online 8 hours ago
She is sick, yet she makes a video for us.
Lacey Evans
Lacey Evans 8 hours ago
Rebecca: makes winter wear merch. Me in Australia. It's summer 😢
Dandelion Bloomz
Dandelion Bloomz 9 hours ago
Welcome to the *COMMENTS*
MinecraftEnderman 9 hours ago
0:20 They didn't show her face, because she was in the process of generating dark arts magic.
Mochi Craft
Mochi Craft 10 hours ago
Bananaman7 Yt
Bananaman7 Yt 10 hours ago
Did it say rebbeca how thiccc you be or rebbeca how sick you be. I can't tell
ShaneT Mchugh
ShaneT Mchugh 7 hours ago
How sick ya-
Red the Fox Studios
Red the Fox Studios 10 hours ago
Great great product Good good product
Smol Birb
Smol Birb 10 hours ago
I thought you already had the virus like a couple of months ago Or maybe I’m tripping
Rosetta story's
Rosetta story's 11 hours ago
I would rather me sick but not you Rebecca your story are awesome and I feel so bad your sick ☹️
Almahnak12 11 hours ago
Saikō no
Saikō no 11 hours ago
Huh this title reminds me of something *OOO-AH-AH-AH-AH*
Nana Banana the Sav
Nana Banana the Sav 11 hours ago
I'm sick to wow
FranzAntonMesmer 12 hours ago
I'm a sucker for working class women with a Bowery accent. Sadly there's few left. :-(
Eman !
Eman ! 12 hours ago
I love how's she dying but the promotes her merch lol
Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes 12 hours ago
Finally a video
Oliver Parla
Oliver Parla 12 hours ago
That moment ur dead so u can’t get the vires: NOW THATS A EPIC GAMER MOMENT
Nataly Espinoza
Nataly Espinoza 13 hours ago
Disturbed fans be like : ouhh ah ah ah ah xd
Yoav Pol
Yoav Pol 13 hours ago
So... small summery of the start... Dumb guy next to drunk Rebecca The dumb guy's neck extends Rebecca has long arm The dumb guy moves his eyeballs around his face Rebecca now has realistic arms Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Rebecca vomits on dumb guy
Dilan Singh
Dilan Singh 13 hours ago
How do you vomit without a mouth?
Madelyn Z
Madelyn Z 13 hours ago
Why you talking like that
David Esezobor
David Esezobor 13 hours ago
You look like you lost a shit ton of weight 👌 well done
Sepagan Family
Sepagan Family 13 hours ago
That is the raven claw Sheila also like if you are raven claw I am
lavender fields
lavender fields 13 hours ago
she sounds drunk...
Rebeca Gonzalez
Rebeca Gonzalez 13 hours ago
You sounded more funie in the biginig.
TRAINBLUE100 14 hours ago
0:13 me at 4 in the morning and I haven’t sleep in days
Zi Feng Lin
Zi Feng Lin 14 hours ago
I’m also sick-
Crewmate Cosmo
Crewmate Cosmo 14 hours ago
I'm happy that she posted again tho! :)
Crewmate Cosmo
Crewmate Cosmo 14 hours ago
Wow... that's why she's not been posting. ..
Jeremias Cordoba
Jeremias Cordoba 14 hours ago
You've been sick, right? But... for 2 months and half?!
LOL BiT cat
LOL BiT cat 14 hours ago
Pls pay tf2 pls :3
action Studios
action Studios 14 hours ago
Don't die on us
Gamer: Unknown
Gamer: Unknown 14 hours ago
Look at Rebecca being her cute af self in her winter wear. Beautiful.
Brayday 1130
Brayday 1130 14 hours ago
Hehe me too
Gabriel Longoria
Gabriel Longoria 14 hours ago
Sucks If you find out that you do have COVID-19, cause your actually have a entertaining channel and videos.
el awebonado supremo
alguien habla español
antonio tafollaperez
I disliked bicus I hate covid-19
Nightmare Eyes
Nightmare Eyes 15 hours ago
Is it just me or does her sick accent sound like the crotchety storage lady’s accent
Aiden Bolt
Aiden Bolt 15 hours ago
Anime 15 hours ago
1:07 sounds like esstele from friends
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