Dog Jumps Into Stranger’s Car And Refuses To Get Out 

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This woman was very confused when a cute dog jumped into her car and wouldn’t get out 😂

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Apr 2, 2021




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L N 7 minutes ago
This is tooo cute 😍😍😍😍
Kison Utsey
Kison Utsey 8 minutes ago
The dog like look it's raining outside just take me to work with you
Jestin James
Jestin James 12 minutes ago
i smell bs
Michelle Love
Michelle Love 20 minutes ago
You my dear are a beautiful diamond! We need more people in the world like you 💜 Blessings
William Roark
William Roark 23 minutes ago
Bella Elizabeth
Bella Elizabeth 25 minutes ago
I’ve had multiple dogs come on my property like about 5, I live on a farm and there’s a lot of free roaming dogs but there all so nice and they love to come and visit my dogs and horses (and they mean no harm to any of the animals)
G G 25 minutes ago
Dog was like my Uber is here lol
Tanya 38 minutes ago
You were the chosen one.
gdlywom 43 minutes ago
“You’re getting my car all dirty”.....CHILE 🤨😒🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Helena Z
Helena Z 43 minutes ago
Bravo gos bless you😊😇😘
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 44 minutes ago
Maybe it's an abuser animal trying to get help. Bv
gdlywom 45 minutes ago
He’s adorable 😍
Bartlemy 46 minutes ago
love this!!
natalee217 47 minutes ago
Lovely story. Too bad we don’t enough of theses stories
Dennis SCULAF 48 minutes ago
Anne M
Anne M 57 minutes ago
I wanna work with her! 🤣❤️
Lark Hour ago
Thought this was Trisha paytas in the thumbnail
MsTrish627 Hour ago
Awwwww, too cute. 💕
Dave A
Dave A Hour ago
How you give this a thumbs down, assholes...
Dillard Steadman
So sweet to be kind to life!
Matilda Moonga
That's soooo sweet! Omg♥️♥️😭
Larry Billups
Larry Billups Hour ago
Chuito Perez
Chuito Perez Hour ago
RELAX,Drink,Eat and laugh with Carrisha Williams
The dog did not feel like walking anymore he needed a ride home
B FOSTER Hour ago
To funny
Twilight Gardens presentations
Isn’t this how everyone gets their first dog?
Escaping from something or somewhere asking you for help , because it senses you have a good spirit.
Naomi Isiordia
Lmao his face ...yo give me a ride I'm only five minutes away ate too many burgers
MariJane Tarot
There’s a bond between that family and this girl. The dog is the key. Can’t wait to hear about the happily ever after!
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones Hour ago
That's God's work
Redd Alchemy
Redd Alchemy Hour ago
Too cute😍. Love this woman and love the dog. What a cute story.
Silvestry Hour ago
The dog just wanted u to drive him back up to his house thats all
Bb Broadus
Bb Broadus Hour ago
Nairda Charles
What !!..A genuinely cheerful, heartwarming story in the news that's not too sickly sweet, not too mind numbingly serious...no guns, no complaints against the system ?.You mean I can just let it cheer me up and then forget about it and move on ?. Must be a Matrix glitch.
Jeff Snow
Jeff Snow Hour ago
Are you my mommy. lol
Juice WRLD Content
The dogs face had me dying 🤣
Bren Hour ago
"Chunkers Mcstuffins" 😂
Barbie Blue 2
Barbie Blue 2 2 hours ago
Wonderful lady!
Ploppy Ploppy
Ploppy Ploppy 2 hours ago
Turns out this dog belonged to this woman.
melvina smith
melvina smith 2 hours ago
This is the funniest sweetest thing ever. He found him a new mommy.
Lina Torres Rindfleisch
Poor thing looks sad
Bri Bradford
Bri Bradford 2 hours ago
The dog is like: hey come on let's go i have work
BubbleOnPlumb 2 hours ago
Its obvious that Cole had called for an Ubber that day because it was raining and when you showed up and opened the door he was all like - "Hey thanks! Let's go"! He gave you 5 stars right?
A K 2 hours ago
what is window wiper?
Priscilla Watson
Priscilla Watson 2 hours ago
madam, you have just been adopted!!!!
Yeah 3 hours ago
Y’all talking about the dog,what the hell is a window wiper?
Gregory Zoebisch
Gregory Zoebisch 3 hours ago
She's a really good young woman...pretty inside and out.....I believe this was God using the dog to keep her from getting in a fatal accident that morning.....
Michelle Mae Simplicio
Imma dognap that buddy if that was me. the sad lonely eyes are hella cuuuute
Big Trouble
Big Trouble 3 hours ago
You're a awesome person, great video.
Mr burgess
Mr burgess 3 hours ago
Just Look at that sweet face...LOLOL☺️😁
Mr burgess
Mr burgess 3 hours ago
Dogs usually know when they meet a good person.. So, this dog has decided that you are good.. 😂👍..
JayMee Richens
JayMee Richens 4 hours ago
Lost or Abandoned!~
Kim R
Kim R 4 hours ago
He says "he hates it there lets go"
Gliver 4 hours ago
This doggo is so hilarious looking, that expression he gives, LOL
