Dove Cameron - LazyBaby (Official Video) 

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Official video for "LazyBaby" by Dove Cameron.
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Oh no
If you think for one second
That I would.. please
I got way too many options
To be over here
Killing myself just to give you life and you don’t even care
Layin' there takin' it easy, but that’s not fair
Don’t need you to love me lazy
Love me now or you will be replaced
Thrilling yourself
Wavy from the substance in your head
Need a negative number of YOUs in my bed
On Perc-ies you drive me crazy
You turn me off I'm all out of patience
Lazy Baby I ain’t playing
Time to get up, ain't measurin' up
Get gone
Uber lady’s outside waiting
If you don’t give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck
Get gone
I don't really care idgaf idgaf idgaf
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what ooo
Something going wrong in your dome
Pissing me off in my home
Autotune fix up your tone
Talking to a queen on her throne
Don’t know why you’re waiting on me
If you don’t work you don’t eat
You promised you would fuck up my life
Why my kitty still got 9?
You said you’d have me seeing stars
But you got me sleepy I
Think I need some CPR
You played like a VCR
Said you’d have me seeing stars
But you got me counting them down now
Like 4 3 you’re 2
Lazy Baby I ain’t playing
Time to get up, ain't measurin' up
Get gone
Uber lady’s outside waiting
If you don’t give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck
Get gone
I don't really care idgaf idgaf idgaf
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what ooo
Not even one like
I can't even stress how much I'm done
What are you waiting for?
Get gone
Director: Jasper Soloff
Production Co: Dreambear & Our Secret Handshake
EP: Evan Brown
Producer: Laura Bird
DP: Jason Lester
Editor: Cal Laird
Colorist: Loren White
VFX: Matt DeLisi
#DoveCameron #LazyBaby


Published on


Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Liva Juul
Liva Juul 4 minutes ago
Du er flot og jeg er forelsket 😘hilsen Liva 😍🥰😘😻
Arianahi Hernández estrada
Yo seré como ella por qué yo soy muy fans número uno 🥺
Dana Belford
Dana Belford 14 minutes ago
The spikes are a good idea for kitchen knives.
Dana Belford
Dana Belford 17 minutes ago
I can physically flick off a head piece the same as yours.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 51 minute ago
That was awesome!
Diana Valenzuela
Diana Valenzuela 2 hours ago
Vivian.Davidson 2 hours ago
She went from Liv and Maddie to descendants to this? Keep it up goddess your doing great!!! Love the song ❤️
Thamires Da S. Paula
Estou tão viciada 😍😍😍
Dawson Dancer
Dawson Dancer 2 hours ago
I think dove gives a few fucks.
Dulce Pertega
Dulce Pertega 2 hours ago
colaboration with Kenia OS ❤️
Sunhe Acosta
Sunhe Acosta 31 minute ago
JOSE A 2 hours ago
why that's this reminds me of dua lupa song
Misael Cervantes
Misael Cervantes 2 hours ago
She is such an underrated artist in my opinion.
Star Angel
Star Angel Hour ago
Exactly I think that too
Mar Hdz
Mar Hdz 3 hours ago
Say so 💁💁💁💁
Diona Flores-Atkins
Nice girl love it you look good and it is good
comment on this
comment on this 4 hours ago
love it love her keep doing you girl
Jiya Jagani
Jiya Jagani 4 hours ago
Dove Cameron is the only celebrity whose life I actually try to keep up with
Maryam Barnes
Maryam Barnes 4 hours ago
Oh god anybody gonna say anything about thomas??😭😭😪😥
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur 3 hours ago
He is the past so no
Carlos Haddmann
Carlos Haddmann 4 hours ago
How she not mainstream? And she da baddest shhhhh🤣
Kristen Lee
Kristen Lee 4 hours ago
Here from Instagram
Nicolas Coime
Nicolas Coime 4 hours ago
Vamos Dove Cameron sigue al frente no te dejes por un tipo que te engaño sigue feliz
Army Bomb
Army Bomb 5 hours ago
Lan cok guzel
Erkek olsaydim thomu kiskanirdim
Cok guzel
Off yicem seni
Melegimin yeni sarkisini yeni goruyorum
the receipts
the receipts 5 hours ago
Sounds oddly similar to “Say So” by Doja Cat
Monay Smith
Monay Smith 5 hours ago
Army Bomb
Army Bomb 6 hours ago
Why i can't stop listening this!?
