DeVonta Smith and Ja'Marr Chase are each worthy of a top-5 NFL draft pick | Top Prospects 

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DeVonta Smith and Ja'Marr Chase are each worthy of a top-5 NFL draft pick | Top Prospects
Ja'Marr Chase was the most dominant wide receiver in college football in 2019. DeVonta Smith was the most dominant wide receiver -- and the Heisman Trophy winner -- in 2020. Both the former LSU star and the former Alabama star project as future No. 1 NFL wide receivers entering the 2021 NFL draft. ESPN's Field Yates explains the traits that make them can't-miss prospects.
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0:00 Why Ja’Marr Chase and DeVonta Smith are special prospects
1:54 DeVonta Smith’s route-running
4:25 DeVonta Smith’s release at line of scrimmage
5:12 DeVonta Smith’s elite hands
5:59 Ja’Marr Chase’s contested catches
7:33 Ja’Marr Chase’s running after the catch
7:53 The final word on Smith and Chase
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Donald Nguyen
Donald Nguyen 7 days ago
Lol no one wants devonta smith because he weighs 175. Im 14 and I weigh 150. That should say something.
daGovenah 8 days ago
Hi i subscribed solely cuz this guys breakdown
Kiran Kilambi
Kiran Kilambi 12 days ago
Dolphins better end up with one of these two guys or Pitts
DMV Bay 15 days ago
DaVonta Smith burned them all against everyone he played. Who else caught 4+ TDs in 2 separate games?
B Bryant
B Bryant 17 days ago
these dudes are cold but it won't be as fun playing with them on madden cuz the playbooks and routes are trash lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 18 days ago
as a diehard Auburn fan I can attest to the fact these guys are legit but watch out for Anthony Schwartz who reminds me of DeSean Jackson and is wayy better than Darius Slayton who has been good with the giants despite being 5th round pick, whoever gets Schwartz in the middle rounds will get a steal
JJ JJ 19 days ago
Route Runner vs Deep Threat
JoyMike Stanford
JoyMike Stanford 21 day ago
Whoever lands Terrace Marshall Jr. will have the steal of the draft. He will prove to b the best receiver n the draft, and if he doesn't go n the 1st round, or even n the first 20 picks, it would b absurd. Chase will have a good career, as well, and Devonte Smith is the second coming of Marvin Harrison. He's pretty much a clone of Harrison n every way, except Smith is a good kid. Not a gang banger. Chase is alot like Chad Johnson. Marshall? He will prove to b the next Megatron. Mark my words. 👍💯
Marcus Rogers-kumar
I love when reporters criticize qb’s passing abilities when they couldn’t do a quarter of the stuff these guys are doing!
Travis Marion
Travis Marion 23 days ago
I think I'd take Ja'Marr Chase first, but that's mainly because of the 30-35+ extra lbs of muscle on his frame.
Only1Krook 23 days ago
Louisiana looking Good🤩
ChessPiece58 24 days ago
So funny how people still think Smith's weight matters. I didn't see Chase make out-stretched-one-handed grabs, catch the greatest Championship game winning TD or run as fast as Smith. Lol.
Sir Micah Jones
Sir Micah Jones 22 days ago
True but as a 19 year old, he scored 20 times and broke records and consistently destroyed corners that now play in the nfl. Remember AJ Terrell? If you don’t go watch lsu vs Clemson
Chris Akokoh
Chris Akokoh 24 days ago
I would go with Chase, there are no question marks with him.
Desmond Bryant
Desmond Bryant 25 days ago
This might be a Rice and Brown hall of fame type players
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 25 days ago
Louisiana produce the best WRs. CeeDee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Devonta Smith, Jamar Chase, Terrance Marshall. I really could keep going but I'll stop because it will get outta hand.🐯💜💯💪🏾
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 25 days ago
Don't forget Terrace Marshall too. Louisiana boys getting it done baby!!!
T. Wyndero Griffin
T. Wyndero Griffin 26 days ago
Smith is a little light in the britches for me....I'm taking chase
KVNG CJ 17 days ago
@T. Wyndero Griffin chase i just bigger
KVNG CJ 17 days ago
@T. Wyndero Griffin routes, hands
T. Wyndero Griffin
T. Wyndero Griffin 20 days ago
@KVNG CJ how so?
