Dirk Nowitzki thought basketball was for girls 🤷🏻‍♂️ | #shorts 

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Put some respect on Dirk Nowitzki's name. Remember, this man was the original "unicorn". All the 7 footers shooting 3's can thank Dirk.
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Apr 3, 2021




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Frank Michael Smith
Real fans sub my 2nd channel: us-first.info/player/video/aMhid36YpX-moIU.html
Osas 9 days ago
Do the virgin that played for the lakers
Frank Michael Smith
@WooBacks hahahaah that's good enough for me
WooBacks 11 days ago
I’ll be 100% honest, I only subbed because you gave the Aston Spirit, and I like that... but the more I watch you I learn a lot as well.
sam is bored
sam is bored Day ago
One of my coaches played dirk in Germany, and would shoot threes on dirk all day long
Howard Fox
Howard Fox 2 days ago
he was kinda fine
Jalen Fields
Jalen Fields 2 days ago
Mark Cuban bought Dirks ring if any was watching
RaccIsKing 3 days ago
Also one of the most loyal players in the NBA ever
GrahamCraccker 4 days ago
I forget what song this instrumental is from someone please lemme know
Jack_13 4 days ago
he thought that basketball was a girls sport as he played tennis
Im Acts
Im Acts 5 days ago
“I’ll settle for a like” was going to until ya said that sheesh
Road King Thor
Road King Thor 5 days ago
His ring counts double imo
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy 5 days ago
“Basketball is a girls sport, I’ll play tennis instead, that’ll show them,” - young Dirk
FBI 5 days ago
Said basketball is for girls *Played Tennis*
Gabe itch
Gabe itch 5 days ago
so he thought basket ball was for girls but not tennis?
M M 5 days ago
Dirk was unstoppable in 2011! One of the best playoff runs I have ever seen.
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera 5 days ago
omg that is fricking narly
abcd 5 days ago
What about when Barkley met Dirk and Dirk said he was going to go in the military buy Barkley said "You 7 foot tall....where ya gonna hide."
lol he says basketball is a girls sport but he played TENNIS lmaooo
Inky Splats
Inky Splats 5 days ago
Mans thought basketball was for girls yet he played tennis XD
Joel Kosinski
Joel Kosinski 6 days ago
Nothing says manly like tennis and handball
Gabe Ortizz
Gabe Ortizz 6 days ago
Basketball is a sport originally intended for females ask dr Naismith
2Drip2Fly 2YVNG
2Drip2Fly 2YVNG 6 days ago
Well it's a multi gender sport
Jack Nieuwkoop
Jack Nieuwkoop 6 days ago
Do yadier molina
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 6 days ago
Didn't realize he was trash as a rookie
Hank _doesroblox
Hank _doesroblox 6 days ago
Hassan Waleed
Hassan Waleed 6 days ago
Hes cool but never had that successful career we hoped for. Decent guy
Kiza53 w
Kiza53 w 6 days ago
Idk why youtube keeps you in my recommendations if I don't like your content at all. No hate, but just wanted to say this.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 6 days ago
Did u record all of these in one day? Why y always got the same hoodie and that haircut lol
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez 6 days ago
One of the best
Anfernee Manansala
Can’t imagine 7’0” dirk playing professional tennis lmao
ya boi koi
ya boi koi 6 days ago
Young dirk looks like Matt colbo
NoobPlayZ Productions
Most players play their whole lives dirk was like: nah fam *I LIKE TENNIS*
Max Morris
Max Morris 6 days ago
His name is pronounced Dirk No”V”itzki
Bleed Green
Bleed Green 7 days ago
I’m glad he got his ring. Guy deserved it.
Pietro Bonaldo
Pietro Bonaldo 7 days ago
Why is Tfue here?
