DMX Funeral Procession through The Bronx - Thousands of Bikes! 

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✘ Join me as I watch DMX being brought from Yonkers to Brooklyn for a memorial. I happened to catch them coming down the Major Deegan Expressway as they proceeded towards Barclays Center.
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Apr 24, 2021




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Comments 100   
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 5 hours ago
Luv all ..that One tire ..KILLED.
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 5 hours ago
Cant Coment enough on U.
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 5 hours ago
U Did That.
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 5 hours ago
My Apologies if its a He ..my Apologies.
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 5 hours ago
Luved it Luved it an She the one tire Killed it Killed it ...
GTC1 H 13 hours ago
The bicycles riding along made me cry 😭😭😭 he was loved dearly ! RIP RIH ANGEL🙏🙏🙏
Coolerthana Frieza
Coolerthana Frieza 14 hours ago
No cap seeing the casket gave me goose bumps, i still cant believe dmx passed away its truly sad to see a legend pass so suddenly now he may finally rest peacefully, you will be missed rip the ruff riding dawg 🙏🏼
GGGlider 14 hours ago
I didn’t expect it but i cried.
James Frantz
James Frantz 15 hours ago
I thought I seen one guy on a scooter....just kidding. DMX was awesome.RIP❤I did see one guy on green scooter, knew it!!!
Natesha Calhoun
Natesha Calhoun 20 hours ago
Gone youmg man wit the one Weel💙💙
Natesha Calhoun
Natesha Calhoun 20 hours ago
RiH DMX The World is Riding wit U💙💙
Michael Mc Payns
Michael Mc Payns 22 hours ago
Amazing !All these people gather for the dude ! Despite Covid 19...not many dont even care about wearing a mask !Amazing
Muay Thai Boran
Muay Thai Boran 23 hours ago
dios robinson
Shout out the Rough Riders, has to be the biggest group ride I’ve ever seen
Reast in peace the legend dmx
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Day ago
Man thats cool every motorcycle, three wheeler, in NY and bro with the one wheel bike paying respect RIP.
roy keene
roy keene Day ago
To dmx that was the best send off I seen man Rip man love and respect X
izzwan azahari
Ruff ryder Anthem. Motobikes, trikes, quads. Cars, pedal bicycle. One wheel bicycle. It doesnt matter. People, all walks of live. Paid respect to DMX. This give chills. RIP Mr Earl Simmons(DMX).
Sharonne Nolan
Over 5 minutes of non stop bikes, quads and other vehicles.. what a turn out!! Fair play from uk.
Bullseye Dontmiss
There no words but to say Dax was that dude.
White Trash and Hellbound
Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop... RIP Brother 🙏
Albert Ibanez
Albert Ibanez 2 days ago
One of my favourite childhood rapper RIP DMX!
The pinoy train spotter
Long live dmx, xo give to ya.
Danys Perez-Carrillo
Rip dmx ruff rider 4 Eva
Chrystess Mubaira
Hannibal Rose
Hannibal Rose 2 days ago
Rest in Paradise and respect reall deal holyfield
kaunan valentin
kaunan valentin 2 days ago
Force à vous noir aux USA
The other phone please
One-wheel-ryder, thats how you pay tribute to one of the greatest! LONG LIVE X!!!
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
wow hat off to the black guy whos weelied the whole way.guess he aint got no choice but pretty good
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
and that ones lost his front wheel hmmm
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
wow mtb's on the motorway wow and a few quads not road legal there too. sneaky hah
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
c'mon im late for work move it
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
this has got to be a pain in the ass to get stuck behind em
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
thas a nice truck
chromate cyborg
chromate cyborg 2 days ago
whats a dmx? i know a bmx is it the same????
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett 2 days ago
8:40...... mad respect to the one wheel rider!!.....fuckin awesome! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
It's the ruff ryders
Reginald Buford
Reginald Buford 2 days ago
Lance armstrong need these dudes skills .. no front wheel.. n there was a guy riding a wheelie one handed thru traffic.. 🐐 #RIHDMX #LongLiveDMX #BiggerThanBiggieNPacFrfr #WentOutTheBest #KingOfNewYorkFrfr #Tearsfrfr
KLASIKS 2 days ago
now thats a convoy ,amazing
Jeremiah 3 days ago
Salute Respect!!!
Foo 3 days ago
Jae milez 💪💪💪 1 wheel king 👑
Origin-AL 3 days ago
To all the idiots who say he was “underrated”. I HOPE THIS VIDEO CHANGED YOUR MIND!!!! RIP TO THE LEGEND!!! HE WAS NY HIP HOP!!!!
The Reaper
The Reaper 3 days ago
That's INSANE! In a good way.... Kings and queens don't get that much support after death
James East
James East 3 days ago
Long live the ruff ryder's, great people!
G.M. 3 days ago
Dope ass video bro....thanks for the coverage....love coming from philly
ĸaιne 3 days ago
I've never seen so many bikes at once. 🏍️ Ride or die. Rip.
G M 3 days ago
This doesn’t stop
beans on toast
beans on toast 3 days ago
Massive love and respect to the main man dmx rip fella still unbelievable...🥺🥺
Jango Fett
Jango Fett 3 days ago
Much respect ❤️
Felix Turcios Jr.
🙏 we love your music so far.
Tony Martin
Tony Martin 3 days ago
Calson Ajeck
Calson Ajeck 3 days ago
How on earth was this guy able to ride a single wheel hike for such a distance?