KVNG CJ 20 days ago
Just cuz he skinny, he still better than chase
Keon 26 days ago
All I saw is how overrated Mac Jones is...
Preston Curry
Preston Curry 26 days ago
If we don't get chase it gotta be the slim reaper man. Dude is nice man his bop game crazy man.
KCKSUTX 48 26 days ago
Unpopular opinion. Devonta is the best wr in the draft
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 27 days ago
these are both superstars, but Im going to lean chase. I would be very surprised if either go top 5 as its a deep qb class, and there are elite offensive tackles as well. could see both go by the 10th pick though.
Eric S
Eric S 27 days ago
War eagle 🦅 but respect
Hube Veillard
Hube Veillard 28 days ago
Mac Jones sucks.. 49rrs better not draft him
Danny Doak
Danny Doak 28 days ago
US-firstrs doing a better job breaking down prospects, ESPN just ain't the same
N A 28 days ago
Gimme Chase all day long!
TLangz 2k
TLangz 2k 28 days ago
Look at his hips, this way, look a his hips others way What is the DB supposed to be a mirror? Ofc there's always gonna be a bit of a delayed response
Guy 2 Gang
Guy 2 Gang 28 days ago
Both of these guys should be top 3 picks.
PELICANS SZN 29 days ago
Chase gonna be way better
Payton Maddie
Payton Maddie 29 days ago
Chase was 19 and had 1800 yards and 20 tds. He cooked all these dbs who are now nfl starters
Payton Maddie
Payton Maddie 18 days ago
@SamDarnoldForMVP LSU beat Bama, A&M, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Auburn. Bama only played A&M, Georgia, Florida, and Auburn
SamDarnoldForMVP 18 days ago
@Payton Maddie Alabama played an all sec schedule soooo
Payton Maddie
Payton Maddie 18 days ago
@SamDarnoldForMVP tougher schedule? LSU played 7 top 10 teams
SamDarnoldForMVP 24 days ago
Smith put up better stats on a tougher schedule cry abt it
LEGENDARY ZAY 29 days ago
Psalm 23:4
rambo warrior
rambo warrior 29 days ago
Ja’marr should be drafted before Smith. His game will translate much better. Smith won’t be able to get wide open like he did in college and he needs to gain weight because no matter what you think about Smith being able to play at 170, there’s no question it raises durability concerns
Trapshitt Williams
Trapshitt Williams 25 days ago
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 brah only way he won't be Wide open is if the nfl make holding legal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😆
Jeremy Silas
Jeremy Silas 29 days ago
Funny thing is when you look at a lot of Mac Jones throws, it’s the WR that actually makes the play! Like I’ve been telling people, Jones is talented, don’t get me wrong but he’s what he is because of the team he’s on... You put Fields on that Bama team & you think Bama was unstoppable, they’d easily avg 50 a game & Smith would’ve broke that record possibly 4 games earlier...
The Discussion
The Discussion 29 days ago
Waddle > Smith
Raw Dawg
Raw Dawg Month ago
They are definitely top 5 worthy but its too many great QBs in this draft to pass with the top teams in need of em
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
BOTH from Louisiana. Best talent in the country by far
Mario Jackson
Mario Jackson 28 days ago
Michael Trapp
Michael Trapp Month ago
Chase is better. Smith is fast but he needs schemes to separate from DB's. Let's see him do that on his own. Waddle is better to me.
Mike B
Mike B Month ago
Devonta didn't break out this past year. He literally led the team in yards and TDs in 2019 and that's with Jeudy, Ruggs, and Waddle there.
Trapshitt Williams
Trapshitt Williams 25 days ago
They read this and still say he better then smith 😂😂😂😂
Justin Avery
Justin Avery Month ago
These boys good but just imagine the mid round team that’s gonna get jaylen waddle who falls but is arguably just as good or better
Chisom Adabanya
Chisom Adabanya Month ago
both are gonna be superstars.
Lux Boss
Lux Boss Month ago
Give me chase dont get me wrong Smith is good but to many players opted out this past season defenses were weak all year long Alabama didnt even have that good of a defense even tho they won it all facts!!
