DaBaby Responds To NC G00N Lil Murden Getting His Chain?? 

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What y’all think? cap or facts

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Feb 20, 2021




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Lookitzjay 4 days ago
Intro song: us-first.info/player/video/a9-OqnmloISEe3E.html LIKE THIS VIDEO & HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL🏌🏾‼️
p rmason
p rmason 10 hours ago
@Fredo BigGeneral nigga it dnt get no realer than dhat if u wux out cha u will kno klown 🤡
Fredo BigGeneral
Fredo BigGeneral 14 hours ago
@p rmason boy I thought you was gone say some real shit. Boy stop talking to me like a goofy or something
p rmason
p rmason 16 hours ago
@Fredo BigGeneral Takin a nigga Pride his Respect his street kredit dhatz why you got real ones(rappers) sayin dey will die fo it
Fredo BigGeneral
@ChiTv7 niggas from Winston don’t break into cars soooo who was it?
Fredo BigGeneral
@The Rollin 60's crips!!! what is it about then?
Karnij Air It Out
Karnij Air It Out 31 minute ago
This man running around with chaac and shotgun 🤣🤣🤣
MecHe 12
MecHe 12 Hour ago
Toughest dude on the internet lol
Richy Jay
Richy Jay Hour ago
Brah cap.... He get every rapper chain back??? Lil niggas aint got money to put on the neck of the chain snatcher???? Fake shit, fake clout
Richy Jay
Richy Jay Hour ago
Brah cap.... He get every rapper chain back??? Lil niggas aint got money to put on the neck of the chain snatcher???? Fake shit, fake clout
The Booth
The Booth 4 hours ago
You can’t really say taking a nigga chain is pointless when niggas got quarter and half M’s on they neck 🤷🏾‍♂️
Dekeyvian Haith
Dekeyvian Haith 6 hours ago
Aye cuhk ifw wat u doing cuhk but stop posting cap da baby cap asf and stunna and bro murder posted the truth and screen recorded stunna reaching out to him and posted dababys Messages y’all Internet niggas and rap niggas be cappin
Danard Darrisaw
Danard Darrisaw 13 hours ago
Shitttttt murden got the proof
dj qb
dj qb 13 hours ago
If dude has his content set up proper,music right and new roll out ready....its working
Tre4 Shii
Tre4 Shii 14 hours ago
Give Lil Murden the respect he DESERVES
Iron Islam
Iron Islam Hour ago
Lol, the way he held up that nasty looking piece (minus the chain) made him look even more Dusty.
D Edwards
D Edwards 14 hours ago
i think low key he tryin to promote that hes the man to call if your chain gets taken thats all, and if it was true nobody would appreciate u puttin there business on blast
Get Right
Get Right 16 hours ago
Is this nigga playing videos while I'm watching? No SUB!!!
Vaughn Walker
Vaughn Walker 16 hours ago
B Wade
B Wade 17 hours ago
Quit talking so much
Moorish Love
Moorish Love 17 hours ago
Y'all lame as hell for believing these industry dude's. Lil Murden ain't 🧢! They asked him to get the chain back, and they tried to stunt on him. So now he like fuck em
Willie George
Willie George 18 hours ago
Gossiping SMH leave that up to the women's 😏
d boy313
d boy313 18 hours ago
Da baby is the one of the few mainstream rappers that I believe would've blown him 😂
Iron Islam
Iron Islam 52 minutes ago
There's plenty of killers in the rap game, you just don't hear much about it.
Adrian Carr
Adrian Carr 19 hours ago
I know this some bull shit that dude is from Florida
Itzz Nino
Itzz Nino 20 hours ago
Larry Lasley
Larry Lasley 20 hours ago
I pray for much success and continual peace to Mr. Baby. Why people gotta bring people down, I don't understand. Keep doing your thing, sir. I sure your wave is touching many lives.
Ricky McFlare
Ricky McFlare 20 hours ago
Da baby is like 5'6....nigga a 8th grader can take his chain. It's most likely true. And if you believe in these niggas, lieing in these records you a fuq boy just like them. That nigga security is like 6'12....450. Baby pie
Ricky McFlare
Ricky McFlare 20 hours ago
Bunch of bichs fighting over worthless diamonds
okwan strose
okwan strose 20 hours ago
What's the name of that game in the vid
xNo_Sympathyy TV
xNo_Sympathyy TV 21 hour ago
What game is this ?
