Damian Lillard tells Jalen Rose the Nets are trying to buy a championship!!! 

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Damian Lillard tells Jalen Rose the Nets are trying to buy a championship!!!


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Apr 15, 2021




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Brannon Cgraham
Brannon Cgraham 4 hours ago
Hawks are going to crush the Knicks
fallon rybicky
fallon rybicky 2 days ago
The unwritten horse beverly carve because product baly bury pro a stiff meter. grubby gruesome, lowly blowgun
BOT SKWOD 3 days ago
Oh so anyone other than Lebron does it they trying to buy a ring gtfoh everyone trying to buy a ring stop snitching
Jo M
Jo M 3 days ago
Jalen the most annoying commentator..
W Velasquez
W Velasquez 5 days ago
No LimitKuhh
No LimitKuhh 5 days ago
retire his jersey 😂
Diggory Stark
Diggory Stark 6 days ago
Dame should invest in making a watch company
Julius Moore
Julius Moore 6 days ago
Much respect to Dame Dolla!
M K 7 days ago
That’s what I said
Keith Moore
Keith Moore 8 days ago
Bryan S.
Bryan S. 9 days ago
KYRIE AND KD BOTH, PICKED THE NETS. Harden was the only star to get traded for. How did they buy?
Mr Millennium 26
Mr Millennium 26 10 days ago
KD low-key bought two chips in Golden State and now trying to buy one in Brooklyn....no credit for that
T Raw
T Raw 14 days ago
L to Damian. He was swept by the warriors without their best player lol. Dude needs to shut the fuck up and keep getting swept
seven Sasori
seven Sasori 15 days ago
keon smith
keon smith 16 days ago
ted ted
ted ted 16 days ago
No one plays for free. Isn't every team buying a championship???
Jewon Dyson
Jewon Dyson 17 days ago
So honest with hating! He cut from a different cloth. He got a 90’s early 2000’s hooper mentality. He may not win a chip, but his swag and game winners make him that dude!
Jay Complex Kid Randle
Why has no one ever called him Dame Dagger or Dagger Dame?
MK G 19 days ago
Dame is preaching to the crowd, Nets are trying to buy a championship! Bruh you went ain't spoke out for Melo and to bring him into Portland lol
James Jackson
James Jackson 21 day ago
If that’s buying championships then Lebron made 4 purchases.
Billy Cole
Billy Cole 22 days ago
Lame dame talk too much. Jalen lame. If dame do less interviews and watch more film of better point guards maybe things would be better. 4/26/21. As I type this the blazers are on a 5 give losing streak, Dame isn't playing well and dame or the coach don't have a clue as to how to fix it. But not bozo Jalen and the rest are not covering this. Had this been Kyrie even playing by himself against 5 the would have crucified him.
Richard Philbert
Richard Philbert 22 days ago
I just heard Dame complain about his team last night. This guy can’t be mad other teams are better than his and then complain about the lack of talent.
jhon paura
jhon paura 22 days ago
Just like the heat did
S C 22 days ago
I want Jalen Rose to retire. What a disgrace to Toronto Raptors.
Rook Worx
Rook Worx 22 days ago
News flash Portland is just playing with dame.... they will continue to try and bring in stars tonwin.... theybarent farming young talent... they try to make moves ...just no one wants to go to Portland. So suppose your team is also trying to buy a championship much like every city
Shy Sagittarius
Shy Sagittarius 23 days ago
Hold up last year playoffs he didn't show up..he was lost in the games that mattered..know he had that slight finger injury..but mvps should show up when your team needs you....harden the same mvp best player..but couldn't get it done against a rocky golden state dealing with injury....get the job done
Tevin Canham
Tevin Canham 23 days ago
Dame dollar
Clutch Jumper
Clutch Jumper 23 days ago
Nigga doin the blade dance
Katherine Lucas
Katherine Lucas 23 days ago
Dame's my guy, and zero disrespect to LA intended, but in all reality, PDX can't retire his number till we retire BRoy's. First thing's first.
King Eric
King Eric 23 days ago
I don’t like Dame at all. He thinks he’s bigger than he really is... but, he’s right about the Nets. They are doing anything to beat Lebron. But it’s core has 3 of the most selfish players in history.
Scizor Bullet
Scizor Bullet 23 days ago
Love dame he needs to win a championship and he can't in suck ass portland.
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson 23 days ago
The media is absolutely a part of the problem. When ESPN can't admit they're part of the problem by openly promoting where players "should" play. And then they act surprised by super teams. Come on man. Respect for Dame and his old school mentality.