Dercio Glocc Gabriel
Too much bikes
Prajwal Hiremath
Prajwal Hiremath 4 days ago
Respect man..💚india
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 4 days ago
Amazing...Simply amazing
Taurean Wooley
Taurean Wooley 4 days ago
Didn't that happen so he wouldn't disturb anyone's day if it were to happen to him too? Thanks for the memories Dog Man Xquizit aka Demarcus Marquisuses Xerelium aka Astronomical Being Symbol aka Earl Grey Tea aka Man did he have a lot of names before he didn't aka man did he not have a name at one point aka Dude that hurd nothing aka Beat Machine Kid aka I can't remember the rest of them aka I'd know but I couldn't aka yabadabadooman ... :( ... :D
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 4 days ago
Like my unckl daniel said thats a heck of a hurst and i said he went out in style he would have appreciated this and i believe that he did
MMdesign Sportsitze
So much love and appreciation for an Eternal Icon. Almost unbelieveble so many talented Riderz riding in peace to honor this Man, it brings tears to my eyes. I feel your pain and would be proud to ride with you... RIP DMX forever
Slavany HC
Slavany HC 4 days ago
Madremia cuanto dinero..
TorHawk 4 days ago
Thanks for the ryde! Longe live the fucken legend! -Tor, 34, Namsos/ Norway
Brian Martin
Brian Martin 4 days ago
Imagine what we could Accomplish if we stood this strong when people where a live
G31M1 4 days ago
mofos from yonkers are bonkers
Gevixel 4 days ago
NY #1 as always
Casey Weber
Casey Weber 4 days ago
X going give to ya!
Gina Marie
Gina Marie 4 days ago
Guy on the one wheel bike , omg I can’t watch . Skills man 👏 🤩 crazy but awesome !! Bikes forever !! 🚲 dmx love all the way 🙏
DJ D.E.D. Radio
DJ D.E.D. Radio 4 days ago
Who needs two wheels??? He riding better on one wheel then most people that can ride on two!!!
Frankie Geist
Frankie Geist 4 days ago
Big sendoff for DMX!!! R.i.p.!!!
Janice Avila
Janice Avila 4 days ago
Like right out of a scene from the movie Biker Boyz. See ya on the other side DMX you will be terribly missed. 🏍 🏍
blessing blessed twerk
May his soul rest in peace amen
Cozy L
Cozy L 4 days ago
this is one of the most beautiful things i've seen for a long time X with the Lord now and he will take good care !! R.I.P DMX !!
Chris Kelk
Chris Kelk 4 days ago
ALL THOSE BIKER SLASH RIDERS...VERY NICE MUCH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny van Vlimmeren
Bike Week better step up their game...damn I've never seen so many bikes at one time!!!!
futube you
futube you 5 days ago
❤️ from India miss you DMX...RIP
Joshua Cayetano
Joshua Cayetano 5 days ago
Christopher Wamytan
Long live dmx gros big up depuis la France 🇫🇷 👍 👌 💪 😎 🙏🙏😥💔🙅‍♂️💙La légende 🙏👑
Hello Hey
Hello Hey 5 days ago
Raf riders dmx is unification
Hello Hey
Hello Hey 5 days ago
Forget anything that my dog love D ride or die my nigga DMX I see you in heaven brother 2 funerals to day then I see this crazy but RIP brother DMX 4 life London UK one love boomer he can finally rest with boomer my nigga stop been Grady give to the needy
Geodin YERKOBO 5 days ago
Thanks for the video man
Geodin YERKOBO 5 days ago
Only Legends have this much influence even in the afterlife. Rest In Power X, above all Rest in PEACE. That one wheel kid though.... stunning skill and stamina, Respect bwoy !
Max 5 days ago
many of the bikes ar stolen lol
Виталий Мхчян
Derek Saunders
Derek Saunders 5 days ago
yungdaggerdick 5 days ago
CZTHER EDNEKK 5 days ago
DMX just had the coolest funeral ever
turt.o o
turt.o o 6 days ago
That's why they say rough riders 🎶🎶🎵🎙stop drop that's how the bikers roll oh no that's how rough riders roll🎙🎵🎶🎶
Mythical Truthz
Mythical Truthz 6 days ago
We need to unite like this before someone dies not after but good shit.
Ronald Nixon
Ronald Nixon 6 days ago
Now that’s love
Philip Smi-Le Nguyen
Tf. 1 dude lost his front wheel n ridin wheelie the whole way. Lol
Philip Smi-Le Nguyen
Wow. What a fukn send off for the legend. This is the best send off ever. RIP D.
N A 6 days ago
I was steady looking for the guy with the one wheel and y'all are talking about a dude that was riding a 10 speed 🤦😂😂😂😂
Computer Shutoff
Computer Shutoff 6 days ago
Did he died?
Ari Shaffir
Ari Shaffir 6 days ago
no front wheel guy must be exhausted
BoFab 6 days ago
no wonder i cant find good bike parts anymore
BoFab 6 days ago
biggest rolliing violation ever
Odilia 6 days ago
Lorsqu'on rend grâce à Dieu sur terre il finit toujours par nous le rendre au moment opportun..Mais surtout le jour de notre mort. Voici la preuve.. 💜 ♥️🌈🌈👍 Tu nous fasciniras toujours.. Car nos esprits sont marqués à jamais par tes mots, ta personnalité, ainsi que ta puissance... Repose en paix. Ainsi soit-il. 🌈💜🌈❤️
N A 6 days ago
Now that's love ! Wow we miss you DMX rest well king
Please wear helmets
b44rt 6 days ago
Pedal Bikes Representing, I see you with only 1 wheel. Respect my man.
Joel Sadler
Joel Sadler 6 days ago
kid with no front wheel on bike cray cray
Eric Riley
Eric Riley 6 days ago
Dude don't even have a front wheel riding as if he dose lol dude is sick with it
DMX Final Goodbye
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