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-Love, USM, Sir Buddy, Boujii Bear, and Miles Davis


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Apr 2, 2021




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Wes Harris
Wes Harris 2 days ago
We *all* need help.
Michael Koon
Michael Koon 2 days ago
Nope your doing just fine
Rissie McConnell
Rissie McConnell 3 days ago
Theres somethinh u can use...what is it?!?
Rissie McConnell
Rissie McConnell 3 days ago
Damn Morgan im coming there too. No! Not skunk
Michael Jacoby
Michael Jacoby 3 days ago
My kind of woman: self-sufficient, independent, intelligent and confident not to mention easy on the eyes. I just started following you because I have been considering getting some type of small camper and seeing this great country and finding various odd jobs along the wayfor extra cash. Thanks for the insight and inspiration. I have a lot to contemplate.
Ray Mac
Ray Mac 3 days ago
Watching your videos I don't think you need any help
Florida Vermont
Florida Vermont 4 days ago
Yes, several types of help.
Jason Hickman
Jason Hickman 6 days ago
Your pretty cool
veteran one
veteran one 7 days ago
I love how you take care of your babies and your self until next video
Gene Schulp
Gene Schulp 7 days ago
Girl, you are a trip
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson 7 days ago
The unstoppable Morgan only needs help when the tide goes out while she's beached on an island.
shane42069420 shane42069420
Definitely paint the door! 🙊🙉🙈
Frank Reinmiller
Frank Reinmiller 8 days ago
Sal Sorbello
Sal Sorbello 8 days ago
Douglas Turn
Douglas Turn 8 days ago
Shark bait.
Dong Woo
Dong Woo 8 days ago
You need a Van.
Douglas Turn
Douglas Turn 8 days ago
2 to many dogs. People are superficial.
Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa 9 days ago
If you didn’t need the $20 from the man, why didn’t you give it back to him? You’re nothing but a mooch, taking money off of nice people that generally think you need help while they watch your videos especially all your earlier ones where you say you are so hard up for cash and crying your eyes out all the time but now since all these people send you money now-you’re all of a sudden miss big timer who doesn’t need money from anyone but still takes it and doesn’t give it back, very classy.
marcos p
marcos p 11 days ago
Those dogs are too freakin cute I can’t take it! I hope you all are doing great!!
HueJackCity66 11 days ago
Haha. Its time to get off the road you nomad. Its not safe. Please. Im scared for your safety. You are tough. We get it.
70CadillacMan 11 days ago
You kinda look like Susan Sarandon.
Chris Mccormack
Chris Mccormack 11 days ago
Was he fan?
George Webb
George Webb 12 days ago
Don't be offended some peale have giving hearts
Fred Frodesen
Fred Frodesen 12 days ago
Screw the toilet seat in the driver seat. Learn to use the “go girl”!
A day with Mil
A day with Mil 12 days ago
You look like you need a lot of help lol 😂😂😂😂😂 help with your bronco
Nina Nina
Nina Nina 12 days ago
He misstook you for those folks that live in their cars and hang out in Walmart parking lots
Durango 69
Durango 69 12 days ago
Hi 🙋🏻‍♂️ you have beautiful eyes and face.
The Drummers Club
The Drummers Club 13 days ago
Sounds like he was just trying to offer an act of kindness. Hey, where were you swimming w your Dogs? Looks so nice
Bud smoka
Bud smoka 13 days ago
Nice bronco.
Juan tabby
Juan tabby 13 days ago
I had recently asked for help. Couldn’t get any. I have very little faith in people anymore. So glad I have my dog.
michelle schweizer
michelle schweizer 13 days ago
Get a new seat and a separate lugablloo. Miles is so handsome all grown up. Wieners are strong swimmers. Who knew?
Don Dakota
Don Dakota 13 days ago
Regarding the $20, it could have been a fan offering a donation? Maybe he doesn't have good communication skills? Seems like a nice gesture. Could also have thought you were forced to live in a vehicle. I'm often mistaken for homeless because I enjoy living in a recreational vehicle.
Stray With Me
Stray With Me 13 days ago
I hate how long it took me to find your channel, I love your sense of humor and love how much you love your dogs :) now I get to binge-watch them lol
H Gj
H Gj 13 days ago
You never know what someone’s story is. Maybe you reminded him of someone, a daughter perhaps. Maybe even a character in a sad story...a deceased daughter or a girlfriend lost in his youth. He was likely a little clumsy because it is hard for an old guy to be nice to an attractive young woman without suspicions regarding his motivation. Is sounds like he did it because for some reason extending the kindness made him feel better. I can’t imagine that it was intended to insult or offend. Generosity is always a good thing. If you are not in need of it just pass it along to someone who needs it more...maybe even toss in a little extra! NEVER a bad idea to build up a little good karma. 😇
J M 14 days ago
Hey Morgan, putting some cheap aspirins into the yucky tank can help to kill the smell.
scottrodcustoms1 14 days ago
Like your vids, but for craps sake, buy a small camper. Pooping thru your driver's seat? What the heck??? ALSO, if you're going to be in Florida, please go visit Captiva Island. Stop in a Jensen's on a Thursday and ask Dave if you can do a Friday fishing report.
defenestrationfan 14 days ago
He was being a good guy with a great heart. Little did he know that those dogs have a better life than most Americans!
