Damian Lillard Disrespected By Patrick Beverly & Paul George After Missed Game Winning Free Throws! 

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Damian Lillard Disrespected By Patrick Beverly & Paul George After Missed Game Winning Free Throws! Clippers vs Trail Blazers August 8, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 8, 2020




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Comments 100   
jagjit singh
jagjit singh 17 days ago
He said "doc is crying a river" 😂😂😂
Ralph 4 months ago
Who's here after Clippers got eliminated from Western Conference blowing a 3-1 lead?
Johann Karl
Johann Karl 4 months ago
Lol who's here after the Nuggets fked up the clippers and the clips blew a 3-1 lead? Karma 🤣🤣🤣
iHigh420 4 months ago
Clippers lakers my ass. Just give bron his chip already.
Brian Izquierdo
Brian Izquierdo 4 months ago
They both home now. Lakers in 5!
Gamertag 4 months ago
Your Clippers just joked bud and your accent is weird fo.
jocose 4 months ago
*Nuggets vs Lakers 1:58 🤣🤣
Gil t
Gil t 4 months ago
Alam na
Nischal Jakhar
Nischal Jakhar 4 months ago
1 2 3 Cancun...Paul chockered and pat barkly 🐶
Nischal Jakhar
Nischal Jakhar 4 months ago
It's Paul chockered dude 😁😁😁😁
Daniel Putra
Daniel Putra 4 months ago
Salvsky ?
Salvsky ? 4 months ago
I Came here after Denver victory against LA Clippers. Go home Patrick Beverley and Paul George. Hahahaha Karma Police came for u guys
Arnaldo Jan
Arnaldo Jan 4 months ago
waiting for patbev/pg vs lillard/mccollum
Lord Shin
Lord Shin 4 months ago
Narrator's accent detracted from the video
Sportsandgaming 4 months ago
Haha after made it to the playoffs and only win 1 game hahha
Josue Gonzalez
Josue Gonzalez 5 months ago
You a laker fan fool.
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
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Charbel Gerges
Charbel Gerges 5 months ago
Clive be sayin ‘Poor George’ Instead if Paul George HAHAHA
Inx Meme
Inx Meme 5 months ago
Dame had 154 points in 3 game.
Timothy Cohen
Timothy Cohen 5 months ago
Nobody cares about if Lillard gets to against the Clippers? I highly disagree after this happened it was the most talked about thing. Now they just talking about Lillard and him dropping 154 pts in 3 games. People definitely hoping to see that matchup even if it's unlikely
scatyagiz 5 months ago
Damian fucked them so hard they couldn't forget about it hahaha
GoodCall 5 months ago
Whoever voice over’ed this is a clown. This man Damian Lillard has had 3 game winners from damn near half court before and he has 1 bad day and you get on him. Fuck outta here
4treeBeats 5 months ago
Dame dolllllla is an animal put some RESPECT on his name he deserves it. 😤
AscndedAssassin 5 months ago
Beverly is the biggest bitch in the NBA, possibly the world
YaBoiBoijoe 5 months ago
“Doc is crying a river” thas a bar 😂
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj 5 months ago
Paul George the chump forgot waving goodbay to Lillard... What a shame... 🤳🏽
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj 5 months ago
Chumps will get rings... Lillard never... 👍🏽
casey t
casey t 5 months ago
Sound off*
George Santana
George Santana 5 months ago
Lillard is a assassin!!
A03_MANOJ K M 5 months ago
Who came here after Dame dropped 61😂😂
Fxmous Antho
Fxmous Antho 5 months ago
Doc is crying a river😭😭
Petrektek 5 months ago
Huge mistake to disrespect Lillard, clippers will pay this
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron 5 months ago
PG is running from the grind though. Dame ain’t lying.
Orren Wescott
Orren Wescott 5 months ago
Dame is better than both these dudes put together.
Cassidy Wilmore
Cassidy Wilmore 5 months ago
Video aged well lol
Football&Hoops 5 months ago
Lillard talks to much shit... PG would murder him 1n1
Tommie Iam Sent Butler
Damian choker bro cmon u usual talk sense but u sound crazy Lillard tha truth...
Cold Oats234
Cold Oats234 5 months ago
Can patrick even shoot😂
Lourdeson Michel
Lourdeson Michel 5 months ago
Ayooo paul when you get sent home tell your next team i said hi
Philly D. Williams
Philly D. Williams 5 months ago
In that boy dropped a 112 points (in 2 games) since then.... So what we talkin bout
theoriginalalfonso 5 months ago
honestly his just an underdog , this guy is a great player and Im not even a big basketball fan but wen u seee it u see it
Donnell Long
Donnell Long 5 months ago
Dam lillard sister you all in the buisness, find something to do, you're thoughts are revealing .
Donnell Long
Donnell Long 5 months ago
Dame 51 & 61 in 2 str8 games Paul George not even close Portland is gonna shake up the nba playoff tree this year. Melo balling under control they c j McCollum on the same page , they could raise hell, watch out lakers
Bhen07 Melo
Bhen07 Melo 5 months ago
Nobody except me: I think Green was travel on 27.7 sec
MJ 5 months ago
“Damian Chokerd” 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Daniel Nadeau
Daniel Nadeau 5 months ago
California is its own bubble... who tf is waiting on the LA matchup after they both been exposed...
Alvin Elegado
Alvin Elegado 5 months ago
Doc is cryin a river😂
Merryl Magarso
Merryl Magarso 5 months ago
Lillard " Respect on my fucking name" 61pts
MIDNIGHT 5 months ago
What! "Clippers, Lakers, 1on1,Western Conferense Finals" Well Im not sure about that,of what happened to the Bucks lastyear.
