Don't Buy this corvette. Unless... #shorts 

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When Buying Old Corvettes beware and do a proper inspection to not buy a lemon. There are after-market parts available so make sure you know where to buy them from.
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Apr 12, 2021




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Timathy Ploof
Timathy Ploof Hour ago
Jesus, what is rubber supposed to do, last forever? If anything take away this, I'd rather a car driven yearly and taken care of than a low mile one that has been neglected.
Converse User50
This is why I listen to scotty
_johnpm 2 days ago
Impossible to get struts for a corvette? If this isn't a troll this guy is something else
_ Mice_
_ Mice_ 2 days ago
How about just not but a wannabe Formula 1 car and instead buy something that doesn’t disturb the peace and something that doesn’t sound like the Tasmanian Devil. It’s not cool and you can’t even go fast.. I know I’ll dust you and I’m in a 2009 car... that should tell you something....
Michael S. Ramsey
My grandfather has sold more new GM iron than anyone on the planet. His number one piece of advice when I was growing up... never, ever ever, trust a car salesman.
Ajs garage
Ajs garage 2 days ago
I'd just pull the drive train out and put it in something else
whitelavender7 3 days ago
kole martin
kole martin 3 days ago
What is “low” miles anything under 100000 er what cause I understand it’s a 66,000 miles car but I mean hardly many corvettes in Canada have over 200000km so 100000km that’s a lot of summer driving there my guys.
NoxCast Onhx
NoxCast Onhx 3 days ago
I mean, were ignoring the real problem here, ITS AN AUTOMATIC.
Nicholas Marquardt
I'll uh, take it off your hands. You know, if you cant sell it
M Moore
M Moore 3 days ago
Let’s be honest, that car was garbage when it was new. That said, I’ll give you $500 to make it my Gambler. Win/win, come on now.
Dennis Pope
Dennis Pope 3 days ago
Forget win your truck I’ll take the Vette please! 1993 is a great year. 40th anniversary of the corvette. Nicer of the C4 body style. LT1 was a good engine, they’re fun to drive and handle like they’re on rails.
Noah T
Noah T 4 days ago
This is the kind of guy who dumps his girl because he found out she had sex with her boyfriend.
Jeff X
Jeff X 4 days ago
Just wait till the current corvette is 30yrs old.
Westley Belcher
Westley Belcher 4 days ago
I need a truck for my family😁
Squeakers 4 days ago
I remember looking at a car that someone put tires that were older than the car (1998 tyres that were 20 years old on a 12 year old car)
Brintin 4 days ago
The molding is extremely easy to get and replace.
Here is why 'merican cars are garbage after 15/20 yrs
Spletest 4 days ago
*whispers* cars are meant to be driven. But also it's a GM so things like the seats and sensors were probably crap right from the factory
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera 4 days ago
This was when GM made every car out of a random parts from a parts bin wouldn't be surprised some of the parts come from all the GM brands put in one and then cheapen it up with GM plastic.
beanos 123
beanos 123 4 days ago
Yeah gm doesn't make parts for their 40 year old cars who would have fucking guessed
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 4 days ago
Pretty much American quality
Trey Anderson
Trey Anderson 5 days ago
Can I have it please
DooGee Rugged
DooGee Rugged 5 days ago
Yeah I work for Cadillac dealership and for whatever reason the parts department only ONLY we'll buy from GM even though GM takes 6 months to get me one box of brake pads,. And on another note that owner is a little uneducated thinking GM can fix it better
Sam Holcombe
Sam Holcombe 5 days ago
Nothing he showed was unfix able, it’s a 30 year old car, it’s going to need a refresh. They probably have those shocks and sensors on Rockauto for $80 a piece.
Levi Fricano
Levi Fricano 5 days ago
This guy needs to chill
Jim J
Jim J 5 days ago
Your a salesman not a mechanic or technician. Stick to what you know. So you dont look dumb like this guy.
