DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY? | Ep 4 | Don't Try This At Home 

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Directed by NERF
Produced by Nev
Filmed by Oscar Alva & Kyle Carper
Edited by Eugene Weis & Oscar Alva

Published on


Apr 30, 2021




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Matthias futterer
Matthias futterer 54 minutes ago
9:00 - 10:14 im so happy even thought he's going threw something hard and rough his sense in humor doesn't change!
Tavion ly
Tavion ly Hour ago
Ice-cream scooper lmao
Justin Man
Justin Man Hour ago
Hope you get better bro. How much of your vision in that eye do you have left
Jordi W
Jordi W Hour ago
do yall think david wears the guilt the way he should
Angel boy for life
Wait is this Jeff's house😮
Chris 2 hours ago
Man I love how nonchalant and casual David is about permanently maiming his "friend". His biggest concern is how awkward its gonna be.... smh
Matthew 3 hours ago
I WAS SHOT IN THE LEG JANUARY 10TH 2020 TO SOMEONE TRYING TO ROB ME AT RANDOM! It's 17 months later, 3 surgeries later and it's still having a hard time fully healing. I used to hit the gym all the time. But I am trying to be positive and be happy and move forward. I have 2 kids, friends and family. I'm still here for them. Chin up man. Don't know if you'll see this but shit happens for a reason. What ever reason that is I don't know. But don't hold anger in your heart man. Free yourself from that shit. The bone in my leg didn't heal fully. Then they put a titanium rod down my leg and it still is having difficulty healing. Hopefully the eye heals. Hopefully my leg heals. What ever the outcome keep moving forward. Only pussies give up.
Kady Danielle
Kady Danielle 3 hours ago
He couldn’t even not laugh or be serious while Jeff is being so vulnerabke
kaylan S.
kaylan S. 3 hours ago
Honestly it kind of rubs me the wrong way that everyone saying he should be mad at david cuz obviously he upset but he realizes that it wasnt completely davids fault like yes he thought of the stunt but NONE of them thought it would end like this. And staying angry isn't gonna do anything for jeff but slow his recovery both physically and mentally. He understands that because he has probably has held onto anger in the past and it doesnt do anything for anyone to stay angry. And yall dont know how he dealing behind the scenes he working out is him dealing with the pain/anger. He has said he is mad at David and thats perfectly fine but holding onto it does nothing for jeff the forgiveness is for jeff not david and thats what people need to understand its for jeff so he can heal.
Reyn 3 hours ago
Jeff still fine af. Anyway if i was his girl i would just be like baby come hereeeeeee 🥺🥺🥺
Tristan Lennon
Tristan Lennon 4 hours ago
It honestly takes a really special kind of person to forgive someone for what happened. Jeff seems like such an amazing person and I wish him the best
JSDink 4 hours ago
Oh no what do I do without David? Oh fuck how about milk .... the fuck out of him for views
JSDink 4 hours ago
lil yatchy
lil yatchy 4 hours ago
Loco Guano
Loco Guano 4 hours ago
lil yatchy
lil yatchy 4 hours ago
Jeff stop being a baby about this my guy. Just bc your not drop dead gorgeous anymore ur over here saying “I feel like my life is fucked” their is so many more people who DONT live in Hollywood and HAVE IT WAY WORSE THAN A LITTLE BROKEN CHEEK BONE😂😂
lil yatchy
lil yatchy 4 hours ago
Bro Jeff can’t stand not being drop dead gorgeous anymore lmfao😂😂 like bro stop being a baby. UFC fighters get their face fucked yo everyday. You will find a girl who likes u for your personality Jeff stop being a baby about this bro
Kasia Holland
Kasia Holland 4 hours ago
this is twisted
Pow 4 hours ago
David needs to experience being treated carelessly for money.
Jensen Golf
Jensen Golf 5 hours ago
The way David after almost every time they talk/ make a joke David say f*** you and the way people need to approach that every one needs to see is that David cross the lines and David should have stop after karina. That’s we’re this went wrong. Get better Jeff
HUNT3R 5 hours ago
Where is the new one?????????????????
Mustafa Manya
Mustafa Manya 5 hours ago
Is there a part 5?
