D-Wade, Shaq & Candace Parker Discuss the Boston Celtics' Season Struggles | NBA on TNT Tuesday 

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After another tough loss, the TNT Tuesday crew discusses what's wrong with the Boston Celtics and how they can get back on track.
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Published on


Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Arthur Farquharson Jr
Love how Candace bullies , I mean fact check Shaq. Lol lol lol. This crew has a good energy.
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez 2 days ago
They need to get rid of Candace
Dwight 2 days ago
Chuck Kenny and Ernie are sorely missed
Roy Brooks
Roy Brooks 3 days ago
Excuse lots of teams been effected by Covid Miami they picked up momentum like crazy
PengxueYG 3 days ago
celtics aint got no defense at all lol they lost all their role players
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 4 days ago
Man ain't nobody trying to hear no WNBA player talking about the league.... Not even entertaining, just boring af.....
Avo 4 days ago
Candace make the show much better for basketball fans. A woman that’s bad and actually knows the game as well as a great player.
Sport&Science Breakdown
The bucks are 0-8? you mean the Celtics😂
ALPO YAO 4 days ago
It is pitiful the way black women be trying to fight against black men why don't Candace Parker chill out she cannot compare herself to Shaquille O'Neal😒😏
Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith 4 days ago
Dwayne Wade Looks So Nice On This Show..👀😍
Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith 2 days ago
@ChillDoc Ok.. 🤔. Giving A Complement Where Do.. Like I Said He Looks Very, Very Nice!!😍😅
ChillDoc 2 days ago
Yo he has a wife
Hsiwen Wu
Hsiwen Wu 5 days ago
Agree, D wade is right
Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony 5 days ago
I wanna see her go at it against chuck
Simonds Sabin
Simonds Sabin 5 days ago
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T 5 days ago
Candice a freak I bet 💯
KoS 5 days ago
im really enjoying the Wade perspective
True Prophit
True Prophit 5 days ago
Missing Kyrie
Vernon Martin
Vernon Martin 5 days ago
Candice is a 6er hater.
TheIconicGamer 5 days ago
I miss Chuck, Kenny and Ernie. Candice annoying asf.
Brandon Little
Brandon Little 5 days ago
Miami heat had as many players out as boston did. butler miss atleast 15 games and dragic, herro, duncan and bam have all miss 10 games
00smg1978 5 days ago
The Brooklyn Nets, by definition from Parker, would not be a top three team, but like Dwade says, no identity. Boston style has been until recently; dominant half-court defense, with dominant half-court offense. Problem is, they are playing in a league now that lives off fast-break basketball. Kemba can give them some fast-break plays, but more than a big, Boston needs a Rondo.
TheDamirBosna 5 days ago
Can you please keep Candace on the show, like forever? Pay her, she’s gold, and fresh wind in the studio. Pure chemistry with Wade and banter with the big guy.
America 2020
America 2020 Day ago
She’s cool tho
America 2020
America 2020 Day ago
And she’s not funny at all
America 2020
America 2020 Day ago
Nah. She’s too emotional
MarkieD 5 days ago
Glad to see Wade back to normal. That's all
EYEwatch 2see
EYEwatch 2see 5 days ago
sure wish ERNIE would've ended up with Candace, Adam Lefkoe and Dwade .... and the 3 other cohost have their own show together
Kyle K
Kyle K 5 days ago
The standings showed the Nets and Sixers with the exact same records yet the Sixers are a half game back? Come on, TNT.
TPawesomeness2 6 days ago
Shaq: *exist* Candace: 🧢
JP 6 days ago
Jay PPP 6 days ago
I'm sorry but DWade isn't good, bring in Reggie and Zeke to replace Candace. Then host, bring in the black guy I saw, so much easier on the ears, he just isn't a good fit.
Sean 6 days ago
Shaq said Candace was bullying him, lol.
Chris B.
