DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 5 

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Found these 3 Super Cute Free to Download games ...but quickly realized they were actually CREEPY SCARY HAUNTED!! Played Ruff Times, Hermit Home Designer & Kaerimashou.
DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 4: us-first.info/player/video/ib6nn69zoa54qX0.html
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Feb 19, 2021




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Venice Arthea Bagay
Venice Arthea Bagay 2 minutes ago
7:48 "What does that mean?" Oh my you don't wanna know-
[ B L U E B O I ]
[ B L U E B O I ] 5 hours ago
*Dog be like.* *EPICLY DIE TIME*
GamergirlAri 13 hours ago
Title: Exist Ddlc: *Allow me to introduce myself*
Isaac Cunneen
Isaac Cunneen 15 hours ago
I can relate cuz I think there's like a killer at the door
Dollys Dollface
Dollys Dollface 15 hours ago
6:16 I think this was in the horror section for a good reason end It's making me so uncomfortable
Ingenium's Nightcore
8:26 this needs to be a meme
Jeremy Cork
Jeremy Cork 16 hours ago
there all dieing
catladybug13 games
catladybug13 games 18 hours ago
Lauren: WHY ARE THE DOGS BONES!!!! Dogs: 0:13
6G40 vishruti
6G40 vishruti 19 hours ago
plot twist: senpai's gay
imperfectgamer87 19 hours ago
Listening to this while I'm working on school work and suddenly hear "Oh god! OH GOD! their all dying!!!" made me do a couple tale.
M Duo
M Duo 20 hours ago
I can't find Ruff Times. Is it able to downald it on Google Play Store?
Maya Papaya
Maya Papaya 22 hours ago
The thumbnail looked like it had mikasa 😂
LIZ Aponte
LIZ Aponte 22 hours ago
laruen: he is about to die sell him me: LET HIM TO DA HOSpItLE
CallmehStxrry 22 hours ago
Now you know why its called "Ruff times" 😳😅
Angel YAaS
Angel YAaS Day ago
Can we just agree that Lauren’s reactions r so funny in horror vids?
Jazzy BK
Jazzy BK Day ago
The grateful gratis swing quickly mix because edward markedly earn from a quizzical rail. nondescript, six venezuelan
Gachabee 20
Gachabee 20 Day ago
Hermit Home Designer Just has a creepy atmosphere but its cute
catgirlz. Day ago
“we’re going full monika”
Ruri-Chan is my waifu
Kaerimashou means "Let's go home!"
Mandy Bridgeforth
Me: *laughs at the dogs dying quickly* Also me: *gets an ad with a dog staring at me with a sad look on it's face* Me: NOOOO DOGGO IM SORRY
th3 mÅπgl3
th3 mÅπgl3 Day ago
Blazegoesbananas ;-;
The one u could not pronounce is (Carry-Me-Shoe) is how to pronounce it 😁
R noel
R noel Day ago
R noel
R noel Day ago
What are you playing
me having social anxiety but my mom makes me be social* why why mother people scare me
Sally _PQ
Sally _PQ Day ago
The dogs are getting worse oh noooooooo 😭
Molly_music band
Silas Lewis
Silas Lewis Day ago
So when I saw the puppy rOt I wAs LiKe ö nøpe
Angêl Kittên
I google translated 'Kaerimashou' and the name of the game in english is or at least I think 'Let's go home' (Btw I translated it from Japanese) Prenounced (I THINK) as 'Kai-Eri-Mosh-o' Mosh with a short o and the end with a long o
Ghostly Mostly
Xxblx_butterflyxX Cookies
I hate this
Bearmaki Day ago
- pandy -
- pandy - Day ago
the hikikomori game, is based on a real japan item i think! it means a person is to scared to interact with others (so what i mean is that this japan thing is real) i just wanted to explain it so thanks for listening lauren and others!
Sunshine Science Kids
Keep doing these videos
suhair smadi
suhair smadi Day ago
Sophiaz lifee
Lauren you should have flipped the body pillow over!!!
Darcie_iscraycray :D
When I watch Lauren: all of sudden I feel happy When I watch someone else: all of sudden I feel bored
Aisosa Faluyi
Aisosa Faluyi 2 days ago
i saw this game guess the puppy it was cute but if you where wrong it will kill the puppy.
AimanAmani2 2 days ago
Tyler Christensen88
I think that dog game was about incest...
Tyler Christensen88
Pigeon dating simulator... my friend downloaded it...
marites de la torre
What is a hihikimori?
Lily Harris
Lily Harris 2 days ago
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
*haha so funny i made money by killing dogs*
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
*welcome to dead dog store*
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
*dog dued*
j m
j m 2 days ago
All those poor dogs 😞😤
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
*dog dies
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
Nia Hill
Nia Hill 2 days ago
*funny i made thousands of money
Hailyn Warner
Hailyn Warner 2 days ago
Literally almost panicked at the first one, poor doggies :
David Dukes
David Dukes 2 days ago
Lauren. OO puppy's cute money. Lauren. Never mind bad
LilBlueBunny 2 days ago
I was going through a difficult time and was going to commit not alive but Lauren cheered me up. Thank you so much!