Z Da Gurb
Z Da Gurb 22 hours ago
What game is this
The Funk
The Funk 22 hours ago
Cornballs!All they do is talk shit to each other over the phone,thats real gangsta!
blackz!!!! Day ago
So what you get the chain .. F**k you want an applaud?
Charles Johnson
MoDolla Visuals
Wat game is this
Ezequiel Munoz
that intro beat fire asf
5th ward greedy posted that video with the 4x ring in Atlanta and said he need to check in , he need to see about that
NatokaD Royster
Sammy world
Sammy world Day ago
What game is that?
Big rob Double 00
My nigga what game is this?
Supreme_King23 Montgomery
u tryna play rogue compey also the smg are the best guns in the game
If you PAY attention he got more chains back than just Jaydayoungin Murden really getting them boys chains back since been...
whats that game
MoNiE _1127
MoNiE _1127 Day ago
Baby said someone getting popped if they snatching his chain n you say you doubt it, smh you don’t do your research baby bout that if he got to
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Sour Diesel🍀
Holy shit this dudes dreads hahah I done seen it all
we gangsta with each other but not with da LAW
mac336 Day ago
The nigga graduated from a 4 yr college and y’all calling him a goon bet if you put 4 yr degree having goon in ya title that vid will do numbers
Monica Murray
Lil Murda from The PYNK?
Moe Money
Moe Money Day ago
Everybody wants to be a gangster until they get Wacked 😵😵😵
Ashley Thurston
I knew this was cap Dababy do not even play like that
Reggie Dennis
Didn't da baby drop the last mf that tried'em for his chain. Y'all better stop playing with dis man
Erica R. Edge
That into boi!
Terry Simmons TV
Terry Simmons TV 2 days ago
NEW VIDEO 😂 us-first.info/player/video/d5qLhH-bZmtkgWg.html
TrapStarVon 2 days ago
Who tryin play rogue
wavey crockett
wavey crockett 2 days ago
Play apex not that shit lol
Mick Nizz
Mick Nizz 2 days ago
How u hating in someone getting sjit back lol wowww this generation lol. Yall type respects the shot one mot the shooter lol lost
Mick Nizz
Mick Nizz 2 days ago
Wait DaBaby artist got his chain yook late last year thst same one........he never said it was Da baaby chain.....but it is a Billion 💲 Baby chain lol
Wesley Cannon
Wesley Cannon 2 days ago
Facts rappers do get these chain snatched
Teddy Luccivelli
Teddy Luccivelli 2 days ago
Yeah, the intro slight asf.
Dello 068
Dello 068 2 days ago
That intro beat hit different what’s the name of that song off that beat #ONGOD#
Richmond Sizemore
He trynna go viral. If he got the chain back he coulda easily sent him a DM or called his booking manager. Instead he wanted to go live.
Iron Islam
Iron Islam 50 minutes ago
And I know times are different from back in the '90s when I was young and only someone like Suge Knight or tookie Williams or the likes thereof were the only ones able to get someone's chain back but this dude seems a bit too light in the ass to demand anything from even me (110-lb girl can shoot a gun lol).
Da TopGoon
Da TopGoon 2 days ago
lot of cap in nc definitely raleigh clown vill i ran circles roun thm clowns from da north to da south.. thm boys all on tht coco dwn there smfh🤣🤣🤣🤣
LeftLane Hip Hop
LeftLane Hip Hop 2 days ago
What game is thst?
Nlu shawn
Nlu shawn 2 days ago
It’s funny cause he can’t get his on shit
Nlu shawn
Nlu shawn 2 days ago
He think he the man just for getting the chain
Detron Gaming XD
Detron Gaming XD 2 days ago
He got from Walmart😂
Antoine Peyton
Antoine Peyton 2 days ago
Antoine Peyton
Antoine Peyton 2 days ago
Gianna Moore
Gianna Moore 2 days ago
That ain’t da baby THATS MY BABY 🥰🥰🥰😍
josiah Smith
josiah Smith 2 days ago
Which game is this tho
63rd 2 days ago
Mannn that Ebay ass chain. 😂😂😂
Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez 2 days ago
Lmao wtf i thaught we were seing da baby ? Not call of duty
Zerdy Thuggy
Zerdy Thuggy 2 days ago
Diz bih very tuff 🤣🤣🎯🏌🏿‍♀️
Mobile Gamster
Mobile Gamster 2 days ago
Taking a chain mean the most disrespect . That's what it meant back in the day. That's why people take rappers chain nowadays. Think kids
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit 2 days ago
Lil Murden ain't broke, he's really rich. I live in the Boro. I don't know about that chain situation.