Jesus Is Alpha Omega
This just goes to show, you dont know until you Dan-O
CBG_Ashton_OTF 7 days ago
I love Dirk But He said Basketball was for Girls and played Tennis 😂
KïNG 7 days ago
Aye nash gon get a ring👀
KïNG 7 days ago
Deym "basketball is for girls" In our country if u dont know how to play basketball u r considered gay lol
Krushall Kay
Krushall Kay 7 days ago
So he thought basketball was for girls BUT PLAYED TENNIS... 🤣
marcus lewis
marcus lewis 7 days ago
Name of song please
bigisrick 7 days ago
A tennis player......thought basketball was for girls....you cant make this up
MaGhiiK 7 days ago
The crazy thing is if he kept playing tennis he probably would’ve been top 5 in that sport.
Annika Gilbert
Annika Gilbert 7 days ago
Can you do Franz Wagner????
Epic Meister
Epic Meister 7 days ago
Actually his name is pronounced “No-vitski” not nowitski..
W O K e *
W O K e * 7 days ago
Growin up I was confused my momma kissin a girl
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 7 days ago
What’s the song in the background
I had it In my hands
This guy even pronounced “Geschwindner” like a true German
C 7 days ago
Dirk’s 2011 ring is worth more than all of Lebron’s rings. #Facts
cquick 3
cquick 3 7 days ago
Jesus Saves Love God ✝️
Night Hawk
Night Hawk 7 days ago
My poor dirk I miss him he was the goat no cap
Radiical 7 days ago
Bark 7 days ago
When he got his ring he had a monster season He Destroyed KD And Westbrick Trashed Kobe And Gasol And Won against one of the biggest super teams ever
Thee Unknown
Thee Unknown 7 days ago
VALIDMOVIN 7 days ago
At least he thought basketball was for girls most people think basketball isn’t
Fizzics 7 days ago
Imagine playing tennis and thinking BASKETBALL was for girls...nice
D3MZIR 8 days ago
This guy looks like Steven Gerrard
D jango
D jango 8 days ago
My man Dirk lookin like a Backstreet boy member back in his younger days😂
Xof Metleh
Xof Metleh 8 days ago
I think he is good also in soccer
Xof Metleh
Xof Metleh 8 days ago
Thats my idol bruh. I put him first before mj. Haha of course mj the goat
Kristopher Bailey
That 2011 Finals is still one of the most unexpected matchups in NBA/Final history, *not a lot* of people expected the Mavs to go past the second round, hell the *conference championship* but they made it and won the Finals. Both Kidd and Dirk deserve their rings
bigisrick 7 days ago
As a Cavs fan. That's the 2nd most memorable finals to me.
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker 8 days ago
How u play tennis but think basketball is for girls? Lol same ways americans think soccer is for girls, Europeans think basketball is for girls lol
JTR Hockey Productions
I was so happy when he won the championship.
Jovan Popović
Jovan Popović 8 days ago
dirk should be a hall of famer
Zachary Powers
Zachary Powers 8 days ago
Bro thought basketball was for girls but played tennis😂
Eric Byers
Eric Byers 7 days ago
Junaid Yusuf
Junaid Yusuf 8 days ago
He prbly mixed up basketball and netball
Sebastien Cousineau
Boi it’s pronounced Novitsky even though it’s spelled differently
Gnarly Charly
Gnarly Charly 8 days ago
Ban Shapiro?
Jahshshdhdgsh 8 days ago
Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ
Youa Glizzy gobbla
Basketball for girls but handball, that’s a real mans sport
DeadPool's Gaming
Thought basketball was for girls but plays handball
Emmit G
Emmit G 9 days ago
He has crazy chokes like the Warriors, but has also beat crazy teams like the Heat and Lakers
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 9 days ago
To think that Milwaukee drafted him and immediately traded him for Tractor Traylor. Typical Bucks from that era. That went well.
Andy Tan
Andy Tan 9 days ago
DUDE. Young Dirk was a friggin stud
Kravywavy 9 days ago
Thanks for showing Dirk and the Mavs love!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 9 days ago
I am with dirk on this one. Since i've been lifting weights my shooting got worse and worse, i think i'll stop going to the gym
Boston 9 days ago
Dallas legend
SIZZLE 9 days ago
Ayo lil durk looking different
Tino Breezo
Tino Breezo 9 days ago
God loves you so much and so do I ✝️❤️
Oreo Olusol
Oreo Olusol 9 days ago
Give life to Jesus Christ Jesus
E L O I 9 days ago
He kinda looks like Larry bird
Dunk The Monk
Dunk The Monk 9 days ago
Hey Dirk ain’t wrong tho girls can play basketball still
Zolavi B
Zolavi B 9 days ago
Did he stun the world? I saw that ring coming a mile away
Willie Cooper
Willie Cooper 9 days ago
Future hall of famer.i see him i know who he is.that were a bad man on that court.
