Dog hates being called a boofy sandwich... 

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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Potato 22 hours ago
That's my favorite Woofen
j mc
j mc Day ago
This is cute but dogs don’t understand words. They speak through energy, sound, touch and scent. He’s reacting to her energy and prob look in her eyes.
BluePuppyStudios 3 days ago
Sharon Curtis
Sharon Curtis 7 days ago
seven 8 days ago
she don’t like dat 😑
Tim Cook
Tim Cook 9 days ago
What flavor of dog is this
TJC 9 days ago
You gotta admit the sound of her voice is pretty cringe
Raeven 10 days ago
Go, doggo!!
L.A DODG3R 13 days ago
Bitch I might be
Chaotic floral arrangement
god i love boofy sandwich
Sarah Hulsey
Sarah Hulsey 17 days ago
You have no business raising a dog.
Ann Smith
Ann Smith 18 days ago
Perhaps you are the boofy sandwich ! The very things we accuse others of (in this case your dog) is precisely what we are guilty of ourselves ! Remember ... you name it...you claim it ...take the post down...you are too ignorant to understand you are abusively belittling your dog !
J MG 19 days ago
"That's MISTER Boofy Sandwich to you, Jen!"
J P 19 days ago
In the words of B real aka Dr Greenthumb......NO BOOFING!!!!!!!!!
It’s me RC
It’s me RC 19 days ago
That’s hilarious 🤣😂
Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker 20 days ago
More like it doesn't like shit being in its face, pretty obvious.
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy 20 days ago
Nobody likes it when you act like a Boofy Sandwich.
RonPaul Revered
RonPaul Revered 20 days ago
Talk shit, get bit.
Charles Eby Jr
Charles Eby Jr 21 day ago
Bullying your dog isn’t nice!
【 ·N E K O· 】
I know its a 'joke' but the dog is actually angry not because of the name but because of her touching and putting her finger in their face
Fei ding Dai
Fei ding Dai 21 day ago
Cute girl 😂😅🤣
Auleora 21 day ago
Grandpa: “Hey dear, can you make me a boofy sandwich?” Dog: *FLASHBACKS*
Joe Huerta
Joe Huerta 21 day ago
I wonder why because nobody be saying that random word.you train it to do it on that word
Michael gay and proud
Ha ha karma comes rolling around the bend
Sam Jeffries
Sam Jeffries 21 day ago
Lol the dog is so cute I jumped lo when the dog barked
Mother Earth
Mother Earth 21 day ago
I’m trying that on my cat.....back to report that she was unresponsive and aloof. Let down....
Penguin 21 day ago
Sounds like ell cartoons
Cherie' Frank
Cherie' Frank 21 day ago
Simeon Kostov
Simeon Kostov 21 day ago
Well, noone would like to be called that to be honest. XD
BlikenavE 21 day ago
nameless dork
nameless dork 21 day ago
I'm afraid to ask what their original name is.
kitty youtuber
kitty youtuber 21 day ago
GUYS! look I don't have much time but the reason they hate being called a boofy sandwich i- OH S-
SOLICITY 21 day ago
what breed o dog is that little chonky chihuahua
Barack O’Boomer
Like boofy like sandwhich
Shubham Amin
Shubham Amin 21 day ago
Lady: "That's a boofy sandwich" Boofy sandwich: *Listen here you little piece of shit*
Kapil Jaiwal
Kapil Jaiwal 21 day ago
Stop body shaming the dog plz😂😂just joking🤗cute one
Emeralds60601 21 day ago
"Jokes on you I'm going to publish this on YT!" *bites phone*
Gilbey Arancillo
Gilbey Arancillo 21 day ago
*boofy sandwich give me boofy sandwich*
Harsh Vardhan Singh
Typical boofy sandwich
Sam Doyle
Sam Doyle 21 day ago
Murphy sandwich
Emeric Septim
Emeric Septim 21 day ago
A moody little sandwich 🥪
Dan Trenchard-Harry
Dan Trenchard-Harry
Dan Trenchard-Harry
Dan Trenchard-Harry
Erized 21 day ago
I'm guessing the main reason the dog hates it is because of her finger poking, which probably feels threatening to him/her, rather then being called a boofy sandwich. He really does look like a boofy sandwich though. lol
Shiv Inder Singh
Shiv Inder Singh 21 day ago
having a dog like this is such a headache imo
Ishaan Deva
Ishaan Deva 21 day ago
can anyone help please. been trying to google the meaning of boofy sandwhich ?
R S 21 day ago
Seems more like your dog just hates you and is scared of you coming too close lol
FREiZ T.V. 21 day ago
What is a boofy sandwich? 🤣🤣
Ishmael C
Ishmael C 21 day ago
Stop harassing the dog or I’ll have animal rights take him from you, abuser!!
Ishmael C
Ishmael C 21 day ago
Stop harassing the dog or I’ll have animal rights take him from you, abuser!!