Chris B. 6 days ago
There's some irony in that the team probably didn't want Kyrie anymore but they were better when he was there, even when he wasn't available.
BKK 6 days ago
How many of the comments in here are fake and posted from TNT?? 🤔🤔🤔 I'm gonna guess 90% of them
Jag __
Jag __ 6 days ago
They've been playing together for 3 years! They should have enough chemistry by now
Nelson 6 days ago
I like Candice as a player but she is not it for this show. She’s annoying
Moses Hanon
Moses Hanon 6 days ago
🤔Question☝🏾, why’s Candace Parker always on NBA panels discussing & critiquing NBA players, game?
s p
s p 6 days ago
Why are you saying the Knicks like that put some respect on our name
Tojo Queiroz
Tojo Queiroz 6 days ago
I don’t like u Candace! You’re the reason why people roared over WNBA players!
Jam Reyes
Jam Reyes 6 days ago
I think the Celtics need a floor general like a rondo type of player not a scoring PG because most of the time their sets are Jaylen Brown is just standing in the corner waiting for the pass. They already have 2 all stars in JT and JB that can score. I think Kemba should be looking to create for those 2. For me, Kemba has been underwhelming for the Celtics especially for the playoff last year. Second, they lost the production the Hayward was bringing but they now got Fournier so I'm hopeful but gotten into health/safety protocol and lastly, they do need some rebounding bigs. Robert Williams is a great prospect player but he needs to develop a consistent jumpshot. I'm already accepted that Celtics may under achieve this year comparing that they went to ECF last season but hopeful that management will do moves in the offseason. This is a very frustrating team to watch. Just my two cent. Hehehe
Clasher Sports
Clasher Sports 6 days ago
When is Kenny and Chuck coming back.. I cant stand listening to Candace Parker and Gabriele Union
Mlondolozi Mbambo
Personally, I'd say i find the Shaq and Candice dynamic annoying...passive aggressive bs. Maybe replace Shaq so the dialogue is more natural... Shaq and Chuck go at it but you know there's mutual respect...maybe it's not that deep bit i don't think these 2 respect each other and that makes it awkward
DRIZZLE 6 days ago
I'm so hot do please excuse me! I'm so overly selfish! I need a rich woman! Some one like the one who has a lot stock in! Let's say Welcher!
Jay James
Jay James 6 days ago
Candice Parker making excuses for Boston though. If they are questioning if Tatum the number one player in Boston that says alot.
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 6 days ago
Get former players in there. He said the Bucks are 0 and 8 when they score under 100.
top notch sports
top notch sports 6 days ago
gosh, blame on covid! that's weak. celts bunch of bums
im-pro-at-skyrim 6 days ago
This man said bucks
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 6 days ago
I peeped that too.
Philenchy Monfiston Sejour
Does Candace have another show or podcast? I'm gonna miss her 😭
UnknownStud 6 days ago
Someone tell me why Shaq nose look like doo doo....
2k12fan 6 days ago
I love Candace
bollocksnlilies 6 days ago
Candace.. AD has been out since the middle of February and the lakers were 2nd until LeBron was injured March 20th. Now they are fourth. Their stars haven't just missed 'a couple of games'.
War Dog
War Dog 6 days ago
SHAQ:The NBA made several rule changes to "give" SHAQ his rings, he has no room to talk. 1.)"Hack a Shaq" rules, you get free throws and the ball back if fouled away from the ball under 2 minutes->advantage Shaqs Lakers 2.)Charles Barkley was so good with his back to the basket, they created the "5 second back to the basket" rule against Barkley, Shaqs main competition-Advangate Shaqs Lakers. 3.)Reggie Miller was so good at kicking his legs out and drawing fouls on the three point shot, they created a rule against that->advantage Shaq Lakers in the finals. 4.)Houston Rockets were so much bettter at shooting 3 pointers than the rest of the league, they moved the 3 point line closer so everybody else in the league could shoot it -> Advantage Shaq Lakers: Man, I can go on, and on. Shaq is wearing Barkleys Ring, Millers Ring, and Iversons ring, he needs to hold a ring ceremony on ESPN and give them their rings. SHAQ has no right to call the Js out, I dont see anybody making any rules so they can win a championship. I got nothing to say about Lebrons calls, hes earned it, give that man his rings... On this game, Cs got the same shots they always get, Smart just hit the shot... Going forward, every team will give Smart that shot under 4 minutes, Smart better pick his favorite spot on the floor to shoot from, because he is gonna be open.
