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Are we near an Apocalypse. Are the end of times really closing in. This second acts a pre secondary installment to my song called Book of Revelations. If you have time go check that out after along with Dear God. I think this topic is important. What are your thoughts on a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Let me know in the comment section as I love to read and reply to as many as I can. Do you believe God is soon returning? This song is meant to create a discussion. Thank you. Let's share and make an impact. My name is Dax and I am an artist who is currently creating something out of absolutely nothing.

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Shot By: Logan Meis
Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
#Apocalypse #bookofrevelation #God #dax
I see violence
And I hear sirens
Uh oh oh
No where to go
No where to run
They gave me the shot
They took away guns
nothing to eat
We can’t go to sleep
We’re stuck in our homes
They’re flooding the streets
Everyone watching and glued to their screens
misinformation like every week
This ain’t no game better choose your side and protect your soul
devil is lurking he’s looking for victims in power to use and regain his control
No one to trust everybody’s corrupt
End of the world really feels like it’s close
Feels like it’s Truman and I’m just a person they’re watching at home on a evening show
Fake information and all of it’s free
Dumb politicians, Corrupt police
Tanks and riots, bodies piling, smell of
corruption is flooding the streets
Children are crying there’s nothing to eat
Left and right there’s no in between
Who do we trust when it’s us against us and we’ll do anything just to get a retweet
2021’s no joke boy you better stay inside pray to God during these times
Let me you give some advice, at night, stay inside, your life has a price, they will buy
Everybody’s trying to fight, gas prices spiked, no bus can’t walk we can’t drive
Everybody's on edge, trying to get ahead, so I’m chucking up this peace sign
Let me get into the real
They I don’t care how you feel
You’re just animal and you’re their next meal
There’s no peace
I pray to god on my knees
The gates of hell open are we can all feel that heat
I remember when everything changed
When Technology went from an aid to the primary poison of all of our Brains
We’ve been programmed to think that we need it we slave and we worship it everyday
and in every way we’re becoming the robot they gave us and losing humanities way
I see violence
And I hear sirens
Uh oh oh
No where to go
No where to run
They gave me the shot
They took away guns
nothing to eat
We can’t go to sleep
We’re stuck in our homes
They’re flooding the streets
Everyone watching and glued to they screens
misinformation like every week
If you're a soldier stand up ya know
Stay 10 ten toes
look em face
don’t you fold
They’re watching your moves I hope that you know
People are dying because of religion
Selling sex, selling children
Genocides, waters rise, Homicides, missing women,
rich got richer
what did they do?
man they cut out small business
fake statistics,
flood the streets with drugs and filled up all the prisons
They’re shifting the energy
You can’t see the enemy
God is returning they don’t got to say it the climates been telling me
From way the they’re abusing the teachings and pushing religion like it’s an accessory
Pick a side it’s the dark or the light, in the scariest times that we’ve seen in a century
I see violence
And I hear sirens
Uh oh oh
No where to go
No where to run
They gave me the shot
They took away guns
nothing to eat
We can’t go to sleep
We’re stuck in our homes
They’re flooding the streets
Everyone watching and glued to they screens
misinformation like every week
Put ya lighters up
Put ya lighters up
Put ya lighters up


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Mar 23, 2021




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Dax 22 days ago
Protect your soul... Share and help spread the message. Available on ALL streaming PLATFORMS: ingroov.es/apocalypse-pc
Ghosting SoWell
Ghosting SoWell 9 days ago
Awesome work
YRS Mikeyy
YRS Mikeyy 9 days ago
Dax the goat all the other rappers spit bout bullshit keep it up brother
ts Lafferty
ts Lafferty 18 days ago
@Cursed Kennedy no hope for you my friend
Will Howe
Will Howe 18 days ago
You got it bro
Bethany’s Daily Life
I’m from the live I’ve been flipping back-and-forth for the past 25 minutes watching the video commenting coming to your live commenting I’ll do it until your live ends bro I got you Fam💕❤️✅💯⭐️🔥✊🏼✅ your music is what our world is missing as a whole and your music always puts the pieces back together in my life I have so much respect and love for you.