David Chaney
David Chaney 5 months ago
Chockard is a reeeeach fam...#stopit
Levi Grudzinski
Levi Grudzinski 5 months ago
How you gonna call him "Damian chokered" when the man has two SERIES winning shots to his name.
Buster Busters
Buster Busters 5 months ago
Kawhi left the Raptors to be with these fools
EmeisSimantikosCo. 5 months ago
pat bev is WACK!
Ryan McElmurry
Ryan McElmurry 5 months ago
I can't even listen to this guy. He's terrible
Joshua Tan
Joshua Tan 5 months ago
He had 51 the next night.....
23IBD 5 months ago
Patrick Beverly is a clown
j43w0n 5 months ago
Everyone ‘chokes’. We ain’t robots... We can’t put up forcefields around our brains at will.
Kim Fuentes
Kim Fuentes 5 months ago
You pronounced it Poor George.
Rex Banner
Rex Banner 5 months ago
Dude sounds mexican.. I could do with some oranges
Jerry Abon
Jerry Abon 5 months ago
Crying going home lillard
KingsteveTV 5 months ago
Nba 2k21 dame better have ice in my veins on bronze
ninja neo
ninja neo 5 months ago
patbev is draymond jr. 😆
Abhi Chi
Abhi Chi 5 months ago
You talk too much. As if you can play like Dame Stfu bitch
Carson Ferrara
Carson Ferrara 5 months ago
PG and Patrick Bevewho will never be as skilled and loyal as Dame. #dametime #loyalty
Aluha Aloha
Aluha Aloha 5 months ago
Nothing to laugh for Beverly. He is so trash that he never gets the last shots that Lillard does.
Jesus Constantino
Jesus Constantino 5 months ago
Dam people really like to hate on lillard
MjMoutry 1st
MjMoutry 1st 5 months ago
That was one of the morris twins and Beverly not paul george morris number was 31 not 13 can get mixed up tho George was not clowning lillard
jafar rl
jafar rl 5 months ago
What lillard said hit hard
markus ross
markus ross 5 months ago
Ever since kawhi joined clippers Patbev has been running his mouth he not even that good smh
Oscar Ponce
Oscar Ponce 5 months ago
Pg still hurts lillard sents thunder home😂
Chris Tesch
Chris Tesch 5 months ago
Doc “cry me a River” lmao!!!
Miguel Souza
Miguel Souza 5 months ago
WTF, trash voice bro!
KH7 5 months ago
It's funny because if it ain't dame hitting a game winner on his ass, it's Devin Booker, but I guess it's a bad shot
CJONG JOVELLA 5 months ago
Beverly fcku
Near 5 months ago
bro what post did he commented on
S R120
S R120 5 months ago
Who cares!! These dudes are playing hoops with no fans. They are straight clowns! Stop watching this garbage!
Don Thierry
Don Thierry 5 months ago
dame is better than pg and beverly together dawg
Ricky Vall3y Reid
Ricky Vall3y Reid 5 months ago
Doc is crying a river 🤣
tbuido 5 months ago
To react like you winning nba finals like that to a missed shot, you have to be severly damaged from the past bruh
mac kendall
mac kendall 5 months ago
Clippers is knockoff lakers
Pujan_P1 5 months ago
Why does everyone hate paul george
Karol Osuchowski
Karol Osuchowski 5 months ago
Paul George only missed this game due to family matters. He had to watch his father drop 51 on Philly.🤫
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell 5 months ago
Sports are dead
Doubay A
Doubay A 5 months ago
Pat Beverly: Long lost gang mate of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.
Brillantes 5 months ago
Beverly is so lonely and jealous
Malvo Malvo
Malvo Malvo 5 months ago
PG13 the dude who said he is a Laker fan since conception and that’s it’s a done deal, he is going to Lakers... the n leap to go to OKC, then demanded a trade to to the LAC... PG is like a teenager who is in-love...
Malvo Malvo
Malvo Malvo 5 months ago
What has PG accomplished? NOTHING... PG nor Pat Bev is better than Dame Dolla... that’s a fact 💯
VirgoWorld44 5 months ago
If Lillard go to the Lakers then the clippers will need to add both Steph and Klay to their existing roster lol.
SuperHoldenC 5 months ago
I hope the Clippers get stomped
King Ransom
King Ransom 5 months ago
No Lie Westbrook is favored player no switch, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Dame is a baller and I don’t know why Pat talking down in Dame because I promise Dame will do Pat up have him on skates like Harden did....and Paul George he a baller no lie but he been getting dunked on and rocked all season and Paul keep switching teams ring chasing and the only reason Pat will get close to a ring is because of Leonard and George
Hamed AL-Suhaimi
Hamed AL-Suhaimi 5 months ago
Damian lillard is not choker how many buzzer better has he scored uncountable don't judge him over one game he is better than Paul gorge and way better than dumb ass Beverly
Ethan Griffith
Ethan Griffith 5 months ago
That clap back was electric
Black Michael
Black Michael 5 months ago
People who don't play any type of sports and fastest to call a choke on athletes like men are built like machines not to get tired and loose focus..not everyone is mj or the great mamba..niggas get tired ..the fuck..
deedude1400 5 months ago
Just payback for when Dame knocked okc out and waived bye
Prince Cray
Prince Cray 5 months ago
Dropped 50 next game silly
Jihui Tay
Jihui Tay 5 months ago
If Lakers gets their shooting touch back...
Breyon Hopkins
Breyon Hopkins 5 months ago
Paul George didnt understand that if you can consistently make it, then it's not a bad shot. Also they need to chill before "DAME GAME" makes a return
34 BABY 5 months ago
34 BABY 5 months ago
34 BABY 5 months ago
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