Moeseph Jancino
Moeseph Jancino 6 days ago
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daniel tatum
daniel tatum 6 days ago
The way their just mocking Tackos name 🤦🏾
kyle allen
kyle allen 6 days ago
Candace is GREAT and I think she does a FANTASTIC job and yes I know the Celtics got hit hard with Covid but lets be honest NO TEAM have been more affected by Covid then the Raptors, they had to move the entire organization to Tampa, many players missed time because of H&S protocols, same with almost the entire coaching staff, and you could say they haven't played a 'Home' game the entire season!
Michael Lackland
Michael Lackland 6 days ago
For everyone commenting about this team on TNT consider this: whatever team that you follow how was their bench compared to their starting five?? Are you mad when your starters get a rest? Do you boo when the bench comes out? They preserve the lead in crunch time, do you applaud them as they come off the floor or boo them??? Exactly... I'll wait 4 responses.
kobe nash
kobe nash 6 days ago
Its still kyrie fault lol
Youknodavibes 6 days ago
76ers players have missed wayyyyy more time than the Celtics have altogether this year whether it was COVID or injuries
RealRiteZaya 7 days ago
The problem is Tatum isn’t taking his game to the next level
Geoffrey Mak
Geoffrey Mak 7 days ago
Apart from the comments on Candice Parker that addresses the injuries & health issues, none of them talked about this team is very different from last yr. without Hayward on the offensive end. It practically stalled their ball movement & with so many new players & shortened season, Stevens went with Kawhi style with Tatum & Brown. Walker was totally exposed LY on defensive end & playoff level pressure on offense. Since his return, his explosiveness was never there. The only time he scored successfully was when Stevens created plays for him off ball catch & shoot (if he was consistent that night). Now Theis' gone, no more seal off below for Tatum. So those comments they made were not analytical comments, which, I hope one day, these ex-pros will start sharing with us the real game.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 days ago
Shaq look like pink thanos from infinity war
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson 7 days ago
In w/ Candace... playing on the road all season, and 3-4 starters missing 10+ games each aren’t the same. Celtics are righting the ship, just watch.
Gvinz 7 days ago
Is the main show closed or what? haven't seen them for ages
jay smooth
jay smooth 7 days ago
Men I miss the old inside the nba 😭😭😭😭😭
Perez Goated
Perez Goated 7 days ago
Candice looks mad good
Vintage rustfilms tv
taco use less
mellowman1020 7 days ago
show is preety average without the main crew. Candace with her PC feminist shirt can go kick rocks too
whatudoin1 7 days ago
Let me find out chuck and Kenny pulled a Paul pierce and secretly got fired
MrBdiddy77 7 days ago
I can look at Candace all day....
leo o'brien
leo o'brien 7 days ago
Boston lost kyrie horford and hayward for free basically......
Khair 7 days ago
Candace! Please stop talking down on Shaq. C’mon. Shaq could be right or could be wrong. Stop talking down at him. What you talk down at a white man like that? You don’t even talk to Wade like that. I’m just saying. Shaq doesn’t know how to be himself around you.
T man
T man 7 days ago
Great teams pass the ball.. Boston has 3 starters who's sole mission is to bring the ball up the court and look for their own shot, not involving anyone else. That doesn't work...
nicolas cruz
nicolas cruz 7 days ago
Why'd Bill Simmons get called out?
ovenplan 7 days ago
If Philly win will Danny Green be the first player to three-peat with three different teams?
