Daniel Cormier GOES OFF on Jake Paul for 'fatboy' comments, Ben Askren REACTS to FAKE FIGHT claims 

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00:00 - Ben Askren didn’t ‘give a sh*t about the result’ in his fight with Jake Paul, responds to criticism
01:17 - Daniel Cormier reflects on the back and forth he had with the US-firstr
04:23 - Anthony Pettis previews his upcoming fight with Clay Collard this weekend
06:42 - Michael Bisping discusses the UFC WW division, says they should book Covington vs Chimaev
07:34 - Top Comments
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Full Mount MMA
Full Mount MMA 29 days ago
NEW Interview w/ Anthony Pettis! 👉 us-first.info/player/video/or-NabF2lIeHlXE.html
Ippo2k19 28 days ago
I think a fight with paulo costa would be nice 🤣 jake paul and costa
Bowno Hiuson
Bowno Hiuson 28 days ago
@Al TWood went there and saying he'll clean them all in boxing.. That's why JLeon, a good boxer, stomped the truth in his face.. MMA will clean all boxers in octagon. Good boxer has good chance against MMA champ in boxing.. That's all we're saying. Nobody's disrespecting MMA.. MMA are the toughest. How come you got snowflake skins??
Al 28 days ago
@Bowno Hiuson no he is a very good boxer but was disrespectful from start
Al 28 days ago
DC is very fight savvy, intelligent and is of course talking total sense Jake P hasn't proved nothing I would have beat Ben A under same conditions and I haven't been in a ring apart from sparring for 28 years🤦‍♂️
Bowno Hiuson
Bowno Hiuson 28 days ago
Tell DC he's acting snowflake getting offended by JP and JLeon. JLeon is no joke and TWood was talking about boxing, JLeon's sport not MMA.. Stop acting tough and getting hurt by a kid troll..
One up One down
One up One down 21 day ago
Woodley will fuck them all up .
Steve Rubio
Steve Rubio 21 day ago
It depend on who said it. Khabib call DC fat guy numerous time, DC do not angry.
Godspeeds Spacebender
They should ask Nate Diaz to fight Jake Paul. That would be good to watch.
Fatai Babatunde
Fatai Babatunde 22 days ago
I hope Jake and his coach is dumb enough to box T-Wood and Rockhold. Rockhold isn't too bad of an option either. He's been out of the sport for a few years, went out on a losing streak, and his chin is gone. So there's at least some weaknesses that work in Jake's favor. Plus Rockhold isn't a boxer, he's a taekwondo fighter.
Fatai Babatunde
Fatai Babatunde 22 days ago
I wish DC would have just double legged Jake, and dumped him just to send a message. Not even hit him.
luke lukas
luke lukas 22 days ago
He wouldnt fight real fighters as much as real fighters wouldnt fight him Solution: Private spar hidden camera
Dameon Johnson
Dameon Johnson 22 days ago
J'Leon is a real boxer... Lol but yeah he should stfu about twood. J my dude... Frfr... But... T Woodley is a whole different beast.
Snp solo
Snp solo 22 days ago
So @ 0:03 Askren gently extends his left arm in a slow playful manner like a kitten when playing with his brother but in return Ben gets Completely ERASED. At least he actually got paid. Good for Ben👍
Snp solo
Snp solo 22 days ago
And you can see how "upset" Ben is and his wife leaving the fight..grins on their faces and dollar signs in their eyes 😄 good for them👍
Bee9 Gee9
Bee9 Gee9 22 days ago
I'm just here for all the UFC brothers standing up for each other against this clown.
Mikha'el 23 days ago
Dude DC would literally kill Jake Paul in a street fight. The kid needs to stay in his lane he's gotten good at boxing but in a street fight against DC it wouldn't last long at all
Big man Barry
Big man Barry 22 days ago
In a boxing match it wouldn’t last either. DC got hands
Jamie L.
Jamie L. 23 days ago
Maybe Jake Paul actually worked hard to get skilled. Ok he's a court jester on US-first but maybe you need to start calling him "Jake The Joker Vanilla Iceman" cuz he beat an MMA fighter. That ain't no joke my baby
Jamie L.
