DESTROYING INVASIVE SPECIES in my Backyard Canal! 😀 Bowfishing Tilapia Catch Clean Cook 

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Florida bowfishing in my backyard canal was so much fun! Blue tilapia are a highly invasive species wrecking havoc on our ecosystem, they are native to North Africa and the Middle East. I show you how to fillet tilapia for lunch I shot in my backyard, no boat needed!
DESTROYING INVASIVE SPECIES in my Backyard Canal! Bowfishing Tilapa ccc
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ron Hazuka
Ron Hazuka 15 minutes ago
You should dress your age ,not your mental state. You just never know what people will do for money!
Bounmy Phanomphone
Bounmy Phanomphone 2 hours ago
ilove tilapia wher part you huter on florida i think i have move to florida
Dennis Phillips
Dennis Phillips 2 hours ago
Bernard Edwards
Bernard Edwards 4 hours ago
Wahya Danuwoa I think the grey squirrel was deliberately introduced about 150 years ago. It has since proved destructive to trees and birdlife, and carries a disease which is destroying our native red squirrel, though it is not fatal to the grey.
Luke 5 hours ago
Just gotta love a gal that can shoot a bow and fillet a fish.
casinodelonge 5 hours ago
Cannot believe there is no saltwater intrusion.
Biff Johnson
Biff Johnson 7 hours ago
That’s crazy! I thought tilapia only came from farms in China.
jodo1971 8 hours ago
Kool vid !
Allen Hammer
Allen Hammer 11 hours ago
Parmashon cheese will make you think anything is good because it is full of MSG. MSG is a drug naturally occurring, but it is added to processed foods and destroys your nervous system and makes your body inflamed and swollen causes all kinds of pains in the body. You can not judge a food whether you really like it after you drugged it. Just way to much of it in our diets and a major cause of folks being overweight. Research Scientists give it to animals to make them fat. So there you go.
I am His
I am His 13 hours ago
C'mon man!! You are not too old to rebuild that dock!! Easily double your views.
Johnny DiMeglio
Johnny DiMeglio 17 hours ago
how tasteless is that - shooting lizards - your California relatives!
XiongysaurasRex 18 hours ago
tilapia is good eating
kevin smith
kevin smith 23 hours ago
cool. i lived in boynton and del rey as a kid. i remember lake ida
alex tamas
alex tamas Day ago
Invasive species? You call that globalization now...
Devildog Clyde DeLancey
You should try it on the grill in aluminum foil and lots of butter. Spice to taste. Charcoal grill, not that gas crap. By the way, damn nice shooting.
Bob Von Bruns
A study was released here in Vermont several years ago on a test that was done on a mounted trout from the early 1900's. That trout showed about the same amount of mercury that present day fish caught in Vermont. This raises the question of how much mercury it really takes - from a native source - to cause damage to the human system. Other chemicals that man has dumped is another problem, but some the source of mercury here in Vermont seems to be natural. I don't recommend looking for it, but I will eat fish from our streams.
Reality Preferred
was that Iguana killed?!
James Parker
James Parker Day ago
Are there gators in that fresh water??
Tobacco John
Tobacco John Day ago
Making me sick with the camera work
Jason Dolliver
This poor guy, stutter and lisp lord help him
Jason Dolliver
What happens when New York moves to Florida
Bill Michaels
Bill Michaels 2 days ago
Maybe barbless arrows for catch and release.. 🤣
Brian Hall
Brian Hall 2 days ago
Tilapia is not good to eat it’s bad for you
Andrew T
Andrew T 2 days ago
I am surprised they didn't taste muddy as they are bottom feeders. I would soak them overnight in seasoned milk. The same trick works with Skate or Shark if it smells of ammonia. I used to own a fish restaurant.
Bernard Edwards
Bernard Edwards 2 days ago
We in UK have a lot of invasive species we would like to get rid of, but I doubt if we ever will. One is the American grey squirrel. Another is the Zander, a kind of small pike which feeds on other fish. We have the mink, the US crayfish, and the ring necked parakeet, to mention but a few. The parakeet is colourful and I like it, but it could become a pest. We also have various foreign plant pests, the worst of which is probably Japanese knotweed, which devalues any property infected with it and is extremely difficult to get rid of. I once tried hunting fish with a rifle, but was unsuccessful because refraction causes the fish to be visible a couple of feet from where it actually is. Your bow and arrow seems to have overcome that problem..
