Did I Get Ripped Off In This Pokémon Deal or Did I Rip Him Off? #Shorts #Pokemon #Comedy 

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Apr 5, 2021




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RBHakusho Month ago
It was a rip off. But can u remember me when u get famous? 👍
Water 2 days ago
I’ll remember you when I get famous
TOAST 3 days ago
I’ll remember u
kinuh 5 days ago
You will probably never be famous but good luck
RBHakusho 5 days ago
@Raze Its-A-Me-Mario!
DaEggie 6 days ago
OK todd
ProGaming940 Hour ago
Bro really
Natalie Jones, Jr.
Natalie Jones, Jr. 2 hours ago
How come I don't get it!!??!!
Rado 2A
Rado 2A 6 hours ago
Hate fake ass videos like this. What’s the point?
Mavis Grace
Mavis Grace 8 hours ago
You got ripped off you could have gotten at most $4000 each
Super horny Hamster
Looks like a bunch of $5 bills to me
Danielle Wessells
Danielle Wessells 10 hours ago
Viewtiful Jay
Viewtiful Jay 10 hours ago
How funny this is : 😐
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 11 hours ago
The other guy looks like Hitler and Chris from Mr beast lol
Catastrophic Stupidity
These are the people who live on welfare and wonder why they're poor while counting their overpriced charizards.
Brian Kidd
Brian Kidd 12 hours ago
"Dude I'm bored, let's film a quick video, quick grab all the cash from the register..."
IDJ SMILE 14 hours ago
It funny how something can literally be worth thousand of dollars
Corinthian Victor
Corinthian Victor 14 hours ago
NotSoSlimPickle 14 hours ago
What even is this fake shit?
ExtraType R 2
ExtraType R 2 14 hours ago
Shout out to the dudes fly for being down for the true joke xd
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson 14 hours ago
Don't know about that but dude you need to zip your zipper
Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw 14 hours ago
Okay couple things first thing. You would think if he's going to have the camera pointed down at his junk he would have his pants zipped up all the way. Second thing an honest person would have said hey you're offering too much. And we're selling them for a lot less. But apparently he's not honest. And apparently he can't keep his pants zipped up either.
Knx 15 hours ago
Wtf is he wearing
Critical Optimist
Critical Optimist 19 hours ago
The real question is why are two grown men dealing pokemon cards? 🤔
-_- 19 hours ago
Turok 21 hour ago
How much it says, i cant see it
Bahaa Harahsha
Bahaa Harahsha 21 hour ago
Bruh those can Coste well over thousands of dollars or even honderes thousands of dollars
ANDRES FLORES 22 hours ago
Was the money fake or the card .
Bryce Strife
Bryce Strife 22 hours ago
Darth Mogar
Darth Mogar Day ago
Shit like this is ruining the genuine pokemon community. There are people like us who played all the games and collect the tcg. But now that the Jake Paul shit happened, I can hardly even collect and enjoy it anymore. Now we have these stupid fuckin tik toks man, wtf.
Philip Kane
Philip Kane Day ago
Is this meant to be funny or real? I don’t understand
MUNN Day ago
Yeah this is my sign to get off the internet and go to bed.
Ghostyy 4 hours ago
Good call
a human being
a human being 9 hours ago
How the fuck did I found u here wtf 😅
Carl Bryant
Carl Bryant Day ago
I hate how white people say 100🙄.. "ahunnert" 😒
Yohanes Agung
whats up with the hashtag comedy?
Rogue Gen
Rogue Gen Day ago
If he waits 25 years he might get his money back.
Robert Dorrell
He ripped himself off for handing that much lol
Matthew Patterson
If I had Bezos money I’d do shit like this all the time
brian phillips
Ripped off
Ashok Rao
Ashok Rao Day ago
Poooookemon 😂
Lulu-Belle Day ago
Dude, zip your pants properly.
Crazy Coden
Crazy Coden Day ago
riley the doge
He ripped him slef off lol
Kalgeriax 101
Cameraman once again mastered ability of invisible
Havi 2 days ago
I do like that OK
Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah 2 days ago
And happily live after ! 100 bucks changed his life . Now he have three kids a condo and two Lamborghinis ... See how things turn out ...
KFC Jesus_ZRDR_DelRio
That dude is wearing some serious ice
J.T. E.
J.T. E. 2 days ago
I got all five Exodia
The Mel
The Mel 2 days ago
We all lose
Umbreon Black
Umbreon Black 2 days ago
You got ripped off cuz the rainbow charizard can go for at least 10 k
ERdoc0 2 days ago
I always record customer transactions without permission that aren’t set up or anything 🤠
ERdoc0 Day ago
@RC Wright true, but it was more of a joke at how fake this was lol
RC Wright
RC Wright Day ago
About the permission part - Not every state law requires 2 party consent... Some states, most states actually, it's only 1 person consent needed to record a private conversation, and if you are talking/apart of the conversation & recording, then you are the 1 person giving consent & you don't need the other person(s)' permission.