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Month ago
Only knock on Smith is that I worry about him vs good press corners. If he can get over that weakness or is used right to limit it, he’s gonna be special.
laynebrock Month ago
He’s been dealing with people trying to push him around his whole life he’ll be fine
ivan salazar
ivan salazar Month ago
Smith should be drafted ahead of Chase. There is more proven character and readiness to succeed at NFL on Smith's side. Also, Smith played a full college season in 2020. Chase opted out! Football is a team sport! Unselfishness and true character are rare commodities nowadays!
Saph Adams
Saph Adams 29 days ago
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy Month ago
ah yes, the wr2 and wr3
Terryl Mclorn
Terryl Mclorn Month ago
Scheme has a lot to do with why Devonta Smith was so unstoppable. However doesn’t take away his special route running ability. I’d lean more towards Chase because he has the size and the speed.
Roll tide Roll
Roll tide Roll Month ago
I’m sorry but the only top five receiver in this draft is smith period and maybe waddle if he was 100 percent healthy with no lingering issues
TMONEY Month ago
Chase to Cincy
I I Month ago
Basically devonte adams(smith) vs julio(chase)
Drujitsu 19 days ago
@laynebrock Jones is taller, not faster though.
laynebrock Month ago
Nah Julios much bigger and faster than chase. Chase is more similar to juju
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy Month ago
Smith to the Giants
Eric TheMidget
Eric TheMidget Month ago
The Giants will get a star at 11 Sewell, Pitts, Chase, Smith or Waddle
Eric TheMidget
Eric TheMidget Month ago
@laynebrock I'd rather have Smith
laynebrock Month ago
Most likely waddle
Flynn Month ago
Alabama’s WR core is always STACKED
Geoffrey Griffin
Geoffrey Griffin 29 days ago
True...but LSU's is better in my opinion.
Xue Xiong
Xue Xiong Month ago
Rashod Bateman will be the best.
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
Henry Rennells
Henry Rennells Month ago
Idk why LSU fans are so passionate about chase being better than smith. Nobody asked lol
Blake Barre'
Blake Barre' Month ago
Devonta is built like Michael Thomas
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
Jesse Cumba
Jesse Cumba Month ago
Either one of them would be great for the eagles
08996688 Month ago
Smith might have size issues but Chase is undoubtably going to fit right in the NFL.
Jonathan William
Lmao 1 good year and you know for a fact mhmm sure
SanmigLayt Beer
SanmigLayt Beer Month ago
DeVonta Smith to the Dolphins!
usuhbi Month ago
Falcons going to take Jamarr Chase at #4
T Collier
T Collier Month ago
Smith creates separation with his exceptional routes! Still can't understand why Philadelphia traded out of 6, SMH!
laynebrock Month ago
Jeudy fell to 15 last year and lamb fell to 18. There will be a lot of talent at 12
Jonathan W
Jonathan W Month ago
Nobody could stop Smitty
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 29 days ago
I would say a lot of NFL DBs would
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
who stopped chase?
Daniel Pedro
Daniel Pedro Month ago
Chase is sturdier but Devonta routes and IQ undeniable
eric zeigler
eric zeigler Month ago
Chase is just better
Abdi Osman
Abdi Osman Month ago
Both real dawgs hope they get drafted to good situations
man man
man man Month ago
So is jaylen waddle
Bayou Boy
Bayou Boy Month ago
Chase any day smith will be a bust I said jefferson would be good and was right chase will be better
Robert Alcala
Robert Alcala Month ago
If I was the Jets I would Draft Devonta Smith the Hiesman Trophy Winner
Give me the guy who can make contested catches more often over the guy who can get open vs college defenders. Hands translate to the nfl better than any other WR skill
frenchtoastmaffia 29 days ago
@laynebrock chase over smith
laynebrock Month ago
So you like smith over chase?
Basically the entire league averages 3 yards of speration....
@Sean Legghette Name the best recievers in the league today. In no particular order Hopkins Jones Adams Diggs Kelce Hill What do all of them have in common? The ability to make contested catches on the regular and they all average just over 3 yards of speration (even hill)
Sean Legghette
Sean Legghette Month ago
That’s the worst comment I’ve seen today
D1chosen Month ago
Theres a reason why he spent a longer time talking about devonta than he did chase. Smith > chase
Steven Zou
Steven Zou Month ago
Only chase should have the overall traits to go top 5 also Pitts for sure.
