Dash Cam Saves Citizen From Lying Trooper 

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Arkansas Code § 27-49-107- bit.ly/3craPri
Coughlin v. State- bit.ly/31q4Ixe
State v. Thigpen- bit.ly/3crbsRG
Hoffman v. United States- bit.ly/2O4Mkac
Ohio v. Reiner- bit.ly/3lWVZfi
Florida v. Royer- bit.ly/2N09XjA
Salinas v. Texas- bit.ly/31nyXF9
Riley v. California- bit.ly/3csS471
People v. Blakeslee- bit.ly/3tYrOXP

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Mar 29, 2021




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Audit the Audit
Audit the Audit 17 days ago
Thanks for tuning in! Subscribe to my second channel for all kinds of new content: us-first.info/more/lTjur-9cx8Bb4MW8r0K6xw
Georgia Constitution Media
@Bradley Shipman done:)
Bradley Shipman
Bradley Shipman 14 hours ago
@Georgia Constitution Media l
Conscientious Observer
@Martin Wagoner no
Conscientious Observer
@Eshootzi Scrs the only right in the bill that say will not be infringed is the 2nd addmendment.
Martin Wagoner
Martin Wagoner 3 days ago
Quick Question: If the officer wanted him to roll his window down as a safety precaution, and he refused to do so, is the cop well within his authority to have him step out of the car until the traffic stop business is concluded?
Chemeister 17 minutes ago
If the driver is black he would be jailed or dead lol
bizim eller
bizim eller 17 minutes ago
What a country this USA is🙂 You think about not rolling your window down when a Turkish cop tells you to do it.... Your family would be searching for you!
Michelle Grant
Michelle Grant 19 minutes ago
Considering this happened during the 'pandemic' I wouldn't have put my window down.
Heath Johnston
Heath Johnston 24 minutes ago
Weirdo can't roll his window down
Heath Johnston
Heath Johnston 25 minutes ago
I see y cops just shoot a mf I would to if I had to deal with idiots like this and if someone had the driver at gun point he'd be wishing that cop was there to save his as*
Robby Clark
Robby Clark 39 minutes ago
I finally foundout why he refused to roll the window down.
Beth's Compilations
Beth's Compilations 42 minutes ago
Its not like the window was tinted and the cop couldn't see in...so theres nothing that the driving was "hiding". Cops just want everyone to do as they say, and if you don't, then you MUST be a criminal. It's disgusting. And so many people have been unlawfully imprisoned and/or murdered because of the high horse that these "cops" put themselves on.
Jack Blackwell
Jack Blackwell 51 minute ago
So everyone has to keep saying "I plead the Fifth."
dellairam 57 minutes ago
Bro just roll the window down. You're not proving anything to anyone.
Joseph Travelstead
Yes he is trying to be difficult. Just roll down the fuckin window.
UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel
Its always awesome when knowing your rights is enough.
Silas Richardson
If it wld have been a person of color it wld have went different.
droppin ark
droppin ark Hour ago
Im pretty sure nobody cares if a white guys gets pulled over for a cop , unless your black , Hispanic , or snh other race , and everyone goes balls when it's a diffrent race 🤦‍♂️
POKÉ FUG 2 hours ago
Dice Rych
Dice Rych 2 hours ago
Alex A
Alex A 2 hours ago
I know this is not popular opinion but i disagree ... the driver is intentionally making it more complicated... after all it is a simple courtesy
Jess Zimmerman
Jess Zimmerman 2 hours ago
They really just can’t stand it when a citizen knows their rights. It’s really sad actually. Like obviously this gentlemen is not doing anything wrong at all. Like put your ego away and let this guy leave. It just so happens that this citizen has a dash cam that records his speed and this officer is clearly lying. If the officer knew this guy was speeding then he would have wrote a ticket, but he doesn’t want to look like a fool in court.
spastickitchen 3 hours ago
Individuals who invoke their right to remain silent must speak up to claim that right?! That's the stupidest decision I've heard. Does the court not understand the meaning of the word silent?
