Did I Burn Her Sandwich? #shorts 

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Apr 27, 2021




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Aaron Deniz
Aaron Deniz 20 minutes ago
Its not burned
Leah Nunya
Leah Nunya Hour ago
Linda Sokol
Linda Sokol Hour ago
Isssssss crispppppppppp Noooooo burnnnnnnttt
Sir Sir
Sir Sir Hour ago
It's almost burnt but it's still edible.
Meme God
Meme God Hour ago
I dont care its it burn or not i just here OH SO YOU LIKE MAYO?
LANDSQUID 2 hours ago
If she asked for it toasted, it's perfectly perfect. If not, it still isn't burnt, but it should not be like that. It just upsets me that she didn't even try the damn samich before making a complaint.
Roy Hoy!
Roy Hoy! 2 hours ago
It's burned!
Quinsha Hutapea
Quinsha Hutapea 2 hours ago
Wow i wan't to eat it
Šńįpêš 2 hours ago
Not gonna call her the k word * proceeds to say Karen* 😂😂
MrBurgerReacts 2 hours ago
It looks like toasted brown bread
IDunno YT
IDunno YT 2 hours ago
Looks good
What if Guy
What if Guy 3 hours ago
I would love to eat that sandwich
Hana Behl-Lecter
Hana Behl-Lecter 3 hours ago
Never will understand why people would rather throw an absolute bitchfit instead of just....idk...politely asking if it could be remade?
Omia McIntosh
Omia McIntosh 3 hours ago
She lied
death_is_a_ frien
death_is_a_ frien 3 hours ago
That sandwich is prefect toasted
Qussai 4 hours ago
If I didn't ask for a toast, I have the right to have my bread to have a chew. This is totally the employee's fault. But the customer couldve meant that its overly toasty
Platypus gamer Sebastian
Looks delicious
Sweatyonxbox42 4 hours ago
Not a lot
Anhh Tuấn
Anhh Tuấn 4 hours ago
It was a little of burn you stupid karen
Felicia EASTMAN 5 hours ago
Ehh I would still eat it
Precious Riley
Precious Riley 5 hours ago
and you gone eat it?...🤢
Shamar webster
Shamar webster 5 hours ago
No 5hat is not burnt she is such a Karen
Aidans vibe shack
Aidans vibe shack 5 hours ago
ungrateful man. even if it’s a bit toasted throwing a fit about it is ridiculous. it’s not like they burnt it to a crisp.
Frosty Fresh
Frosty Fresh 5 hours ago
Lil toasty on top but who doesn't like a lil toasty on top
Its_Matty95 BOI
Its_Matty95 BOI 5 hours ago
That looks normal to me
Johnny the Hot cheeto man
Boi thats crispy I would have ate it right on the spot I love crispy stuff
Andrew Bonafilia
Andrew Bonafilia 6 hours ago
That is alittle burnt...
Saun_foot 6 hours ago
That's a good bread
weirdboyal 6 hours ago
GOAT FAM 6 hours ago
Well yes it kinda is lol
Lily June
Lily June 6 hours ago
That’s not Brent just crispy
Makena Kamumo
Makena Kamumo 7 hours ago
No it is not brant
P A I N 7 hours ago
I would love to be that sandwich😏😏
Game Sphere
Game Sphere 7 hours ago
I didn’t know 16 year olds can own subways
Vilageeer 3 hours ago
He is literally 21 or 22, and he doesn't even own it
christian Benitez
christian Benitez 7 hours ago
It’s not burnt
Helioxplayz 7 hours ago
It looks so good
Iris Watts
Iris Watts 7 hours ago
It is burnt I know how it looks when it’s burn
Cubing for content
Cubing for content 8 hours ago
A little bit burnt
mullahAbdullah 8 hours ago
its def overtoasted but i wdhv paid n ate
Taylor Nesham
Taylor Nesham 8 hours ago
It's not burned
Email Alt Lol
Email Alt Lol 8 hours ago
Bro it’s called “toasted” not burnt.
Christian Roach
Christian Roach 8 hours ago
That was not burnt it was like the perfect crisp bread
Nevanni Nava
Nevanni Nava 8 hours ago
No that’s like ordering an ice cream and then complaint that it’s cold
Tuesday 8 hours ago
It looks a smidge crispy, but like?? It doesn’t look burned at all
Missy Husky
Missy Husky 8 hours ago
It's burnt. Customer perception is what matters dude. You should know that being a business person.
Vilageeer 3 hours ago
You sound like the person who would ask for a free cookie instead of earning it. And you sound like the person who would say something is burnt when its just crispy. ( You are )
Arakwar 8 hours ago
Zen Aurum
Zen Aurum 8 hours ago
Bruh, thats a perfect golden toast
Jessica Jacques
Jessica Jacques 8 hours ago
Its crisp
Collins Forscher
Collins Forscher 8 hours ago
Not gonna call her the k word I seeee..1 second later “but she was a Karen”
EzClap 9 hours ago
You said not gonna gonna call her the k word and then proceeded lol
Ryuken 9 hours ago
Meanwhile millions of families are dying of hunger and this Karen is complaining about a perfectly fine sandwich.