D1chosen Month ago
Devonta over chase for me
Bosem Jeans
Bosem Jeans Month ago
Both good receiver , I take Smith that long strides make the difference and He is quicker
Greg Month ago
If Miami at 6 can’t get Pitts, than I would hope they take Chase for a crazy weapon for Tua.
Thomas Devon
Thomas Devon Month ago
@Mr. Pop Culture after one season he will gain it with Chase like he did with Smith in college.
Mr. Pop Culture
Mr. Pop Culture Month ago
Tua has more chemistry with DeVonta and Waddle bro.
Rob Maples
Rob Maples Month ago
They are very talented WRs but most of those DB plays were horrendous. No ball awareness, not using sideline, telegraphing coverage, etc.
Spicy Claros
Spicy Claros Month ago
🐬 can pick any one they want 🔥
Greg Month ago
In this order of available: Pitts>Chase>Smith>Waddle
QWERTY Utopia Month ago
Does devontae smith being 170 pounds scare you guys
lil G
lil G Month ago
Yes I’d take pitts, chase, and waddle over him
Evman Saints
Evman Saints Month ago
definitely something to consider
50k in Giffies
50k in Giffies Month ago
yes he’s very frail
S A Month ago
LSU receivers never let you down (at least as of recent) OBJ, Landry, Justin Jefferson, etc.
Fredrick Henderson
@Oke Hermanns Julio is better than all of em so what’s your point lol
Jaden Offord
Jaden Offord 26 days ago
Justin Jefferson had an outbreak rookie season are you smoking??
Oke Hermanns
Oke Hermanns 29 days ago
@Batman Beyond yeah julio is different, should leave atlanta and get a ring
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond 29 days ago
@Oke Hermanns lmao don’t compare Obj and Landry and J Jet to Julioooooooooo
N O Month ago
@Oke Hermanns yea bruh obj was different and Landry was a top 10 wr in Miami
Dwayne Neal
Dwayne Neal Month ago
Smith looks like a twig running lol he's going to stay injured watch
Ian Good
Ian Good Month ago
Where the Kyle Pitts vid at? 👀👀👀👀👀
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
Tyrell Hines
Tyrell Hines Month ago
Bama is a WR factory they put productive wideouts in the nfl and they produce
Big Clout Bankroll
Chase over smith any day 💯
천종범 Month ago
i know ja'marr is but not smith
I Man
I Man Month ago
Ja’Marr dominated every single CB he faced, most of which were all draft picks, including a few first rounders. He embarrassed everyone he took on
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 29 days ago
@Sean Legghette. Wow that was such a great comeback. U must be really smart
Magnificent 29 days ago
@Saph Adams If Metchie would’ve scored then it would’ve been on Flott, that TD was on Stingley. Stingley saw the crossers happen and he didn’t switch, everyone knows you’re supposed to switch, this is common football knowledge. It’s like when a WR sets a screen, that other guy is supposed to switch. If two WRs are crossing paths and you are playing man to man, you’re supposed to switch. the only time you don’t is if the WRs are running horizontally towards each other.
Saph Adams
Saph Adams 29 days ago
@Magnificent I didn’t see 100 yards worth of highlights on stingley. I literally just watched it
Saph Adams
Saph Adams 29 days ago
@Magnificent I just watched it again like I said, two Td’s on flott. Once, smith crosses flott is behind him and metchie crossed behind flott. So, flott never knew. You can’t really blame stingley when flott stayed on his man
Magnificent 29 days ago
@Saph Adams plus Smith still had about 100 yards on just Stingley without that play
Brayden McClellan
Chase is the only reason the Bengals should pass on a tackle, Bengals only have three options, Chase, Sewell, and Slater.
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Month ago
Just take Sewell tbh. Chase isn’t worth sacrificing Burrow’s body.