Comics Lamar
Comics Lamar 7 days ago
ShaQ and D Wade have great points.
Declan Tureski
Declan Tureski 7 days ago
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xwers1234 7 days ago
Where Rachel Nichols at?
Wesley Gosey
Wesley Gosey 7 days ago
We need a real big
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson 7 days ago
Brad Stevens time may be up soon.
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson 7 days ago
Hold up!!!!! A 7 footer hitting step backs?! 😳 Nah Joel different fr fr 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Jay Hov
Jay Hov 7 days ago
Maybe he’s just shootin his shot with her 🤔
K WOLF 7 days ago
I like having Candance on the show. She adds perspective. They just need Ernie and Barkley back on., or Ernie and Kenny. Whichever. Just keep Shaq and Candance
CHB Legendary
CHB Legendary 7 days ago
Candace shut up 🤫
CHB Legendary
CHB Legendary 7 days ago
Joel is different this year and as a Philly guy and a Sixers fan. I’m not scared of no team as long as we got him on the floor
Prudhvi Vankineni
That move of embiid on tacko is a travel he moved the pivot leg
Jay Bron
Jay Bron 7 days ago
Danny is over rated as a GM. He gave max contracts to horrors, walker . Hayward. They are good players but not max pliers . He goes top heavy and they never have the right fit or depth .
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett 7 days ago
Not gonna lie! I’m not and have never been a fan of Candice Parker but TNT had to put a woman in the panel..........smh
J C 7 days ago
Dwayne self identifies as an analyst
easy snipe
easy snipe 7 days ago
I'm sorry but wade Candace ans the guy next to shaq need to go man
tidusx 7 days ago
joel embiid better win the MVP man he deserves it he has been in his bag this season man
Jamel Nhati
Jamel Nhati 7 days ago
He’s missed too many games
azael dtl
azael dtl 7 days ago
Respect to Candace Saying straight factsssssss✊
Ava Chavous
Ava Chavous 7 days ago
Candace always getting on Shaq🤣
huckleberry12 7 days ago
celtics struggles start with brad and end with danny. prove me wrong.
Melijah Earl
Melijah Earl 7 days ago
The East sped up past Boston in a short amount of time. Brooklyn got better. Miami got better. Chicago is getting better. Philly got better. Knicks are getting better. Boston just kinda stayed where they were
ill C
ill C 7 days ago
Though i think the way Candace gooes at Shaq anytime is funny i also think it's unfair somehow cause if Shaq was the one going at her (just like he uses to do with Chuck😅) pretty sure he would be regarded by many as a mysoginist 😌
Joseph Ajani
Joseph Ajani 7 days ago
Wade's proper responsive, coming off so professional and articulate now is so impressive! Because I saw him on here a couple years ago and he did not look the same as this lol ill leave it at that. maybe he has a breath under control now lol or Gabrielle put him in toastmasters
Tyronne Lue
Tyronne Lue 7 days ago
The Celtics are a bunch of g leaguers besides Tatum , brown and walker
ill C
ill C 7 days ago
Seems that Candace embraces the role of both Kenny and Chuck at the same time as it appears that she doesn't really appreciate Shaq excessive personnality and doesn't hesitate to expose any fracture of his takes !😅
courtney gates
courtney gates 7 days ago
The Celtics were never good. In the 2018 ecf they got beat by 1 man
Spenser Plant
Spenser Plant 7 days ago
Candace is the most annoying person on TV.
Candice is straight up rude and disrespectful.
Ronnie Quarterpounder
When you watch these 4 you see how much better the other show is. The don't say anything bad about a wnba player network
Rajib A
Rajib A 7 days ago
The East is weak lol
Ron Bartolome
Ron Bartolome 7 days ago
Love how Candace always on Shaq’s comments. 😅😅😅