0 2 days ago
I still dont know why pokemon cards are so expensive
Sam Krajewski
Sam Krajewski 2 days ago
put your mask on
Ethan Bartiromo
Ethan Bartiromo 2 days ago
Fucking idiot
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 2 days ago
After the video- ‘’Bro give me back my 100$’’ Yea bro give me back my charizard too
Azure Emarald
Azure Emarald 2 days ago
Why do these idiots not have masks
Severia 3 days ago
The quality of the video sucked for me, how much was it worth?
Magicalibra 3 days ago
Yeah you totally ripped that dude off
Tsunaro 3 days ago
I mean, it's fake so you tell us.
Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel 3 days ago
MadManAz 3 days ago
Pants so tight they don't zip all the way which is great for airing out the vagoo
EmBEARased Bear
EmBEARased Bear 3 days ago
Desert Fox
Desert Fox 3 days ago
this is clearly obv from the masks
Jon Bilbao
Jon Bilbao 3 days ago
I born in USA… i’m stupid!!! Pokemon!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Wk K
Wk K 3 days ago
I really hope this was a fake set up. Just got comedy. Or you got ahold of that gentleman. Remember mental health exists. And truly not trying spark hatred or be angry but this next part.. is what CAN occur when you take advantage of someone who isn't able properly think for themselves. My nephew with asperger's got ripped off at a local card shop. Once he continued to tell same story over and over. Myself ( the uncle). And his mom ( my sister ). Went Back. Store refused to do anything said it was his offer he saw price of card on list in binder. Well that store. Got robbed.. days later. And truly not by self. The story got aired out to point someone in the community took action.. don't be that store owner. Karma strikes in all sorts of ways.
v carlos
v carlos 3 days ago
I like pretending too
Swifty Mcvaye WithTheAK
What’s the point of these ?
TICCI RODGERS 3 days ago
Be cool if I could read the prices
K1ngCr4bz 3 days ago
Oh yea the camera is invisible I forgot
dogo bruhify
dogo bruhify 3 days ago
Nather he bought cards a gave you extra money
Genrev Ramos
Genrev Ramos 3 days ago
Tbh i just want my fav pokemon than how rare
Damo Playz
Damo Playz 3 days ago
Those are worth thousands my guy 😐
Gary Good
Gary Good 3 days ago
Thumb down. Garbage af.
ERROR_40h4 3 days ago
Bitch it’s a piece of cardboard, it’s worth 2 cents
sheldon white
sheldon white 3 days ago
Lol dumbass
maarten herremans
U just sold rainbow rare and another Charizard for only $100
General Grievous
General Grievous 3 days ago
It's faked tho so does this video even matter
Jes Reb
Jes Reb 3 days ago
TaskB 4 days ago
Why doesnt no one talk about the roof?
허뭐시기 4 days ago
ahmed torjmen
ahmed torjmen 4 days ago
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Peter 4 days ago
noone ripped anyone because it's fake like every video these days
Papa Glock
Papa Glock 4 days ago
Broo if you had them PSA graded that 1k plus
Sajjan Singh
Sajjan Singh 4 days ago
Charizard gets him charged. He can't hold his voice even. Ooook !
Fatts S
Fatts S 4 days ago
Phat Robs
Phat Robs 4 days ago
Uh that shiny charizard is worth 350$....
SlayerZx 4 days ago
People will do anything now for attention
Emily Woods
Emily Woods 4 days ago
How much did the actually cost
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 4 days ago
Stagged, bogus
SevenOfBillie 4 days ago
None of you got ripped off, you’re both friends and making a real prank video.
Random mobile games Tv
No shit
Brian Day ago
KFC Jesus_ZRDR_DelRio
I kinda want a plug and play system necklace
Nathan Kelm
Nathan Kelm 4 days ago
Your the guy to cheat on your homework and still get it wrong. How you gonna fake a video and not make it believable at least.
ImTheCrew 4 days ago
Nosh Desprez
Nosh Desprez 4 days ago
In some years it's gonna price up I guess
DoomCrewLive 4 days ago
dumb lol
Bog 5 days ago
Fake cringe.
i dont wana name
i dont wana name 5 days ago
Next time, zip ya pants
Lemmy Head
Lemmy Head 5 days ago
Greek Salad
Greek Salad 5 days ago
Fake but funny. 🥰
Donald Miller
Donald Miller 5 days ago
I would give $100 for them just to burn them so they can never be in existance again.
Robert Holder
Robert Holder 5 days ago
Wasn't even two charazards he sold the guy because it was all a set up
Oscar Benitez
Oscar Benitez 5 days ago
So fake