Jacob Berlin
Jacob Berlin 5 days ago
All right but let’s be honest nobody wants a fucking 93 C4 vet at me come and they’re not gonna for a long time so unless you literally put it up on some wood blocks and wrap the tires in plastic bags after treating them with an oil base then you’re not preserving your car if that is of course your intention. Everybody with the C4 is going to go with aftermarket coil overs anywayIf they’re going to drive the thing and probably modify tires and exhaust and an inch pipe or an X pipe with no catalytic converter’s “” aftermarket exhaust door off road exhaust. I get your point it’s cool thanks for sharing butNobody cares yet about C-4 Corvette unless there are the ZR one and I know that will change so maybe let this just be a learning moment for everybody these things will eventually go up in value and a lot so just watch your back’s people love you all God bless and Godspeed
Roger Doger
Roger Doger 5 days ago
Fun fact: in Bulgarian corvette means whore-vette
boxajr 5 days ago
American quality, try this with a german sports car from the same period. Not to mention you guys got 7 liter v8 ts with 200hp
999 FINE
999 FINE 5 days ago
Full set of suspension parts including sensors for $450. Took 2 seconds with Google man. So much for irreplaceable eeh? Maybe not from a dealership, but aftermarket parts are alive and well dude.
BAD KARMA 5 days ago
My modified 76 vette was great!! I built a 383 c.I. engine. Fiberglass suspension with Koni shocks. Painted it special with polyurethane paint. Glassed in a flip tail rear end (no bumper seams), gave her the recessed “Monza” style headlights with custom glass covers. Auto tint glass I custom inserted in the T tops, fiberglassed in the hood. 82 front end glassed in (no bumper seams), reinforced all its weak spots (no spider cracking), and designed and installed a system where the whole frond end would lift up to expose the engine (now had clear access to the back spark plugs) a Holley 750 center float spreadbore carb (same ones used in boats) and fixed the lower control arm tac welds by completely welding them, and much much more. Took the automatic tranny out and put in a 4 speed manual with a guest vertigate shifter. Took 2 years to complete and it would outrun any other newer vette in the city. This was back in 87-88.
Edison 5 days ago
Corvettes are junk. I can buy all the parts for a 95 Miata.
Conejosshop 5 days ago
Bro I rather that corvette than anything after 2005
iMMORTAL WOLFZ 5 days ago
Imagine someone just bought a corvette watching this r.i.p 🤣🤣
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell 5 days ago
That piece of shit should be $5,000 and not a penny more.
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell 5 days ago
When you say “they are irreplaceable“, “they don’t make the parts“, does that mean that this car needs to be sent to the junkyard or does it mean this car needs a completely different suspension system? We’re not talking about a 1950 Corvette here, we’re talking about a 93. Certainly General Motors is not that fucking stupid that they would screw the consumer that way. Actually, I bet they would in a heartbeat. How else are they going to sell the new C eights and then a bunch of suckers are going to be lined up to buy the C806, and then they’re going to be lined up to buy the C8 ZR one. And they can charge anything they want because all of these suckers in their 60s 70s and 80s want to be the first on the block to own one so I will bet you $200,000 is going to be the point for the ZR one, and 150,000 for the Z06. Might as well charge it General Motors, because I can assure you that the market can sustain it. Look at the fucking stock market today and look at all of the cryptocurrency’s, we are a euphoric country going off a cliff at 1,000,000 mph and nobody realizes it and nobody is driving this bus. We are going to have a depression like no one is ever seen and the absolute history of mankind. It will make 1929 look like a cakewalk. When our dowel 30,000 dropped 2000 overnight. And when you go to buy a loaf of bread with your bitcoin or your Dodge coin, and the retailer says go fuck yourself and then you can go wash dishes in the back of my restaurant for an hour for your loafer bread then you’re going to realize it was a stupid fucking purchase buying that Corvette. Sorry about my long rant guys but I know the end is coming very soon. Buckle down and stay cash heavy brothers. Definitely invest in gold As paper currency could go up in flames in a New York second. Pardon the pun.
Nowayits Omar
Nowayits Omar 4 days ago
Bro what?
waffle 5 days ago
Where can i get its perfect
JaCk nickolstine
JaCk nickolstine 5 days ago
Why is that salesman in the shop ? Those guys are never in the shop.
hi I'm Holdin
hi I'm Holdin 6 days ago
Do you know what the internet is
Armand R
Armand R 6 days ago
C4’s are hot garbage.
