Deep Face Cleansing For Your Sleep🌙 ASMR 

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Hi everyone! It's Latte :)
In this video, I will cleanse your face deeply for your sleep.
I hope you have a good night sleep with this!
Thank you so much for watching and have a lovely night♥

Thank you for your support♥ : www.patreon.com/latteasmr

Music :
Facile by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Apr 5, 2021




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Tucsontim1 Family
Tucsontim1 Family 24 minutes ago
This vid made me very tired and I love your vids
xXblinded angelXx
I JUST LOVE IT!! This was real useful...I CAN SLEEEEPPPP!!
Cherie 2 hours ago
fatih qwe
fatih qwe 3 hours ago
you are chinese?
Khado Khado
Khado Khado 4 hours ago
Excellent idea very good it's so relaxing
Just a friend
Just a friend 5 hours ago
No one: ... Latte: Y'and..
Angels Roblox
Angels Roblox 6 hours ago
I’m sure I watched this last night
Tonton Charlie
Tonton Charlie 7 hours ago
thank you so much. Try ours : us-first.info/player/video/e99re2yLaIOgnoU.html French ASMR
M. Natchev
M. Natchev 7 hours ago
You are amazing i love you😀😀😀
Daddy Hyde
Daddy Hyde 9 hours ago
I havent slept in 3 day but last night this made me sleep so well
frog chan
frog chan 12 hours ago
is it just me...i can feel that steam
Rylie O'Neil
Rylie O'Neil 13 hours ago
I literally fell asleep
* 20181052
* 20181052 13 hours ago
Cookie Playz
Cookie Playz 18 hours ago
Latte: okay... so let me just remove... your forehead.. Me: what? 😃😄
Angie Schmit
Angie Schmit 18 hours ago
Latte when will you do more? I love your videos and waiting on the next! I especially like your ear exams and makeup removal/facials.
Mayra Trimm
Mayra Trimm 19 hours ago
You are glowing in this video Latte! 💜
Latte your so good thank you for all the hard work you do just to help relax others
Rhys Tatton
Rhys Tatton 21 hour ago
can someone help me find other asmrtists that add in the extra sounds like latte? i remember finding another late at night but never saw her again
-ˏˋ Elesis
-ˏˋ Elesis 21 hour ago
Abençoado seja a pessoa que fez o time desse video. Ai sério esse vídeo tá perfeito! A Latte é incrível!
Alejandra_tocablox toca boca roblox
How beautiful is this video without a doubt one of my favorites, to me you look like jisoo from blackpink 🥰
Fizzy Pop
Fizzy Pop 23 hours ago
Remove my makeup???? IM A BOY😲😲
•Marley• 23 hours ago
I think we should notice more often that her fits are always perfect 💅💅👏👏
Elizabeth 23 hours ago
Elizabeth 23 hours ago
I love your video
Puppydoglollypop Pop
Latte: "Let me get some tea for youuu" Me: *goes down stairs and makes tea*
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi Day ago
We love you latte , just stay safe 😘
Clown Dvewsdyn
latteeeee u r so beautiful
chaeyoung supremacy
She is just the sweetest
Yoav Grumer
Yoav Grumer Day ago
Who can dislike this? You're awesome.
kim&maja schlaikjer
Latte om sleep
Ava Day ago
Can people stop commenting that she looks pregnant? Its so fucking rude
Dizzy Asmr
Dizzy Asmr Day ago
Jude Lehman
Jude Lehman Day ago
Who would like to see Latte do a character series? I loved the Christmas village theme. Hope we get another Christmas village one this year Latte! Xoxoxoxoxoxo
xue xue
xue xue Day ago
❤love you!
-슈 Day ago
한국어 영상 한번만요.........제발 ㅜ 진짜 몇년동안 기다리는데..
