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Jan 17, 2021




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Mikerophone Month ago
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Is R
Is R Month ago
@Cameron Wojie no
Cameron Wojie
Cameron Wojie Month ago
Ben gym
Ben gym Month ago
I would like this trade saint
KingRxDc Month ago
Is R
Is R Month ago
@Unit _ FR tho!! 😂
Daily dose of crazy
Odell ain't leaving us
AdiiZerr 5 days ago
No one cares.
Mike Meadows
Mike Meadows 17 days ago
I would love to see Watson go to the Colts we need a talented young Quarterback.
Beer vs Food
Beer vs Food 19 days ago
Things are always bigger and dumber in Texas
Richard Cisneros
Richard Cisneros 27 days ago
FlemloRaps is better!😂
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints 27 days ago
Yessss deshaun to saints plzzz
buck4life1 27 days ago
Watson is a jerk, he was all in in Houston, now he wants to get traded, what team would want someone with that type of loyalty, fuk him.
Red Dead Dylan
Red Dead Dylan 27 days ago
Chicago should trade for him
Mike Salom
Mike Salom 27 days ago
Seattle should trade Wilson for Deshaun. Deshaun still has the drive for football. The other guy is busy gaining weight and selling calogne.
Rick Walters
Rick Walters 28 days ago
Can you just shut up
2wheelphoto 29 days ago
All they do when they wine is make no one want them
Get Kaepernick to be Texas quarterback he needs work he’s a good quarterback
Person Man
Person Man Month ago
He should go to the colts. They’ve had a great roster for so long and are just a qb away from a super bowl team
Greg Guinyard
Greg Guinyard Month ago
He had to cover this he had to cover that.. what sports channel u work for again 🤣🤣.. sit dwn US-first commentary
erickson silalahi Vlog
He is not my favorite anyway he is whining he is good QB but not championship caliber.
David Steck
David Steck Month ago
Wants to be traded because he can’t win games?
Jermayne Campbell
He needs to get traded to the saints for Tyson hill
rafam1322 Month ago
Great Video....
Tim Meechem
Tim Meechem Month ago
done everything for draw
Living Stones
Living Stones Month ago
its amazing how the ppl that use sorcery fall for sorcery. in this monkey see monkey do gullible society NOBODY thinks for themselves. these witches called media(Mediums) love to subvert you mechanical sheep called society. SMH
CC Gaming
CC Gaming Month ago
I hope he chooses to go to the Saints they need him
Vincent Wormwood
Dude yes! You are the only person I've heard echo my feelings on how damn talented Watson is. I should say Ive been a die hard Chief fan since I was 8. So saying he is at a Tier with Mahomes from me is about the Hignest praise I can give. I really hope he gets to go to a team that fits him like Mahomes did. Also just so much respect with how well he has dealt with all the chaos/bs. It shows how Nuclear the Texans problem truly is that it's beyond what he is ok with. Deshaun Watson you are a Legend good sir.
kolbee911 Month ago
The Jets is the worst place to land for any player...hope the Rams consider him...Goff is too inconsistent and not confident enough.
Some clown on you boob says something........
Fato_ Month ago
god i wish that thumbnail was real, one of my fav qbs going to my fav team broooo
AnAmerican21 Month ago
Arlo Topping
Arlo Topping Month ago
I’m thinking he’ll go to the saints, or the 49ers.
JJ goes to Tampa bay
Just Jack
Just Jack Month ago
He probably messes up the tweets because as soon as he hears about this info, he tweets it before everyone else without checking
Joaquin Espindula
Dshon to the niners!
Saivon Wallace
Saivon Wallace Month ago
We need him ⚜️🙏🏾
Chris Slaughter
Chris Slaughter Month ago
I just lost all respect for Deshaun Watson he hasnt been there that long to demand anything you are paid millions you think people want to lose? And they traded everything away to try to win now and the first of the season you didn’t do anything either like you didn’t have no part in on it. With the Virus and empty stadiums and you quit on Houston you loser Lamar Jackson is a better player you’re not even MVP of your team.., I quit on you.
We are Fucked
We are Fucked Month ago
10 min into a 15 min vid and he says “This video is just getting started.” I mean not really it’s kinda over
Kevin Treadaway
Kevin Treadaway Month ago
Creates opportunity for others. See ya!
king zulu 13
king zulu 13 Month ago
I've seen him bring teams back from losing to almost winning. Excellent quarterback.
king zulu 13
king zulu 13 Month ago
I don't blame Watson for wanting to get out of Huston. Bum Phillips was there last good coach and all that can happen with Watson is injuries.