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit Day ago
@N H we lame because we like his music? I support any artist from NC. If it gets them out the street. If you call that lame, I'm not about to debate with you.
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit Day ago
@N H I live in the Boro, and niggas down here fuck with his music.
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit 2 days ago
Crazy I'm from 252 We lift each other up Lil Murden from Winston, they be on that dumb shit
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit Day ago
I know you know people from pitt county then
Tony camaro
Tony camaro Day ago
@Nafaj Onit I'm from the 252, Roanoke Rapids,,* but I've been in Greensboro over 20 years, and I've lived in Winston,. Im on e bessemer ave, wendover the next street over ( 252) 336 all day,🤞🏾
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit Day ago
To clarify, when I say "they".... I'm talking bout the guys in Winston, High Point and them areas. They monsters like that. Murden got his own buzz in the street. Not all that sure about Charlotte politics, but they grimy to. Hopefully they work it out, and make money and music.
Nafaj Onit
Nafaj Onit Day ago
@Tony camaro 336 I'm in 336 bruh Off of wendover. From 252 tho. Near Vegas Off of Hwy 11.
Tony camaro
Tony camaro 2 days ago
252/336..all day
PoetThaGod 2 days ago
That intro track go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 2 days ago
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kenny B
kenny B 2 days ago
Dumb video
Christopher Taylor
Bruh do you not remember when stunna car got broke into he had stun a 4 Vegas chain in there it had a red 4 and his other chain got took to and he said somebody took it one of the two chains got recovered by midden he a Winston Nigga so ik both sides y’all telling all kinds of story’s
Anthony Vines
Anthony Vines 2 days ago
Its Not A Broke Boy Sport....Dont Comment On The Streets If You Neva Had Yo Lights Cut Out Stupid
wayne Carter
wayne Carter 2 days ago
The facts that he keeps saying broke boy sport makes me never wanna watch his videos again
Gabriel Gant
Gabriel Gant Day ago
That is broke nigga bullshit though.
William Anderson
William Anderson 2 days ago
Rowdy Rod
Rowdy Rod 2 days ago
What Game That Is?
KiYO From da 9
KiYO From da 9 2 days ago
🗣Shout out /Winston Salem / Greensboro/chophouze studio 💯
Nana Jackman
Nana Jackman 2 days ago
Shii ion agree wit what da baby Killin a nigga ova his chain... He don't even let a nigga klose enough to touch him b 👌🏾🤦🏽‍♂️
Armell Smith
Armell Smith 2 days ago
What is the name of the beat in the beginning 😩 fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vaughn Walker
Vaughn Walker 2 days ago
Chain on my neck was once a code of respect. For high rollers and vets. Now its loads of baguettes, prefer a mack-10 over a tech 💯 young niggas
Vaughn Walker
Vaughn Walker 16 hours ago
Vaughn Walker
Vaughn Walker 16 hours ago
@Boogs914 Boogs914 new generation old school rules still apply B. I see you 914 ↔️ 201 right across the bridge.
Boogs914 Boogs914
Boogs914 Boogs914 16 hours ago
They dnt no nothing bout that track right there Fam 💯💯
Daniel 2 days ago
Some rapper always gotta get the chain snatched in NC
DixieBoyyy 2 days ago
You need to stop chasing sumthing with no action its like a dream. QUIT CLICKBAITING
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 2 days ago
Oh hell so scary lol boring yougot a chain wow aww
Corey Mc
Corey Mc 2 days ago
Bryant Porter
Bryant Porter 2 days ago
Call me broke boy cuz if I catch a night lackin best believe I’m packing
Life Is Awesome !!!!!
What game you playing king?!
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis 2 days ago
I thought it was stunna foe Vegas chain got snatched now it’s dababy y’all should no dababy dnt bull shyt around y’all seen that shyt n Walmart and his other show wen he got off on da nigga at his show 🤣😂🤣
Lul Relly
Lul Relly 2 days ago
DaBaBy Fasho Poppin Shit , Have You Heard About Em ?
James Choice
James Choice 2 days ago
Intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚫🧢
Eric Waters
Eric Waters 2 days ago
Fuck negus go try them racist and dirty cops with that bullshit.
502 KING PAUL 2 days ago
To keep it 💯 I saw that chain on Johnny Dang’s website a couple a months ago. Nobody stole that chain, it was bought
Culpreezy Culprit