Dirt Shark - SLAYGROUND 3 ft. Axell Hodges 

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Freestyle motocross icon Axell Hodges returns with the third entry in the Slayground video series to push the boundaries of dirt bike aerials and wheelies on a specially constructed stunt track in San Diego, California.

Find out more at www.monsterenergy.com/news/slayground-3
SLAYGROUND 1 ft. Axell Hodges - us-first.info/player/video/Y8qYn22rcnilgac.html
SLAYGROUND 2 ft. Axell Hodges - us-first.info/player/video/lb58qaCnmmJ3pIk.html
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Feb 18, 2021




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James LaValley
how many replayed the first 20 sec...
Kil Dh
Kil Dh 4 hours ago
Fucking MOOOOONSTER bwo Respect 😆🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪👏🙌 King of style HODGES 🙏🤩🤩🤩
Electric_ Traveller
This is it.
Antiparras 5 hours ago
Danny Cabrera
Danny Cabrera 6 hours ago
How casual this man does this is absolutely insane
Devin the dude
Devin the dude 6 hours ago
I don't know about pH playing harmonica but I heard he can play a mean skin flute.😂
Donnie Porter
Donnie Porter 7 hours ago
Just sick
Johan Courbier
Johan Courbier 8 hours ago
Dude is playing Trials Evolution in real life
Ryan Hess
Ryan Hess 10 hours ago
#monsterenergy #menace #bikelife4life #brAAAp
Tony A
Tony A 17 hours ago
Super vibin!
Tundra Guy
Tundra Guy 18 hours ago
Such a sick style, if you hit up the Ironman gncc again this year come a few days early, let’s go to haspin acres do some sick woods riding stuff.
Peninha 121
Peninha 121 21 hour ago
Gilberto Gomes
Gilberto Gomes 21 hour ago
Mike the tool man
Mike the tool man 23 hours ago
awesome talent!!
anthony espinoza
That was soooooooo fn sickkkkkk axel,get twitch in the next one homeboy
Dakota Schuetz
bricher sp
bricher sp Day ago
Парень родился с мотоциклом между ног.
JamzTea !
JamzTea ! Day ago
Damn , ive never been so sad to see a video end. Imma watch again
shobe 46
shobe 46 Day ago
This had me hytmotised for 7 minutes
Gabriel Antonio Silva
what song is this
Dave Lund
Dave Lund Day ago
Rich kids
Very good bike 😊✌️
John Stringer
Real life excitebike
Felyppe Alejandro
There will always be idiots to give dislike! 😤
Felyppe Alejandro
Sempre haverá idiotas para dar dislike! 😤
Ariiheipoetai Taipoe
Dmitry Dobrev
Всем привет ! Хочу спросить за что вы любите монстер? И какой у вас любимый вкус?
Chase Yuchno
Chase Yuchno 2 days ago
New super crosstrack
Valen Perry
Valen Perry 2 days ago
Music : Pepper-stone love, rolling stone-slightly stoopid
Alvaro Jawny
Alvaro Jawny 2 days ago
Dude... Your flawless. So easy for you. Damn looks like having so much fun!
You Mad?
You Mad? 2 days ago
Man i miss the old days wen i cud ride. Man it's come so far your a beast man. Mad respect from a OG FMX guy
Sheldinator 2 days ago
this mans physics are compared to madskils motocross mobile game. oh dont mind me. just landing a backflip on one wheel and taking off for a backflip on one wheel. dont mine me.
Mini 2 days ago
Song pls
Mini 2 days ago
@Valen Perry ty
Valen Perry
Valen Perry 2 days ago
Pepper-stone love rolling stone-slightly stoopid
G.D. SOB 2 days ago
Holy shit talk about becoming one with the machine! Fucking A brother you rip that track up as if it's old hat. Thanks for sharing this. I'll make sure my motox loving nephews get this immediately!
Jack Wallace
Jack Wallace 2 days ago
The fact all this is in one take is jaw dropping
Jack Wallace
Jack Wallace 2 days ago
GOON 2 days ago
very smooth, that long take was sick. And he smash that snowbunny booty
Munashe Chigaba
Munashe Chigaba 2 days ago
Song name???
jabenitez2000 2 days ago
How did so many people accidentally hit the thumbs down button...sick AF
Chris Mack
Chris Mack 2 days ago
Ridiculously cool, the best
Lars Müller
Lars Müller 2 days ago
Nothing need, let ur Monster out.
Logan Snide
Logan Snide 2 days ago
what is the name of the song?
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Flynn 2 days ago
Absolutely mesmerising 😍
Jast1969 2 days ago
mtx mototrax на максималках:)
ENDURO BRO 3 days ago
Model of his bike please?
B Franco
B Franco 3 days ago
Probably the best riding I have ever seen. Those sunset shots are sick. Congratulations Axell!
Willian Mendes
Willian Mendes 3 days ago
Que talento...
Dgaf brapman
Dgaf brapman 3 days ago
That bmxin did wonders for ur style