節約 Day ago
You are making you Matnam 😪😅💔
節約 Day ago
Sleep *
節約 Day ago
節約 Day ago
Dikshita Sharma
Her husband, her future kids and her friends would be so lucky to have her... ✨✨😍... (I wish I could meet her once.. 😞)
AK Chaturvedi
No one is talking about her skin .... It is so beautiful
Chelsey Galaura
Okay, who came here on 4/20 cuz this is the perfect way to fall asleep ❤️❤️❤️
Mostly Kpop
Mostly Kpop Day ago
Ok but we alll agree that we need to have a behind the scenes on how she sets up the shooting thingy and how she makes those noises while applying something when they are not
emily as
emily as Day ago
☁️🤍 love you latte
Mandy C
Mandy C Day ago
Can’t believe I missed this a couple days ago! Greatness as always, thank you Latte!!!
Analia Inoa
Analia Inoa Day ago
This goes to yt ads on ASMR videos😊...DO THINK I CARE AB MAYBELLINE OR WAWA OR DIAPERS CAUSE I RLLY DONT SO IF YOU ADS COULD PLZ GO AWAY THAT WOULD BE GREAT.....anyways that is all I wanted to say and I hope you have a great time for the rest of the time that you are awake UNLESS you yt ads then I hope you don’t have a great time Yk what I hope you walk on a half melted ice cube with socks on AND I hope that YOU gets ads and you can’t skip any of them😃anyways goodbye now
Jill W
Jill W Day ago
I have been watching your videos for awhile and this one I have come back to the most, facials are one of my biggest ASMR triggers, keep up the amazing quality work!
Queen Yams ASMR
Latte. You are the best!! Love your videos and love you!! Keep up the great work 🧡
Jules Marie
Jules Marie Day ago
never seen one negative comment
y’all are gonna drive this amazingly talented human away. stop with the assumptions and just enjoy her content. she’s not doing this to be criticized by every little thing. she makes these videos with tons of effort.... appreciate it and move on with ur lives.
MEEMOO 34 Day ago
Latte says : Let me just remove your forehead down to your nose . Me: Just take your time .
Crochet Play
Crochet Play Day ago
*Latte* - "I am so sorry, I melted your eyelid by mistake." *Me* - "Oh, no worries at all. Not at all. I have another one."
Sandiberu 2 days ago
Latte is my perfect relaxing day. Have a sweet dreams. Zzz
Dobs Patto
Dobs Patto 2 days ago
Hi you need your nails doing lol.
Shima Afrasiyabi
Shima Afrasiyabi 2 days ago
Where are u?
craffte 2 days ago
It would be great if you could give us your lovely lovely lovely music playlist. Or just the music to this. It's so perfect coming from the background. Not too loud, not too soft. It is so welcoming in the beginning. We so appreciate all your work. Thank you, Latte. You have gotten a lot of people through some really tough times. Love from New York.
Rebecca McCoy
Rebecca McCoy 2 days ago
I love how you call them troubles. They are indeed little pests! 😀
I can't sleep without watching this video ✌🏻
Lara G
Lara G 2 days ago
'lavender is good for relaxation, so it will help you relax...' *Me having a lavender spray in my room*
shinkathzbeast 2 days ago
No matter how her physical changed, she is still my favorite. 💖
Ali Brown
Ali Brown 2 days ago
Why do people down arrow. Just full of negativity
xoxo Loveis
xoxo Loveis 2 days ago
If it’s green screen how she touching things -
Lucy Bryson
Lucy Bryson 2 days ago
Hi how are you
Róża ROSS 2 days ago
Świetny ASMR pozdrawiam z POLSKI
Emma M.
Emma M. 2 days ago
Which ASMR artist should I watch when I like Latte?
Ava Day ago
Gentle whispering
Cc C
Cc C 2 days ago
교정 해준 의사 혼나야겠네...
DhiyanoiseASMR 2 days ago
So relaxing dear. New subby
Vincent 2 days ago
the only difference I see in this video is the way she got prettier
dulci araujo
dulci araujo 2 days ago
tysm latte !! your videos always calm me down and make me sleep
for some reason I feel like, Latte is our mom. she cares for us ✅ she treats us like family✅
ASMR comfort zone
I'm taking off asmr. Just with a squeezing sponge. I love ASMR 😃😍
Glitch L
Glitch L 2 days ago
Excelente video como siempre. Por cierto, alguien más notó la lámpara rota de atrás?
