Does Time Cause Gravity? 

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We know that gravity must cause clocks to run slow on the basis of logical consistency. And we know that gravity DOES cause clocks to run slow based on many brilliant experiments. But I never explained WHY or HOW gravity causes the flow of time to slow down. And I’m not going to explain it now - because in a sense it’s not true. Gravity does NOT warp the flow of time. It’s the other way around - the warping of time causes gravity.
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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Leonardo Scholzer, Yago Ballarini, & Pedro Osinski
GFX Visualizations: Katherine Kornei
Directed by Andrew Kornhaber
Assistant Producer: Setare Gholipour
Executive Producers: Eric Brown & Andrew Kornhaber
Sabine Hossenfelder's episode "Do we travel through time at the speed of light?"
Sound of Pulsars
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Feb 24, 2021




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Comments 100   
BigMic69 16 minutes ago
All I know is that the Closed Caption on my side got a lil' weird towards the end... IJS
stan kidofu
stan kidofu Hour ago
mind blown :0
thatGameGuy Hour ago
Why do humans try to apply the concept of time to an infinite universe? It's like trying to understand how the solar system works by saying the sun revolves around the earth.
oculos prudentium
oculos prudentium 2 hours ago
Omg, the utter drivel and garbage being shovelled out here in the name of Science is horrendous! He doesn't even in know that the speed of light has been slowing down from the moment of creation to today.
Dean suphanthamit
Dean suphanthamit 8 hours ago
Imtheone VanHalen
Imtheone VanHalen 10 hours ago
Not done, lol....drop your mouse.......et al anything near you....IF you check your position with GPS, AND you do the proper computations, you'll see that it dropped towards the center of the Earth within a few ten-thousandths of a degree.(the molten core is really big...) Einstien was off his wig towards the end, trying to explain huge holes in some of his theories....the easy answer is, yep, mass attracts mass....no rubber sheet analogs, no bending of the space-time continuum....... Proving the accepted opposite has to occur...it never has
Imtheone VanHalen
Imtheone VanHalen 10 hours ago
Check the experiments from the ISS about particle accumulation in free-fall gravity conditions (note I didn't mention zero gravity...) These "high-thinkers" LOVE to muddy accepted truths to garner interest in grant money...all BS. Mass attracts mass, and the effect is gravity. (Name it what you want....it is the attraction of a mass to another mass...) WE are the creation of gravity....slight mind bend, but it's a really a slick solution.....research the creation of Earth and our moon.
Major Melon
Major Melon 10 hours ago
Your example is quite an improbable ceramic
J Tru
J Tru 11 hours ago
This is so interesting and as much as I’d like to put a smart quirky comment but all I can think is… i want MOAR!!!!! Please sir more.
acolit1 12 hours ago
Does time actually exist?
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 12 hours ago
You dont know what your talking about. Science has made mad.....mad in a bad way😂🤣😂
Alex 13 hours ago
Sarah Rosen
Sarah Rosen 14 hours ago
The subtitles took an interesting turn.
Billy File
Billy File 16 hours ago
👎🤣, What a DUMB QUESTION!! How on earth can a measurement be the cause of gravity...❓❔ That's like saying "does a thermometer cause extreme weather." 🤦‍♂️
Elvis Boulala
Elvis Boulala 18 hours ago
I felt that while tripping
Luke Dupin
Luke Dupin 19 hours ago
Time doesn't exist. There are just cycles per second on atomic clocks.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 8 hours ago
@Luke Dupin And what is a duration?
Luke Dupin
Luke Dupin 18 hours ago
@Narf Whals Since 1968, the International System of Units (SI) has defined the second as the duration of 9192631770 cycles of radiation corresponding to the transition between two energy levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 19 hours ago
And what is a second?
captain mexico
captain mexico 20 hours ago
We should fill bottles with messages and this it out of space..
Gene Nich
Gene Nich 23 hours ago
No time does not cause gravity. Please humanity do not go down that rabbit hole. It will set back your species back decades before you figure that out. It is similar to your ideas of space-time. Back to basics people. Gravity, Space, Time, & Flux are each their own entities. Yes they do interact and that will be what you will look at when you are ready to go to another star. But for now just stick with the basics. You will make more progress and may even get a few people off world before you make yourselves extinct.
