DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 7 

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Found these 3 Super Cute Free to Download games ...but quickly realized they were actually CREEPY SCARY HAUNTED!! Played We Become What We Behold (made popular again recently by TikTok), Girl Alone (an app game), and Pink A Pixel Plant Game.
DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 6: us-first.info/player/video/rph8mKWHgqp5eok.html
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE APPS...THEY'RE HAUNTED #2: us-first.info/player/video/fchom3iHZ26Rnqc.html
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May 1, 2021




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BV 3 hours ago
*buy me a coffee*
Waffles618 4 hours ago
Omg for that first game I remember watching Ihazcupquake play it. That was so long ago I feel so ollllld
baby peri
baby peri 4 hours ago
selever 5 hours ago
Kathy Ryan
Kathy Ryan 7 hours ago
For some reason when I clicked on this video it was five minutes in *I’ve never watched this vid before*
Aubrey Hayward
Aubrey Hayward 8 hours ago
Congrats !
Jen Bigfesses
Jen Bigfesses 9 hours ago
7:16 I have that game. She doesn't stay moody forever.
Braindead 420
Braindead 420 11 hours ago
“Oh no we’ve created racism!” When I tell you I *folded*
its Devon
its Devon 12 hours ago
The thumbnail scared me cause I have all those games
Rainbow Galaxy
Rainbow Galaxy 13 hours ago
Hey Lauren you should check out “ adventures with anxiety” it’s by the same creator of “ we become what we behold” it’s a really good game you should play it! But when your better from you know giving birth and all 😂
Brooke Pearson
Brooke Pearson 13 hours ago
If you're looking for more scary games, Duskwood is an amazing murder-mystery game
Gacha Abie
Gacha Abie 15 hours ago
Im downloading girl all alone
Kawaii xsofty
Kawaii xsofty 15 hours ago
Hey there’s another talking Angela I would love if u played it :o
Tree 18 hours ago
You should Try adventures with anxiety.
Miss Jabberwocky
Miss Jabberwocky 18 hours ago
I really want to play that stick game lol
Sura Candy
Sura Candy Day ago
I've actually downloaded Girl Alone... The first part was a bit creepy but it was cute after a while
Exho Day ago
“Im a influencer!” Me: *Tommyinnit vibes*
Lilly Przytula
Better title: giving myself nightmares because of cute games!!
#خديــ جة`-
Omg I have on of this games
Kathleen Savage
That crazy man funhy
Xx_Artzi_xX Day ago
After every camera click, 1: Oh 2: Oh 3: Wait 4: Oh :( 5: Oh 6: Oh 😰 7: Uh 8: I 9: Voilence 😅 10: Uh ._. 11: Wha... 🥺 12: Uh ;-; 13: Oh ;v; 14: Oh! 🥺 15: Ok :( 16: Oh :/ 17: Yeah >:/ 18: NO! 😰 19: Oh- 20: OH!!! 😰😭😰😭 21: OH **Pure Panic** 22 final: Oh...
Xx_Artzi_xX Day ago
I only did the first word
Stormy Day ago
I’ve played most of these games before 😆
mao Day ago
Hailey Claassen
Doki doki litriture club UuU that's all ima say
Ana Gordillo
Ana Gordillo Day ago
I love your vids!!!!
Matthew Zheleznyak
"Me when I see the first game and they wear hats" Me:AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW. "sees blood" Me:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE.
Saranya Sharma
Hi Lauren
Bailey Reilly
she created a very crazy version of racism
Greenie the cup fox
Serenity Vasquez
Girl alone is super cute your goal is to get of relationship so she can smile
Yoanna Carmela Cruz
The last game was super creepy
Yoanna Carmela Cruz
The 1st game was good at first but at the end it disturbed me 😳
Katrina Ling
Katrina Ling 2 days ago
Evan McLaughlin videos
Katrina Ling
Katrina Ling 2 days ago
😫😭😭😭 I don't have enough money
Katrina Ling
Katrina Ling 2 days ago
It's okay if you have money miss you have love
khang ha
khang ha 2 days ago
3:52 I will leave it here for a quick laugh :))))))
evangelina kurz
evangelina kurz 2 days ago
Your the best 😄👑👑🌈🌈🌈
DŌT 2 days ago
The game pink i thought lauren would say Really really BLACK
Nur'aini Rokhmania
I play girl alone and sometimes freaking hear a gross and scary noise
Yare bear Naranjo
me: OH SH-
Yare bear Naranjo
me: downloading the game
Danna Olguin
Danna Olguin 2 days ago
I had played the girl home alone :O
Elliot Leo Angel Boy
the pink game reminds me of lavender town from pokemon oh no
Peighton Tiger
Peighton Tiger 2 days ago
your baby comes on 5/25/2021
Cat-Zilla Amaze
Cat-Zilla Amaze 2 days ago
Who else remembers the one about food babies :/)
lOyAl wEeB
lOyAl wEeB 2 days ago
GachaF0x Unicorn
GachaF0x Unicorn 2 days ago
Hats are not cool anymore Lauren: hats are not cool get rid of them Bad guy: *takes Gun out and shoots crazy man with hat* that’s my revenge for calling hats not cool everyone must suffer pain for that Lauren: NO WE CREATED MORE RACISM
Zsa Zsa Edwards
Zsa Zsa Edwards 2 days ago
I actually have the girl alone game and have been playing it fir about two months and theres not that much going on in the game it’s pretty simple
Jovi Umm hi
Jovi Umm hi 2 days ago
Her baby is gonna be so brave
johnnie littlejohn
johnnie littlejohn
johnnie littlejohn
I will not sleep again
giuseppe pignataro
Wait i have that app the black haired Is Alone Girl OML I HAVE HAUNTED GAME?