K1NG FalconGaming
Shaun Wade top 10 prospect? More like top 100 prospect and barely that.
laynebrock Month ago
He said before the season he was considered a top prospect
K1NG FalconGaming
@Isaiah H Gotcha
Isaiah H
Isaiah H Month ago
He probably meant @his position which he’s a top 10 CB at the draft even though I believe they want him to play S
iC l o u t y y
iC l o u t y y Month ago
Smitty is the best receiver besides waddle in this draft. Chase has 1 good season, smitty had 4 games behind jeudy and Ruggs where he has 150+ yard games in 2018. He’s the best in my eyes hands down.
Evman Saints
Evman Saints Month ago
@iC l o u t y y 🤣
iC l o u t y y
iC l o u t y y Month ago
@Evman Saints We are talking about the WRs here in this draft. Smitty is smaller yes and that’s chases advantage, but smitty is hands down the more dominant and complete receiver. He can catch in all ranges at top speed or slow speed and his acceleration is amazing.
Evman Saints
Evman Saints Month ago
“one good season”- first of all it was a historic season and people said that about joe burrow but he’s capable in the nfl
youngmurk100 Month ago
All jamar highlights come on thr baby dbs 😂
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Month ago
Chase is pretty a WR with LB strength. He's built to play week in and out in the NFL. I'm picking Chase
The Discussion
The Discussion 29 days ago
@Jonathan William he did that when he was 19. Smith is a Complimentary receiver. Chase is a No. 1 option.
Jonathan William
@Eric Wright 1 good year than dipped for the money I’ll take smith all day everyday
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Month ago
@Jonathan William You can type a paragraph about Smith I'm still picking Chase. You the acting like a clown like your opinion matter about what's going on in real life. You got so much to say then get off the internet and tell it to him like a man 🤷🏿‍♂️
Jonathan William
@Eric Wright smith was elite the moment he arrived chase had 1 good year and it matters to fellow teammates in the locker room 🤡
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Month ago
@Jonathan William he sign a deal with Nike in August. You think the NFL cares what you think? 😂😂😂
Ryan P
Ryan P Month ago
Sitting out an entire season says a ‘LOT’ about ones character. Both Chase and Marshall jr. bailed on their teammates this season by sitting out.. Give me Devonta Smith and his production/character/ big game clutch moments/championship pedigree ANY day of the week over anyone else. ‘Smitty’s game resembles that of Marvin Harrison.
Andrew Magana
Andrew Magana 28 days ago
@Chris Tifer one. He’s going to get paid? 2. College football for a year isn’t worth the injury etc
Chris Tifer
Chris Tifer 28 days ago
@Andrew Magana if that's the case, isn't that going to be an issue in the pros, at least for 1 season? If so, wouldn't that carry some risk drafting him?
Andrew Magana
Andrew Magana 29 days ago
@ivan salazar when did I say he didn’t? Dudes a stud, chase is better
ivan salazar
ivan salazar 29 days ago
@Andrew Magana That means Smithy did not have a family?
ivan salazar
ivan salazar 29 days ago
No doubt!
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad Month ago
yeah no smith is not a top 5 pick
Darius Williams
Darius Williams Month ago
Say what y’all want about bama QBs but, top tier bama WRs are a given.
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer 29 days ago
@Darius Williams haha ik i went to high school with one of em. They are all studs man
Darius Williams
Darius Williams Month ago
@Johnny Scherer I think it’s crazy. At one point, all the starting linebackers were from Louisiana.
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
@Darius Williams ik im just messing with ya. It's a sin if we don't bash Bama. I have a ton of respect for Saban just wish he wouldn't steal our Louisiana boys....like Devonta Smith and another one of yalls receievrs
Darius Williams
Darius Williams Month ago
@Johnny Scherer even if it were true, LSU WRs being better doesn’t make bama WRs bad.
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
lsu better
Both of these wrs have a legit shot at the HOF if they continue to work hard and stay healthy.
LA7ERA1U5 Month ago
Ja'Marr Chase is better in every category. DeVonta was great in college, but the NFL is a totally different beast. I really hope DeVonta doesn't get hurt, but at 165lbs, the 175 number is fake, he'll easily get broken if he gets hit hard enough. They'll be some grown men on the other side of the field salivating for that chance unfortunately
Roderick Perry
Roderick Perry Month ago
Jamar is literally only better in build. Any analyst will tell you devonta is the way better route runner and stronger hands. I understand the concern for weight, but he’s done just fine so far. Marvin Harrison and Desean Jackson played many seasons. He should be fine.
