Did you know eggs could hold this much weight? tiktok nowthis 

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Credit is in the title.
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Apr 10, 2021




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Four Lights Orchestra
Well... A guy’s entitled to a hobby... Right?
ღNo-Faceღ 17 days ago
My g why are u wasting all these eggs. Do know how EXPENSIVE eggs are in Britain
Spencer McCallion
Spencer McCallion 17 days ago
Is it really lifting the car if the cars already lifted prior to the eggs coming into the scene It’s more like holding
Chloe Uprisingstar
Chloe Uprisingstar 17 days ago
So youre the one stealing all my time?? Im sitting here barley any time to breathe and you get the time to lift a car with EGGS wtf!! 😂
Life with Bo Brown
Life with Bo Brown 17 days ago
You lost me at the math part
John Appice
John Appice 17 days ago
We’re literally in the middle of a pandemic for people starving to death Jesus Christ
Zolavi B
Zolavi B 18 days ago
Nice eggsecution!
Ahmad Bilal
Ahmad Bilal 18 days ago
I just feel bad for so much wasted food.
Big Shane Gillis
Big Shane Gillis 18 days ago
Anything to not get a big boy job amiright
ThatWhiteGti -
ThatWhiteGti - 18 days ago
Well that car does not weigh 2 1/2 tons
puhfrugherter 18 days ago
Basically, the force is being spread along the outside of the eggs instead of on a single point.
Im a Ghost
Im a Ghost 18 days ago
So much breakfast wasted
Jahmikey 18 days ago
People starving in Africa
YOUR CRUSH 18 days ago
Thats a lot of wastage of eggs🤦🏻
Plaz1 18 days ago
Wasting food don’t like this guy
Alananotfound lol
Alananotfound lol 18 days ago
Yeah but, why though ?
Anthony Urquidez
Anthony Urquidez 18 days ago
...something with eggs. Where'sy Sandwich!
Shadows Texting Story'
How can a army of eggs Be stronger than me?!
Carol Rullo
Carol Rullo 18 days ago
What a waste of eggs.
S B 18 days ago
Ah another productive member of society
Funny Blox
Funny Blox 18 days ago
HowToBasic: finally a worthy opponent
[JR] JustRight
[JR] JustRight 18 days ago
Ngl the egg look like AMOG US
Yua Aisaka
Yua Aisaka 18 days ago
Ultimate title: how to waste food
Eggs are much stronger than I thought-
MrBootyHunter 6
MrBootyHunter 6 18 days ago
This the type of person who was stacking up back in march when shutdown started 😂
rheam morrison
rheam morrison 18 days ago
With all this ingenuity are the eggs really.foing the work at this point
Jim Lahey.
Jim Lahey. 18 days ago
That car is not 2.5 ton
Neyo Utha
Neyo Utha 18 days ago
don't fuckin waste eggs man... GOD DAMMIT WASTING EGGS MAKES ME MAD! 🌋🤬😡😠😡🤬😡🤬😤😠🤬😡🤬😤🤬😡😡🤬😡😡🤬🤬😤🤬🤬 DONT FKN WASTE EGGS!
SashimiSan 19 days ago
That's not lifting
Alex Freeman-Laverack
If someone asked me "how do you know if someone has too much time on their hands?", I'd just show them this video
lone star
lone star 19 days ago
the very beginning is so satisfying
Eva Freeman
Eva Freeman 19 days ago
Eggs as well as weights
Valeriia Bondarieva
Animal exploitation for this shit🙄
Vince Villapando
Vince Villapando 19 days ago
Saitama: hold my eggs...
Alexandrew Nov Manzon
lifting eggs with eggs
Poppermint 19 days ago
"Nothing but eggs" then why is there a 3d printed case for the eggs?
Simon 19 days ago
POV youre under Quarantine for about 1 Year now
Gökhan Korman
Gökhan Korman 19 days ago
I mean you just wasted all those eggs. Good job brother.
Blissie 19 days ago
Him: *explains in math language how he held up his car with eggs* Me: *math going through one ear and out the other* haha strong eggs
Kaya Richard
Kaya Richard 19 days ago
Are we not going to talk about how the car gave birth to an egg at the end of the video
Slater 19 days ago
That egg lookin car does not weigh 4500 pounds
Hannah H
Hannah H 19 days ago
Why am I struggling to pay rent and this guy is spending money seeing how many feckin eggs will hold up a car 🙄
Martin ltmr
Martin ltmr 19 days ago
1800 la docena? Hp
xXelcuernoXx 19 days ago
Damn bro like people dying cause they need food and you just wasting it like is nothing
Luis Vera
Luis Vera 19 days ago
Yeah Ovid sucks but you this bored you tried to lift a car with eggs?
Jorge B.
Jorge B. 19 days ago
Tiktok is sad.
Fat gurl Nuggets
Fat gurl Nuggets 19 days ago
The little chicks did not lose there lives for this I want you to search up how chicks turn into chicken nugs and see what u have wasted
Hunter James
Hunter James 19 days ago
We gonna ignore that he said that little thing weighs 5k lbs?
