DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 6 

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Found these 3 Super Cute Free to Download games ...but quickly realized they were actually CREEPY SCARY HAUNTED!! Played Mother Chef: The Musical!, Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Party & Yummy Breakfast.
DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 5: us-first.info/player/video/o8abl2uqm6BpYXU.html
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Apr 4, 2021




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Lily Dunn
Lily Dunn 2 minutes ago
My face:😧 My emotion:😭 How i am:🤣 all of these are me from the first
Reiko Tanara
Reiko Tanara Hour ago
{Deku} 2 hours ago
The first now im so scrade :-| plz make the first stop :|
Liz Bailey
Liz Bailey 2 hours ago
I literally hate the first one whyyy
Daniella Hernandez
Daniella Hernandez 2 hours ago
sernity stern
sernity stern 4 hours ago
Luaren: I feel like these games are going to thoroughly traumatize me. Me: I think they will also traumatize me.
sernity stern
sernity stern 4 hours ago
Me after watching the video: they definitely traumatized me 😞
Zion Montes
Zion Montes 5 hours ago
Don't cry Lauren its ok I hope your baby is ok
Peyton St. John
Peyton St. John 6 hours ago
I feel like baby zside will be scared of video games-
just a random animator but with cøøkies nugget
1:09 were not ..... cooking babies *tee hee*
SARABJIT PUNI 7 hours ago
I’m scared now
Makaylah Grimes
Makaylah Grimes 7 hours ago
✨Yeetus the fetus✨
Larry Lieb
Larry Lieb 8 hours ago
TKBoone 8 hours ago
imabot . . ...............................jkjk!!!
Jason Bentley
Jason Bentley 9 hours ago
The first one is me while my grandma asks me to eat
Mariska Baptist
Mariska Baptist 9 hours ago
Ooooooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Mariska Baptist
Mariska Baptist 10 hours ago
O shit
Mariska Baptist
Mariska Baptist 10 hours ago
My brain is melted on mother chef
Giada Allen
Giada Allen 10 hours ago
......I think I'm now gonna ask my self "why is flutters the only good one and WHERE is PINKIE if she's the STAR!!!!
cazacu marius
cazacu marius 11 hours ago
RebeccaSchrott 15 hours ago
The game characters in a nutshell: Mother Chef: cooking Mama Pinki pie: cupcakes creepypasta Weird bunny killer Girl: what thatveganteacher thinks about non vegans
galaxy unicorn
galaxy unicorn 15 hours ago
Feeding humans to demons Me startes to hum isabella's lulaby
peachy bee
peachy bee 16 hours ago
Your goooood at making people laugh
Anastasia hari
Anastasia hari 17 hours ago
You : "get the cupcake from a creepy pony" Me : are even your parents teach you not eat food from a stranger 😂🤣 (I'm just joking 😅)
Elina Jin Hung Te
Elina Jin Hung Te 19 hours ago
food babiessssss sounds like TPN ( The Promised Neverland)
SyrielMark Toys&Fun
SyrielMark Toys&Fun 19 hours ago
Janica Masaquel
Janica Masaquel 20 hours ago
i regret watching the my little pony one-😃🔪
Sotheary Eang
Sotheary Eang 22 hours ago
Sotheary Eang
Sotheary Eang 22 hours ago
TheRealDogfishMen u
TheRealDogfishMen u 23 hours ago
i bet the voice actors for mother chef had so much fun oml
Cursed Fries
Cursed Fries Day ago
Ash 灰
Ash 灰 Day ago
The first game made me feel like I was on drugs and I still don't know how to feel 🚶
The Arcade
The Arcade Day ago
Cooking mama has children! 360
cookie and kinf
I only like because I am very confused
Oi feLIx, coME HeRE BrO
I am literally still traumatized after seeing this from when she just posted it because I have two bunnies and I just don't want to imagine eating them😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mother-from fnf
Ngl that looked like cooking mama
Scarlet Davenport
Your my fafrit 😊😊👑
Abigail Tang
Abigail Tang Day ago
I think my mind has melted due to watching this
krazy kat
krazy kat Day ago
"I'll be waiting..bye..-"
bingedrnker Day ago
All you need is a taco.
bingedrnker Day ago
RIP Benjamin.😪
Willow Blossom Trees
Lauren: where drugs involved in this-? Me: *sips water and spits it out* BAHAHA
Georgina Burgess
Ha, I am more tramatised by danganronpa then this, still scary tho!