Jeremy Lynn
Jeremy Lynn 14 days ago
Everyone needs help, but some people try to help even when not asked of them... Guilty🤚 🙏🙏🙏
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones 14 days ago
You are sooo good with your dogs. They are the best companions for ladies in broncos on the road. HA!
CALI_PATRIOT 15 days ago
Joe 9209
Joe 9209 15 days ago
Nice... Where was that park that the dogs go to swim?
Michael Blevins
Michael Blevins 15 days ago
Looks like a gas hog. Maybe a dog lover consider it a blessing. Alot of good people out there.
Chris Hatley
Chris Hatley 15 days ago
Wish that guy would of came to me and gave me twenty. I'm just a factory worker working check to check. But, I'm saving and one day i will travel like you. Love your adventures. 😁
Steve Sixkiller
Steve Sixkiller 15 days ago
You have some good little dogs there, I'm sure they make life better!
NM REN Celt Festival
Nope, I’m jealous of your puppies. Until Miles got sprayed ...peeuuu. Lol I enjoy this adventure you share with me or us. Beautiful soul Morgan
Doug Upton
Doug Upton 15 days ago
David Caple
David Caple 16 days ago
Really... Am I the only one who's gonna say it? You don't need help girl. You are cool👍 You may need some "D"...🤷😂 Which is helpful, usually. Ciao, enjoy yourself.
rkochair 16 days ago
Use tin snips to cut the plastic...........wink wink
Fern D
Fern D 16 days ago
You're liked by a lot of people Morgan. Invest in your own future and stability. If you decide to settle down and invest in a home, please stay out of high priced areas that could lead to jeopardy. The Midwest is nice and you're always within a day or two drive.
Paul Pentito
Paul Pentito 16 days ago
Somebody's got to nail that girl's fins to the floor...😂....just wanted to say hi Morgan
Angela Gold
Angela Gold 16 days ago
I love your dogs so much!
Angela Gold
Angela Gold 16 days ago
Morgan, you are SO cute! 😊😊
Doug Frye
Doug Frye 16 days ago
Yes, you do need help - with the skunk odor. The ONLY thing I have used successfully is straight tomato Juice. It works perfectly!! Good Luck.
hartjj77 littlegopher
Yes u look homeless I can see why he did that
W A 16 days ago
kritzkraftz1 16 days ago
Ohhh sorry , sooooo sensitive!!
kritzkraftz1 16 days ago
Tired of you Always needing HELP , GET a real life Bitch
Polo Biscuits
Polo Biscuits 16 days ago
Chevy will help.....jk...love you and your videos. God Bless. You are an inspiration
GWH1965 16 days ago
Please go buy a bronco seat at the wrecking yard and forget the toilet driver seat. go by a portable toilet. Have some bad mexican food and before you know it you have crap on your fabric seat..at least I would.
RVrebel Girl
RVrebel Girl 16 days ago
looks like your at dog beach between Bonita Springs & Ft Myers Beach near Lovers Key
Wake Up America
Wake Up America 16 days ago
Hahahahahahalolololololololololololol that is funny!!!!!
M C 16 days ago
Love your channel.
Traci uniquestylefeliciano
No, you look so lucky
David Russel
David Russel 16 days ago
If your poor dog still smells you should wash him with a women's feminine product (douche) pick any sent. The first time I ever heard of washing a skunk smell off a dog I was about 30 something and I met a guy that was traveling across country with his dog and of course his dog had gotten sprayed by a skunk. Well he used a female feminine product (douche) to wash his dog and I seen his dog the next day and I was thinking this dog never gotten sprayed by a skunk, but it made me a believer because a few years later my dog had gotten the treatment himself it works
Jason ON
Jason ON 16 days ago
5:55 The beach definitely agrees with you. While I live in Colorado now, aim originally from FL and can't imagine keeping three dogs in a truck in that what and humidity. I don't know how you do it.
David Jones
David Jones 16 days ago
Take the Bronco to get a paint Job ,Silver would be nice to Blend in Better. So it doesn't stand out. Have the Rear windows all Tinted with outside Mirror finish so they can't see in during the day.