Ago go
Ago go Day ago
No, gravity causes time.
matt winward
matt winward Day ago
3:59 I like how to Space Time logo seems to emit its own sound whenever it's displayed.
Robert Rypuła
5:07 it's a bit unfortunate to show 3D earth on 2D space :/
COVID 19 Day ago
Yes and no. Time does not solely cause gravity.
Yuuri Shibuya
Confusion warps around my mind.
The Fulton Ansley Project
Gravity is just the pull of centrifugal force. I don't see what the confusion is.
Gravity conducts time
Serge Franki
Serge Franki Day ago
Mistake. Time does not exist. The movement exists. The movement of the hands of a clock exists. Gravity depends on movement.
Warren de Moor
So to achieve anti-gravity all one needs to do is increase the rate of the time dimension of an object.........piece of cake :p. Seriously though if we could alter that field by 1/1,000,000,000 we could anti-gravity to achieve orbit ........how to do that though???? What causes that specifically besides from the observation it occurs around massive objects, what in the massive objects is doing this and can it be replicated artificially without all the mass/energy. answer that and we will have warp drives.
Jake G
Jake G 2 days ago
Isn’t the speed of light a distance, not a speed?
The Survivors of the Quickening
Yes! Just in the same way that physics differs from each geospatial astrocosmological points of reference from each parts of the galaxy and beyond! This in itself would expose and unravel that of dark matter given one a clearer understanding of a 5th and indeed a 6th force from being concealed as just a scotoma from the schools of astrophysical faculty hence the term 'university' thus hushing curious scientific minds within the foundations of mainstream astrophysical academia retrospectively from learning more. Which only serves those to hypothesise over as it currently is as just being treated as just mere theoretical universal grand assumptions subject to scientific scrutiny and conjecture that it is currently!
Nathan Yates
Nathan Yates 2 days ago
Music is pretty dope. 😍
raynac224 2 days ago
Oh Hey! this almost perfectly matches a theory I came up with myself about there not really being gravity but that time warps when matter gathers together. and my explaination about why things orbited rather than the boats in the river example was if you were in a wheel chair with one side closer to the planet. that side would experience time slightly slower so the inside wheel would turn slower than the outside wheel causing the wheel chair to slowly turn. My friends said I was crazy! although maybe that's because I also theorized that perhaps anti matter had the opposite effect and could effectively form an anti gravity field or and area where time flowed in reverse. I theorized the reason we havent seen that property of antimatter yet is because you would have to gather enough antimatter together to locally overpower not only the gravity of the earth (which would be exerting a time moving forward effect) but also the sun (a larger background time moving forward effect) and outside all of that. the power of the super massive black whole at the center of the milkyway galaxy (which is once again exerting a incredibly wide range time moving forward effect) I stopped looking there because sources of gravity beyond the supermassive black hole is beyond my knowledge and lets be real is probably impractical to think about anyways.
Meru Hagen
Meru Hagen 2 days ago
History is written by those who won the war. Science is dictated by those in control.
André Maccarini
André Maccarini 2 days ago
I... I want to play
xapimaze 2 days ago
Great video. There is something that is not clear to me, however. Due to the equivalence principle, as I understand it, the person in the box should not be able to tell the difference between the acceleration due to gravity and the acceleration due to the box being pulled from outside. However, what if there were identical, super accurate/sensitive clocks placed at the top and bottom of the box? In the case where the acceleration is due to mass (gravity), the clock at the top of the box should measure time as moving more quickly. But, would the clocks read the same difference when the box is being pulled from the outside? If so, what causes that difference? If not, then could the person tell the difference between the scenarios just be reading the clocks?
James Samples
James Samples 2 days ago
Matt, I have no qualms about being a skeptic! I really, thought you were going to tell me, that wind is created by trees bending over. That was a really good video, I'm going to have to study on this one. Thanks!
Mike Ottink
Mike Ottink 2 days ago
If the earth drags time, does that drag have an effect on the earth in terms of it losing it's rotation speed?
Ryan Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher 2 days ago
Particles are harmonic vibrations riding a pilot wave. The ripples of time affected by the slowing of it's base vibration cause a wave to move towards it. Gravity is an attempt to consume energy to get back to 1
mr Sandman
mr Sandman 3 days ago
Gravity may just be pressure we are in a bubble and outer space is a force like water on a bubble as long as bubble stays underwater it will not pop.