Chubb Jack
Chubb Jack 23 days ago
I agree with Mr. Lillard. Alibaba or the Nets owner Tsai is putting a lot of money into winning a championship. It’s like the Nets have two or three teams in one. The talent is lopsided from this one team to all other NBA teams. Right now the Nets are playing the injury game so that fans don’t realize how dominant they are. It’s a measure to keep the fans engaged. The thing that bothers me even more is that the NBA league approved all of the trades and even the Tsai purchase. How much money is the NBA making from this? Which says, is the NBA legit when it comes to wins and losses.
jermaine 86
jermaine 86 23 days ago
Robert Horry is the 🐐
RICH MONEY 24 days ago
Only detroit know that dance jalen did representing 313.
Jackson martin
Jackson martin 24 days ago
Elder Anthony Lee Poree
Sure the Nets are trying to buy one...lol, how many did the NY YANKEE'S WERE DOING IT...??? SO WHAT'S THE YOUR POINT? PORTLAND CAN'T DO THAT?🤣😂🤣💪🏿💯🙈🙉🙊💯
R a d i o N e t
R a d i o N e t 24 days ago
In 20 years, every player in the league will be a superstar: then what?
Deon Hunt
Deon Hunt 24 days ago
Um I see Steph guarded different than anyone in the league.
I'm foolish
I'm foolish 24 days ago
Sounds like a hater to me..
Straight Real
Straight Real 24 days ago
Dame is authentic superstar player in a manufactured league.
Bliv Mash
Bliv Mash 24 days ago
Dame is a real 1
Let's Get Lit
Let's Get Lit 24 days ago
NBA is dead... died in 2017
Todd Hall
Todd Hall 24 days ago
Dame has to be a GM wet dream. No drama. All loyalty. Every bucket. MVP
Antonio Larkett
Antonio Larkett 24 days ago
Thumbnail cap
Curtis Marlow
Curtis Marlow 24 days ago
Dame is the Truth Yo!! Stay keeping it 💯
Allen Smith
Allen Smith 25 days ago
Gowen Getter
Gowen Getter 25 days ago
And the Lakers aren’t? Fuck outta here
C j
C j 25 days ago
SLow_Poke 25 days ago
New NBA - the teams that can, buy it.
Made a couple good shots at the buzzer, now he the mvp.. come on mane..he be making some real stupid turnovers too when it counts..ALOT. And he be missing ALOT of game winners too. Other people not hitting game winners cuz they make sure their team is UP UP.. not tied or down..smh.. this whole thing is crazy. Lol
Dude is aight..but yall really got him overrated. I'd take Kyrie, Harden, Steph.. without a thought before him. And that's just 3 guards off top
Princess Appiah
Princess Appiah 25 days ago
The video title is soooo misleading. He didn’t even say it, Dr. J did
imahelpfulperson 25 days ago
Thus is why he's my favorite player. He got an old soul! Play on brotha!
Mitch Raynathan
Mitch Raynathan 25 days ago
So true
El Compa Vic
El Compa Vic 25 days ago
LOL idk y people r surprised?!! It’s true.... NETS r trying to buy a championship..... just pay cash for it.... 🤷🏿‍♂️
Clarence Banks
Clarence Banks 25 days ago
Anthony Davis needs to develop the"SKY HOOK"
Jeymi Cotti
Jeymi Cotti 25 days ago
Click bait smh espn getting unfollowed
DaYoungBlack Bezos
DaYoungBlack Bezos 25 days ago
Dame💵, 👨‍🍳 Curry, & J.Embid Are THE 3 BEST PLAYERS ON THE 🌍. My personal favorites for a LONG TIME
Manuel Diaz Moreta
Manuel Diaz Moreta 25 days ago
what a way to clickbait lol. this channel get more views than the original lol
FLORIDA-BOY 26 days ago
facts, shaq be talking about barkely like he didnt have to go ride kobe and wade. and then he tried to ride lebron in cleveland
person person
person person 26 days ago
his actual thoughts on the issue are way heavier and different than the video title implies
Igor M
Igor M 26 days ago
Everyone saying they deserve to be the MVP, except the man that's gonna actually win it
Micah Maggio
Micah Maggio 7 days ago
I mean dame does say he deserves to be a starter on a all-star team. Same sorts context
Igor M
Igor M 26 days ago
8:02-08:40 Sounds like he's talking about Jokic
KiN CAMELL 26 days ago
Much Gratitude
AD 26 days ago
Dame is a fantastic player but he's not the MVP., this and or any other year.
Gregory Harris
Gregory Harris 26 days ago
Robin Kay
Robin Kay 26 days ago
"Dame Time" is, imo, actually hype. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, mah gawd, is it wild.
korie lucious
korie lucious 26 days ago
I respect dame he is as real as there is but I do believe he’ll ask to be be traded out of portland at some point in order to win a championship !