DaPuppo 2 days ago
The first game was about how if you breed the same kind of dog over, and over and over again they WILL most likely get diseases and problems. So unless you don’t breed the same kind of dog in real life it’s less likely to get sick. For example, if you were to breed a Doberman with a golden retriever the pup(s) would be less likely to get diseases. If you were to breed a Doberman with a Doberman at least three times, the pup(s) would be way more likely to get sick.
Wolfgirl 101
Wolfgirl 101 2 days ago
Man.. One day when her kid sees this there’re either going to be embarrassed that their mom’s a US-firstr or proud. 😅
lars coksmore
lars coksmore 2 days ago
This is not cute at all
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 2 days ago
Kay-ree-ma-shoo is I think how you say it lol
Saturday Vids
Saturday Vids 2 days ago
Wait wait wait why the heck did she not try to flip the body pillow! I want to know soooo bad but I don’t want to download it
Berta's Daughter that fixes heat
Rafn Gislason
Rafn Gislason 2 days ago
wut if laurenz baby was a streamer in her tummy baby be like ragin in toh in roblox
Sarah White
Sarah White 2 days ago
The xfoox
The xfoox 2 days ago
Dog game: cute Me: dies of cuteness overload
•purple_idiot• nl
E Turner
E Turner 2 days ago
MY MUM: Don't play anything scary:me after watching Lauren:Spamms App Store for the game
Sami Noufal
Sami Noufal 2 days ago
You should have unrolled the body pillow
BoiledEggs100 2 days ago
GlitterGamer 101
GlitterGamer 101 2 days ago
F in the chat for the dogs
Mini Mimi
Mini Mimi 2 days ago
These weren’t very creepy unlike the rest of the vids in this series.
Ŕęđ Ģêm
Ŕęđ Ģêm 2 days ago
Hikikomori girl: I have social anxiety. It's hard talking to people. Also her: *legitimately talking to an ultra realistic being*
Stiming.with.Wispion 1
Can anyone tell me why puppy milling is still a thing? It's horrible
XxAlex Chan!Xx
XxAlex Chan!Xx 2 days ago
Hello Lauren! I am a big fan! For a long time TvT and I just almost got this account like idk a week ago?- So, sorry I subed late TvT and I love the colour purple so much ;w; so ye hope u stay safe! :D
That One Blob
That One Blob 2 days ago
My sister is doing satanic summoning ... she is four... what should I do?
IAmThinking OfAChannelName
I loooooong subbed but I had to restart the phone
emily_ master
emily_ master 2 days ago
Yamsen-chan: I don't wanna talk to peapole Me: then why are you talking to Lauren?
Kevin Evrarts
Kevin Evrarts 2 days ago
Hamster 2 days ago
Makoto na-eggy
Makoto na-eggy 2 days ago
"I'm gonna sell you to the pet store" "I need more money" ᵂᵒʷ
kotoriYunoNicoRuby YuriLaika's Loli
Lauren: people in the comments are just like relatable me: "RELATABLE"
Grape Soda
Grape Soda 2 days ago
Manlybadasshero played all of these, and did it very recently
Pindevice YT
Pindevice YT 3 days ago
the 2nd game wasnt that creepy
Arian Castro
Arian Castro 3 days ago
Kylene Ingle
Kylene Ingle 3 days ago
That gurl looks like she on somethin
Beke Downes
Beke Downes 3 days ago
i feel so so sad for thos dogs :(
Kristine Allen Gantangco
Lauren. lied She said she would play five she played three
Tommy Heard
Tommy Heard 3 days ago
Fun fact: *all of these games are dumb*
Emilie Coulombe
Emilie Coulombe 3 days ago
Nobody: Lauren: 6:20
John I
John I 3 days ago
“The world is becoming a better place!” Me: wheezing the world is becoming worse because of dead doggos
Tailea Potter
Tailea Potter 3 days ago
帰りましょう which is Kaerimashou means ``let's go home.``
Lillian Thedog798
No one: Absolutely no one: Me: the poor baby’s Lauren: I know Bolth of us: hugs are dog
* Tõfû *
* Tõfû * 3 days ago
"well sUrEeY sUrE I can :D"
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez 3 days ago
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE YOU LAUREN!!!! whats you baby gonna be named or what are you thinking of?
Christel Gibson
Christel Gibson 3 days ago
it sounded like Lauren said "oh! look at the little poopies!"
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez 3 days ago
relateable!!! btw:im a girl
Damian Damian
Damian Damian 3 days ago
If I played that game, this is how I would be. Me:Eww it’s dogs! Me later:IT DIED, YES!!!!
Carlie Gates
Carlie Gates 3 days ago
relatable lmao
faith Marshall
faith Marshall 3 days ago
J. Balvin - Ma' G
J. Balvin - Ma' G