Stefan Pioli
Stefan Pioli 2 days ago
Ms Latte, do you accept donations? If yes, where can I send them! You are amazing !!!
Leighanna Brown-Hobbs
her patreon!!
Stefan Pioli
Stefan Pioli 2 days ago
Pure, real loving individual !!! God bless you latte, the World. needs beautiful souls like yours ! ♥️♥️♥️
Stefan Pioli
Stefan Pioli 2 days ago
What a beautiful soul ! Women like Latte are real natural beauty! No botox, no filler, no fake breast can ever replace inner beauty! Inner beauty is unique ! The man that will share his life with her is a blessed and lucky man !
chaeyoung supremacy
extremely straight comment
Zoe Keaney
Zoe Keaney 2 days ago
me thinking that she has like a million rooms in her house...
jUnGkOoK's RiP bAlm-
Jaiden Jones
Jaiden Jones 2 days ago
green and purple color video 🥰🥰🥰 💚🍀🍃🌱🥑🦖🌳🦎🥒🦜🍏🥬🦠💜👾🍇☂️🍆💟🤰👩‍🎤🟪🪁🧕🧞
Amanda Sessions
Amanda Sessions 2 days ago
I will never get tired of watching Latte make tea
mohdrais82 2 days ago
Latte you getting cubby now 😂
chaeyoung supremacy
Ava Day ago
Why would you say that to someone? What a horrible person you are
bustanut 2 days ago
Wtf she looks fine
kat o
kat o 2 days ago
she has so many different set ups, she must have thousands of rooms in her house
Maia Borden
Maia Borden 2 days ago
All I wanna say Is
p.f. blackmon
p.f. blackmon 3 days ago
she is a rock star, and all, but her voice is just TOO delicate and soft. it's just too much for me; almost annoying. i'll have to pass. sorry.
p.f. blackmon
@chaeyoung supremacy yeah. i just wish there were more, including hers, videos of less whispering, and more talking...or soft talking. just sayin'.
chaeyoung supremacy
You know you can just...not watch her videos right?
bustanut 2 days ago
That doesn’t make sense it’s too professional?
Sofia 3 days ago
I suffer from panic attacks and this helps me so much, thank you latte
「 Cxlor チェリー 」
This was posted on mah birthday :} Perfect gift I stumbled upon for myself :D
「 Cxlor チェリー 」
@Sofia Thanks! :0 I see what you did there- lol
Sofia 3 days ago
happy lat(t)e birthdayyy
Ivshlime 3 days ago
Your voice is so calming latte, I watch your videos every night and they always make me fall asleep⭐️
Me: have asleep 🤤 Random add in the middle of the video: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THIS WONDERFUL VACUME, ITS WIRELESS TO! Also me: falls off bed* NO I DON’T THAT VACUME I WANT TO SLEEP!
Mei Alexander
Mei Alexander 3 days ago
i always feel bad falling asleep to these because so much time and care has gone into them
batcat4eternity fanfics
JaY nGuYeN
JaY nGuYeN 3 days ago
Lujain Lujain
Lujain Lujain 3 days ago
*sleeps fast*
ツLinoLee 3 days ago
I just had sleep paralysis and your voice totally calmed me down
Julie BORG
Julie BORG 3 days ago
I am in love with you and your asmr
Ravyn Kalfayan
Ravyn Kalfayan 3 days ago
Latte please do a behind the scenes video !! I know a lot of us are dying to see how you put your sets together 🥰💖
Alakay Pino
Alakay Pino 3 days ago
she carefully puts her videos together its awsome
Malva Hej
Malva Hej 3 days ago
I wish this was real
this was so beautiful i didn't want to actually fall asleep 😔💙 you are so soothing and it definitely helped that you explained every step of the way! it helps your 'customer' be more relaxed
3 days ago
this might be a little weird but i feel like she smells like those warm vanilla candles from Bath and Bodyworks and rain
Jessie van Veluwen
you are the first person to ever give me tingles!! thank you so much
its char
its char 3 days ago
48:40 me sat here with a bunch of spots all over my nose chin and forehead: thanks, latte😊