Wren 21 day ago
Dog: It's not 'boofy' sandwich that I hate - it's your FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erminia Filomeno
Erminia Filomeno 21 day ago
Take hajst 37gj
The illusionist
The illusionist 21 day ago
Boofy sandwich ate my 3 fingers.
Soko 21 day ago
boofy *small growl* sandwich *louder growl* boo *SNAP*
Larry Nottingham
Larry Nottingham 21 day ago
Tie Embers is right. Stop calling him/her Boofy Sandwich. Obviously your hurting someone's feelings stop being a bully.
Akari Rin
Akari Rin 21 day ago
"such an insult!"
OceansVinyl 21 day ago
Owner is a boofy sandwich
David Pumpkini
David Pumpkini 21 day ago
You have a boofy samidge kinda voice. Are you a bit on the boofy side missy?
Elijah Butterfield
I think the dog doesn't like that it's not really a word.
Treasure Roberts
Treasure Roberts 21 day ago
JESUS CHRIST is returning to take His children away from this evil world. Seek Him and repent for your sins. He is the Way the Truth and the Life. No one on earth is a good person. It is only through JESUS, that you are forgiven and made right in GOD'S eyes🙏.
Michael Bissoon
Michael Bissoon 21 day ago
When you're annoying your little sibling and they snap at you with all the rage of Hades.
Andy Kanani
Andy Kanani 21 day ago
I’m dying 🤣😂🤣😂LOL
napalm 21 day ago
He's just mad coz she's saying "sand wedge" instead of "sandwich".
Marsh • 10 years later
Plot twist: she doesn't like to be pointed
Sunshine 21 day ago
What the bleep is a boofy sandwich!??? And I don't like the sound of that either...karen!🤣
Mountains & Sea
Mountains & Sea 22 days ago
That’s Subway’s $5.00 foot long of the day. Not bad. Tastes like chicken.
L H 22 days ago
Thts wat uget!!stop bugging the poor doggy
Mari Posa
Mari Posa 22 days ago
My snuggling dog got up and left after this video. You have a noisy boofy sandwich
J 22 days ago
Why put your dog through this - they have such little lives - It's obviously causing him distress.
ohno sir
ohno sir 22 days ago
What you get foo yeah bite her finger off!
Jascha Bull
Jascha Bull 22 days ago
"I may be a boofy sandwich, but now I'm hungry for a knuckle sandwich!" *bites finger*
Jay Gordon
Jay Gordon 22 days ago
I dislike bad doggie behavior, and I dislike when dog owners provoke their dog to show off the bad behavior.
Ramiro Gomez
Ramiro Gomez 22 days ago
Boofy sandwich
E and S M
E and S M 22 days ago
You asked for it! Be kind to doggie!
Mrmagiccity27 22 days ago
I mean, it is a boofy sandwich
-An Actual Doggo -
-An Actual Doggo - 22 days ago
*puckers lips* Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb- Dog: *>->
fifalover77 22 days ago
dont be mean to your dog
404error • 12 years ago
Don't be too sensitive on every pet videos
K Missler
K Missler 22 days ago
Thats boofy sandwich
PMartion 22 days ago
more like if you get in its face it gets mad
404error • 12 years ago
Same thoughts , but it's also probably the "boofy sandwich" followed by an unwanted action
ghostlyme 22 days ago
I jumped when the dog tried to bite her
Guile 22 days ago
More like a Boofy Sausage
jason deaver
jason deaver 22 days ago
I feel the same way 🤣
So3ran 22 days ago
Yeeeeah no, the dog still dont understand a shit you say.
Burger Mister
Burger Mister 22 days ago
Stop teasing the dog
404error • 12 years ago
Why not? Every pet owner does that
HaryBackMary 22 days ago
I wouldn't even mess with a dog like that. My finger.
Bearpaw Timber
Bearpaw Timber 22 days ago
I always order my Boofy Sandwich open faced to avoid this exact reaction. There's no way only one piece of bread smothered in Boofy can be dangerous.
Zippy Miester
Zippy Miester 22 days ago
That IS a *BOOFY* sandwich.
Anthony Svenforsic
Anthony Svenforsic 22 days ago
I think it has more to do with how you are approaching and gesturing to the dog
Victor Gil
Victor Gil 22 days ago
This dog is like 2x the weight it should be.
YUNG AVAH 22 days ago
Can someone pls tell me what kind of dog that is
gst013 22 days ago
To be fair, that's a pretty damn strange thing to be calling any living being...what's wrong with this person?? 😅
Merciless Moose
Merciless Moose 22 days ago
I feel like that dog doesn't like being poked, and that's probably why it bit her.
Not Me
Not Me 22 days ago
Ngl that was a whole lot of boofy
something something
This is what happened when I called my little cousin a meany bob beanie
AnaiG 22 days ago
Me when boofy sandwich
PTXC 123
PTXC 123 22 days ago
I can indeed confirm , that is one boofy sandwich
wanderingbufoon 22 days ago
SPICY* boofy sandwich
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Cute drama queen cat!!
got some money
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