Did the 49ers Just Hold the Most Honest Press Conference Ever? | The Rich Eisen Show | 3/30/21 

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Rich Eisen breaks down the 49ers’ latest press conference and marvels at the absolute 100% honesty of the Niners’ GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on Jimmy Garoppolo’s future as the team’s starting QB.
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Mar 30, 2021




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miguel ibave
miguel ibave Day ago
All smoke and they take a TE to pair with Kittle. Get a QB like Ian Book.
Devildawg 0311
Devildawg 0311 2 days ago
This just in, Jimmy blew out his acl walking to the shitter. Niners are officially drafting a qb hahaha
jmd2k 2 days ago
Who the hell cares what they look like! Are those guys being serious.... talking about pretty looking coaches.
EDP 6969
EDP 6969 5 days ago
I’m honestly mad that the niners released Cj Beathard, in my opinion he’s way more consistent and can create more momentum, Nick mullens is way too timid
415getActive 5 days ago
it's our team that makes it to the superbowl not our QB...how do they like jimmyG
Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer 6 days ago
Yeah maybe he can learn jimmy's bad foot work .
Shaun Kenneally
Shaun Kenneally 7 days ago
Well when you start at -0 , and rebuild HONESTY helps.
robbierob808 7 days ago
Jimmy Garoppolo would have a Superbowl ring if it wasn't for the referees letting cheating Chiefs win
miko foin
miko foin 7 days ago
These guys are running a football team like a small business in San fan. Love the transparency
Austin Stewart
Austin Stewart 8 days ago
Imagine if they take pitts instead just to try and recreate the 07 patriots two tight end offence, it was all just a bluff to get Miami from drafting him.
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast 8 days ago
Garoppolo is a mediocre, injury plagued QB. During the 49ers SB run, he was reduced to a hand off specialist.
doire aintu
doire aintu 8 days ago
That's what I wanted to hear.Jimmy gets one more year, new guy qb in waiting
miko foin
miko foin 7 days ago
Hopefully they go 0-16
Tireak Summerlin
Tireak Summerlin 8 days ago
Bro i literally was im tears when he said Kyle hair was perfect then it flipped the camera back to there bald heads 😂😂
B Strong
B Strong 8 days ago
I think it's Mac Jones
EOS Related
EOS Related 8 days ago
This conversation turned uncomfortably suspect around the 3:45 mark. The hell is this?
doire aintu
doire aintu 8 days ago
the choice before you.
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 8 days ago
BEST LOOKING HC? Easily Kevin Stefanski. Movie star!
Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams 9 days ago
Facts no homo
jaybuzzkill 9 days ago
They are invested in Jimmy, but willing to go balls out with a Rookie! FINALLY!!!!
John M
John M 9 days ago
This got gay real fast
Theythoughthehad A. Gun
I like Jimmy. Definitely needs to stay healthy and improve his accuracy. Last season he missed more than a few receivers.
Kyle Dane
Kyle Dane 9 days ago
This is the way every young quarterback should come into the league. Learn from a vet who's been there, get your shot in year 2 or 3. Much, much better for a young QB than having the pressure of starting when you aren't actually ready to play at this level, and almost NONE of them are ready.
Centaur 9 days ago
Nothing wrong with what Lynch and Shanahan said. Jimmy is the starter for now. If he gets injured which he can't seem to stay healthy or IMO if he loses multiple games in a row, then the rookie QB will step in. In other words as long as Jimmy stays healthy and keeps winning games no need to rock the boat. ..Simple as that. Here's how I see the QB draft playing out for the Niners. 1. T. Lawrence 2. Z. Wilson 3. M. Jones 3.. T. Lance 4. J. Fields That's how I see the QB situation. Jones and Lance are both at number 3. It's a toss up between them. The only thing is that between the two number 3's is that one QB is mobile and one isn't as much. I like Jones but I'm dying to see my team the Niners get a mobile guy. You got to be mobile in this day and age in the NFL..... Yeah I know Brady won a Super Bowl and is a statue, not sure how he does it. Frankly it blows my mind why he doesn't get smacked around more back there. Maybe the O-line is that good. Anyway Brady is an anomaly. I don't care how good Brady is I'd rather have a D. Watson type QB over a Brady any day. My QB for the Niners if available is Z. Wilson. That's the guy with the bullseye for the Niners, but I doubt the Jets will pass him up. Stranger things have happened.
Jose M
Jose M 9 days ago
Honestly I know we had a rough year but I’m so glad how our organization has been making moves for the last 3 years Lynch really turned things around for ys
james brennan
james brennan 9 days ago
The 49ers are capping for sure
Johnny Butler
Johnny Butler 10 days ago
Jimmy G getting mad like he a Top 5 quarterback even when he's healthy I'll pick at least 10 Quarterbacks before I pick Jimmy G
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 10 days ago
very nice of them to tell us everything
Harold Brooks
Harold Brooks 10 days ago
Hopefully they go 0-16
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 10 days ago
If only ryan pace could be like this smh
Joseph Malkon
Joseph Malkon 10 days ago
If the "O" line can protect Jimmy 9er's win the super bowl but most likely his glass legs break!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 10 days ago
The NFL is garbage.