Jamie L. 23 days ago
Lol . Enjoy the money 💰
Mr. Bitcoin
Mr. Bitcoin 23 days ago
Dc scared to box Jake Paul smdh lol
jim bob
jim bob 23 days ago
Fake fight fake knockout fake paul
Phillip Abreu
Phillip Abreu 23 days ago
I would want a Daniel Cormier Jake paul fight so bad
Faust .s
Faust .s 23 days ago
Tyron. Dc. Luke. Any of these men would knock jake paul out in the 1st round. Idk when but it will happen eventually just be patient guys. Soon.
GERONIMO 2016 24 days ago
Boxing is a lot different from MMA. A real boxer can whoop a mixed martial artists A__ all day long!!! Because a mixed martial artist will always always drop their guard which makes them acceptable to a left hook or a overhand right.!!! They're two different disciplines!!!
Daniel ur so funny. Never punch down. "I'd kill him"
Aneez Virani
Aneez Virani 24 days ago
Ben Askrin . Respect for stepping out of your comfort area of wrestling. Jake, a typical bully, celebrating a victory when he doesn’t have the guts to a good old fashion no rules fight.
Lunchbiz 24 days ago
Boxers who would never in a million years step into the octagon talking shit, damn.
Marshall Painting & Services
Daniel Cormier, You will fight him if you had the chance, you don’t have to punch down, just throw the overhand eye poke and get that money, son!
Mat 24 days ago
lmao cormier is saying no to a massive payday against a dude he supposedly would beat up easily, and he has motivation because he clearly does not like jake and his team, so why would he say no? hes literally scared cuz he knows that in a pure boxing match thats a tough fight for him
T W 24 days ago
Jake would make Daniel cry in the ring... again
Bob alloo
Bob alloo 24 days ago
I like Ben Askren and feel he did a great job with his skill set, but he is probably the worst boxer in MMA.
Moises Jimenez
Moises Jimenez 25 days ago
Jake Paul should become MMA Amature Champion. IMMAF Heavy Weight Champion of the World🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Colm Mccarthy
Colm Mccarthy 25 days ago
I would pay 1000 dollars for a ppv to watch DC beat up Jake Paul
Monitor Lizard
Monitor Lizard 25 days ago
jake paul vs ngannou in mma.
VIZON-ARY productions
Nick Diaz vs Jake Paul then Nate vs Logan
dirtbagzrus 25 days ago
DC said it proper about Jake Paul, right now it’s all pretend
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 25 days ago
The definition of altercation on this platform sure seems pretty frikkin loose, don’t it?! Lol! It’s not like anyone actually ate a handful. Lol!
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 25 days ago
There is so much shit talking in mma, especially that ridiculous clown mcgregor. These guys are hypocrites complaining about Paul being provocative.
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 25 days ago
Don’t know if they can get that fight sanctioned unless Cormier gets down to Paul’s weight class.
M C 25 days ago
Can we please get "Ruthless" Robbie in the there to shut up this youtuber up?
Mogz Gutierrez
Mogz Gutierrez 26 days ago
love is actually a good boxing pro he would kill woodley in boxing ring love got Ko’d by a beast now saying that woodley wound kill him in the cage
AC G 26 days ago
Y’all are wayyy too sensitive
A B 26 days ago
DC tells it like it is, nothing more nothing less.
Tony Chapa
Tony Chapa 26 days ago
Well I guess he can teach his family how to have no charisma honor or respect just do it for the money
Michael Bedsole
Michael Bedsole 26 days ago
Smile all the way to the bank Ben. I'm happy for you. I hope you did well and i hope your family's set for life.
the RFX TV
the RFX TV 26 days ago
All these boxers wanna BOX MMA fighters, but no boxers wanna step one FOOT in the octagon!! only person that gets credit is Claressa Shields.