Flat Cat
Flat Cat 3 hours ago
B minus sorry you got this wrong specially If the striver provided to proves he wasn’t speeding and if so the cop shout get a f and be terminated because this was nothing more then a attempt government shakedown for profit
Aesop De Moor
Aesop De Moor 4 hours ago
roll down window so he can see in there is a danger or not, they do not like a surprise gun firing at them.
Acee Farms
Acee Farms 4 hours ago
Stopped watching as soon as he was being difficult about the window. Just roll it down all the way so he can see in and feel safer. The windows are tinted, that sketchy having to peer in and let your eyes adjust from the sunlight. When I get pulled over I keep my hands on the steering wheel and roll down all my windows, front and back. Not that hard
bar1 4 hours ago
Again two asses being stubborn. Funny sh*t.
Woza !!
Woza !! 5 hours ago
And if it was a man of colour in full army fatigues??? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Dunno just saying.
Adam Heusman
Adam Heusman 5 hours ago
I think this is overreacted a lot, the cop was stuck on the window thing but I think it was more a moral thing, he wasn't asking to fuck the dude over I think The dude was also kinda rude, he was in his rights, that doesn't make him not a little bit of a dick tho lol, both seemed like nice people who literally got off of the wrong foot
Alfa Skripz
Alfa Skripz 5 hours ago
Honestly, this interaction could be cut down to less than 5 minutes if you just act chill with cops like this. They usually let you off with a warning and usually end up having a decent conversation too. So this is a little bit overboard in my opinion.
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Mr. Transparency had it good. No pepper spray, no taser, no gun and no ticket!
Philippe Lebel
Philippe Lebel 6 hours ago
If I was a cop and the guy don't want to down the windows I directly drive him top the police station for the day no need to ask more.
Avery Tulak
Avery Tulak 6 hours ago
That guy is a moron not rolling his window down. Like come on it's just a simple ask,safety wise I wouldn't want to have my limbs anywhere near a barely open window.
Steven Gallagher
Steven Gallagher 6 hours ago
I would have just kept playing with the window buttons just to spite him He goes to leave I'd roll it down all the way and tell him have a nice day
Tiny Tink
Tiny Tink 6 hours ago
These are getting more ridiculous year by year. No matter how stupid or insignificant y'all think it may be just do as they ask and you'll be on your way soon enough. Their job is on the line hourly day by day, the last thing they need is aggravation & hostility by the general public that they are trying to protect & serve. I swear we didn't have these bullshit problems 20,30,40 + years ago. Y'all newer generations are just something else🤦‍♀️
Just Another Aviator
Just one rule for traffic stops, from a lawyer friend of mine, DON'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP THEM (the LEO) REMEMBER THE INTERACTION.
Mark Go Buffalo
Mark Go Buffalo 7 hours ago
He did mention in the end that he was invoking the 5th
Consciousness Vivid
"I plead the fifth." "Why? I'm just asking your name." "I cannot be placed in a vicinity that may or may not harbor illicit substances."
Red triangle
Red triangle 8 hours ago
I would say it could be lawful, bc officerer would be more aware and see clearer if there are any threats for him/a gun/something else in the car saloon. And in case there are any, he could prevent him quicker or if not, he could be sure it is safe. Plus full rolloed down windows would make for officer easier to prevent any suspisious/dangerous actions in case driver start doing them.
Fendi Sommers
Fendi Sommers 8 hours ago
That's not how arkansas troopers act with blk folks,trust me I've traveled that why many times over 100,000 miles and my cousin was a Arkansas trooper and he quit because he said they were told to target blk folks,and mexicans..and when e would pull over wht folks as many times as he did blk folk and mexican folks his Sargent would come down on him and discipline him so he quit after 4yrs.