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 2 days ago
Put some bread on the water and the fish will come to the bread and then you can get them!
solofoe 2 days ago
Why do US-first families feel like child exploitation
Oolah Boudreau Taylor
Good job, eliminating invasive species, and looks like a whole lot of fun. Just one suggestion, from a sixty-five year old gal whose fished since she was two years old - what my daddy taught me: take a second and give them a good whack on the head right away. Poor dumb fish doesn't know he's invasive, just put him out of his misery, right? Anyway, good job, and I think I want one of those bows. :)
Allan Daly
Allan Daly 2 days ago
Lovely !
montwolfman 2 days ago
Can you complete one sentence without saying "freaking" ?
tstuff 3 days ago
I wouldn't eat tilapia farm raised in China. I've seen shows that show they are farmed in human waste ponds.
carlplath1 3 days ago
Skinning versus scaling?
KB 3 days ago
What! Watching a fishing video by a woman who isn't full of tattoos and blasting the F bomb is a pleasure.
Living in America
I live here in Florida, and has tilapia, peacock bass and some others of these fishes in brazil either.
Mark costa
Mark costa 3 days ago
My neck of the woods Coral springs and the fort Lauderdale area.
MrBrymstond 3 days ago
If you trust the government, you don't know history. I would still eat from the canal once in a while. Great shooting kiddo.
j1017bi 3 days ago
Looks fun!
Edward Deitch
Edward Deitch 3 days ago
That is some impressive shooting. Compensating for refraction too.
Spike Bender
Spike Bender 3 days ago
I always thought tilapia was a salt water fish.
61Slughi 3 days ago
4:54 That fish is giving up. He's tapping out.
Chet Myers
Chet Myers 3 days ago
3:45 Will you eat the fish that grew in that water? How is the chemical and pesticide contamination in the canals? Think of all the lawn run-off. Maybe all the Everglades water dilutes the bad stuff.
neal patton
neal patton 3 days ago
Are they any good to eat? Allergic to fish but I still wish the bowfishing laws in Australia werent so dam strict :(
Luis Feliciano
Luis Feliciano 4 days ago
Tilapia is an invasive species?
Shawn J Woloschuk
Nice shooting Dar 👌 tilapia (huge) if there a nuisance, I'll eat them often, butter baby 👶 this is different and beautiful video, tks guys!!
Shawn J Woloschuk
Puddin Pie 🥧 try breading and pan fry, or wrap in foil with favorite veggies,maybe just lemon 🍋 and herbs, then baked 🤔
Shawn J Woloschuk
Have ya'll tried poormans lobster 🦞 ? Supposedly made with good white meat, tilapia is expensive in Ohio, blue gill plentiful
crashland5711 4 days ago
Probably safer to eat than the farm raised crap from China.
Brent Edward
Brent Edward 4 days ago
If you're not doing it to eat the fish, then WTF are you doing it for? just for fun? I think you're sick.
david frank
david frank 4 days ago
I had no idea that the snakehead had made its way to Florida. I'm in Maryland where it all started. I knew they had taken over the Potomac River. You cannot fish the Potomac without at least catching one or two snakeheads. Here you were supposed to kill the fish right away and the little booklet that they give out used to have a diagram on the best way to kill the fish. You're not supposed to even put them in your live well unless they are dead. There are a few restaurants around here that had come up with a way to make them taste good. I haven't tried one so I could not tell you if it was good or not. Hope to see more videos from the backyard.
Melissa Olson
Melissa Olson 4 days ago
Fun view
Columbia Gorge Stoneworks
You need a polarizing lens filter for your cameras.
Joker Vbatman
Joker Vbatman 4 days ago
I hope thats your dad lmfao or the tilapia must be gold ;)
FISHAHOLIC 4 days ago
Isn’t it a lost cause at this point in Florida? And how is Gar invasive?
daveski99x 5 days ago
I'll bet the fish in the canal are healthier than the farmed Tilapia. I avoid Tilapia from the farms but would eat these.
Resa's Random Stuff
you not only destroy invasive pests, you can also eat them. win win.
Shane K
Shane K 5 days ago
How are you seeing those things in that black water?
io io
io io 5 days ago
Just a heads up - on your gopro camera having a CPL Polarizer Lens Filter will remove the glare on the water's surface and allow the viewers to see the fish being targeted too. It would make it much more interesting. Regardless, excellent video.
Jamison Bernard
Jamison Bernard 5 days ago
It’s an April fools joke, U said along time ago you wouldn’t eat the fish from your back yard
Jamison Bernard
Jamison Bernard 5 days ago
How fast will a 75 hp Mercury go? Goden
Stuart Blain
Stuart Blain 5 days ago
Impressive left handed shooting... 👌🏻
Rohan Cowley
Rohan Cowley 5 days ago
Snakeheads are good eating
Paul Easterbrook
Paul Easterbrook 5 days ago
"Its a really pretty fish. Look at his guts coming out" HAHAHAHA
Bryon Tapp
Bryon Tapp 5 days ago
I use Tilapia in fish tacos and my wife loves it, great video guys !