Willie Cooper
Willie Cooper 9 days ago
Basketball that is.watch his highlights u will believe also.
Kabal. 24
Kabal. 24 9 days ago
montago DaKing
montago DaKing 9 days ago
Dirk got that 3 down packed. One of my favorite players
YUH BOI 9 days ago
Surviving in Creative
It’s “novitski” not no itzki
Caleb Coates
Caleb Coates 9 days ago
Thought bball was for girls but played tennis....
Kuhhmolly TV
Kuhhmolly TV 10 days ago
My nigga dirk
CASTRO45ACP 10 days ago
Love Dirk man, he's an all time favorite for me.
Braden Bryson-trego
My favorite player all-time
Gage Douglas
Gage Douglas 10 days ago
Dirk playing tennis would be so funny to watch
Avinash Anand
Avinash Anand 7 days ago
@Thee Unknown The rules are a bit weird. There are some points in professional matches which will make you jump out of your seat, so it can get very entertaining.
Thee Unknown
Thee Unknown 7 days ago
@Avinash Anand Yeah, it isn't as enjoyable to watch as basketball and football ( american football) but it is fun to play, I just dont know all the rules and stuff.
Avinash Anand
Avinash Anand 7 days ago
@Thee Unknown That's okay. Tennis matches can go on for hours and hours. The longest grand slam (the largest tennis tournaments in the world) final was 5 hours and 53 minutes. I can see why people don't enjoy it as much as basketball or soccer. I play tennis regularly, however I live in a small city in Canada and there are hardly any indoor courts (all the outdoor courts only run from May to October), so I have to hit the ball against a school wall.
Thee Unknown
Thee Unknown 7 days ago
@Avinash Anand Yeah, I'm American and don't know much about tennis, I only know how to play and I am not that good.
Avinash Anand
Avinash Anand 7 days ago
@Thee Unknown That's fine. Tennis isn't really popular in North America (I am assuming you are from there). Four of the guys we mentioned are European, one of them is American, and one of them is an Argentine.
ISAIAH WRIGHT 10 days ago
So this is why my cousin likes dirk so much
Jack Was Never In The Box
Do a story for Jimmy Garoppolo
Luis Lei
Luis Lei 10 days ago
Thanks Michael, was waiting for this for weeks! But now it's even greater than I thought! That's where you can get with asking...
Yannick Hofmann
Yannick Hofmann 10 days ago
I'm from the birthtown of Dirk Würzburg.
Yannick Hofmann
Yannick Hofmann 10 days ago
He wasn't good at school in the most subject he had 4, in america it's a D I think
Idk _420
Idk _420 10 days ago
Imagine we got to see Dirk with Doncic and Porzingod
DatFatRat Day ago
@Noah Terry as a mavs fan I wish too
Noah Terry
Noah Terry 3 days ago
@Tyler Mcgrew fax
Tyler Mcgrew
Tyler Mcgrew 3 days ago
@Noah Terry Add prime Dirk to this team we would have the best record in the NBA.
Vince Blas
Vince Blas 5 days ago
Euro boys
2_META_4_ME_ 6 days ago
@Chris Byrd same thung
Nova XL
Nova XL 11 days ago
Now he’s a hof
Owen Demmer
Owen Demmer 11 days ago
Can you do Luka Garza?
EXPLODYZ 11 days ago
"Basketball is for girls" *plays tennis*
B*D* 10 days ago
Probably because his father told him something like that. Handball is way more physical.
Brenden Lindstrom
Brenden Lindstrom 11 days ago
Can you do the rise of Hassan Whiteside
Leggo1966 11 days ago
Do one about Shawn Bradley