Alizey 5 hours ago
1:55 wtf does he mean he doesn't wanna make it seem like he's only reaching out to him to check on him just bc he's injured!?!? That's what u should be doing tf
jasmine cote
jasmine cote 6 hours ago
Im so sorry i wish i was able to help you in some way i feel terrible for what happened to you,... but also being a dumb ass comes with a cost...💯
Kristy Galindo
Kristy Galindo 6 hours ago
JEFF YOU STILL LOOK GREAT, LIKE WHAT!!! We love and miss you and your amazing content!💖 Can’t wait to see your full recovery bc it will happen! Luv you man💖💖
Sinath Leang
Sinath Leang 9 hours ago
damn nerf. good job directing this :)
GamerPlays 9 hours ago
Even with the eye, this guy is more attractive than 99% of guys. I definitely understand where he's coming from though. I absolutely hate my appearance and looking in a mirror, but everyone tells me I don't look that bad. It's hard to believe, even if you have people telling you constantly. Props to him handling it so well though.
Sarah Hasrouny
Sarah Hasrouny 9 hours ago
this is so wild i really don’t comment abt stuff but i was recently in an atv accident and messed up my face, broke my leg and my good arm! these videos are helping me feel like i can be mobile again soon, i know it’s hard not to focus on looks when you have a face injury but i think we think we look worse than we do :P you look great and i’m glad to see you healing in every episode, keep doin you my guy
jasonhowes75 10 hours ago
Love you bro ❤️
Thomas Banks
Thomas Banks 10 hours ago
David is terrible person clearly
Sjobert Mansion
Sjobert Mansion 11 hours ago
bruh we still waiting for the next one
Mr Pinked
Mr Pinked 11 hours ago
At least David is growing as a person
Nic Connor
Nic Connor 12 hours ago
A literal doctor has now confirmed David has caused his friends brain damage. Like cmon man get tf away from that kid Jeff. I know you wanna make money and have history but you can’t keep letting this guy string you along like a puppet because that’s all you are to this kid. He’s just showing up to save himself not you. I really hope you see this and get yourself away from this kid who has messed up your life for his own benefit. We like you enough without that guy Jeff.
GUEXT 12 hours ago
Lmao I don't feel sorry for u. It's gonna happen again. 🤣🤣
Tyler Clark
Tyler Clark 12 hours ago
Bro how many videos u gonna make about ur face
Natalie Daniella
Natalie Daniella 12 hours ago
When’s the new episode coming out ?? I’ve been waiting 😔
thatguyadin 14 hours ago
So when’s the next part?
LaurasharkCW 14 hours ago
I know this/my comment will be lost in the sea of all those before and after but every fiber of my being is screaming after watching this, so leaving this comment is an attempt to release this full body horror I'm feeling right now. Casey had some great words of wisdom....but your struggle to forgive, is strong...I hurt for you. Damn, I wanted to say something powerful and epic, but I am having a hard time reconciling what David did. I hope the doctor is right, and this moment in your life was necessary to have the great things to come in the future~
Just M
Just M 14 hours ago
Dude, you're a millionaire because of david...stop crying🤣 it was an accident. Forgive your friend and move on. He made you.
ladydeath xo
ladydeath xo 16 hours ago
When david said he didnt know if he had to sit there and "baby" Jeff. Its called fucking support bro
Tony Krooss
Tony Krooss 18 hours ago
If I was in danger of losing my eye, I wouldn't be making fkin cheesy videos. I'm pretty sure his eye is just ok.
Daniel From Earth
Daniel From Earth 18 hours ago
David nodick is a joke.
Muniz !
Muniz ! 21 hour ago
i honestly dont know what happened in the vlog squad but i see alotta 'jeff forgiving David ' comments, i saw and came to know about jeff from davids vlogs which got him famous hence the youtube channel and hes making more money than what he would've made, no matter what david had done to him and what not, david is the reason is why this many people are watching him ,the same goes to rest of the vlogsquad (i am not supporting david,i am talking about etiquettes and integrity)
Shakil Ahmed
Shakil Ahmed 21 hour ago
Sounds like he just wants everyone to feel sorry for him
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose 23 hours ago
You can forgive someone that abused you but don’t forget, leave him , he can hurt u again and he clearly doesn’t care
Leoshest 23 hours ago
These people dont give a shit
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit 23 hours ago
This the end? I’m confused
Parzival Day ago
Asked the man upstairs to watch over you Jeff. You got this shit bro
Peri Russell
Peri Russell Day ago
Lots of ads for such a short video
kathleen madrid
Jeff needs time to heal... emotionally and physically. Shittt
BoTz Psycho
BoTz Psycho Day ago
Kennidie Collins
I am praying for you no matter what you will be okay and you are still as handsome as ever
Catherine Ramsden
I hope all of them who witnessed it are in therapy or at least talking to some professional besides their friends. That’s an insanely traumatic. Jeff is clearly suffering the most and he’s rightfully angry. David seems very frustrated with the guilt he’s feeling and that’s not good either. You can’t pretend your emotions away...