Kenneth Wolff
Kenneth Wolff 16 days ago
Yes. You look down in luck. Guy sounds like he was just trying my to help
Stephen Mcgraw
Stephen Mcgraw 16 days ago
Can I please help you 😝
Robert Seven
Robert Seven 17 days ago
He was extending a gratuity because you are living the dream he doesn't dare.....
99 ded buffoons
99 ded buffoons 17 days ago
I live in MY DOG's 1973 Winnebago Cheiftan....🤷🙁😒😞 He marked it now it's his lol
Mike Cozart
Mike Cozart 17 days ago
You look like a badass but $20 is $20.
Roger Cramer
Roger Cramer 17 days ago
You have done one hell of a job on making that Bronc custom. Congratz
J M 17 days ago
Dude, since u hang out a walmart parking lot, just go in and buy a few cans of their grey primer rattle cans, variety sandpaper pack, masking tape, some cheap disposable gloves, some masks and some scrap paper to mask and cover around the door, and I think u could get the door to match pretty close to the rest of the truck. Oh and see how well it turns out, if you like it then go back in to get a few cans of the clear spray and go over the whole door and u might be surprised how well it might match the rest of the truck. I dig ur videos and ur dogs. Keep up the good work girl!
Dorian Thompson
Dorian Thompson 17 days ago
Dogs just livin their best lives!!! ❤❤❤❤
Russell Fippino
Russell Fippino 17 days ago
What a good time to pay it forward, if you don't need it help someone else with it 😉
Joe McDonough
Joe McDonough 17 days ago
Yes, the rig looks awkward with those stickers everywhere and the yellow orange drivers side window shade cloth. I would paint the exterior white, and get ride of all exterior "car art." Then you will blend in. However, it is apparent that you do not want to blend in.
Brian Flinn
Brian Flinn 17 days ago
I’d ask you for $20, then paint your door orange or something.
Terry Carlton
Terry Carlton 17 days ago
ted boch
ted boch 17 days ago
You do need help. A toilet/seat is a very unhealthy idea in such a small environment. Especially one that has not be properly engineered to isolate the occupants from the bio-waste. .
Bryan McGuire
Bryan McGuire 17 days ago
Your so beautiful
Gary Allmond
Gary Allmond 17 days ago
His heart was in the right place. Accept it and enjoy your next adventure.
Terry Nichols
Terry Nichols 17 days ago
Alot of homeless people beg for money in Walmart parking lots, but they usually have a big sign! 🤣
Agent. K.
Agent. K. 17 days ago
Let’s look at it in a positive way and assume he always wanted to try a similar lifestyle but couldn’t, so he wanted to support you 🤷‍♂️😅
Crit Eat Reviews
Crit Eat Reviews 17 days ago
Maybe it was put on his heart to give and sometime you might need that 20.00
Christopher A Aumiller
When you needed help you wouldn’t of had any problem excepting the $20 when you’re now successful you take offense? I’m a little confused don’t take success for granted. Be safe and God bless.
Jerald Huston
Jerald Huston 17 days ago
paint entire truck white. reflect heat
Ed Adams
Ed Adams 17 days ago
I don’t know why this was recommended to me... I guess I’ll comment: the gentleman thought you are not a pretender...
John elliott
John elliott 17 days ago
Your not homeless you just live in a four wheel home! A bath in tomato juice will help with the skunk smell! Love your videos and thank you!
Tengu Ronin
Tengu Ronin 17 days ago
I think he saw a fellow human being in need of love and could not express his feelings. His action is his way of trying to make your life a bit easier.
Shane Wells
Shane Wells 17 days ago
Best thing is SKUNK OFF works great 👍
D. Nuts
D. Nuts 17 days ago
Been watching Morgan for 6 months now.and Dont know how to feel about her? (I have mix feelings) i think i will feel better once she gets off the streets
Nick Nomski
Nick Nomski 17 days ago
I'm waiting to hear: "The crap falls directly into the tank where it converts to methane to run the vehicle!"
Nick Nomski
Nick Nomski 17 days ago
That whole toilet seat thing is like a comedy skit. I mean, it's a genius idea, but... I mean, it just makes for excellent vlogging is all I'm saying... 😂
Nick Nomski
Nick Nomski 17 days ago
Yes! No not really 😝
JOHN'S WICK 17 days ago
You have the best kids in the world.
Rob Atwood
Rob Atwood 17 days ago
Bronco is looking bad ass.
Sandy Auger
Sandy Auger 17 days ago
Rino Biggs
Rino Biggs 17 days ago
Pretty cool someone helped you without you even asking. Still some good people in the world. Probably thought you were homeless.