P Lowe
P Lowe 8 hours ago
Speeders should be punished according to law. Safety first. No doubt, this motorist will be talked about among the police. No leniency for this guy next time.
a name
a name 8 hours ago
"I'm the cop, you're the violator."
sarah j.
sarah j. 8 hours ago
this is why I try to stay in as much as possible.. weirdos are everywhere, including cops. thank GOD my husband allows me to stay home and go out only when I want to.
Vodya Original
Vodya Original 8 hours ago
Mr Trance is a coward, fighing only for himself, also licking boots of a cop which is experienced in lying. Helping that cop to believe he`s even better at BS`ing ppl so he would do it much more often in the future. Thats not an A+, thats C-.
Kathleen Lock
Kathleen Lock 8 hours ago
As soon as he told the cop his speed was recorded, he wanted the guy to tell him how fast he was going. The person who's pulled over has to show, drivers license, registration and proof of insurance, that's the extent of his legal participation. If the cop had actually clocked him at 87 MPH, he would have given him a ticket and he wouldn't be worried about what his speed was recorded at. As for the window, that was just crazy that the cop couldn't get over it, sounded like he wasn't used to being told no.
namir ali productions
can he just roll the the window all the way down it will make it more simple.I know he has his right bit like make your life easier
Artykibbles 2190
Artykibbles 2190 9 hours ago
I got a dash cam add before the video and thought that was the video lol.
Kevlak 9 hours ago
Impressive use and knowledge of rights by James but at the same time he’s kind of an asshole. While it’s true that he legally doesn’t have to roll down his window all the way, there’s no use in being disrespectful just for the sake of it
Joshua Plourde
Joshua Plourde 9 hours ago
This guy is ridiculous.
Raylen Fa'ield
Raylen Fa'ield 9 hours ago
At 15:37 you say he never invoked the 5th but at 11:36 he references his right to remain silent. I feel that counts.
C. Royal
C. Royal 9 hours ago
How different would that have went if his full name was Mr. Tyron Transparency standing up for his constitutional rights? I say at least 5 shots or maybe just a good body slam and a taser video? There’s always that knee in the neck thing or a smooth physical rear naked choke hold! We don’t really get to talk to cops like that...and that’s because the Cop doesn’t see himself in Mr. Tyron Transparency but he can see himself in Mr. Transparency... thus the conversation as opposed to the concussions! We got to learn to see each other in each other! We have many many more similarities than we do our few differences and even then we should know that difference adds to the flavor of life! You don’t eat salt without pepper, add a little garlic and some soy sauce (was that racist lol no) cause salt by itself don’t taste good but when it all comes together...when we all come together we got what God intended, LOVE, cause I know you love yourself so if I can see you and you can see yourself in me then we might not have all of this unnecessary strife and aggression towards each other! So Loving me means loving yourself... I support the Police in their incredibly tough profession and I support Officers right AND my children’s right to make it home after a speeding ticket! We can do this! if we don’t make it better who will... the politicians? Nah it’s up to us, one seed at a time!
Dog God
Dog God 9 hours ago
I don't see it has unreasable to not roll down a window all the way maybe have it at least little
Gethin Thomas
Gethin Thomas 9 hours ago
My attorney always told me that you never have to explain why you're exercising rights
Cereal Scripts
Cereal Scripts 9 hours ago
Y can’t people just co-operate
McBigum Smeal
McBigum Smeal 9 hours ago
When he said 1975 I instinctively rolled my eyes
Fraser Films
Fraser Films 10 hours ago
Tbh, I feel like both could’ve done better. Why not just roll the freaking window down? It’s polite?
Tim Green
Tim Green 10 hours ago
Who else didn't about the right to remain silent?
Jaquavise 10 hours ago
This isn’t even that bad, they are just bickering it’s kinda funny.
Starrfish Hill
Starrfish Hill 10 hours ago
Lens 10 hours ago
How come white people always get warnings? But black people get tickets every time. 🤔
Zac Lee
Zac Lee 10 hours ago
"Why won't you admit that you were speeding?"