wiseone 777
wiseone 777 2 hours ago
The truth keep speaking it brother . For the ppl unity is the way fear nothing be ready . Much love ✌🏼✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾
BRICK MASON 3 hours ago
Way to speak Dax 💯
Reaper 205
Reaper 205 3 hours ago
So much in one song new realizations everytime i hear it
Moises Aponte
Moises Aponte 3 hours ago
I’m 31 years old and have seen countless wars and disasters in my lifetime. Yet times likes these and artists like you make me appreciate that I exist at this present time. Without pain there is no joy. Ty brother
Chrisymitchell Aka fat as a panda
Young people like my self on in quick sand they try and put holds on us and rather criminalise us then help us there is no peace on the street u see young people die ever day in Birmingham and fill there bodys full of drugs u think there is help theres not ive been homeless no family ive experience neglect no help from social services as i was in care and in the care system dax is putting a message out there people want to stop it beacuse hes telling the true let people here the truth ive been in shared housing ive been robbed multiple times in them had my door booted off they discriminate u over convictions friends become users take your kindness for weakness you become vulnerable and people use you for your vulnerability next thing there taking your money the care system where im from in Dudley in the the west mids would rather see u in pain and no help the system is corrupt u people who may pay taxes it gos on crap why dont they knock down building and build things that are useful like mental health hospitals mental health is serious and its killing the human race even quicker government are greedy knock down buildings that are not in use but no they spending it on stupid shit thats not going to help the community
Atmos 4 hours ago
such a fucking masterpiece, this and "Dear God".....
Chrisymitchell Aka fat as a panda
I cant stop listening to this radio have play this is a fucking banger dax keep up man ive been writing my self dont listen people who criticize you man your amazing i would to meet in person the words the lyrics the flows the punchlines are amazing your so talented
Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem 5 hours ago
Scary reality that is real time, especially here in Minneapolis Minnesota, we dont even know which riot / protest to partake in, 2 Police Killings being litigated at once
Neeraj Lehar
Neeraj Lehar 6 hours ago
go dax jaa ho bhi ya song is osm
Dj Esmaya
Dj Esmaya 7 hours ago
So littt bro❣ no.1 fan from Philippines
Ghost dripzy
Ghost dripzy 7 hours ago
Dax your the best g keep that fire and grind
Miaa’sMama 8 hours ago
@DAX , do you believe in global warming ? I believe it’s real but PEOPLE DONT WBY?
Miaa’sMama 8 hours ago
This is so powerful. I swear it’s so much chaos . It’s so deep . Too much to type but I swear ! Your lyrics are so powerful! We need more artist like you! You make REAL MUSIC WITH A REAL MESSAGE !! ❤️
Gavin Lang
Gavin Lang 9 hours ago
I wish Dax and Tom Macdonald would collaborate.
jordyn wever
jordyn wever 9 hours ago
They have
John W
John W 9 hours ago
not gonna lie i didnt listen to this song when it first dropped and just did now for the first time but goddamn it was good and spot on with the current situation our country is in.
Femi Shittu
Femi Shittu 11 hours ago
Saying facts
Rockwell Ewenin
Rockwell Ewenin 11 hours ago
Rank family ✅🔥
Henry Martin
Henry Martin 11 hours ago
I love this guy's music 🎵
josh weaver
josh weaver 12 hours ago
Oh my god this is FIREEEEEE
C w53
C w53 13 hours ago
Each time I listen to this song I respect you more. Perfectly said. Thank you dax. Really gave me more faith knowing there's still artists like you.
Super Saiyan Jedi
Super Saiyan Jedi 13 hours ago
The Nuday Tv
The Nuday Tv 13 hours ago
He speaks the truth very true he is awaken
Jacop reed93
Jacop reed93 14 hours ago
AZEL 14 hours ago
Nobody's talking about the message. DAVOS universe
Elmenor Que compone
Elmenor Que compone 14 hours ago
Dax soy tu fans soy de rd
bigzubby 14 hours ago
James Ferguson Feit
James Ferguson Feit 14 hours ago
Hey your love music
Iwan Steyaert
Iwan Steyaert 15 hours ago
Dax got fire I'm sure we all agree
Ulf Eriksson
Ulf Eriksson 17 hours ago
Rap Music Even Sees the Dangers
Ghost Sight
Ghost Sight 17 hours ago
so true, it's amazing. much respect Dax!