David Cole
David Cole Month ago
Also think Jaylen Waddle could be the best of the 3. When Healthy he is very hard to cover and can play Specials Teams.
Justme Pooh Shimmy
Justme Pooh Shimmy 25 days ago
🤦🏾🤦🏾 Man, whatever helps u sleep at night. At the end of the day Smith still the better route runner, which was my original point.
Mr. Pop Culture
Mr. Pop Culture 27 days ago
@Creole Tatted analyst and retired NFL players has shown film specifically highlighting and breaking down Waddle elite route running.
Mr. Pop Culture
Mr. Pop Culture 27 days ago
@Creole Tatted Dude STFU, I've literally seen NFL analyst and retired NFL players on every sports network breaking down film and explaining how Waddle is an all around WR including a GOOD ROUTE RUNNER.
Mr. Pop Culture
Mr. Pop Culture 27 days ago
@Creole Tatted I simply stated that Alabama had Waddle running every elite WR route. And he constantly got open running slants, slants and go, post, post to corner, quick outs ,out and ups.
Creole Tatted
Creole Tatted 27 days ago
@Mr. Pop Culture that’s that whole point
Prodigy Month ago
Y’all forgetting Waddle
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer 27 days ago
@Vane nope
Vane 27 days ago
@Johnny Scherer yes
Johnny Scherer
Johnny Scherer Month ago
Rambo Month ago
No disrespect to any other the WR’s in this draft but I’m putting my money on Chase that boy is SPECIAL
BigCal 3000
BigCal 3000 Month ago
Been trying to put a finger on who devonta reminds me of. His route running, ability to accelerate out of cuts, ability to create separation, and HANDS. Reminds me of Antonio Brown. If he gets a solid qb, he could be special
SamDarnoldForMVP 23 days ago
@Saxson Vaa fr I think that waddle is better too
Saxson Vaa
Saxson Vaa 23 days ago
@SamDarnoldForMVP and also jeudy was the #1 wr coming outta college n smitty was the #3 wr on tht alabama team, smitty had to come back jeudy didnt n waddle is gonna b better than smitty in the nfl
SamDarnoldForMVP 24 days ago
@Saxson Vaa did u not watch smitty play or wat Bc his route running is arguably better then Jeudy coming out of Bama clearly ur either a smitty hater or ur a clown
Ry Ry
Ry Ry 25 days ago
Way different
Saxson Vaa
Saxson Vaa 29 days ago
@Jep Malvoisin his route running is nothing like jeudy or ocho lol worst comparison ever
Depressed Celtics fan
That's a fact and if anyone wanna debate I'm here
javier book shadows contributor du
122nd comment they both fall to kansas city
Bodhi Halsmith
Bodhi Halsmith Month ago
Devonta Smith small AF 😂
King Month ago
@wbkim03 u neva know
wbkim03 Month ago
@King did you see the video tho lol no way its a 4.3😂😂
King Month ago
@LEMickey W chase runs a 4.3 😐
LEMickey W
LEMickey W Month ago
@Big Clout Bankroll but how often can tacklers get close to him with his phenomenal speed/acceleration unlike chase who is more often chased down
Big Clout Bankroll
@LEMickey W not really, he never broke tackles, once’s tacklers got around him it’s over with, unlike chase he can break tackles and still not go down
Ralph Blackiano
Ralph Blackiano Month ago
Waddle will be better than both of them
alloneword154 Month ago
Idk I can’t pick. Dolphins fan here. I think bc Miami already has Parker and Preston Williams I would take devonta smith because chase is too similar to those other guys. Smith brings something different to the team.
Andy Heath
Andy Heath Month ago
Didn’t Dolphins sign Will fuller too
Ian Good
Ian Good Month ago
I was on smitty since before he even won the heisman but tbh if the falcons don’t take Kyle Pitts.... that’s who I been favoring lately over both
Depressed Celtics fan
I feel like Smith brings that dawg cuz he's small he got to be aggressive