Dog looks betrayed when he realizes he's at the Vet. 

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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Rishav Raj
Rishav Raj 49 minutes ago
Dog:- Ah shit here we go again
SwazLeeYT Hour ago
That “why you do this to me” look
DONT say "dog park, dog treat, grandma" before taking your dog to the VET.
Henrique Dias
Henrique Dias 2 hours ago
He read that sign
Jestem Soba
Jestem Soba 2 hours ago
I want to slap him in the face for that laugh
Arasy Al
Arasy Al 2 hours ago
Dog reads sign : "Wait a minute, this ain't Chick fil a"
Gandro93 2 hours ago
I´m pretty sure hearing how his owner was laughing didn't help xD
SiLo Mixing and Mastering
Me when my dad drops me off at soccer practise in the 90's - but still hasn't came back and it's now the 20's......
Josh S-TV
Josh S-TV 6 hours ago
Retrievers look cutest
Flotzem 6 hours ago
I have always wondered if animals smelled the death that emanates from vet clinics, or it's just a memory thing like when my dad turned into the McDonald's parking lot when I was a kid. (opposite experiences, but I'm certain you get the gist)
Mike Panek
Mike Panek 6 hours ago
Wait...why does it smell like scared dogs? Son of a b.....
Pip 6 hours ago
Dog really saying “dad you took the wrong turn! Dad! Dad you took the wrong turn!”
Lachies Vlogs
Lachies Vlogs 7 hours ago
Kota Kimura
Kota Kimura 8 hours ago
Top 10 anime betrayals of all time
DJ Refugee
DJ Refugee 8 hours ago
this is like me when i go to the dentist
rory vonbrutt
rory vonbrutt 9 hours ago
terrified....... ! ! !
fresatx 12 hours ago
When car rides go wrong... With Sparky
Nyssia Eiko
Nyssia Eiko 13 hours ago
Why is this video in such great quality
Fish Mr
Fish Mr 13 hours ago
Dog: You played me like a damn fiddle!
martinezandy15 13 hours ago
Damn i felt that dog’s anxiety
Jovi Zhang
Jovi Zhang 14 hours ago
!!(alert sound effects) “It’s a trap!”
Chad Messier
Chad Messier 14 hours ago
Can't blame the dog last time he went his nuts dissapeared.
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen 14 hours ago
So cute us-first.info/player/video/oryfeauoiaKGmJc.html
Thepowerlies 15 hours ago
He is having Vietnam flashbacks
Kriet Vohra
Kriet Vohra 16 hours ago
"I TRUSTED YOU!!!" - Dog, probably
Lucius Thompson
Lucius Thompson 16 hours ago
“Soap trusted you, I thought I could too. SO WHY THE HELL DOES THE VET KNOW YOU!!
marclaaq 16 hours ago
Can't trust these hoomans.
Ran 19 hours ago
Of course he feel betrayed, the last time he woke up from there he lost his balls
Developed Spermcell
Developed Spermcell 19 hours ago
Dog: *Ohhh yeah, I'm getting my balls back!*
อาร์ทิมิส อะโฟรไดท์ ไดโอนีซอส ซุส เฮร่า อพอลโล โพไซดอน
Knows exactly how they take his temperature there. This obviously ain't his first rodeo.
Lukas Pasek
Lukas Pasek 23 hours ago
Dogs are the best part of life
Viktor Skalanter
Viktor Skalanter 23 hours ago
Dog: la decepción, la traición, amigo me engañaste :v
Dog: Of course I know where I am, I read the sign!
Devon Schultz
Hey if the doctor at the hospital killed your father over a broken foot you'd be a bit skeptical yourself
Raymond Martinez
Like he can read haha
Jayu R
Jayu R Day ago
Dog:- Last time i was here, i lost my balls. Now what.
John Boynton
John Boynton Day ago
Funny as hell, heh,heh,heh
Wooster Day ago
Treats or no treats, I’m never gonna trust you again.
Boog Boog
Boog Boog Day ago
Vet building must stink of fear and death
Im Watching You
Just like Biden
This isnt the park dad !!! Grrrrrr
Aaron Bierman
the dog: "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"
Aaron Bierman
the dog: "they had me in the first half, not gonna lie"
Goddess Ahri
Goddess Ahri Day ago
Dog: "Soap trusted you."
Sticky Kitty
Sticky Kitty Day ago
You told him he was going to Disneyland
Funeral Fog
Funeral Fog Day ago
*I can't believe you've done this*
same look i had when my spouse told me she was going to take me out and treat me to launch, but i ended up going to the dentist instead!