TheSonOFSamael 17 hours ago
This is by far the song i like the most from you dax straight facts and the fact at the end you snapped out of the daydream further boosts the fact alot of ppl are sleep on the fact you spitting fact in this song
Mr. Daniel
Mr. Daniel 18 hours ago
Apocalipce 🤘🖒👑
Kodi shepp 90s From Canada
We needed this big up my lad
Niecy Mark
Niecy Mark 19 hours ago
And THE TRUTH SHALL SET U FREE YALL BETTER BE LISTENING TO THESE LYRICS It might seem like it's just a song THESE R FACTS SO whoever got ears to listen then LISTEN .... JESUS IS COMING!
The Sound Of Marbles
... wow
Trinity Foundation Sounds Bze
Badd. You the goat
benson musau
benson musau 20 hours ago
It took me a while to get the message i Feel like i can be a preacher 💥💥💥
vEnUs cIntrOn
vEnUs cIntrOn 21 hour ago
its ok now dax, lil nas x killed satan ⊂((・▽・))⊃
Fresh Gadmusic
Fresh Gadmusic 21 hour ago
This Man Has truly remarkable Talent.. not only he gives you smooth flows and bars, but also the visuals.. gotta appreciate that
masauso mwale
masauso mwale 22 hours ago
Just wow he has massage
emily and anna asmr
emily and anna asmr 22 hours ago
jesus only i love god too i love everyone in heaven and if i becomee a celeb not selling my soul god has my life in his hands the devil can do me nothing god i protecting me love god turn to god before its to late god love you whoever read this
BR Zeli
BR Zeli 23 hours ago
rolando mullings
rolando mullings 23 hours ago
Bomboclaat Dax dis yah one tough bro bro
Elijah Antunes
Elijah Antunes 23 hours ago
Day one listener 💪🏼 keep it up bro 🔥
Dustin Evans
Dustin Evans 23 hours ago
2m views! Congrats Dax!
Nethu Mallawa
this is the best song artist I've heard since a loong time :)
Blendtain Day ago
all this is true - like = agree
Angela Gouge
Angela Gouge Day ago
Love your songs and videos!!! Genius!!!
Zkd_ KingkeeffVEVO
The boi seeing the future💯
@DAX This is the realist shit I heard from a rapper!. People need to wake the f*** up and pull the wool from over there eyes! . “The Government say they will look out for you only to turn there back, you see young kids die there ain’t nothing worse than that, no food no water, the rich get richer the poor get poorer, we need to fix this disorder”~ BY SMASH. When are we going to realise we are ALL sisters and brothers!. You have a GIFT from GOD DAX KEEP USING IT!. I’m out peace and love ✌🏼
Racoute Dany
Racoute Dany Day ago
I think everyone needs help cause god is returning and it is very close that we think so...covid is the first symptome guys chose your ways otherwise it will be TOO late. Those who know the truth keep on praying those who don't know please search for it
Sean Baker
Sean Baker Day ago
I woke up today before work and i was like I need that dax music in my life. Bro u have killing the fucking game these past 4 years
Gino Day ago
I liked this video but not for a reason you may think but because god says I should love my enemies.
Lord Robert Lee of Dixie
That’s not how that works bro.
Matt Day ago
this was definately not worth all the depressing hype
Slash The Rapper
Since i start listerning to hm i wont stop looking 4 more of the trqs
JessC92 Day ago
I hope you aren’t against the vaccine..
Justin Petersen
I have to comment again if you sing like that it is legendary either way lyrics are solid super solid! Your amazing man!!I listen to this song daily!
John Matters
John Matters Day ago
I heard your message bro. I agree. 😶🤘🏽
Ndeneh Diland
We are really in the end 🔚
Cameran Fletcher
Even my gremer listen to this 🔥🔥
Phillip Wallace
this man is a fucking god
Robert Germain II
Same with Chris Webby and merkules they are mad consistent
7 WORLDZ Day ago
Real talk we need to link feel like we can do sum big . - Duflazi. Stay Up ⬆️
Clint Hazel
Clint Hazel Day ago
Robert Germain II
@Clint Hazel in fact Webby Wednesday starts anytime within the next couple weeks should be here soon
Robert Germain II
@Clint Hazel agreed he drops a track every Monday, just like Chris Webby does with Wednesdays
Clint Hazel
Clint Hazel Day ago
bruh what the hell he is fire
Robert Germain II
@Clint Hazel checkout merkules
Clint Hazel
Clint Hazel Day ago
lol your not wrong
Ouuuuuu boy🤯
Evadne Jones
Evadne Jones Day ago
Renaldo Paul
Renaldo Paul Day ago
Dax is speaking the truth of what exactly is going on in the world. He's the truth cause this song is everything this pandemic is gonna cause 💯💯💯
Alonzo Rodriguez
Wow Dax you’ve come so far keep it up👍
Madman the pope
Irony spreads misinformation and conspiracy in his music video. Still a very intelligent and great artist but. I woke heartedly disagree with is take on the pandemic as a health care worker in the trenches of this shit and suffering. Missinforman is every where educate your self.