Joseph Bentley
Joseph Bentley Month ago
JJ Watt isn't the same player he used to be. Watson obviously can't win without Hopkins being his safety valve too.
IRaYnEmAn Month ago
He couldn't get traded to the saints btw
Ze'Courian Brantley
I did it
Mike Riley
Mike Riley Month ago
Lol how would the Saints afford Watsons contract muchless get under the cap? Some of these thumbnails are freaking ridiculous.
Dragon Vlogger
Dragon Vlogger Month ago
Hey de Shawn play on the raiders we don’t have a good qb
Kane Spangler
Kane Spangler Month ago
Subscribed and turned on Notifications 😀 when’s the drawing?
OrangeCRUSH 480
OrangeCRUSH 480 Month ago
If Watson was mad that they didn't interview EB then that's gotta be untrue. Houston CAN'T interview him as KC is still in the playoffs
Jamie Ward
Jamie Ward Month ago
Watt needs to go to packers and retire in home state.
hi_imjohn Month ago
The sad thing is im a Texans fan. Pls dont bully
Richie Greer jr
Richie Greer jr Month ago
Man he need to go to them cowboys for real trade for Prescott
nigel hantzis
nigel hantzis Month ago
It’s crazy that people think he’s not all that of a great qb when before the Hopkins trade he was one of the best qbs in the league
James Rhodes
James Rhodes Month ago
I would love to see Watson down in New Orleans
Roger Simmons
Roger Simmons Month ago
Just subscribed. Great content. #BearDown
Go Hawks
Go Hawks Month ago
I sincerely hope Watson goes to a great team & has an awesome career. He's a cool dude & balls out. Good luck, man!
Go Hawks
Go Hawks Month ago
@Bay Area Okaaaaay..... But I sincerely do hope he has a great career. He's suffered enough! I feel bad for poor Kap too; he started something powerful, yet he gets blackballed. Hope that doesn't happen again
Bay Area
Bay Area Month ago
You'll hate to see him become a Niner being a Hawks Fan... I can smell your fear all the way here... #GoNiners
David Carter
David Carter Month ago
If the inmates start running the asylum as they do in the NBA, it will not be good.
Ebay2play Month ago
I have no ideas where he will go. Especially after his latest pic in NY wearing Jets green. As to where he should go, depends on how you look at. Jets make sense only if you want the NY market and it's rumored he likes the coach. Dolphins if you want an up and coming team with a bad history and a good coach who is also black. Colts if you want to play for a playoff team now with a very good organization. SF for the same reasons as the Colts. Carolina if you want a team that will build around you and implement the most modern health facilities (being built) to prolong your career and where you played college ball (Clemson).
merrick Month ago
May I say any team would be happy to have Watson he had a 3000 passing yard season with shity receiver core he is top 5 right now in QB fuck the Texans I am a Deshaun Watson fan 4 for life
Mr. Poe
Mr. Poe Month ago
Niners needs to pick up deshaun!!!!!
Whiskey Reactions
A steep decline since watson was drafted? No this was the first year since his draft that Houston had a bad year
James Hovey
James Hovey Month ago
I hope the Steelers go after him
fredoswift Month ago
Patriots 👀
TBD Rayzor
TBD Rayzor Month ago
imagine an offense of deshaun watson, mt, ak41, and emmanuel sanders
Jay Pregent
Jay Pregent Month ago
Still 4th
Mkingbosslit Month ago
Seattle is thinking about getting jj watt
Dewayne hunter
Dewayne hunter Month ago
My Ravens will trade lamar Jackson straight up for Watson!! What's up 😊??????
Dewayne hunter
Dewayne hunter Month ago
Texans don't even have a first round draft pick, now the new GM has to come in and fix up the mess that bill o brain made! SMH
Tod Lock
Tod Lock Month ago
Just let you guys know he not trading to any team that's not good why would he that's the case he can stay in texas get him Sean Payton
Gregory Font
Gregory Font Month ago
Hey, Colts and the Saints and have openings at QB Oh Dat!
CALL ME Daddy Month ago
Your racist af but I was curious about watson
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez Month ago
Anyone rewatch for the background music ?
JWA PROD Month ago
I could really see Watson going to the panthers just because he went to collage there
Virgil Tate
Virgil Tate Month ago
Watson needs to play for an even bigger team, bigger than any other team! Of course, Alabama, Roll Tide! There is no NFL team with 18 National championships
I mean to be fair, Brandin Cooks is a 1000 yard receiver again this year. With like 75 receptions.
Jerome Fountain
Jerome Fountain Month ago
go bills
Sweets Poteets
Sweets Poteets Month ago
Hope the pats get him
Duo the Owl
Duo the Owl Month ago
NFL fanbase: Deshaun doesn't want to play on the Texans they're shit Also NFL fanbase: ooohhh trading Deshaun to the Jets that makes sense....