PaleRider54 5 days ago
Tilapia are nearly tasteless. I'd have to be starving before I'd eat one.
Acolis 5 days ago
can i come shoot fish in your backyard?
Fred Scott
Fred Scott 6 days ago
your an ace.
Fred Scott
Fred Scott 6 days ago
looks like fun I used to shoot carp.
Greg Raymond
Greg Raymond 6 days ago
G’day mate, I sure hope you’re talking about the Chinese. (HA,HA,HA)👍🇦🇺☮️🤪😁✌️
Paintnamer 6 days ago
More people need to do this to the Asian Carp that are threatening the Great Lakes and other water ways. All the harvesting could be used for fertilizer too. Hearing you say it's so pretty I think of Zen Archer by Todd Rundgren. Keep up the balance of nature thank you.
Stephen Short
Stephen Short 6 days ago
dang girl got straight up aim. Knock em down
cobramanphil 7 days ago
Those are pretty big tilapia...are they active throughout the year?
randy beard
randy beard 7 days ago
If Practice Makes Perfect--You are There!!!
Sunliner Vet
Sunliner Vet 7 days ago
Tilapia: the tofu of fish.
Christopher Holbrook
Snatch n grab
Thomas D
Thomas D 8 days ago
Darci, if the zombies come can I stay with you, you’re survival skills are awesome!
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 8 days ago
The gators are living large with all fish in the canal..
Bud Williams
Bud Williams 8 days ago
Fix that dock before someone hurts them selves.
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 8 days ago
i would like to try yhat with my PSe deer bow
AutoHoax BABTruther
anyone curious how she can see theses fish?
Asdf 3po
Asdf 3po 9 days ago
Cool I am a boynton beach native for 40 years. I remember when Congress ave. Was mostly farm land
Roy Smith
Roy Smith 9 days ago
How deep is the canal?
jeremy74pow 9 days ago
I think the best part of the video is that you are in South Florida and the neighbors ain't calling the police. For those that don't know, Florida gets a lot of invasive fish because people here from other countries smuggle them in and release them into our waterways so they can populate and then they can catch them later to eat or sell.
Mr E
Mr E 10 days ago
Awesome shootin'! Invasive...pluck em'. That said, a whack on the head would have been nice. 👍🍺🎣
HayabusaOrlando 10 days ago
22:09 yes it does Darcizzle. Yes it does...
Kenneth Carolan
Kenneth Carolan 10 days ago
Thay had better dock's on Gilligan's island. Dude! Show me how ta use that bow n ill build ya one .you supply the material
Benevolent Protector
Fish all like, ..Oh good Lord ..would somebody effen help us!
Ponch Love
Ponch Love 11 days ago
Darci,do not eat this garbage. It's saltwater carp..!!!!! Good only for Gators and turtles.
Ponch Love
Ponch Love 11 days ago
Tilapia is garbage.only good for gàtor farms and for both snapping turtle species. ..not good for human consumption.!!!!!! Heed and adhere.
BRICK CITY9MM 11 days ago
Your ribs are touching you need to eat🤦‍♂️
David Oden
David Oden 11 days ago
We shoot Asian Carp on Barkley and Kentucky Lake. They are invasive and, because they were ignored for 20 + years, they are ruining our lakes because they get huge and spawn in the thousands of new fry every year.
L. B.
L. B. 11 days ago
Thoes shorts are outstanding at 1:26
General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan
Pudding can feed the neighborhood.
D A 11 days ago
The Tilapia Terminator 🏹🐟
Jay Sweet
Jay Sweet 11 days ago
Pudd love you guy lol good cooking show
Jay Sweet
Jay Sweet 11 days ago
Lol you are good now
Jay Sweet
Jay Sweet 11 days ago
Good job girl now your unstoppable have a good day love you and pudding smooches
Sealot 11 days ago
It looks like carp
Jon C
Jon C 12 days ago
Bow fishing is so much fun!
Rider of A Pale Horse
Gar are native to Florida.
Ed Reynolds
Ed Reynolds 12 days ago
Why has everyone's videos been glitchy the past 2 weeks?
jaime aguinaldo
jaime aguinaldo 12 days ago
Stewseph Smallwood
Stewseph Smallwood 12 days ago
She sucked at first.