66 Plymouth 440
66 Plymouth 440 6 days ago
It's a Chevy what do you expect.
Zachary Bell
Zachary Bell 6 days ago
Same year I was born we both rare I be feeling everything 💪🏾
CoolEarth 7
CoolEarth 7 6 days ago
Just goes to show anyone can put information on the internet (also the sound in the headlight motors is just a plastic gear you can swap for a brass one for $4-5 not exactly “expensive”
Aaron Faulkner
Aaron Faulkner 6 days ago
Its a corvette. Of course it's a piece of shit.
Alex 6 days ago
Now I have slim all over my phone screen. Thanks a lot
Voter fraud Is real
This is an example of I should not buy anything made by general motors.
dylan chanel
dylan chanel 6 days ago
Well, it's GM after all.
J Powell
J Powell 6 days ago
Nice car, get all of those needed parts thru aftermarket. If you can buy parts for a 1957 you can get 1993 parts..lol.
Don Armstrong
Don Armstrong 6 days ago
Rob Pitts would buy it no questions asked 😈😈💩
ouimetco 6 days ago
American capitalism at its finest. Salaries pensions unions ceo and absolute crap workmanship.
killer_10 Racing
killer_10 Racing 6 days ago
Dudes straight up lying. Not only do they make parts still they're relatively inexpensive to purchase. And even better they make new version of the older parts that are even better quality
Mid Mitten Video
Mid Mitten Video 6 days ago
I found a lot of ur info really wrong you can find all those parts you need quite easily theres a lot of corvette parts pages i legit own a 93 c4 corvette and jts amazing
Rod Henrie
Rod Henrie 6 days ago
This is essential all stuff you should plan to do on any older car. Only really a problem for someone looking for the reasons not to buy an older car
Adam Hallett
Adam Hallett 7 days ago
LOL. They don’t make corvette parts. That’s the funny thing I’ve ever heard. 5 second google search and found the shocks for $250 a corner and $125 for sensors. Found the seals for $200 a window. Also literally $10 in glue and a wrench to fix the seat. I’m sure I could find everything else cheaper if I took more time. Don’t say stupid things please. I know your looking for content but don’t bs us. I do understand that dealerships sometimes don’t install aftermarket parts but don’t tell us they are not available. And anyone who buys a used car expects some sort of problems. It’s not new 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tomy E
Tomy E 7 days ago
Good advice dude,, I'm not great but I know,, wen I used to but used cars all the time checking rubber seals I knew the window doorwells trunk. But I would missed the dried out tires,, I too would thou b ht they were new...they did look good,,, thankx... and I grew up in my dad auto shop... I'm no dummy...smart ppl are always willing to concede to the smart
sandmansoldier 88
Kind of ironic im seeing this when i am im thinking of buying a 1988 corvette that has low mileage and low price
Klutch Killerz
Klutch Killerz 7 days ago
Stay on the car lot and out of the shop
Sleepings 7 days ago
“American quality”
Brew Chainz
Brew Chainz 7 days ago
Every single part he listed is on Ecklers. The part to fix the headlight clicking is like $10
Fish Stix
Fish Stix 7 days ago
Most of those models sucked A$$ anyway from 83 thru 90's just like the camaro and firebirds! Stick to 82 or below on Vetts.
Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams 7 days ago
They don't make the parts ...Yea right douche.
Memetrain2509 7 days ago
This guy is an idiot seals are easy to get for these because of the common fading issue.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 7 days ago
Those cars are trash
ITOWN RECORDS 7 days ago
Would it be the same situation for 1993 buick
Supreme Hernandez
I want a truck cuhh😩
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt 7 days ago
AT-205 is great for the rubber seals on windows and also just about every other component of the vehicle, minus the brake system.
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez 7 days ago
It’s because c4 are ugly & suck
AM Gam3ing
AM Gam3ing 7 days ago
He probably critiques his bf in bed like this.