Jaxxon Balboa
Jaxxon Balboa 3 days ago
Does applesauce cause gravity?
TerranIV 3 days ago
If we are going to say that "gravity" isn't what is warping space-time (but that it is the pseudo-force accelerating masses towards the center of gravity a la the magnetic force) it seems like we need to have a name for the "space-time warping force" that is the "true" force. I propose the "exigency force" as this conveys both the important and existential nature of the force as well as the urgency relating the the time component. Anyone agree/have a better name?
Craig Fordyce
Craig Fordyce 3 days ago
A thought experiment: substitute the words "gravitational ether" for "space time". Then ask, who was the better physicist, Isaac Newton, or Rene Descartes?
Mark Menard
Mark Menard 3 days ago
I think you rolled a 20.
Matt Stephens
Matt Stephens 3 days ago
No time is just a way to measure inertial points of reference, it's like asking if centimeters cause distance.
Firstname Lastname
This guy is too smart for me to keep up, and playing the video at quarter speed doesn't help.
MR PawPaw
MR PawPaw 3 days ago
All of this has no meaning until you can block gravity and make Jetson cars.
Ismael Recinos
Ismael Recinos 3 days ago
4:07 Is the key for understand the concept, very nice explained
Its not speed of light. Its a maximum speed of change of information. Like universe maximum tact / frequency. Like maximum speed of computation in space. With this maximum speed light travels, fotons travels , probability function collapses and time runs. Gravity is apparently acceleration for energy and mass cumulation. But what is accelerating and where is not clear. Einstein deceived the world for 200 years until it comes clear its not speed of light but maximum clock / change of information in the universe. E = mTc2.
Alexandru Moise
Alexandru Moise 3 days ago
10:19 "Well the answer is, absolutely" Turn on english subtitles in CC: "The answer is lol no". nice easter egg xD
Alexandru Moise
@constantinetikh yeah you're right
Looks more like a mixup than an easter egg. The subtitles for "absolutely" do appear, but later
David Walker
David Walker 4 days ago
Dont be pissed off if you dont understand this. You can bet your bottom dollar he doesn't
Phil Day
Phil Day 4 days ago
1:59 "Probably should have used a whale rather than a teapot". (Douglas Adams).
Mr X
Mr X 4 days ago
How can light be constant if it slows down in fluid and gas?
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 4 days ago
It doesn't. "light slows down in a medium" is just a shortcut for the complicated wave mechanics that goes on. The medium emits light in response to the light passing through it. Those waves add together and the result can travel slower or even seem to be faster that c. But each individual wave travels at the speed of light in vacuum. See group velocity and phase velocity for more detail.
Danny Watts
Danny Watts 4 days ago
I always thought the best way to travel faster than the speed of light is to have a device make a warp or like a black hole in front of your ship so your ship can continuously fall into and I think something as small as a dime could pull something as big as the Empire State Building. Just a thought
Danny Watts
Danny Watts 3 days ago
@? you may want to read my comment again the word is like
Danny Watts
Danny Watts 4 days ago
I wonder if an ion generator lifts up because of the ions negative and positive meeting in the middle instead of like we think the positive flows to the negative. Just wondering
Xray Legends
Xray Legends 4 days ago
I'll play dnd with you Matt
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza 4 days ago
mytube1000javed 4 days ago
Or for that matter, even a quartz clock can slow down? How?
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 4 days ago
Because time itself slows down. If the clock ticks once per second but a second isn't the same everywhere the clocks run at different rates, no matter the mechanism.
mytube1000javed 4 days ago
How a cesium clock can slow down?
Lawrence Braswell
gravity particles are so small and spaced out so far apart they pass through solid matter.
Catalin Vasile
Catalin Vasile 4 days ago
Vsauce has a very good explanation of this: Which Way Is Down?
Doug Leschak
Doug Leschak 5 days ago
Or .. are time and gravity the same thing?
Jhon Connor
Jhon Connor 5 days ago
¿ recién comienzan a darse cuenta ? , hace 40 años que se les dice lo mismo y son unos burros arrogantes
Joseph Berres
Joseph Berres 5 days ago
Does movement cause time?