TheOne 10 hours ago
I'd have tried to roll the window up slowly
Travis M
Travis M 10 hours ago
Salinas vs Texas I like how they are calling the 5th Amendment RIGHT, a "privilege". smdh
Travis M
Travis M 10 hours ago
If you have no actual reason for not rolling the window down all the way then you are in fact being difficult. Doing shit like that just sets a negative tone for the interaction right out the gate. Know you're rights and use them. You can do this without being a pain in the ass.
reminisce lineage
reminisce lineage 10 hours ago
You can only get away with challenging the officer when you are "white"
Nick Cook
Nick Cook 10 hours ago
The fifth amendment is self executing. That court ruling is BS!
I love police officers and what they represent. I do not love that ordinary people with baggage can become police officers though. The standard needs restandardization
dion Nelson
dion Nelson 11 hours ago
That guy is a spoiled Apple bunch and I could tell in the dialogue he met him and that guy just got to get the f*** out of there and leave him alone like I don't trust this cop
dion Nelson
dion Nelson 11 hours ago
I don't trust this guy I feel like he was lying to whom the whole time he was trying to get someone arrested for something but I don't trust these police I call something a race trout or when they're going out and looking for people and just recently bugging people and sometimes I feel like they're going out and just looking for people just to in their category this to judge and then get arrested for no reason I just don't trust police officers no more
dion Nelson
dion Nelson 11 hours ago
You can tell that he is trying to accuse this man and he just trying to play it off but this guy is trouble this cop is watch him you can tell that he's trying to start s***
dion Nelson
dion Nelson 11 hours ago
Always pay attention how certain white people act you can tell how they act and how they racist and it always pay attention to police officers it's just I feel like the world doesn't need no more white police officers we can't trust them
dion Nelson
dion Nelson 11 hours ago
You can tell that officer is racist in Ohio because he's all like well everyone is different and it's just you can tell the difference between her waste his cop and how they act that guy is being weird and shady and just trying to start an argument and he's not trying to
Chaz Arkansas
Chaz Arkansas 11 hours ago
instead of calling him something simple.. like his name, James. Im going to call him something complicated.
voidlek 11 hours ago
This dude is actually though being annoying though like if I was the cop I would have been so mad, it’s just a window idk why hes being so defensive I would be suspicious too defensive leading me to believe he’s trying to hide smth but I’m not trying to defend the cop nor the driver but the driver is just mad annoying
romario olivares
romario olivares 11 hours ago
Why do they look like the same person
Arch GunDown
Arch GunDown 11 hours ago
that officer fucked up real quick.
RandytheCobra8x 12 hours ago
Nov 11 2020 and no masks ??? Sus
Swampfox321 12 hours ago
I wish I was this sharp and confident.
Razgriz 12 hours ago
Sounds daft, but is there a channel like this for UK Laws & Regulations?
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 11 hours ago
Best one I can find is Crimebodge.
Baudi 3067
Baudi 3067 12 hours ago
This entire interaction is fucking nuts
Cam Rawlings
Cam Rawlings 12 hours ago
does he understand bullets go through windows?
Cam Rawlings
Cam Rawlings 12 hours ago
A D 12 hours ago
That trooper’s power surge went to zero as soon as James asked “what law is that?”
The Happy Chappas
The Happy Chappas 12 hours ago
The police officer isn’t completely to blame, “It takes 7 years to learn the law, but only 2 years to enforce it.” The police officer not knowing these specific laws partially comes down to him not being taught them.
Braize6 13 hours ago
"I can tell you to do whatever I want." And that right there is the police mentality that the police need to get out of their heads. These little power trips that they have is the very problem
fmthebaron 13 hours ago
Those two guys look like they're brothers.
Brian Oxendine
Brian Oxendine 13 hours ago
They look they same
NandD TV
NandD TV 13 hours ago
The law you quote about the fifth is contradictory to liberty and the constitution, therefore should be null and void.