Grant Colman
Grant Colman Day ago
I feel like Jeff’s ‘trauma’ is just him knowing he won’t be as good looking 😐
Jordam hayes
Jordam hayes Day ago
Where are they posting these videos of them talking and vloging?
Beza Day ago
i’m sure u have heard this but please know it’s okay to be mad, it’s okay to be vulnerable, u can feel however u want and it’s okay
kaza Day ago
Hey man, You did some dumb shit.we all did dumb shit when we were young.luck isn't always on your side.you seem like a cool dude.keep your head up buddy.you can still pull bitches😜
Marco Pina
Marco Pina Day ago
I hope you are doing better Jeff. Hope those Pain killers help through this process. They’re hard to lean off. Hope your back to 100% wanna see you on the barbershop more. Love you cats
Kaylee Urbina
jeff you're so strong and i am amazed with how you are handling this
zach ritchie
zach ritchie Day ago
LOL. all of these people used David for fame, knowing damn well that he was gonna make you do dumb shit. Imo The accident wasn't entirely david's fault, and Jeff is taking ZERO responsibility when he is the one who did it in the first place. truth is nobody would know who Jeff Wittek is if it wasn't for David. yall are sooo soft. SHIT HAPPENS.
Schwarzes Eis
Schwarzes Eis 8 hours ago
He almost died and this dude saying shit happens
Striker305 Day ago
Bro it was fully David responsibility to keep Jeff safe and he blew it. If you weren’t riding his duck you’d be able to see that.
2OverRated1 Day ago
Hey Jeff it’s okay to hate someone who almost killed you
Huss D
Huss D Day ago
This is weird. You didn’t have to hop on the rope you idiot! What did you think would happen? Enjoy all your $$$$.
Tasos Day ago
It may sound too Cali, though I honestly believe Jeff and David need to go to therapy together to allow Jeff vent his hurt and anger AND to be assured it's validated (by the 'third objective party' shrink) and that David hears and fully receives it and accompanying liability *beyond* merely *financial*
Mr Toast
Mr Toast Day ago
jeff with two eyes - 10/10 jeff with one eye - 11/10
Tayvea Garcia
I never truly knew who Jeff was. Until this moment I hadn't seen a video of his. This series has been the best by far. In 2020 I also went through a life-changing event. I got sick and began to have non-epilieptic seizures I also learned that I have ADHD and a Tic disorder. The main thing though was being diagnosed with Dysautonomia. This illness affects every single thing in my body. I felt I was done but seeing these videos and how he almost died and went back to work truly motivates me to not put myself down and to keep trying.
bob belcher
bob belcher Day ago
Your dumb for not suing David you'll have bills and eye problems for the rest of your life.
Marco Pina
Marco Pina Day ago
Pretty sure he has insurance. If not David covered everything. Did you not see how he was acting
bob belcher
bob belcher Day ago
Your dumb for not suing David you'll have bills and eye problems for the rest of your life .
bob belcher
bob belcher Day ago
Your dumb for not suing David you'll have bills and eye problems for the rest of your life.
Aaron Robinson
Imagine the guilt David feels. Neither side would be easy to navigate here. Jeff feeling all that resentment, anger and pain. David being consumed with guilt and shame. Giving Jeff space out of consideration but Jeff taking it as a reason to get more bitter. Sucks. Hope they get past it.
DOGA Day ago
👁️ 👃 👁️
Ben Clark
Ben Clark Day ago
Jeff, you ok?
Alan Higareda
David should be in jail
nek a
nek a Day ago
David has to grow, it's insane that he's still friends with him. I mean I would drag him through law suits if it was me.