Muk Mowf
Muk Mowf 5 days ago
Is think it’s the other way around... time is a human construct in the way we track it
Prathamesh sarje
Prathamesh sarje 5 days ago
just the first 20 seconds were enough to make me believe this video is gonna roast my mind
Joshua Wang
Joshua Wang 5 days ago
gravity is time
derek flegg
derek flegg 5 days ago
What if space time is dark matter and matter is the lighter element.. A star is like a helium balloon pulling up on your spandex space time fabric.. Think of the field around a magnet as not coming from the magnet but is the magnet's effect of space-time/dark-matter around it..
Richard Huis in 't Veld
Speech is not synchronized with the subs. The subs respond to the previous question. Hear : absolutely. Read : No.
Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer 6 days ago
I'm certain there are a lot of people who know an ungodly amount more about this than I do. I dabble but am mostly ignorant. I'm just curious though. I guess the question I'm curious about is "Is this time gradient a plank unit over distance... not quite right... is there a smallest difference this effect would exist like over the plank length. If it exists over a smaller distance than the plank length or larger how would that effect which particles could experience it... and also if it is limited by the plank length in the increments of the gradient would that make gravity quantum? I'd assume that if space is limited to increments of plank lengths then the conversion between space and time would be limited by that as well. Just silly thoughts that pop up in an mostly ignorant mind watching videos like this. If anyone has the answers in a slightly layman point of view I'd really appreciate any response.
Edward Gormley
Edward Gormley 6 days ago
Very good yes you are correct it only took you guys a decade to catch up to where I was 10 years ago this is why atomic clocks run different on the ground and one in an airplane it has nothing to do with the speed of the airplane wow I'm rite again
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 6 days ago
This isn't new. This is just general relativity as it has been for over 100 years. The clocks on airplanes are _faster_ due to gravitational time dilation. And _slower_ due to relative velocity. The experiments agree with the theory.
Christopher Watson
I lost the game
Justin 6 days ago
Hmm , i know this is left of centre but channelings of apparently other entities say that time (time and gravity are being created by us cycling through a multitude of probable realities at the speed of light) we are really not moving at all (like a still frame) but that flicker happens so fast all we see is a constant linear continuum progression ,time and gravity is the byproduct of this non apparent movement between frames of probable realities whence chosen .
Justin Kraus
Justin Kraus 6 days ago
Can someone tell me is it possible that the universal inflation is causing our 3D plain to be pushed through the dimension of time our universe is getting bigger so it must be taking up more space in the 4th dimension ergo dark energy inflates our universe pushes us through time and time causes gravity thoughts please I can’t find this thesis anywhere on the internet
D G 6 days ago
Are Black Holes really Time Cavities? _Next time on Spacetime_
Mr Star
Mr Star 6 days ago
D & D reference made me subscribe.
Evan Nibbe
Evan Nibbe 6 days ago
If you are correct, that allows me to make sense of quantum mechanics, which is mostly time-invariant except for the pesky half-lives of materials.
Jared 7 days ago
Well that answered what dark energy is for me. Mass causes time to slow down, like friction, and dark energy is the atmosphere that this friction is interacting with. And if there is no mass dark energy can expand faster / time can go faster, Because it wants to expand does that mean that dark energy is under some kind of pressure. So I guess the universal expansion is just a dimensional internal pressure. Everything wants to pop and matter is slowing it down. Also it explained why our galaxy and solar system are in spirals just like the boats.
in4merATP 7 days ago
Finally, gravity recognized as a time gradient. Huzzah! Gravitons, get thee behind me.
jackimo22 7 days ago
What if light moves faster the further away from a gravity well it is and our measurement of the speed of light is because of this?