Kevin Lenza
Kevin Lenza 10 days ago
They had to of talked to the Jets. Because there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the guy you want at number 3. Jacksonville is taking Lawrence at 1 so unless you have the number 2 pick, you cannot guarantee you’re getting the person you want. it may be likely that the guy is there at number 3 but you cannot be guaranteed when somebody has the choice before you.
Tom Lyon
Tom Lyon 10 days ago
Meanwhile....I’m a bears fans.
Johnny Ruvalcaba
Johnny Ruvalcaba 10 days ago
Mac Jones or Justin Fields?
SRSOS 10 days ago
THREE TOUCHDOWNS given up in the 4th quarter of the SB by the vaunted defense of Bobby Saleh. Yet Jimmy G gets the blame? smh
SRSOS 10 days ago
Jimmy G is NOT Alex Smith. Jimmy can put a ball IN a receivers hands, not at their feet. The highlight reel of how many passes Alex Smith has thrown to the feet of receivers is LONG.
Wesley Baldwin
Wesley Baldwin 11 days ago
Jimmy has no right being upset about the trade. He has missed just as many games as he's played
j Mikel C
j Mikel C 11 days ago
What has happened to men in sports radio? NFC west has the best looking head coaches?. 🤨🤦🏻‍♂️...geez.
TheUndertakerVII 11 days ago
Kyle Leyve
Kyle Leyve 11 days ago
49ers suck. Go hawks
George Balls McBiggalo
Andrew Schau
Andrew Schau 11 days ago
Wow this was incredible coming from a Bears fan... where all you hear from our GM and Coach is absolute nonsense and question dodging.
Matt Cambray
Matt Cambray 11 days ago
Honesty would be admitting the NFL is rigged.
celwilson 11 days ago
We're excited.. we think we can win... We're drafting a QB at 3 lol
mellow 11 days ago
Y’all gay as hell. This is about sports man. “Ohmuyygoshhhh look at his hair and Disney prince chin line”. Face ahh!! Smh
Cash Rules
Cash Rules 11 days ago
Umm they wanna blow all the coaches in the NFC West
William Leidy
William Leidy 11 days ago
The NFL is garbage.
Young AK
Young AK 11 days ago
Kyle Shannahan looks like hes aged 10 years since he started in San Fran.... Guess thats what coaching will do to ya.... Wild mane
Lil Welfare check
Lil Welfare check 10 days ago
I think it’s just the beard and bad lighting.
Jerry Gose
Jerry Gose 11 days ago
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I. B. Peeing
I. B. Peeing 11 days ago
i love that when they gave us DeFo their franchise was ruined 😂😂😂
Junior Boyd
Junior Boyd 11 days ago
I have to say after years of listening to NFL brass talking in code , I’m shocked. That that might be a public relations stunt to publicly tell Jimmy G they are behind him , while keeping Jimmy G’s value alive as well. I like Jimmy G and it’s not his fault play calling in super bowl went to trash. You dance with what got you here. Example- Teams ahead in 4th qtr by 10-14 points go into a default prevent. Attempting to not give up the big play while taking any aggression away from their front 7.
Ryan M77
Ryan M77 11 days ago
Loooove my 9ers!!!
Joshua Batts
Joshua Batts 11 days ago
He’s gone
Dom-Kennedy Harris
Dom-Kennedy Harris 11 days ago
I think Zach Wilson is their top guy. But They may have to choose between Fields and Lance
coolphil88 11 days ago
They know Jimmy can’t stay healthy
oscar salazar
oscar salazar 11 days ago
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Roy Garza
Roy Garza 11 days ago
Very proud to have these two leading my team, especially after how dysfunctional everything was the previous 5 years.
James Miller
James Miller 12 days ago
If the jets take wilson which looks like there gonna I believe there taking lance
kesayo 12 days ago
Why are QBs so sensitive about the team bringing in a little competition for his spot. “How dare they draft someone high when they got me!” “How dare they plan for the future when they have me!”
Garfield Willacey
Garfield Willacey 12 days ago
Makes it sound like Trey Lance is the pick
kriss monte
kriss monte 12 days ago
I don't see what the big deal is🤔 you can tell by the moves they made what their plan is not 😲a surprise
Fer Agui
Fer Agui 12 days ago
I hope Jimmy has a good year and stays healthy
Anthony Pastal
Anthony Pastal 12 days ago
All for NOT if the next guy is Mac Jones. I don't trust Kyle to make the QB pick. After not listening to his scouts to look at Patrick Mahomes. I can't see Jones out performing Jimmy G.