Gatekeeper Aquatic
Nobody The man- heheheheh...
sid g
sid g Day ago
dude..we were bro's
Anushka aa
Anushka aa Day ago
No one : Dog after this : 𝗘𝘁 𝘁𝘂 𝗕𝗿𝘂𝘁𝗲`
Richard Sherburne
"Like" is overused in an ignorant way.
andrew moonbeam
"Wait, this isn't the park."
denum does
denum does Day ago
Soap trusted you
Palash Verma
Palash Verma Day ago
"I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark"
Awentator Day ago
“Hooman, this does not look like the dog park!“
Andrew Melton
Nice to hear people using blinkers
Michael Rodriguez
The dog: I will remember this betrayal
A youtube channel
Looks pretty dangerous to just have the dog sitting there. In an emergency stop or a crash the dog will fly straight at, and maybe through, the window. Probably would be a good idea to get them a seatbelt or something.
Black Dsbm
Black Dsbm Day ago
Not funny i hope you get in hospital and someone is filming your and laughs at you
Kalpesh Ade
Kalpesh Ade Day ago
Nice 60 fps video quality
AJ Day ago
Screw you owner
Citizen Beeswax79
This is proof dogs know how to read.
prince werdan
Soap trusted you
Mahima Mishra
The owner : either way i won heheehsh 😏😏 Me : savage owner 🐶
Patrick O'Donnell
Dog: You said we're going to the dog park!
manu mudgal
manu mudgal Day ago
Dog: my ancestors trusted humans and now I'm paging for it.
Wardruna Ragnar
Need to get yourself a doggy harshness for your car there chief
Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh Day ago
Dog:-Brutus, It's you!
Nazmi Ghani
Nazmi Ghani Day ago
oi oi oi mate mate
M. Nurhaikal
M. Nurhaikal Day ago
Oh, The lies! The deception!"
Nate Plissken
This dog later died in prison.
Juan Fateen
Juan Fateen Day ago
You too brutus??? Shakespeare fans undeestand
PRIYA J Day ago
The moment he saw that sign he started getting panic attack
Waldron Marc
Waldron Marc 2 days ago
Dog: Oh no, not again please!!
Shelbyville Rules
Dog: “Ah f🤬k, I can’t believe you’ve done this”
Furbaby Fluffykins
Where’s the seat belt?
Kathy Myers
Kathy Myers 2 days ago
Poor thing 😢
Werwolf2k11 2 days ago
Quantum Cosmos
Quantum Cosmos 2 days ago
That Dog: How could you????
Shashwat Ved
Shashwat Ved 2 days ago
Dog seemed he wanted to say "No way John you are doing this to me !!"
Lars - Off Colors' Cpt.
Dog: looks around like a normal dog does in any situation Everyone: ah that is the face of disappointment Had nothing to do with the vet lol
Botter Minato
Botter Minato 2 days ago
The medical alarm uniquely ask because black inexplicably peel except a curved value. secret, homeless epoch
Abigail M
Abigail M 2 days ago
Damn this video is high quality.
Zhechy 2 days ago
Top 10 Anime Betryals
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein 2 days ago
Mission failed well get em next time
Aria Maze
Aria Maze 2 days ago
My dog knows when I taking her to the Vet, she lay on the floor, no matter what I use to take it to the car, even cookies, or meat she knows, but when im taking her to my grandparents even when im telling her we are going tovthe vet she just jump to the car, dogs are this six sins.
Alert Saucer
Alert Saucer 2 days ago
Dog scared Human - laughs in evil
Brock Anderson
Brock Anderson 2 days ago
A very beautiful dog.
a difficulty tweak
"Soap trusted you I thought I could too"
Master of the Arts
I don't know if it's just me but I find it pretty sadistic that people get off laughing when the dog is clearly scared I don't find it as a joke at all. I understand it's a thing that people make fun of it but in all honesty when you're just logically thinking about it it's pretty cruel.
Im Watching You
Shut up.
When I realize we actually aren't going for pizza.
Nila's Life
Nila's Life 2 days ago
This is me, when I'm tricked into going to the doctor to get shots, but told we're gonna go to the mall for unicorn dresses🙄
Tie It Up
Tie It Up 2 days ago
Dog: wait what, what are you doing?! NO stop! help i'm being held hostage Translation to me: Betrayal, Bark bark bark
shockwav3 2 days ago
Doge saw the sign and thought ‘YOU WERE MY OWNER (insert name here) , I LOVED YOU!!!
Hannah Tasker
Hannah Tasker 2 days ago
He’s like “Noo dad don’t take me in there” 🥺
Messy Gs
Messy Gs 2 days ago
Dog gets dog’d
Antek Pianka
Antek Pianka 2 days ago
"We have been tricked"
Dog be like: *bsdk ye tune thik nhi kiya*
Mina Park
Mina Park 2 days ago
where you taking me??!! where you taking me??!!... oh hell no!!!!!
Wuts - Hive
Wuts - Hive 2 days ago
the dog probably regrets ever reading that sign
Em Cruz
Em Cruz 2 days ago
Nice camera dude
Dog VS Dinosaur