Mathew Anderson
Mathew Anderson 7 days ago
what about gravity particles in this idea?
latthoff123 7 days ago
Fun fact: Since your body is always closer to the earth than your brain, your brain will be alwas ahead in time. Should calculate the numbers, maybe the difference is below planck scale, so no magic there.
latthoff123 7 days ago
Since i am only 1,73 m tall...i feel behind of most people. *ggg* Don't worry america, metric system. You'll get there. Remarkable what you achived, with your riddled-system :-)
wrong brain think
i knew it .....little bits inside small things are moving around really fast changing stuff constantly ...and forcing those larger parts made up from smaller things to recenter in a downwards direction ...cough cough
Katrina Taylor
Katrina Taylor 7 days ago
This channel makes me scared and excited to be an astrophysics major
{Spleef} The Dude
At three minutes in my head exploded
RubelliteFae 8 days ago
I feel like a lot of physics dealing with _c_ makes more intuitive sense when you think about it as the speed of causality. It's then obvious that massless things like EM waves & gravitational travel at the _speed of causality_ in a vacuum. It also makes it easy to see how mass/energy impedes this, like a viscosity scalar.
Aleph Naught
Aleph Naught 9 days ago
So does this mean that time stops at the heart of a black hole? Or that there is no time in a black hole? To a lesser degree, will I live longer because my home is 200 feet below sea level? Discounting all other variables of course...
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 7 days ago
@Aleph Naught The borehole also won't buy you much more. To put into perspective. The core of the earth is about 2 years younger than the crust. Over its 4.5 billion year age. "If I were positioned near the event horizon of a black hole, I would not perceive that my life was longer?" correct. Local time is always 1second per second. Only when you compare it to someone else's time will you notice a difference. The same is true for time dilation from relative movement. If you are moving relative to each other you only see the other person's clock slow, never your own.
Aleph Naught
Aleph Naught 7 days ago
@Narf Whals Damn, I was hoping for a year or two lol! Maybe I need to go live in the Kola superdeep borehole! So time slows only from the point of view of a distant observer. Does this mean that if I were positioned near the event horizon of a black hole, I would not perceive that my life was longer? Seems to make sense, since perception is relative to the observer.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 8 days ago
From the point of view of a distant observer time stops at the event horizon of a black hole. You will live a very tiny amount longer 200ft below sea level. Perhaps a second.
miketout 9 days ago
I met Stephen Hawking at a time I was looking into what seemed to be serious research on anti-gravity. I asked him whether he believed anti-gravity would prove to be a force we could use, and his answer at the time puzzled me a bit. He said (the quote is close, but certainly not exact, and came through with his speaking device) "Anti-gravity would require the ability to reverse time, and I do not believe I have ever met someone from the future." Your clear explanation elucidates exactly why he said that.
SIGNALacquired 10 days ago
If Time Causes Gravity, What Causes Time ?
Bồ Công Anh
Bồ Công Anh 6 days ago
phil durre
phil durre 10 days ago
absolute genius interpretation! never seem it before!
John Sadler
John Sadler 10 days ago
Where did you get that tee shirt!? It’s not in merch store
CEN TEX 10 days ago
Then any force that repels or reverses gravity would be reversing time... Anti gravity would therefore be some form of reverse time travel.
Raghu Veer
Raghu Veer 10 days ago
If gravity is result of mass causing drag on time, that means bigger mass = bigger drag = stronger gravity?
John Taggart
John Taggart 11 days ago
I got no time to listen
Layarion 11 days ago
Damn dude, this guy has a dense amount of hair on his eyebrows.
iPeter 11 days ago
I am glad I spent time here considering the gravity of the situation...
Walter Alter
Walter Alter 11 days ago
"It's all in yer head ya know."
Wonderrione 11 days ago
"gravity controls time" So a 100 yr old, pan sexual, vampire can get something right but opposite
অনুসন্ধানী মন anuxondhani
When entire system/set of electron proton's local spinning are pulled or pushed towards one direction, it's obvious that local spinning of those elements will be slowed down. And when whole things arround you are slow you feel a slow time
G Seven
G Seven 11 days ago
Motion creates gravity creates time - types of gravity creates it's type of time relative to other gravitational bodies governing it. God said that 1 day ( on earth ) was like 1000 years to Him, relative to where He was during creation.
john heiskell
john heiskell 11 days ago
My theory is gravity is molecular attraction, the closer objects are to each other the stronger the attraction. This would explain the balance of the universe. Distance and mass would equalize the position of the planets and the shape of the orbits of lesser masses such as our moon. Just my thoughts.
nap ben
nap ben 11 days ago
I think about it this way , gravity causes light , light causes time ......
Balan Wonderworld