El Jefe
El Jefe 12 days ago
Jimmy G is the man
Roderick Sullivan
Roderick Sullivan 12 days ago
That was a gay conversation!😮
GDV 12 days ago
What they tell you and what actually happens can be totally different
Moss ka'Yashua Na'Seem Maassaquoi
If the 49ers take mac Jones all hell is going to break loose
TheLoos3Goos33 12 days ago
A Kansas City version of Alex Smith.... You are aware Alex Smith was already doing that in San Fran with Kaep, right?
MrRondonmon 12 days ago
*BEING HONEST* my butt. Why do you trade up then TALK UP the QB you don't like? So he has better TRADE VALUE......DUH. WINK, WINK, we really want to keep Jimmy, really means, WE WANT MORE FOR HIM.
Wongwongwong 1000
Wongwongwong 1000 12 days ago
Just don’t draft Mac Jones. This can be the greatest draft in 49ers history if they find the QB that can win the Super Bowl.
Dj Daniels
Dj Daniels 12 days ago
This lynch and Shanahan pair has been pretty boss and strong force
Alexander Ford
Alexander Ford 12 days ago
Know We Know they best grab the kid from Ohio St... BYU Mitch Trubisky...
Carlos McMillian
Carlos McMillian 12 days ago
What’s wrong with Nick Mullens?
Jason MacFie
Jason MacFie 12 days ago
Nah that title went to the Lions with Campbell and Holmes
Stu Sargent
Stu Sargent 12 days ago
Jimmy G BLEW ITTTTT!!!! When he over threw a wide open receiver in super bowl He went from dreamy Jimmy g to LOSER when he choked at the highest level...MAC makes that throw
Multiyapples 12 days ago
Edward Davis
Edward Davis 12 days ago
Jimmy, get yourself the best medical staff, Yoga instructors, massage therapists (not Watson's), that money can buy! You got one shot. If you get injured again, it's over.
darthsadic 12 days ago
I didn't know Rich and the other bald guy liked dudes.
nick villanueva
nick villanueva 12 days ago
Basically Kyle is giving the League a Wink
Alex Trapp
Alex Trapp 12 days ago
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skeglar 12 days ago
Takes a man that's very comfortable with his manhood to compliment other men's looks, especially as much as they did haha
Damon Callaway
Damon Callaway 12 days ago
Porno Jimmy
Logan 12 days ago
They drafting Kellen Mond for sure
N Foster
N Foster 12 days ago
How much does a good vetran cost compared to a rookie year deal? Jimmy get injured and need good back up. The cost to move up seems high if going for Mac Jones. But they are the experts.
Charlie 2k
Charlie 2k 12 days ago
Told yall Lance is the pick, take that simms lol
Hieneken Man
Hieneken Man 12 days ago
Need someone to compete with Jimmy so he doesn't get to comfortable.
camila restrepo
camila restrepo 12 days ago
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jonny goodson
jonny goodson 12 days ago
I dont see anybody successfully replacing Pete Carroll. The dude is the man, I mean honestly how cam you follow that up?😂
Anthony Herrera
Anthony Herrera 13 days ago
I think there taking a wide out prolly the LSU wr
Ber L.
Ber L. 13 days ago
If I was Jimmy. I’d want out. Straight up using you to just replace you. Watch how toxic that locker room gets 😂
AMAK 89 13 days ago
The 49ers wants a QB who handle the ball to his RB every play.. woooow. Get a janitor to do that and save all these picks. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brandon Riggle
Brandon Riggle 13 days ago
The NFC West has the best fade cuts in the game
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 13 days ago
After watching the NFL n coming back to this again. I understand who the are going to draft n y'all are going to be shocked... Watch
ScarredMomentZ 9 days ago
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 10 days ago
@ScarredMomentZ there really is nothing wrong with Jimmy, a few injuries yet his still young. They can trade or draft a Quarterback next year. They need a pure weapon and the is one in a WR n TE.
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 10 days ago
@ScarredMomentZ Not a quarterback
ScarredMomentZ 10 days ago
Who they gunna draft?
Josh Maillet
Josh Maillet 13 days ago
Jimmy threw for TWO TDs during their entire SB run. I'm 90% confident that his production can be replaced. I like Jimmy, but he's not exactly post-season clutch.
SSChicago 13 days ago
Logan Lee
Logan Lee 13 days ago
Honest? That was everything but.
Royal Ramble
Royal Ramble 13 days ago
I will forever remember the name of this show
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez 13 days ago
They Homeless like 50% of cali. What else would you expect.
Jay Goodman
Jay Goodman 13 days ago
Cutting ties with overpaid athletes is rough😏
Postup Media
Postup Media 13 days ago
You dont trade all that for some future prospect
Denim Chicken
Denim Chicken 13 days ago
The niner’s situation really reminds me of the eagles. Their starter’s ability to be healthy and available is suspect, so it makes all the sense in the world to being in a new young talent.
John Doe
John Doe 13 days ago
Never win with Jimmy G. Frrrraaaaaaggggiiiiilllllleeeeeee