id mc soda id mc soda
YOOOO!!!! I wanted one of those WHITE contacts ever since Meth wore that shit WAY back in the day!! Haha
Fyfe With Fuller
DAX! A rapper so great that he doesn't need to diss his opponents. He just waits for them to surrender to his skills.
John Lee
John Lee Day ago
dax i be loving ur music but i cant help but notice, ur music gets ever so political and although I may like it and some people do too buh some people will be after you for it. i love this song and what it says and stands for but this is territory where you might not wanna go. ill be here to always support artists like you and I pray for your safety.
Chrisymitchell Aka fat as a panda
What is health what is wealth listen to the message but still all i here is doubt why is no one listening what is this really all about im asking for help dewell have all my feelings trapped in the wells im ripping out passges cause everything to you is misspelt so its raining im envisioning spells im losing the fight im droping Ls grab a flet tip colour over my life cause you dont know how it felt u dont no how it affected but i had to accept it u cant picture it i didnt expect it im depressed u come here to detect so i must not connect all ive seen in my life is nothing but fucking neglect put on a smile with an accent they say its incorrect
Chrisymitchell Aka fat as a panda
The government are greedy fuckers they take tax payer money and build it on shit we dont need we need mental health hospitals and people who listen why dont they knock down building that are not in use and build something useful its all greed where i live no one will help all listen this song has such a powerful message
J Crowe
J Crowe Day ago
Bro spit !
J Crowe
J Crowe Day ago
Dope !
kvng zeno
kvng zeno Day ago
I've come a long way listening to your songs
joao azevedo
joao azevedo Day ago
This guy is inspired by Jehovah god...so much talent, heart, feel and truth.
Heidi Mareschal
Refreshing. Great job.
Ray ALBAIS Day ago
Perfect job!
Steven Universe
bro dax you keeping your bars on 100 please keep up the good work and i appriciate you man your one of the best rappers out yet i know your on the grind but i bet you can get to the top in know time dont stop man.
ILLUMInation appreciation 447 416
this man brings the best chills
Antonio Marius
Kool editing
MonoVerve Day ago
Watched this without my glasses on and by got this is the best shit I've ever seen
Levi Schaffer
I named my son Daxdyn but we all call him Dax . He turns 9 in November 15, so this is amazing to me and I got so lucky that this elite musician gave himself that name. What if like takashi69 had named himself that or lil xan, I'd change his name.. The ironic part is out 3 year old Mathers which was on purpose, I didnt know anything about dax we just liked the name and knew people would call him that.
Levi Schaffer
@Lord Robert Lee of Dixie awww I'm sorry ur mad
Lord Robert Lee of Dixie
I swear, people name their kids literally anything these days...
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart Day ago
Youre my fucking hero.
Constantin von Livonius Freiherr von Eyb
God bless you all🙏🏻🙌🏻
Constantin von Livonius Freiherr von Eyb
this goes hard man 🤯🔥💯
Deandre Alexander
The draco trying to regain control your their food/slave 🦎
This man can never be defeated on LIFE 🙄💯
N.K.M Boost
N.K.M Boost Day ago
This man's music videos are always weird but that does not change how Freaking talented my mans is. 💯 He's too underrated.😒
V X L Day ago
Lewis Ward
Lewis Ward Day ago
100% true
jsmove Day ago
song is hella fire 🔥 hope he really means it lotta artists could be controlled opposition i LOVE dax's music, i just hope he's real woke i encourage everyone to be mindful👁
find a way
find a way Day ago
i love your songs. love from turkey
Dax i am a fan of u
Joe Hamilton
Joe Hamilton Day ago
Armageddon yes.