Taylor Schauer
Taylor Schauer 2 days ago
Heidyz 2 days ago
Where the links to the games
Ø Ü Moon star midnight Ü Ø
The first game was we should be ourselves and love each other
Faye Faye
Faye Faye 2 days ago
The first game was just so confusing
ayna khan halim khan
Omg the first one is my sis and bro download it in laptop ik it's cute but SCARY
Fabka :3
Fabka :3 2 days ago
Oh man, this is the first time that you played the game I'm playing (girl alone). I'm in episode 3. In episode 2 she standed and went outside, I bought her new clothes and new furniture, then some bad people come and we fighted them, but something happened to her. In episode 3 she's pretty insane and thinks she is the queen.
Visnja Ostojic
Visnja Ostojic 2 days ago
I once downloaded girl alone but there was no internet so i deinstaled it :/
Dylan Lee Williams Supercool
The first game that you showed in your video like the old game they kind of look like among Us characters it's under the suit
MewMewGamer YT
MewMewGamer YT 2 days ago
I saw one of those games😨 I almost downloaded it
a a
a a 2 days ago
The first game is somewhat close to real world
saanvi saha
saanvi saha 3 days ago
👌 Uncouth 👌
saanvi saha
saanvi saha 3 days ago
Ki kikik 🧒 kikiki 🇰🇮 Kiki ki 🧒
Idk why I like the first game
MaskGirl Bruh
MaskGirl Bruh 3 days ago
Ara Skyzx
Ara Skyzx 3 days ago
i played girl alone for 2 years now .-. and i liked it without know this but idk..she was just being rude(
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 3 days ago
You should actually check out more of Nicky Cases’ games their actually pretty cool!
Annabelle Anderson
Imao install girl alone
~^Fluffy^~ 3 days ago
5:45 i actually saw that but i didn't play it, i'm scared from the game now
bl0wjxxb 3 days ago
Wait so like, were the plants growing like meat on them- or flesh 😀
Shine like a Star - Aarna
The pink game was pretty creeepy and my mom loves plants so yea a bit weird for me
sadznotforu 3 days ago
“oh no i’ve created racism” 😭😭i’m ded
Amanda Laursen
Amanda Laursen 3 days ago
I downloaded the game girl low it’s really addicting
RA Baetiong
RA Baetiong 3 days ago
Lets be honest who else thought of Pokémon at the second game
arys lxfee-!
arys lxfee-! 3 days ago
I was gonna download “girl Alone” then I stumbled upon this video-.
Unknown 3 days ago
laurenzside your cool.
I Ship Everyone Everywhere
I learned about the first game on TikTok too 😂
elfchen 27
elfchen 27 3 days ago
the first game is actually kinda cool
Savanna M Muscat
Savanna M Muscat 3 days ago
Girl alone is my favourite game *-*
just a commenter no.7
Fun fact: I actually own one of these games... I never thought that it was creepy... But when I think about it.... Well I'm creeped out now (I'm talking about girl alone)
I forgot my username
Me who has girl alone installed for 4 months now: uhhhh-
CallMehAlex 3 days ago
The first game was prob the deepest
animal freind yay
Moonbeam Waterfall
That first game was very ooooof
Mha Kaminari
Mha Kaminari 4 days ago
I’ve been playing girl alone for like two months and I’ve only played up to episode three or four
Destiny Ervin
Destiny Ervin 4 days ago
Lauren you got to be joking... Thank you for helping me I had the girl with Missy hair app... The screen was frozen so I never got to play it..
Lisa Houth
Lisa Houth 4 days ago
there not hunted I played most of them
sharron collins
sharron collins 4 days ago
Bro alone girl is not a scary game you’re just trying to make friends with her😐
teruteru hanamura
that pink game reminds me of OFF for some reason lol
Paris Johnson
Paris Johnson 4 days ago
Please do more cute but scary game
Maybe Hina
Maybe Hina 4 days ago
I used to have the game girl alone but then deleted it I had so much progress tho
Grape48494 4 days ago
I do to see people getting along
Ice power playz
Ice power playz 4 days ago
I actually do play this game and I'm on episode 3 or 4 it's really cute once you buy her a carpet a better bed a better wallpaper a better window a better everything just fix up everything for her and they will look a lot cuter spoiler alert actually in episode 4 you meet a fairy
Deleted youtube Channel
What is this game called
hACHEE 501
hACHEE 501 4 days ago
Haileigh Wingfield
happy late mother's day
Mooncat 4 days ago
Look at my cats
シūñïxPïxär_šûšïė Erekutorosūjī
I saw girl alone picture and I clicked thss video bc it had it how is it haunted-
William Afton
William Afton 4 days ago
Its funny cause Girl Alone is not supposed to be creepy and you just gotta play it a little more to see that its not scary
Katy Perry - Electric
Katy Perry - Electric