Patreece Pickett
Patreece Pickett 26 days ago
That’s a Dumb statement Cause every team is trying to Buy a Championship that’s why they pay all of that money too player’s
Joshua Swilling
Joshua Swilling 26 days ago
Yal know dame yal favorite player
Habeev07 26 days ago
He is right. Portland will win the old fashion way - HARD WORK
Kee-pyor Myndopen
Kee-pyor Myndopen 26 days ago
Jalen always reaching too much. Still growing into his fake teeth.
The HOWARD 26 days ago
I like dame time but his time is coming to an end! He won't get a ring staying with the same team he's like the mini Westbrook
jonathan oh
jonathan oh 27 days ago
He complaining about getting defended like that lol . Steph over here casually dropping 40 + 🥴
Exactly. He was lame for that one
Kiowa 27 days ago
Very true
Nick Coble
Nick Coble 27 days ago
Jalen with the most cringe and annoying intro
Biyi Ogundele
Biyi Ogundele 27 days ago
hes right nets are the real madrid of basketball buying all the stars
SD4philly 27 days ago
speaking of Ring Count : Jalen how many Rings did you win ?
James Bowser
James Bowser 27 days ago
Franchises are in the business to buy Championships. The real power of players like dame is to attract people to your team to win. And, teams like the pistons have had multiple solid runs with sacrifice instead if so called stars. Excuse me, but it ain't dame time til dame wins a ring. All other time is just Tissot kind of time for dame and his sponsors. Dame, you better put some pressure on your organization to buy some personnel to help win in the post season. If you are not trying to win with help, you are doomed to lose. Don't hate the player/teams, hate the game. The real game since Russell is getting help. People like rings not watches. Bring a ring to the Lillard/Portland team and you will not be overlooked. You will be recognized in the conference Championships and in the finals. Good luck!
Zak Shinn
Zak Shinn 27 days ago
Le’veon bell!!!
George Mills
George Mills 27 days ago
Same with the Lakers. Championship now is overrated it's not authentic again apart from the raptors got lucky which is the way it should be!
4ever Young
4ever Young 27 days ago
The lakers was tryna get everybody but nobody said they was tryna buy a championship. Y’all just hating on kd
4ever Young
4ever Young 27 days ago
Dame is not close to mvp
4ever Young
4ever Young 27 days ago
Nets tryna to buy a championship but the lakers ain’t? He lebron fanboy ãn hate to see other team playing or looking better then him
Rahel Kidane
Rahel Kidane 27 days ago
No he didn't said that!! You put stuff in people's mouth
csharp57 27 days ago
I hate when media associates different players in the conversation for my New York Knicks and I'll accept all criticism... But if there was one player who would if in perfectly on my squad it's Dame. Take Elfrid out of the starting line up and put Damion there. Perfect fit. Anyway. Let me stop now
Official Johnny Rocket
The contradiction by dame he say it bout nets but not bout lebron ? Lebron bought titles with heat , cavs and lakers none was a all drafted team that jelled like warriors first title with curry. Lol the players a joke picking and choosing who to throw under the bus
Armin 27 days ago
2:32 "WeLL SaAaiD" 😩😂
Chip Plylar
Chip Plylar 27 days ago
U cant have 3 guys that never play together win one..They might win it next yr..No way this yr..I mean anything is possible if KI is on with healthy Durant and Harden kn..just dont see it.
renato locsin
renato locsin 27 days ago
I totally agree w/ Dame Time..........go tell them Dame !!!!!
Las Ghostridah
Las Ghostridah 27 days ago
Dame had a good year but the joker is the MVP by far sorry dame maybe next year
A M 27 days ago
Lmao is he really pandering to get an MVP?
Kory Tang
Kory Tang 27 days ago
Dame will be compared to Reggie Miller...a non championship career lol😆😆😆💩💩💩💩
Josh'n You
Josh'n You 27 days ago
IT is the one that started the wrist timing Boston knows this why y say dame time IT TIME
9some 28 days ago
Diego 28 days ago
Right on Damian......disgraceful.......
Jeffrey Jones
Jeffrey Jones 28 days ago
Dam worried about being a MVP when he should focus on going to a better team getting a championship ring before he gets to old and alot of teams not going to want him including portland
Chian Hakim
Chian Hakim 28 days ago
L. Aldridge health issue an other players could be a easy fix in most cases" predictors said Malcolm x had the body of a new born baby from eating 1 meal a day' an fasting on many occasions" that's how I olajuwan an shaq former teammate mate at lsu m. Abdul rail dominated the league..
ThePhilmoreslim 1
ThePhilmoreslim 1 28 days ago
I have to agree with him on that, The "billfolds" wide the FUCK open at this point