Arigathou Bish
Arigathou Bish 19 days ago
bro just give the eggs to someone in need u doing these crazy meaningless things to get attention and clout. But in reality u r just wasting so much food. When i was watching this our house maid came in the room for cleanup and she said why he wasting so much food give them to people in need like us.
Martin Roque
Martin Roque 19 days ago
You have to much time on your hands!!!
6Templar 19 days ago
MST MrEwok
MST MrEwok 19 days ago
I can’t remember for sure but if you put your hand around the egg and hold it like a phone and squeeze it won’t break as easily but idk
Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster 19 days ago
But why
Pwicka the Cactus
Pwicka the Cactus 19 days ago
When a eggs can lift more than you....
itzzeneth 19 days ago
"So what did you do with your stimulus" "Oh...uhh... Eggs"
Alexanderluna 89
Alexanderluna 89 19 days ago
How to basic wants to know your location
Mario S
Mario S 19 days ago
When you're so bored at home
Kaze ni fukarete
Kaze ni fukarete 19 days ago
Homeless people seeing this
KingDM 19 days ago
Eggs are quite strong.
TheHolyRat 19 days ago
“Do not try this at home.” Alright I’ll go do this in the street.
Re Energizing
Re Energizing 19 days ago
Day 5 of me wondering why the fuck you are doing this
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 19 days ago
I think you ment to say two and a half thousand pounds Instead of tons two and a half tons is 5000 thousand pounds
A.S ROBLOX 19 days ago
And u just killed alot of ckicks
The Restoration Circle INT'L Psalms 32:8
If I was that chicken I'd be mad. You know what I have to go to lay them eggs and u playing around.
Javier R
Javier R 19 days ago
i love how there is wood and supports instead of just eggs
Mrawesomeboss 19 days ago
He says 2.5 tons, but that would be 5,000 pounds not 2,500 pounds
JohnGrabadors 19 days ago
If this were anime where the chicken is the MC it would be crying seeing how you made there baby's work to death
Mattkiller 19 days ago
Definitely only eggs
Braylin Foster
Braylin Foster 19 days ago
Starving kids around the world entered the chat
Jana Monir
Jana Monir 19 days ago
That’s just a waste of food 😕
matt person and nothing
Oh yes! This one is a good video! I like this video.. It has logic. Unlike those tiktok dudes that do random sh- with their fake a** reactions like OOMG
localpsychosis main
So many wasted omelet
Cute Potato
Cute Potato 19 days ago
Do not try this at home Me: well... unfortunately we don't have a car-
Rm BomB
Rm BomB 19 days ago
"Do not try this at home " Ah man I really wanted to lift up my car with eggs and waste money on those broken eggs
lilman227 19 days ago
It’s around 1.5tons stock weight, but still very impressive!
Sheeshh 19 days ago
I guess you could say that EGGCELENT EH?!!
Joe 19 days ago
Wasting food. Go donate them or something instead of being stupid
Mr Jones
Mr Jones 19 days ago
Its amazing how people waste food
k x
k x 19 days ago
all these eggs going to waste could have been given to poor and homeless people. but this snowflake wants to get his tik tok famous ..
Jason 19 days ago
2.5 tons is 5,000 lbs, and that car is not even close to that weight!
Ethan Madgett
Ethan Madgett 19 days ago
How many eggs did you waste though? 0-0 :(
Ok Alright
Ok Alright 19 days ago
Eggs can take as much pressure as you give them along as it's the same of both sides
Dominic Santini
Dominic Santini 19 days ago
The brackets weren’t made of eggs
cathix D
cathix D 19 days ago
*howtobasic wants to know your location*
KTM 19 days ago
Manz just killed over 50 of what could've been baby chick's 😀🥲
ElitetheHawkk 19 days ago
Thats not lifting a car. Thats holding a car up.
Nicolas Salazar
Nicolas Salazar 19 days ago
I see a lot of food being thrown away...
Gianne Pagtalunan
Gianne Pagtalunan 19 days ago
You lost the opportunity to use "apes together strong"
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval 19 days ago
What a fucking waste of eggs mate. SMH
Stewart Allen
Stewart Allen 19 days ago
Why people starve this guy is wasting eggs...smh..all for a cute video.
JKLM Videos
JKLM Videos 19 days ago
This guys egg bill must’ve broke through the shell!
Jaylen Walker
Jaylen Walker 19 days ago
“Do not try this at home” Me: watching him doing it a home What a rebel 😎
evvignes 19 days ago
Wasteful and idiotic. Shame.
Cristian leon
Cristian leon 19 days ago
Good shit player
myra961 19 days ago
ah yeahh, wasting food... favourite past time of us homo sapiens
?Justasillybean¿ 19 days ago
I can't try this at home but you never said I couldn't try this in a parking lot
mrRufffnTumble 19 days ago
Where are all the stupid egg puns in the comments? I was EGGspecting more from you guys
kush 250
kush 250 19 days ago
Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers 19 days ago
That car does not weigh 2 and a half tons! That would be 5,000 pounds. It maaaaaybe weighs almost 1 ton. Just so you know a ton is 2,000 pounds
Dracis 19 days ago
Use an ostrich egg