Leeforleee91 Day ago
I feel so bad for both of them Jeff is such a good guy for forgiving David and David he’s stupid for doing it but I can see where he is coming from that he doesn’t want to crowed him but dosent want to not see him his friend is in hospital with a traumatic injury so if I was in his brain I would be the same but it’s sad how he is being cancelled for his past pranks and what not get better Jeff
Shaun Andrews
The anger building up in me while watching this video and it was not even me..I had to pause the video halfway through it because I could not stand to see or hear David anymore ....my mother always said “watch your friends, because some friends will carry you but will not bring you back”
sarah Harris
sarah Harris Day ago
Forgiveness if for yourself not the other person..in order for jeff to heal n be able to move on he has to forgive..but that doesnt mean be friends with david..i hate david n doesnt think he deserves ur friendship..forgive n close the chapter on ur friendship
A von
A von Day ago
It’s like whack a mole with all the bots below saying the same bullshit
nateo Day ago
please don’t turn this into a David redemption series
Isabella Rose
David’s emotions never change. He has the same blank face all the time even when he’s “scared”
Naman Arya
Naman Arya Day ago
S L Day ago
When Dobrik allows him to.
Clownan around
Shit he’s still way better looking them me..... Give the rest of us a chance man.
Ivanka Gunadasa
Love you Jeff♥️
Rich Day ago
Lol, look at all these psychologists in the comments. The reality is, non of you know how Jeff or David feel or think and you especially have no place to tell them how they should react to the situation. They're adults and they are free to deal with the situation on their own terms, not how a bunch of random drama chasing people on the internet feel necessary.
brittany lowe
I whole hearted believe David needs to step up and be more involved in making things right. However Jeff is a full grown man who admitted he knew he needed to make good content to out do himself everytime. So him being a responsible person knowing he also made the choice himself to get on that rope, is why he is trying to also forgive David. So all these comments of oh I would never fucking forgive him is dumb. You don't know the full story either just watching an episode of this show or 4 ... I'm sorry you are going through this Jeff, and just like you I hope all those trolls who were talking shit about you feel like shit and maybe you make some people better for calling them on their shit.
David is not nice
Mynames Irrelevant
Dave made a mistake man, cut the dude some slack. It was an accident. Yall repeatedly trying to get this dude to kill himself instead of acting human and forgiving him and supporting him like we do in this country is repulsive honestly
Striker305 Day ago
This isn’t the only thing that he’s being called out for you know... only a certain amount of slack can be given until it becomes too much.
Mynames Irrelevant
@Jackson Silva thats good to hear. I don't know who either one of these dudes are but its def obvious rhe dude didn't mean to hurt the guy.
Jackson Silva
Jeff forgave him. The internet is dumb.
So what happened exactly?.
Alison Stephen
Awww the end 💔😭
Austin Hobbs
Austin Hobbs Day ago
Yo that punch scene tho.... Yo thats a no cap lets be real like.... Yall are still homies. You get to blast this dudes face atleast once man. But chill, hit the cheak bone. But you got a real chance to be the bigger man. You showed a lot and proved more. Your attitude before and after.... Makes me think highly of you.... Good luck man
melanie pool
melanie pool Day ago
Jeff you are still very attractive!
S L Day ago
Not if Dobrik can do something about that.
Mayur Shirodkar
Get well soon buddyyy!!!❤️
I’m sorry about your eye, I hope you’re eye gets better ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻
Victor Cifuentes
Hey guys send your best wishes to Jeff. He really lost his eye.
Dana Gorniak
Dana Gorniak 2 days ago
It's nice to see people joking again
XxGOMEZxX 14 2 days ago
Dam bro 🥺
Waiting for part 5
Mr. Rochester
Mr. Rochester 2 days ago
Jeff has a snitch personality.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 2 days ago
lol yea. couldn't keep his mouth shut for 6 months or anything
Morgan Cross
Morgan Cross 2 days ago
Me waiting for the last episode to be released 👁👄👁
S L Day ago
He is waiting for Dobrik’s permission.
selena Franco
selena Franco 2 days ago
Striker305 Day ago
Selena, you are crazy
Cierra Mone
Cierra Mone 2 days ago
Jeff let me come on your barbershop show
S L Day ago
Ashlynn Hurley
Ashlynn Hurley 2 days ago
This comment sections makes it painfully obvious y’all didn’t grow up with CKY 😂
Ashlynn Hurley
Ashlynn Hurley 15 hours ago
@Striker305 all you upload are Minecraft clips, your opinion is irrelevant lol. Go back to your realm.
Striker305 Day ago
Nobody gives a fuck about cky
Katy Perry - Electric