K-pop Luna
K-pop Luna 6 hours ago
Zoey Reedhatter
Zoey Reedhatter 6 hours ago
Wait is this mal
Zoey Reedhatter
Zoey Reedhatter 3 hours ago
And I did not know mal cussed
Zoey Reedhatter
Zoey Reedhatter 3 hours ago
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur 3 hours ago
Army Bomb
Army Bomb 6 hours ago
Me obsesione con esta canción
jennifer rizo
jennifer rizo 6 hours ago
Love this song ❤️
Amaya Rivera María Fernanda
Dove, you're doing great girl ❤️❤️❤️and.... Can someone please tell me who was the boy at the final of the video? 🤔
Emily Jensen
Emily Jensen 7 hours ago
I used to look up to you, now your crazy like a lot of young Disney Stars like Miley Cyrus
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur 3 hours ago
Is not being crazy is being mature she can do what she wan go wath disney junior kid
Bye B**ch
Bye B**ch 7 hours ago
I thinl this song broughtout Mal her alter ego in some parts
Dahiana Montes
Dahiana Montes 7 hours ago
La sigo por que cumplimos el mismo dia y fecha y por que tiene una voz espetacular asi sea que no entienda lo que dice jajajaja y es linda
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 7 hours ago
Y’all are saying why she is like cursing when she was on Disney. Well, she isn’t anymore. Like in liv and madi she was these nice girls. Now that she quit Disney, she wants to prove that is she not what little nice princess and she is trying to prove she is a bad queen ♡︎ Edit: I’m so sorry for my grammar. :c
Ma M
Ma M 7 hours ago
She looks like an old woman, lots of surgerys are not good
Cécilia T
Cécilia T 7 hours ago
2:47 anyone knows who he is ?
Isaura Balderrabano
I love you Dove
Snikiwe Mawela
Snikiwe Mawela 8 hours ago
I loveeeeeeeeeeee this song cant stop repeating it
amauri denzel
amauri denzel 8 hours ago
Dove making underrated vibes for days literally obsessed 🤩
EL jfksosnd
EL jfksosnd 8 hours ago
quede mudo! hacias musica? XD psdt: te amooooooo DIOSA!!
Amie Martinez
Amie Martinez 8 hours ago
What you are amazing😍
JCKTPOP 9 hours ago
She changed a lot with her pretty old face to wonderful and amazing new face. I almost didn’t recognize her when they zoomed her eyes.
khalida abdullah
khalida abdullah 9 hours ago
khalida abdullah
khalida abdullah 9 hours ago
I love you so much my love my everything my best
PandaCorn123 9 hours ago
Lee Taeyong
Lee Taeyong 9 hours ago
OMG, this song sound like Mago-Gfriend. I LOVE IT
Onlybunny 9 hours ago
Dove cameron is a very good singer
layla riddle
layla riddle 10 hours ago
The end...❤️
Terri's YouTube
Terri's YouTube 10 hours ago
That lampshade hat, is awesome as..F.
Dahiana Montes
Dahiana Montes 10 hours ago
Vsco Ari
Vsco Ari 10 hours ago
I cant believe liv and dove are the same person
KINGxDIANE 100% UwU 10 hours ago
I love you this song breaks the super cool rules
Redert RGarcia
Redert RGarcia 10 hours ago
OMG 😱 💯💯💯❤️
um pouquinho de brilho
I loved the music, and I love you
Hryssa H
Hryssa H 11 hours ago
This song is similar to Sofía's "Fools Gold"! I love that they're besties and did similar songs!!!😍😍😍 (maybe it's just me thinking that but I love it!)