Hatice Bayir
Hatice Bayir Day ago
Mmm that taat G-O-O-D
Hatice Bayir
Hatice Bayir Day ago
Well this is totally it
Hatice Bayir
Hatice Bayir Day ago
Hatice Bayir
Hatice Bayir Day ago
Hi I am a fan
hapify Day ago
The first one wasn't creepy it was TRAUMATIZING...... RIP Benjamin
Day ago
Lauren why did you kill the bunny :(
Adea Bytyqi
Adea Bytyqi Day ago
That human with a sad face must be made from cookie dow
Natisha Edwards
E avenue like 👍 I have a vote of confidence in the mail box just got home from work and go to the store for a while they are
Katelyn Masiello
lol Windows has given up on Lauren
alexa cutie
alexa cutie Day ago
Rip Benjamin 😪😪😪😪😪😪
Maggie_Plays Day ago
Lauren: I'm scared Also Lauren: I'm Skrrd (Is that how you spell it? lol)
Maryska Magdalena
Wot i want for Chrismas is?
im still hungry too
8:38 Wait-- dose she have a doughnut on her "bottom"--
why that dude sounded like flamingo...
Yûii -chan
Yûii -chan Day ago
I was eating well watching it I was traumatized
Is it just me or the first game is like The Promised Neverland
Terry Holliday
On wall it says customer is god but its a demon 😈
Yoko 01
Yoko 01 Day ago
Creepy pony no thank you pinky pie no thank you
Grace V
Grace V Day ago
the first game was traumatizing!😰
Miss Haps
Miss Haps Day ago
3:06 😨 What-
Miss Haps
Miss Haps Day ago
Omg 😨😨😨😨
miz rhi
miz rhi Day ago
14:22 Uh samonnella is a thing was I the only one that noticed that?
Alexis Yang
Alexis Yang 2 days ago
RandomPedestrian 2 days ago
YAY SHE PLAYED PINKIE PIE’S CUPCAKE PARTY AND it’s absolutely disturbing! c:
Larissa Fontana
Larissa Fontana 2 days ago
Lauren: *dying* 16:10 Me: ... so guys yummy breakfast is freaking an evil and freaking uncomfortable. t h e e n d
Hadassah Adams
Hadassah Adams 2 days ago
Jéssica Silva Barros
The last one was the worst.
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 2 days ago
I downloaded mother chef and there are 3 rounds and you make "food baby" for a.... How am I gonna say this? A demon the last round is pretty weird😭
roxanne 2 days ago
Lauren: Are we eating babies? *My sister and bother will like that*
hello people
hello people 2 days ago
Mi absolute heart- jesus lauren i hate pinkie pie now
HPFanNi 2 days ago
Me peacefully eating while watching this:
Adele Jerginas
Adele Jerginas 2 days ago
The game:Make your foodbaby! Me:I-WHY YOU WANAN EAT BABIES
Keith On Friday
Keith On Friday 2 days ago
The first one traumatized me 😭😅✨
Elizabeth Fasano
Elizabeth Fasano 2 days ago
Elizabeth Fasano
Elizabeth Fasano 2 days ago
My brain melted
Jayden Ortiz
Jayden Ortiz 2 days ago
•claire ann•
•claire ann• 2 days ago
Mother chef: I hope it’s ready to be a fetus Lauren: what is happening..😆
Abigail Marrow
Abigail Marrow 2 days ago
The her child is like what is my mom listening to?😀
W P 2 days ago
W P 2 days ago
Fortnite reference
《Miss. Idk》
《Miss. Idk》 2 days ago
I actually cant believe that im not subscribed to you--
Skye Hardy
Skye Hardy 2 days ago
This has ruined my childhood forever 😔😭😢😱😣
EceQueenGacha-tr -
omg first one is the promised neverland
Sarah Louise White
The first one which the music WASH NOT CREPPY ITS WASH SO FUNNY
Caylin Lovric
Caylin Lovric 2 days ago
I was eating while watching this, I spat out my food.
Almaeka Sombrio
Almaeka Sombrio 2 days ago
Tina 2 days ago
There were two games that ruined my 6 year old childhood ,try and guess .
Tahnplayz Gamer
Tahnplayz Gamer 2 days ago
When you said “NO NO BENJAMIN NOOOOOO” I ran to my guinea pig Benjamin’s cage😂😂😂
peppermint pie
peppermint pie 2 days ago
When I clicked on this vid I got a cooking mamma we wutttt
Ernie Dela Pena
Ernie Dela Pena 2 days ago
Laurenzside go back to mother chef and I want to hear the other song please bow
A Human
A Human 2 days ago
I think someone made the mother chef game while on some kind of drugs.
Maya Allen
Maya Allen 3 days ago
What the *cuss* did I just watch on mother chef
D. Alzua
D. Alzua 3 days ago
(Lauren at first) no probably not (Lauren next) no Jeremy no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(me) why did you change your mind so quickly?????
Celestia Ludenberg
Oops i forget i was a flesh eating monster haha lol im such a caprisun
Norma Soria
Norma Soria 3 days ago
Kill me
Autumn Lindsay
Autumn Lindsay 3 days ago
Mother chef: Werid birth noises Lauren: .-. What the frick just happend Yummy breakfast : Let’s make pancakes Lauren: I want pancakes now Me: I want pancakes but it’s 8:55 pm
Kiyyaa14 3 days ago
8:10 the smile-
Ma-Z Boss
Ma-Z Boss 3 days ago