Tatokain Jones
Tatokain Jones Month ago
Boy hope a miracle happens and the giants get him some how
Jacklin Kinnaird
I dont blame them
Artie Brewt
Artie Brewt Month ago
What a nightmare. He's been watching Harden and wants to mimic him. Might as well hire Bienemy for 3 years and go with it until you can draft a QB. No team is going to want to give up much to get this guy. You're stuck with him.
Redneck Sam
Redneck Sam Month ago
I entered
Michael Corson
Michael Corson Month ago
Dog, Clowney isn't very good...
Kevin Kainzbauer
I‘d really like to see him on the Saints team next year if Drew retires. Just imagine a Deshaun Watson & Taysom Hill QB room with Sean Payton building an offense around them over an entire offseason 👀
Alexandre Chamaillard
Sorry dude. Unfollowed for buying from scalpers. Cant support that man. Enjoyed my time here but peace out.
Taz Rich
Taz Rich Month ago
The state of Texas have a problem.....not just the teams....
Mr Jake
Mr Jake Month ago
L.A. Rams need QB ..contact McVay ..
2kDemi Yur
2kDemi Yur Month ago
Denver trades first round pick Melvin Gordon and von Miller for Watson for Both Miller and Gordon’s legal troubles and gave risk for voiding contracts are great trade peices for him plus a number 9 pick sheeeshhh
Yvng_NeetoYeeto Month ago
Deshaun Watson: Joins saints and takes starting job. Jamie's Winston: Am I a joke to you?
BananaBro967 Month ago
Also saints : $100 million in cap 🤣🤣🤣
Larry D
Larry D Month ago
As a Saints fan....I would love to see the Texans trade DeShaun our way! I think he could take the Saints back to the Super Bowl!
Katie Schilling
Katie Schilling Month ago
Hi mike what team do you think Watson is going to
Helen Knox
Helen Knox Month ago
Bill OBrian Coach the TEXAN for ten years and didn't do shit, he traded off all his good Players. we new it was over when they traded Deandre Hopkins.
DammIWentHamm Month ago
He’s going to Pittsburgh they need qb Big Ben is an alcoholic in off season
bama2728 Month ago
Hey Watson, you have to WIN to be respected! And you are not WINNING!
Bay Area
Bay Area Month ago
Shad Dup You obviously don't have a clue about Football. Team Sport not a one man show
Swagger3410 Ramirez
Do another peoples carrer wasted and do joey bosa
Speedyirv Month ago
Matt Hoff
Matt Hoff Month ago
Pittsburgh will take DWat... A guy can dream right..
James Schmidt
James Schmidt Month ago
Would you trade Kyler Murray for Deshaun Watson...reunite him with DeAndre Hopkins?
Ranee Bilka
Ranee Bilka Month ago
The sharp boat climatologically invite because nephew relatively wink off a animated december. outstanding, faded furniture
Chris Nichols
Chris Nichols Month ago
He should just come to the Rams. He’ll win a championship here. All we need is a QB. Very unlikely it happens but if it did....... it’s over.
JJ Watt 😢 " I'm sorry we wasted a year "😪😪 @ 4 year $156,000,000 ? So $39,000,000 a year is how long it takes 25-30 working stiffs to make a IN A LIFETIME.... ya I'm sorry too... ffs overpaid whiners
Ed alhouse
Ed alhouse Month ago
As g.m. he should be able to clean the toilets.= because I would not made the deal He traded away part of the Texans future. 2 #1's & a #2? You have got to be kidding me!
Mike Flanagan
Mike Flanagan Month ago
He can’t carry Kansas City’s quarterback jockstrap I can’t believe you put him in the same category as Kansas City’s quarterback I understand you’re a watson lover but he’s not all that
Carter Brinkman
Carter Brinkman Month ago
Me a Texans fan going to die watching of all these clips of him destroying.
Connor Machon
Connor Machon Month ago
Big Buddah
Big Buddah Month ago
Adam Schefter said it right, twice. Even with Watson @ QB, the Texans job was is not one very many people want. You said it yourself, they got nothing left to build with. No 1st round pick last draft, no 1st rd pick this draft. Now that ownership has pissed off the one and only reason any one would take the job, finding a coach will be even harder, I still say this is still just gossip and second/third/.../ hearsay information. Until Watson, or JJ, or someone actually on the team or in the office says this is true, I am not loosing any sleep over it. It really sounds like Schefter is stirring the pot and maybe should tone it down a bit before he fractures an entire organization.
White Men CAN Jump!