LOK E 13 hours ago
The only thing that saved "Mr Transparency" is the fact he had his camera rolling.
Ignatius J. Reilly
Ignatius J. Reilly 14 hours ago
If James were black or brown, he'd have been put down. He's lucky he's whote. And that is the problem.
Raquel Knabben
Raquel Knabben 14 hours ago
Him: well 2021 Me: *sees 2020 on the bottom* *visible confusion*
Stokes .1
Stokes .1 14 hours ago
Dude just roll down the window 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ruji Haj-ei
Ruji Haj-ei 14 hours ago
"You were going 97. Ima let you off with a warning" What a dumb dick
R B 14 hours ago
I can’t figure out which one is the power hungry dick!
Wow Dude
Wow Dude 14 hours ago
“What’s the deal then?” “I have rights, that’s the deal.”
cliffisfree100 14 hours ago
Every time i get pulled over, i pretend. I say “yes sir” ...I roll my window down fully. I put my hand on the steering wheel. I dont move unless he tells me too. I answer any questions truthfully. Now in my head i hate the guy. Im pissed he pulled me over and wasted my time. I never show him that. I show imaginary submission. I pretend he is alpha and i am beta. You know what happens? 99% of the time i get away with zero tickets. Its a game. in the real world I’m an alpha male. I don’t take crap from anybody. And I’m relatively successful in life. That why i am successful. Life is a game. This guy created this for himself. Some basement living goober who thinks he’s fighting the system. 😂 Im not impressed with him. Im embarrassed for him, and i guarantee he gets no women and is a general loser. He prob makes just above minimum wage and has a tiny pecker.
Mike Hollis
Mike Hollis 14 hours ago
Sadly, many are not schooled, experienced, and/or "light-skinned" enough to pull off the actions (passenger's perspective) with positive results; this includes arrest, conviction, and death. I applaud the driver for remaining calm. The officer was equally, if not more so, skilled in getting an "admission of guilt"--and for what? A quota? People need to take notice of how power can destroy. Law enforcement is not immune to restructuring. Change happens in every category.
XDS_Kyren0367 14 hours ago
The amount of time this probally took
God's child
God's child 15 hours ago
In burlington vt I had a female cop say " you can't plead the 5th, we are not in court" . Educate our back woods stupid troopers please!
Elias Quinn
Elias Quinn 15 hours ago
Dude yall are idiots. He was completely antagonizing the trooper. No reason to be difficult and not roll the window down. Why would he not be sus of the guy if he had no reason for keeping his window up other than "I like it up". Why not answer how fast he was actually going if he wanted to prove that the trooper was lying? Like seriously guys. Come on. This is just provoking the officer.
Peter Grahame
Peter Grahame 15 hours ago
I would just like to say that if "Jim" were Black that conversation would not have happened. If "Jim" were Black and had refused to roll down the window there is little doubt that there would have been an escalated altercation with that white officer. It is unfortunate that the Voice Over did not point out this fact.
David Lopez
David Lopez 15 hours ago
Isn’t that entrapment? Asking questions that purposely incriminate James almost no matter what he answers with. If someone can clarify, that’d be great
Charles Stratford
Charles Stratford 15 hours ago
Humph, another example of taking a perfectly benign circumstance and turning it into an utter shit-show only to exercise your pointless legal rights in such a circumstance as this. Man, just roll down the window, answer the questions, provide the information and move on instead of being an utter dick-head making things worse for everyone but I guess that just wouldn't make 'good' video. I don't even have to watch the whole video to know that it will end up in an unnecessary confrontation on so many different levels.
Ashley Delgrandile
Ashley Delgrandile 15 hours ago
Very good audit unlike some of these other audits who are just in it to make money. Good jo6!!!!!!!
Jasper Weigel
Jasper Weigel 15 hours ago
This is bullshit he’s doing his job
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