Shaman Credible
Shaman Credible 8 days ago
Dude needs to make a video about why everyone calls dealerships "stealerships"
Talan Pomeroy
Talan Pomeroy 8 days ago
Amazing. Everything you just said was a lie.
Talan Pomeroy
Talan Pomeroy 8 days ago
Seals are readily available and depending on which ones, reasonable priced. Light housing gears are a cheap, easy diy fix. Shocks I’d have to look into. Certainly not irreplaceable.
PhantomPhaze 8 days ago
This is just every 30 year old car with super low mileage 🤦‍♂️ no shit tires, shocks, seals aren't going to last forever. Somebody must have fucked up at seat on purpose though
WoWo37 8 days ago
That noise problem in the lights is easy to fix. Can be done with a $25 kit from eBay
WoWo37 8 days ago
The wheels are on backwards
The headlights are not expensive to fix, maybe to someone whos about to get screwed over by having you fix them.
covers 8 days ago
They sell everything for these cars. Best Value there is for a sports car.
Nick Stewart
Nick Stewart 8 days ago
Umm have you ever looked on ecklers or murrock....you can find parts...this is the same clown that takes frozen ice off of a brand new Corvette scratching the shit out of it....smh...of course it's going to need work if the previous owner hasn't done s*it to it...common sense!
Exotix Kambing
Exotix Kambing 8 days ago
Everytime i buy old car i change tyre
Cj Johnson
Cj Johnson 8 days ago
It’s missing 1 lug nut.... fuck it junk it then.
Max Fly
Max Fly 8 days ago
At least the central digital dash gauge came on....for speed, fuel level, and mileage... My 90' c4 , it would go blank, first stop the gas station, if I didn't write it down.
ss66502 8 days ago
I want to win your truck
Mike Luterancik
Mike Luterancik 8 days ago
They must hire anyone at the dealership
Joel Hendrickson
Joel Hendrickson 8 days ago
Chevy makes crappie cars 🚗👌
Shawn Red
Shawn Red 8 days ago
Pretty sure you can coilovers for that car and make that active suspension work again
Nicholas Howes
Nicholas Howes 9 days ago
...well you clearly just fucking lied cause I watched my neighbor restore his COMPLETY. Parts aren't that hard to get and it's by far the cheapest vetted their is
Dave Smity
Dave Smity 9 days ago
Tool Why does this guy make videos. I would never buy anything from dude....clueless
Dusty Derrik
Dusty Derrik 9 days ago
Id rather have that vetted than the truck youre giving away
Gueorgui Murdock
Gueorgui Murdock 9 days ago
You can get parts for it shit ton of parts
Ed Lawrance
Ed Lawrance 9 days ago
This guy sounds as though he has had a few beers 😂 typical car salesman that says don't bother with this old stuff, come buy a new one.
John W
John W 9 days ago
Typical domestic junk! If you can't afford to buy new and throw away in 5 years you don't need or want to own it! Advise from 30 year Master mechanic
fat naked guy in the woods
That's why u get ✨aftermarket✨ parts for these
Zip 9 days ago
Would love to own a truck like that..not in the cards for me....☹
Ane B.
Ane B. 9 days ago
Why save a car. Life is to short to let a car just SET UP .😩
Jrom T
Jrom T 10 days ago
Shit sounds like it's about to get a new racing seat some sweet suspension and tires maybe a track car maybe a drift car who knows I'd buy it
Brenden 10 days ago
Or just order the parts from lmc like I did for my collectors
Cheney Dowd
Cheney Dowd 10 days ago
Correction It's a 1994 corvette! Corvette didn't make a 93. 93 was the only year that Corvette was not made.. Now I think I'm cool because I saw a Corvette video just thought I put it out there..
fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered
Im looking for one and i can guarantee you that impossible is not for this car lmao
Octavio Madueno
Octavio Madueno 10 days ago
By 1989 Chevrolet was getting weak...I say the only thing good in the late 80san the 90s that was good from Chevrolet was their trucks
SMC Express INC Steven Clingan
ALL easy fixes! And that "hard to get" weatherstripping??? Is available in every corvette parts magazine. This guy's a toolbag!
Dream SMP Bloopers
Dream SMP Bloopers