Scotty Bhoy
Scotty Bhoy 26 days ago
send diaz in any of the brothers would slap his out
iskender ryskulov
iskender ryskulov 26 days ago
DC was so angry he started to sound like Jordan Peterson 😅
W7N 26 days ago
Jake Paul calls himself a “boxer” yet he has never fought a boxer and only calls out ufc fighter for attention, he can use the fat boy jokes but Cormier would mutilate his face and Woolley would quite literally murder that other guy 🤦‍♂️
C 26 days ago
Im so glad ben lost now we get to see real killers take Paul n his squad out
*Bamthrough* 26 days ago
That's actually ridiculous DC and Jake Paul are in the same weight class heavyweight boxing Jake Paul's listed at 200 lb and they actually have almost the same reach. Jake Paul six foot one and DC is 5'11 that's why his fat ass doesn't want to box Jake he will lose for real. Everyone think it's a joke. But I promise you Jake Paul would knock out Daniel cormier within three rounds. Plus you know Daniel cormier is known for having that GLASS 🍷 JAW
gordon31 27 days ago
this youtuber should fight in UFC and no boxing , just like how he's doing it in boxing - fighting UFC fighters. he's only fighting half a fighter lol.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 27 days ago
It feels like there making it boxing vs mma to sell tickets and when boxers fight mma fighters in mma the mma fighter will win and when mma fighters box boxers in boxing the boxer will win, but I'm still not sold on Jake Paul as a real boxer until he beats a real boxer. I would put my money on Woodley or Diaz to win in a Boxing match with Jake Paul
Zero Factor
Zero Factor 27 days ago
Ideally, Islam Makhachev vs. Jake Paul would be next. He'd get the worst public beating anyone's had in years, and it'd probably give him a fighting chance at learning some humility and make a man out of him.
Omar Q
Omar Q 27 days ago
The fact that DC inserted himself in the conversation goes to show that he's not above them. DC was never the man in his division--he got whooped by Jones and Stipe.
Big man Barry
Big man Barry 22 days ago
DC is a goat. Put some respect on his name
Tim Jim
Tim Jim 27 days ago
yeah sure it wasn't rigged the way the ref waved that fight off looked dubious to me they are trying to build a brand with thriller boxing and jake paul brings in a lot of followers and ppv what benefit would it have for him to loose
THE RED NINJA 27 days ago
Jake Paul should have a boxing match with Anthony rumble Johnson 🥊
N Y 27 days ago
Ben didn't care from the jump. He rigged it for the money. It's obvious
Jmoney Gboy92
Jmoney Gboy92 27 days ago
Luke rockhold vs jake Paul sign the contract
Hyrulean Gamer
Hyrulean Gamer 27 days ago
Jake Paul: I consider myself an elite athlete/Pro boxer Also Jake: Has boxed 2 US-firstrs, a retired NBA player, and a retired UFC fighter. But will he ever touch gloves with a real boxer??? No that would require actual skill 💀
Reece Doyle
Reece Doyle 27 days ago
Till vs jake Paul would be absolute carnage😂
Steven Portillo
Steven Portillo 27 days ago
A l l a h u a k b a r M u a m a r
Stupid Ben got caught.
Adam Vigil
Adam Vigil 27 days ago
Usman told Colby he had to earn his shot but gives masvidal a rematch he didn't even deserve the first fight.
Edgar Ramos
Edgar Ramos 27 days ago
The dude that jake hired to hold his gloves needs to get knocked the fuck out honestly.
Bri254 27 days ago
You have to put some blame on the public for giving this circus some sort of credibility until they have the balls to step in the cage they should sit down and shut up.
shashank sisodia
shashank sisodia 27 days ago
I love it everytime you say "youtuber "
BossMan Vlogs
BossMan Vlogs 27 days ago
Who wants to see JAKE PAUL VS TOMMY FURY 👍🏻
Carson Halbrook
Carson Halbrook 27 days ago
Look I’m impressed he beat Askren. I really am. But DC WOULD FOLD HIM first 45 seconds. That man has insane power
pncKing 27 days ago
Why this DC dude opening is mouth if he is not willing to fight ? Bad look for MMA in boxing that is called ducking 🦆.
risab lima
risab lima 27 days ago
Ben askren did not break a sweat to earn 500 g's 👎
M M 27 days ago
Askren ur s***
Jason 27 days ago
Lmfao DC doesn't think he should punch down but he thinks his friend/teammate Luke Rockhold should. Good thing Rockhold isn't smart enough to see the insult.
Chino Mercado
Chino Mercado 27 days ago
fallin in and out of love
Jay Aspero
Jay Aspero 27 days ago
Jake Paul vs. Paulo Costa
Muay Boran
Muay Boran 27 days ago
Jake sure proved me wrong, his harf worl paid off. I also want a legit striker to destroy his ego
Gary Gwinn
Gary Gwinn 27 days ago
Ben Askren is the worst striker in the history of MMA. He had a great MMA career based on his wrestling ability. Jake Paul just boxes total begginers at boxing.
jawad bakhshi
jawad bakhshi 27 days ago
I mean tyron isn’t on his level in boxing. Know your place guys. Jleonlove has much more experience. Don’t be stupid dc
Sean Conley
Sean Conley 27 days ago
Colby vs Khamzat would be crazy
Joe Benson
Joe Benson 27 days ago
Jake Paul just called out DC? This boy has a death wish. Not only can DC box he's 240lbs *after* training camp. Even if DC was 150lbs he has the hands to wipe out Jake in 90 seconds.