Natascha Bachert
Natascha Bachert 11 hours ago
Love this Song and you Dove💖💋
chen levy
chen levy 11 hours ago
The bit really reminds me of "say so"
Digs Baccon
Digs Baccon 11 hours ago
Say so????
Lilian Calderón
Lilian Calderón 12 hours ago
Como siempre la pequeña Dove, crece como una maravillosa mariposa en todo
Inzilya Bekirova
Inzilya Bekirova 12 hours ago
He’s Tomas or not?
Olivi4'5 V1rtu4l Sp4
Chabelita Vanilla
Chabelita Vanilla 13 hours ago
Alysa from Tiktok? Is this you? Beautiful song❤️ I love you Dove😘
heyoonsbae 13 hours ago
Ady Gutierrez
Ady Gutierrez 13 hours ago
Y cuando van a sacar la película de descendientes 4
Marie Noel Badaoui
Marie Noel Badaoui 14 hours ago
why is she so underrated i dont understanddd
M257 Masaya Lopez
M257 Masaya Lopez 14 hours ago
patricia ugalde
patricia ugalde 14 hours ago
Increible algien habla español?
Jaimison Silva
Jaimison Silva 15 hours ago
I love sheeeeeeeeeee
arleth guzman ramos
arleth guzman ramos 16 hours ago
she is so pretty ❤️😍
Ramz U
Ramz U 16 hours ago
I feel like she is like liv from the old days
Cloudy Records
Cloudy Records 16 hours ago
Omg Livvvvv
viviane victoria
viviane victoria 17 hours ago
queen queen queen
viviane victoria
viviane victoria 17 hours ago
ᑕᖇƳᔕ丅ᗩᒪ ᕼᗴᗰᗩᑎᔕ
Sounds a little like Doja Cat Say So hmm
M257 Masaya Lopez
M257 Masaya Lopez 14 hours ago
Mia El Haddad
Mia El Haddad 19 hours ago
How does it feel to copy bts music😩✋🏻
Mia El Haddad
Mia El Haddad 14 hours ago
@M257 Masaya Lopez in the begging of dove’s song you can clearly listen that its the same as the teaser
Mia El Haddad
Mia El Haddad 14 hours ago
@M257 Masaya Lopez teaser of dynamite
Nahuel Estigarribia
Nahuel Estigarribia 14 hours ago
wtf no(??
M257 Masaya Lopez
M257 Masaya Lopez 14 hours ago
What song of them-?
Mia El Haddad
Mia El Haddad 17 hours ago
@BooBoo Forever pls if you listen closely in the begging the beat is latterly the same as the teaser for the dynamite mv.
ni nhatvan
ni nhatvan 19 hours ago
she look like Miranda Kerr
axripio 20 hours ago
She said f word more then 10 times
Darek Tarkowski
Darek Tarkowski 20 hours ago
Jaliyah 22 hours ago
airi 22 hours ago
this is such a summer bop ✨🌻
3 prenses
3 prenses 23 hours ago
I love you so much, Liliy💜💙💚❤️🌼
rafael burgos
Mal & Ben 💜❤️.
Andrea Vargas
Could have a message. We got black men dying.... earth dying...and you gota be all...... you don't give a fuck. Geeze. Lucky you.
Maria mora
Maria mora Day ago
Te amo wn4
kaijukebox Day ago
Further proof of the death of music. When you have a lack of talent in writing lyrics that actually make people think, you lead people astray. If the melodic structure is going to be uninspired, at least compose lyrics that will be remembered for their depth and beauty. But nah, as long as they are attractive, the labels will enslave another helpless victim, male and female. This is sickening. Dumb down the music, dumb down the artist, dumb down the culture, and finally, dumb down the helpless listener.
So cute
Dana Belford
Dana Belford Day ago
Someone isn't getting the memo.
Dana Belford
Dana Belford Day ago
Why did you change your hair colour?
It's Me The Crazylyn
Keep Calling 🙈
Juli Biagi
Juli Biagi Day ago
Wait who does she kiss at the end???
Pedro Vinícius
omg i love u
Juice Juzzy
Juice Juzzy Day ago
This a bop
ROSÉ - 'Gone' M/V
AURORA - Runaway