DDG Tells Adin Ross That Blueface & Polo G Don’t Mess With Him... 

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 98   
Ray Beluli
Ray Beluli 38 minutes ago
Lot a square footage where ddg stay
Garrett Burks
Garrett Burks 3 hours ago
We gon gloss over the fact this man Blueface is acting like a Crip Evangelist tryna get people to claim shit 🤣🤣
indio loco
indio loco 4 hours ago
DDG low-key a chill dude I'd hang wit him fr fr 🥶
brandon duval
brandon duval 6 hours ago
Those dudes are too filled with their ego is why
75 revy
75 revy 7 hours ago
u real friends wit sm1 when yall can say a gay joke here n there
Nas416 7 hours ago
what kind of sweater is ddg wearing?
Dirty FPV
Dirty FPV 10 hours ago
Blue face is such a POS.
Gregory Little
Gregory Little 14 hours ago
listen, you say its apart of your image online. he should understand that being a entertainer. either he will fuck with you or he wont. but remember you benefit either way so what does it really matter
Myha dadon
Myha dadon 18 hours ago
"We're in Cali this is like gang land"
John Moriarty
John Moriarty 20 hours ago
ayo adin why your chair say quersus queer-sus
thatone gamer
So this is white t-shirt guy
That one kid in class 0:56
Yannick Joshua
Adiii: he didn't fw that 🤨😟 DDG: NAHHB😶😶
Kobe Nicdao
Kobe Nicdao Day ago
DDG seems like a real friend fr
Tyrone Skylit
He is so white it hurts
Bubby 15 hours ago
he’s just trolling cuz normal people laugh at these hood dudes
Rowan L
Rowan L Day ago
I thought Adins whole thing was an act but after reading these comments I’m not so sure lmao Edit: I don’t mean the sus jokes lol, I mean the whole being clueless thing
Its Broly
Its Broly Day ago
bro adin is high as shit
peyton Schultz
Y’all always fucking wit stoner Ross 😂
Its Broly
Its Broly Day ago
ddg has a lot of potential but it’s too within him
Sage Tringale
How does he not get it? Read the room bro
Hared Rojas Damian
To ask them say hey man sometimes I like to say like funny jokes for my stream
Redhead_Sed Day ago
DDG look like he gets no sleep
Synx Fc
Synx Fc Day ago
Jesus Christ loves you .
daddy Day ago
the way ddg was talkin to adin was like a movie
Jesse Mason
Jesse Mason 2 days ago
He actually gay bru
Sparks 2 days ago
I feel bad for adin rappers just sometimes don’t get it, all my respect to DDG he is actually chill about it.
Ma1q 2 days ago
How blue face even get famous
Ducky 2 days ago
props to ddg
Lil-homie Quan
Lil-homie Quan 2 days ago
Idk why df I be watching these shits but I do 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Aidan Badger
Aidan Badger 2 days ago
DDG is awesome mans is the best
Alex Roy
Alex Roy 2 days ago
ddg whatever the hell that means sucks at music
Dig Snake
Dig Snake 2 days ago
I Am watching you Adinnn... be careful man
NBA KHI 2 days ago
BlueFace trash anyway Lmaoo😂😂😂
Rxvert Thief
Rxvert Thief 2 days ago
Breaking news “admin Ross dead for acting too oh ummmm “SUS” on stream” lmfaooo
Simtha Khumalo
Simtha Khumalo 2 days ago
Adin waa jus joking around but i guess blueface doesn't like those jokes
christopher melo
christopher melo 2 days ago
Ddg really had a real conversation with adin about the consequences cause adin young and new to this amount of fame
Bubby 23 minutes ago
@Ansah it’s just the truth. it actually seems they don’t know how dumb they look from the outside looking in💀
Ansah 48 minutes ago
@Bubby damn u talkin a lot of shit 🤣
Bubby 54 minutes ago
@Ansah that’s why we laugh at them. they take themselves way too seriously with their fragile egos.
Ansah Hour ago
@Bubby But some of these hood guys don't play that shit, so anything can happen
Bubby 2 hours ago
@Glarings adin don’t care. normal people laugh at these hood guys.
Knot 2 days ago
Adin seem like ddg lil brother 😂
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez 2 days ago
Adin - “I am ? I’m a grown ass man ?”😭😭😭
Jaydee Grieves
Jaydee Grieves 44 minutes ago
Jaydee Grieves
Jaydee Grieves 45 minutes ago
Jaydee Grieves
Jaydee Grieves 45 minutes ago
CID The Science Kidd
Wait I thought blue face was fucking with the whole stream lol
SurYoYo_Mafia 2 days ago
Dat boi ddg high as hell 😭😭😭
qualified dank
qualified dank 2 days ago
Poor adin
Marise Barosy
Marise Barosy 2 days ago
3:42 Adin's reaction was so funny 😂 Edit: 4:52 was funny to
Hunter TheGreat
Hunter TheGreat 2 days ago
I feel like all of this is like over exaggerating lol. Like all of this just because he was doing sus raps like no one has never heard of that shit
Jon 2 days ago
I can’t tell if he is serious or not
Samsstuff 2 days ago
yo a din is so dumb haha
Rane Talarczyk
Rane Talarczyk 3 days ago
Damn blueface try to snatch your chain on the way out, he definitely dont fw you 😂
YbDaNiEl 11
YbDaNiEl 11 3 days ago
No hard core gang bangers gonna be on twitch or yt 🤣😭
pjmac550355 3 days ago
I think a lot of his fans are just mesmerized on how he’s able to move so freely and be himself around black people. It’s a phenomenon to them
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 3 days ago
Bro Adins gonna get himself killed lmao
Biggieboss power
Biggieboss power 3 days ago
Dude Adin is such a good Troll i swear i can read him but i bet alot of People cant otherwise they would punch him hes a classic Troller his Mimik and Facial Expression shows hes trolling all the fucking Time from start to finish i promise you hes trolling everytime!!