Tagoo Tuesday
Tagoo Tuesday 27 days ago
Who wins in a Rockhold vs Paul make out session?
RaynenginSanDiego 333
I can’t stand DC but I had one big thing in common with him.... Rockhold is who I think Joke Paul should fight and stop challenging these small guys like Nate and Connor... If you are so good, challenge someone in your actual weight class you donkey
Nithish Kumar
Nithish Kumar 27 days ago
I don't understand why would anyone even buy the tickets for these fake matches
Corner Talk
Corner Talk 27 days ago
no 1, i did it for the moneyy!! hahaha what 500,00 out of 75 million u shmuck, what a bell end
That King K. Rool Main
3:42 Funniest shit ever 🤣😂😭💀😆
Mike 27 days ago
MAAANNNN!!!! There aren't too many times that I would be rooting for Luke Rockhold, but I would love to see arrogant Luke Rockhold piece that kid up!!
john whitwood
john whitwood 27 days ago
This is why I really like Ben Askrin
shahin miah
shahin miah 27 days ago
I don’t even no y ever1 backed askren to win 🤔 his a scam artist a fraud embarrassing
Andnrew Morris
Andnrew Morris 27 days ago
Cormier can’t box for shit. He’s a good rassler but as a boxer he’s pedestrian and in straight boxing I bet Paul would give him all he could handle. Go cry me a river, son.
Chumching Wong
Chumching Wong 27 days ago
I've notice CTE effects boxers and their fans.
devilboykillz 27 days ago
its just for the money proves he threw it. we all know he took his life saving, then went out got the biggest loan he could get and put all that shit on him losing the first round by k.o. lol Not only did he make way more money than he ever has from the bet, he made money from the fight itself for getting hit 2 times. then to top it off the best thing is he got back at dana costing him millions, he is never going to pay. lol who wouldn't like to screw their old boss after they shit talked them the whole time.
Newport Beach 36
Newport Beach 36 27 days ago
Man let’s see these guys go into the cage
David Agiel81
David Agiel81 27 days ago
Luke Rockhold would get knocked out with a jab
JOSE ALVARADO 27 days ago
Mike perry vs jake Paul I wanna see mike whoop this kid
Michael Charlino
Michael Charlino 27 days ago
Why mma fighters think there hot shit when they barely get paid any money
Joshua Salomon
Joshua Salomon 27 days ago
Why don’t they fight mma
Buck Nasty88
Buck Nasty88 27 days ago
Jon Jones is irrelevant
e dubb77
e dubb77 27 days ago
Lol bro ur a clown
NC all Tha Way to LA
it wasnt fixed huh? So Jake Paul hits harder in boxing gloves than Robbie Lawler in 4oz gloves, yeah ok lol. it wasnt fixed by Ben because he got up, but that ref is 100% shady as fuck! Deonte Wilder was bleeding and stumbling and it took his corner to wave it off, but this ref called it quick as fuck like he was paid to do so, absolute joke and scam. please put a real stand up guy in there and then itll play out complete opposite.
Waynzig Nordics
Waynzig Nordics 27 days ago
"He just doesn't have hands" has a different meaning than "He doesn't just have hands."
mike nelson
mike nelson 27 days ago
Tyron could have head-kicked that dude into the next dimension...gfya!😆
Albon de B
Albon de B 27 days ago
He's basically Non-Wish Charlie Zelemof
Jay Mailloux
Jay Mailloux 27 days ago
Oh Woodley was in Askren’s corner, that puts a different light on things now don’t it
Wiikid Blades
Wiikid Blades 27 days ago
Luke would be perfect honestly same size finally can punch won a few lost a few a model why not??
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts 27 days ago
On a real note if Woodley did decide to throw hands with j’leon he would have been knocked out 💯. He would have to explode for the double. At that point Paul’s team would have stomped him out... sooo all these people saying otherwise don’t know what they on about. Woodley played it smart
Kevin Karbonik
Kevin Karbonik 28 days ago
what's with the pillow pants?