Tim Hyatt
Tim Hyatt 3 days ago
Erikson Krey
Erikson Krey 3 days ago
Yeahman You are oneman gat talent in the World in other people ...
Trey Tatum
Trey Tatum 3 days ago
i wonder if this video is sponsored by monster?
Chandler Johnston
I don't usually comment but the fact that he could gather the speed to do a turn up whip off that uphill quad means u definitely can make that big jump at your local track. Like I promise, you can make it.
The Enigmatik
The Enigmatik 3 days ago
God damn you have magnificent bike control, that’s the illest track. Whoever designed it is almost as genius as your riding superhuman abilities. You should put Swollen Members “ Deep End” cut on the score to your next video. That’d be pretty awesome. Peep it if you haven’t heard it yet.
B Murphy
B Murphy 3 days ago
The new demon of dirt 666
Jesse Ison-Bowman
Dude. Holy shit!
daksh prajapati
daksh prajapati 3 days ago
Hello can i just take symbol of monster energy for my youtube channel???
Augie H
Augie H 3 days ago
I can’t BELIEVE you know good ole Kona Town, son, hell yes.
Augie H
Augie H 3 days ago
Coolest edit ever w the best song thank you
Eric 3 days ago
the music choice for this is a whole vibe
Steven Maust
Steven Maust 3 days ago
Fuckin rad bro 🤘🏻
myguyburns 4 days ago
His dad went into the camper to grab some ass too when he rode off haha
Almost OEM Garage
With Pepper playing in the background too??! These are the vibes man!
Хызыр Шаваев
Soaresffx 4 days ago
Brasileiros vendo essa obra de arte ?
Lenny Plunger
Lenny Plunger 4 days ago
name of the 2. song can't find it
Gear Higher
Gear Higher 4 days ago
Rodrigo Jose
Rodrigo Jose 4 days ago
Carzeli Oliveira
Carzeli Oliveira 4 days ago
Very nice
Tim Lafferty
Tim Lafferty 4 days ago
Was so rad catchn sick ass air thanks man lightning tim in tucsom
Juva 4 days ago
the heli pilot skills also WTFF
Htx Rancher
Htx Rancher 4 days ago
Now that’s talent👍🏻👍🏻👑👑👑👑👑
Maria La Placa
Maria La Placa 5 days ago
Wow!!! Absolutely Beautiful! Awesome riding 👌
klxnam 5 days ago
i wanna meet this guy. hes so fuckin badass
Quade Zz
Quade Zz 5 days ago
Even the gods envy him .... u need skill to do this .... and love for the sport !
Dozer video
Dozer video 5 days ago
super track
cherdchai srisook
😜 Oh Lovely this place ....
Andy Boskovic
Andy Boskovic 5 days ago
Epic stuff , amazing 👏 👏👏
Cassiano Becker
Cassiano Becker 5 days ago
alguem sabe o nome da musica
L2SFilms 5 days ago
so siiick !!!
KMSV TAMIL SK 5 days ago
Bike name
Grayman 5 days ago
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 5 days ago
Coolest thing since Bob Marley.. mind blowing skills 👏🏻 Those tunes are so good too.. 🙏
alex roy
alex roy 5 days ago
Wheelie backflip?
Marjorie Andres
Marjorie Andres 5 days ago
Goldgitter 5 days ago
OMG, sickest whips EVER!!
Larry Guerriero
Larry Guerriero 5 days ago
what's the name of the Slightly Stoopid song in the second half of this, it's covered up in the credits by an on screen ad
Larry Guerriero
Larry Guerriero 5 days ago
nevermind, got it....Rolling Stone.
Tyrone Montes
Tyrone Montes 5 days ago
It never ceases to amaze me that you could have someone do some of the most incredible things on a dirtbike and you will still have 266 dipshits hit the dislike/thumbs down button. How miserable must you bee to thumbs down this? And this is some of the sickest shit ever!
stoker5150 5 days ago
Looks like someone made trials rising a real thing with them wheelies and stoppies lol!!!
FatBoiGames 5 days ago
This isn’t a human this is god reincarnate wtf
LAW Records
LAW Records 5 days ago
Elias Schwärzler
Crazy!!! Sooooo good!!!
Felix Enzinger
Felix Enzinger 2 days ago
Elias du bist auch hier 🥳😂
Ron Gijzen
Ron Gijzen 6 days ago
Holy crap. Didn't know this was possible with a motorbike. Still not sure actually. Wow.
TWINSRIDER vlogs 6 days ago
Hope monster energy come to Nepal and build us small racing track. We are lot more craze for bikes
TWINSRIDER vlogs 6 days ago
Worth watching it.. love the way he ride.
Zachary Newell
Zachary Newell 6 days ago
Cristiano Gomes Cavalcante
Muito bom parabéns 👏👏👏
allballsn4skin 6 days ago
Good times 👍
Tommy G
Tommy G 6 days ago
What an extraordinary edit. I'm pleased to hear even Axell call it scary. Totally bonkers.
Levi Empringham
Levi Empringham 6 days ago
Absolutely unbelievable. Dude is pushing this sport in the best direction possible.