BAGZ ApplesPearsGrapes
DDG. Such a great bloke. Has a heart of gold.
John johnson
John johnson 3 days ago
😂😂the beginning the funniest shit
Juan Antonio Rocha
Ddg the most respectable artist/ yt out there
Thre3EyedRaven 3 days ago
Jaden Sanders
Jaden Sanders 3 days ago
w friend
Santiagos Know It All
Why they talkn bout who gay an whos not wen it was 3 dudes sittin in one niggas room like all chillin idk i mean!!! The whole scenario seems gay_ish i mean js
Denise Cochran
Denise Cochran 3 days ago
Yo so my name is ikaika and I was wondering if I could meet u in la sometime I watch all the videos and I'm a huge fan
Nookie From cord
Nookie From cord 3 days ago
Nigga should and stuck to US-first and yes his music did good but duh cuz he got hella subs
Robin Loon
Robin Loon 3 days ago
Ddg is cooked as fuck 😂
Robin Loon
Robin Loon 3 days ago
I love the life advice ddg was giving to adin 🤣
Ericfrmdacraft T
Ericfrmdacraft T 3 days ago
Interview lil nas x
Wesselkss 3 days ago
He was scared af.
SCOTT CLAXTON 3 days ago
Dudes a straight up clown thinking people good with that goofy shit
Nathan Morse
Nathan Morse 3 days ago
DDG lit asf lmaooooooo
Travis Saldana
Travis Saldana 3 days ago
LA crips don’t even fuck with blue face lol
Clifford Innocent
i wanna meet ddg now😭 but y’all seen how adin talkin bout “i’m so high” when he barely took one hit and forgot to inhale💀
BIGDADDY MATT 3 days ago
I’m not lying that DDG just a whole mood
Lee O' Donoghue
Lee O' Donoghue 3 days ago
the Character You Play Is. By. Far One Of the Best . .. .., .... ,........ One Of the Better For Content. Keep Whatever You Have Going - Going ,,,,, that's Your Brand Your Hustle ,,,,, You Found Something that Sells Soooooo While It Does ,,,,, and People Will always Hate even Doe they Find It Funny Good Job
david purcell
david purcell 3 days ago
I’ve never watched or do I plan to keep watching this dude. Just came across the video... I don’t know anything about dude at all but from the first 3 min of this video... this guy is honestly too much.. like very extra about this littlest things.. and he’s someone I wouldn’t be chillin with.. he clearly has a lot off growing up and maturity to gain in his life.. that’s just me and my first impression. I don’t get how ppl like him make all this money and don’t even know a quarter of what’s out there in this world.
Yami Atem
Yami Atem 3 days ago
It's cool to joke fam but don't play with those street dudes who lost homies in the field that's a death wish DDG basically trying to tell you that they wouldn't get that you joking just be safe out there he right though you in LA.
Luis Murga
Luis Murga 4 days ago
ngl DDG acc looks like reiss nelson
Kar3c -
Kar3c - 4 days ago
DDG the chilliest dude ong and he fire
This what you call a humble nigga with money ddg
Luis Terry
Luis Terry 4 days ago
adin, think about yo future bru. u really wanna be actin sus around every person u meet?
Luis Terry
Luis Terry 4 days ago
0:22 lol wtf is that
Random Of the hobos
Damn he’s really out here saving adins life
Achromatic95 4 days ago
DDG is probably one of the most humble rapper and probably one of the last remaining
Nolan Conoroy
Nolan Conoroy 4 days ago
Let me come on and bring some good zaza from Michigan an chill sometime
Nolan Conoroy
Nolan Conoroy 4 days ago
What’s up adin
EVLN Physics
EVLN Physics 4 days ago
Blue face kinda kill the mood ngl he just straight up disrespectful and at the end of the day it’s adins stream and they should loosen up
Tha Dark Saiyan
Tha Dark Saiyan 4 days ago
this shit is truly hilarious dawg.
Tci Delly
Tci Delly 4 days ago
ddg high afs
Boxing Guru
Boxing Guru 4 days ago
Bruh where did adin even come from? He is funny as hell tho lol
ty meehan
ty meehan 4 days ago
Tee grizzly hurt you
Dean Jamali
Dean Jamali 4 days ago
that fucking intro is so damn loud god damn
Siah 100k
Siah 100k 4 days ago
Jesus loves you 🏐
Chaotic MMLP
Chaotic MMLP 4 days ago
DDG so fried
IRusHd Team
IRusHd Team 4 days ago
Lmfao damn blue face is one of those annoyin fucks
Nildos King
Nildos King 4 days ago
Sus humor the best
Miguel Nunez
Miguel Nunez 4 days ago
“Am I actually a grown man”😂
Tiba Steward
Tiba Steward 4 days ago
Zamara Spence
Zamara Spence 4 days ago
DDG - "I'm too high for this shit"
ArtOfWaveTv 4 days ago
US-firstrs be burnt out looking for Clout
SMOKEX 5 days ago
How’s Aidan collating w everyone but jack Harlow he deadass would be on his level trolling wise
smooth xbabby
smooth xbabby 5 days ago
I subscribe to you but only because Polo g blue face and ddg is my dogs
musicandsh*t 5 days ago
Half the shit Adin says i dont know how he doesn’t burst out laughing like he acts so dumb for content
Pearl Paranihi
Pearl Paranihi 5 days ago
I love ddg
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch 5 days ago
This why I like DDG dude isn't on no tough guy shit and he's killing it in music