H305, LLC.
H305, LLC. 4 hours ago
lol 😂
Andrew Allison
Andrew Allison 4 hours ago
Would’ve threw that damn dog out my car kicked the shot out that dog
hussain ali
hussain ali 4 hours ago
The devil dog. Best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.
Patsy Hodge
Patsy Hodge 4 hours ago
Awwwww I love that dog and I love you for caring about him xo
Dinah Freeney
Dinah Freeney 4 hours ago
You did a great job. You never know why things happen. But Cole is your best friend and may be your angel. Love you for what you did. Be blessed❤❤🤣👍👍
Plus 4 hours ago
Tawanna King
Tawanna King 5 hours ago
That's beautiful
Vineet Raina
Vineet Raina 5 hours ago
Dog is so cute.
katwaaa killerrr
katwaaa killerrr 6 hours ago
friendly GTA
victoria mary
victoria mary 6 hours ago
Why did you stop if you are not my Uber, I don't see any other cars so quit playing and lets goooooo
Karicat Watts
Karicat Watts 6 hours ago
It was an old dog. Likely scared of the rain. He was beyond his boundary. He’s a baby. Take me home, please.
qtpie488 7 hours ago
I love the "let me give him belly rubs". I love how dogs get you to do their bidding.
D G 7 hours ago
He adopted you and want you to come to his house to play. 😂😂
ja a
ja a 7 hours ago
My sister's beagle used to jump in my car if I stopped by her house. I had to drive him around the block, about 2 minutes and then he would get out just as happy if we had gone on a 2 hour ride.
Rosh Geler
Rosh Geler 7 hours ago
Just kick his butt and he will leave
y yg
y yg 8 hours ago
shes so fat
CreateWithBarb BL
CreateWithBarb BL 8 hours ago
You are so lovely. Thank you from Australia, for taking the dog to his home and taking the time to go back and see if he was ok. You are so right. Who doesn't love dogs.
Nick Nack
Nick Nack 8 hours ago
This is the only stuff Buzzfeed reports on correctly: FLUFF.
Heather Andrew
Heather Andrew 8 hours ago
Stories like these make me grin and forces me to see that there are still good people left in this world in spite of ourselves.
amapola53 8 hours ago
When will her owners put a collar on her....even microchip her
Vibhor Wase
Vibhor Wase 8 hours ago
So I was delivering pizza to this big house they went in to get the money, left the door open and their dog sneaked out on the lawn..i didn't pay much attn.. I took the money and walked toward my car, and heard tiny "tap tap" noises behind me..it was the little guy following me. Told him to go back, he didn't listen, I opened my door to get in and boy did he do a flash run and got in before me! I so wished I could take him but no, I went back to owner's house rang her bell asked her to take him back from my car!
T. Royce
T. Royce 8 hours ago
My dog HATES the rain. He’ll hold his bladder all day to avoid going out. Could be the same with this dog, he got caught in the rain & wanted nothing of it.
A M 9 hours ago
Now THIS, is what a man should look for in a girlfriend. What a fabulous lady. What a wonderful heart !
Retro Cat
Retro Cat 9 hours ago
Dog: come on! Hit that song A thousand miles.
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 10 hours ago
Its a hitch hiking dog
Vicki King
Vicki King 10 hours ago
Omg to cute
Brigette 5280
Brigette 5280 10 hours ago
How adorable..
Kenneth Bartlett
Kenneth Bartlett 10 hours ago
What a beautiful story. Thank you for making my day, from an 83 year old retired US Arm Vietnam vet, bless you.
Elaine Davis
Elaine Davis 11 hours ago
I love this dog!
Susan Mowery
Susan Mowery 11 hours ago
That's hilarious, thanks, you made me laugh today!!
Bee bayless
Bee bayless 11 hours ago
Awww that's awesome
Classiq Beautee
Classiq Beautee 11 hours ago
Lol those eyes are so cute
meegs san
meegs san 11 hours ago
chunkers mcstuffin xD
Mz Merritt
Mz Merritt 11 hours ago
TheSkyhazFallen 12 hours ago
"Ohh...this is not uber?...can you give me a ride anyway?"
drmr miah
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TAsia 12 hours ago
New spirit guide assigned
Paul Barry
Paul Barry 12 hours ago
Dogoo be like that's rigth I get girls. I'll take ur 2.
naj m
naj m 12 hours ago
That dog like let’s just drive off .. come on. The facial expression on the dog. Chunky butt Cole wanted to go for a joyride 😄😅
Johnny boy
Johnny boy 12 hours ago
He like SHID I’m going wit you 😭😂😭💯
M. M.
M. M. 12 hours ago
Omg the cutest dog fr. He just sitting like my Uber driver is here 🤣
SayWord Son
SayWord Son 12 hours ago
Black Labs Matter
Max Beezie
Max Beezie 12 hours ago
Cole said ta hell wit dat walk! Lol
Jes R SugaPlum
Jes R SugaPlum 12 hours ago
Awwww adorable doggy story so cute.
king 13 hours ago
He said drive drive let's go
Prosamian 13 hours ago
My dog does this too. If there is a car door open, he's jumping in and waiting for a ride; no matter who's car it is.