Joyce Liu
Joyce Liu 9 hours ago
Dude that doesn’t even look burnt
Sniper Pixxy
Sniper Pixxy 10 hours ago
The cool thing that i love is just that he eats it please dont stop doing that i love it!
Akua Dufie
Akua Dufie 10 hours ago
Its not burned
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 10 hours ago
Bro she crazy the sub perfectly toasted
hiamuri 10 hours ago
Other Karen's in chat:ur stupid it's burnt!!!!
Manuel Zavala
Manuel Zavala 10 hours ago
She’s a bitch that ain’t burnt
Clawwe Tao
Clawwe Tao 10 hours ago
No it's not burnt
J 11 hours ago
bit burned.
don't discriminate hate everyone equally
My dad would say it wasn't toasted enough. He likes it toasted dark and for certain things I do too. Depends on the kind of bread and sandwich it is. I only wouldn't eat this bc it looks like it has mayo and I hate mayo.
Kingston Finley
Kingston Finley 11 hours ago
It looks bussin bussin
Aiden and Gio
Aiden and Gio 11 hours ago
relatable stuff
relatable stuff 11 hours ago
Milad i know ur a nice person and all but I have to admit there is people who are hurt cause there name is Karen and are genuinely nice and it feels like u just lied to one of your fans because they openly admitted to u whole heartedly about how they feel and u said u would stop calling people Karen. And don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of you but it honestly just feels like ur lying in this situation.
zaray alonzo
zaray alonzo 12 hours ago
brianBeast 12 hours ago
just had a lady come in not gonna call her the k word BUT IM GONNA ANYWAY
Jacqueline Lu
Jacqueline Lu 12 hours ago
Chase Williams
Chase Williams 12 hours ago
Aiden Wiercinski
Aiden Wiercinski 12 hours ago
She is a Karen that is a perfect sandwich
Golden Eclipse 33
Golden Eclipse 33 12 hours ago
My dude that’s a crispy sandwich and that’s not burnt
Boris Khachatryan
Boris Khachatryan 12 hours ago
I would pay for that
Wrath 13 hours ago
Subway is overly expensive to be fair.
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 13 hours ago
Bruh mans look like a wojak
Corey Zhang
Corey Zhang 13 hours ago
the amount of sauce oh god
Variety Clips
Variety Clips 13 hours ago
I mean her teeth could be bad but than again why did she ask for it to go In the oven
Wren Studio
Wren Studio 13 hours ago
It’s 1.0% burnt and 99.9% perfect
Esther Leow
Esther Leow 14 hours ago
"Not gonna call her the k word, but she was a karen"
Finn Smith
Finn Smith 14 hours ago
Not 🚫 call her the k word but she's a karen 🤣
Jack Watson
Jack Watson 14 hours ago
Why do I want a tuna sub so bad right now ? Reply what sub you want rn
Muna Almaawda
Muna Almaawda 14 hours ago
Give her white bread 🍞 ✨ lol
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 14 hours ago
Hi god bless have a good one
yerher yang
yerher yang 15 hours ago
It looks fine to me its not burned
Mariam Moh'd
Mariam Moh'd 15 hours ago
No it not burnt
World Eater
World Eater 15 hours ago
I wish the sandwiches were that toasted. Imo they're always a little under toasted.
Andrew Shea
Andrew Shea 15 hours ago
“Not going to call her the K word, but she was a Karen”
海洋之王 15 hours ago
Idk man it seems a bit weird... Oh you mean the sandwich? It’s perfectly fine, I like it with a bit of toastiness to it
Nunu Hahaaa
Nunu Hahaaa 15 hours ago
“It’s caramelized”- gorden Ramsay
Devin Devonen Singh
Devin Devonen Singh 15 hours ago
I mean it is Little bit burned. But why make a big fing abowt it. It is not like the world exbodes
small footprint
small footprint 16 hours ago
Do you think she'd have been happy if you'd have agreed with her and made her a new one. That's my suggestion. Sorry this happened.
Mahammed Ali
Mahammed Ali 18 hours ago
a little
daisy basham
daisy basham 18 hours ago
No u did not burn her sandwich
Chris Oyenarte
Chris Oyenarte 19 hours ago
Omg finally a face with the voice. Thank yoi
michael bush
michael bush 19 hours ago
Nooo thats not burnt
Sydney Crews
Sydney Crews 19 hours ago
kberry 344
kberry 344 19 hours ago
Karens are filthy creatures
still gotz
still gotz 19 hours ago
It’s very slightly burnt yes but it’s so barely burnt idk how anyone would have an issue with it if they wanted it toasted in the first place.
TheLuckyOne 20 hours ago
Dude, if you like your sandwich toasted that is like the perfect amount of toastyness!
bnm100m 21 hour ago
brett tyrrell
brett tyrrell 21 hour ago
Seriously burnt dude that sandwich is perfect
Alycia Cromer
Alycia Cromer 21 hour ago
Not burnt
Hunter Pacifico
Hunter Pacifico 22 hours ago
Looks goood