D'Artagnan "The Staring Cat" Finally Understood That I'm Trying To Help Him 

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D'Artagnan "The Staring Cat" has finally understood that I'm trying to help him! And he has forgiven me for all those vet visits :)
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About Our Channel:
This channel is about the daily lives and adventures of my three indoor cats Santi, Indy & Chewie and our 12 outdoor cats and my dog Walter.
Our outdoor cats are living in our garden and their names are D'Artagnan, The Rolling Cat, The Purring Cat, D'Artagnan's Girlfriend, Porthos, Zoom, Ruzgar, Junior, The Mom Cat, The Big Head and Pamuk Jr. We also have Pamuk who is our neighbor's cat but always hangs out here.
If you are a new visitor to our channel, I suggest that you watch the two playlists called "All The Videos of Our Outdoor Cats (In Order)" and "All The Videos of My Indoor Cats (In Order)" first.
Apart from the videos of our cats, from time to time I also upload videos of other animals I come across.
So basically, what you'll find here are lots of funny and cute cat videos, an ongoing miniseries about a cat love drama, sometimes rescue stories and always a whole lot of meowing! Enjoy!
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May 1, 2021




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walter santi
walter santi 11 days ago
Hi everyone. This video is the continuation of D'Art's previous video. ( us-first.info/player/video/bKufZZljfIKJjoE.html ) I was actually preparing the video of the 'pregnant' stray cat who followed us for 1 month but it was taking longer than expected so I wanted to give you a quick update on D'Art and Porthos before that. By the way I saw that some of our subscribers asked what it was that we were calling D'Artagnan in our videos. We call him "Dartiş" in Turkish and I guess it can be pronounced as "Dartish" but I may be mistaken. It doesn't have any specific meaning in Turkish, it's just a way of shortening the word "Dartanyan" in a cute way. As for Porthos; he normally never lets us pet him or touch him but I can usually succeed at holding him from the neck for one or two seconds once a month while I apply the spot on medication for external parasites. But he would never let me open his mouth so that's why we couldn't catch this situation sooner. And from now on I will try to upload more frequently! Take care! Merhabalar. Bu video Dartiş'in önceki videosunun devamı niteliğinde. (Önceki videonun linki üst paragrafta mevcut) Aslında bir ay boyunca bizi takip eden 'gebe' sokak kedisinin videosunu hazırlıyordum ama o tahminimden daha uzun sürdüğü için bu arada Dartiş ve Portos hakkındaki gelişmeleri aradan çıkaralım istedim. Portos normalde asla kendini okşatmayan hatta dokundurmayan bir kedi. Sadece ayda bir kez dış parazit damlasını yaparken ensesinden bir iki saniyeliğine tutabiliyorum o kadar. Dolayısıyla ağzını açıp bakabilmemiz imkânsız bir olay; bu yüzden daha erkenden yakalayamadık bu durumu. Bu arada bundan sonra daha sık video yüklemeyi umuyorum.. Kendinize iyi bakın!
Dottie Dot
Dottie Dot 2 days ago
1:47 i want to hear Dartagnan meow. Can we have vid about meow collection from your cats? Outdoor and indoor included?
LANCE H 2 days ago
What does tatish mean?
JuliusX9 3 days ago
Thanks so much for the video, it cheers me up. About a bit more than 10 years ago we adopted our cat from the animal shelter when she was about 6-7 years old. She was such a cutie and so gentle and a snuggle bug. Going with her to the vet was never difficult. Three days ago we had to finally say goodbye to her due to kidney failure. It was so heartbreaking and we miss her deeply. Thanks for reminding me why we just love cats! Life without cats is definitely possible, but so pointless.
Robin Espey
Robin Espey 3 days ago
🙋🏽‍♀️👉🏽😟n usa have veterinarian that come to the house, 🏠👉🏽or cant you get medication 💉 and give kitty 💉👉🏽🏠home instead of driving to the 🏥glad hes feelimg better 🆗️
YAAR AJEEB 4 days ago
قناة تفسير الأحلام و نصائح
أنا أفسر الأحلام ومرحبا بكم عندي 🍒🌟⭐
LaughingYe 2 hours ago
Büddenwarder Aggerschnagger
44!!! :-)))
Azaharuddin Biswas
Azaharuddin Biswas 4 hours ago
This is the best cat page on YT, easily...
Honor Silverthorne
Honor Silverthorne 7 hours ago
Susan Luster
Susan Luster 9 hours ago
Walter, I am sure that handsome Porthos was quite proud to have "wrecked the joint" when you tried to catch him. Such a funny little devil. All of your kitties are so very happy and know that they are really loved.
Susan Luster
Susan Luster 10 hours ago
Walter, D'Artagnan is truly a cartoon character with a great personality. I love him.
Kristin Wood
Kristin Wood 12 hours ago
It's like you have your very own Neko Atsume going on.😾😸😹😻😼
Steve Campbell
Steve Campbell 12 hours ago
75 million Americans see this and think "Shots DO have mind control chips in them! I knew it!"
LL 13 hours ago
I am actually astonished at D'Artagnan's transformation! I have never seen a cat run towards the vet box! Never mind an outdoor cat! It's wonderful, and shows the treatment was really helping. ❤️
Kathy B
Kathy B 16 hours ago
Is It Pamuk or PJ who is always at the cage when D'Artis returns from the vet visit? I've watched this video endless times & still wondering whether it's Pamuk or PJ.
walter santi
walter santi 11 hours ago
Hi. It's Pamuk :)
Niranjan Baravani
Niranjan Baravani 17 hours ago
It's so wonderful to know each individual cat's story. Mr serious starer transformed into a loving cute personality:)
Anna Carla Silva Aloisio
KJ Weitzel
KJ Weitzel Day ago
What appears to be "a big step" is actually typical drug-seeking behavior. It IS hard to recognize addiction in felines, but clearly, D'Artagnan is a junkie. You are USEFUL to feeding his addiction because YOU are his chief enabler and co-dependant. *snort^
Bamford Steele
Very smart to wear those leather gloves with the extended sleeve.
Natalie Aho
Natalie Aho Day ago
Are these cats spayed and neutered? I do something called TNR Trap Neuter Return. It’s a great program for outdoor cats! These cats are soo cute!
Dianne Wassa
Dianne Wassa Day ago
Your videos make me so happy! I look forward to them
Kate Burk
Kate Burk Day ago
Really touched my heart how he came around as health improved.🤗 Bless your heart for your compassion.
soonsuicidal Day ago
Lol those stares are really savage. Hahaha
Dottie Dot
Dottie Dot 2 days ago
1:47 i want to hear Dartagnan meow. Can we have vid about meow collection from your cats? Outdoor and indoor included?
Büddenwarder Aggerschnagger
45!!! :-)))
Wendy Linder
Wendy Linder 2 days ago
He knew it was making him feel better.. My Poopers comes and tells us when it's time for his diabetes shot. This is awesome
n 2 days ago
Portos esip gürlemiş anlaşılan 😄🥰💖
Jan Hoyle
Jan Hoyle 2 days ago
Cats are very forgiving. I’m so glad they are feeling better.
Sondra Oppedisano
I thank you for all the goodness(and $$) you provide for your cats! Your house is what I have always dreamed of doing, if and when, I win the lottery! 🤣😅😂 But, I truly enjoy your videos. You are a true angel..GOD Bless.
Ratastrophic 2 days ago
I'm so happy for him.
Sigal Sigal
Sigal Sigal 2 days ago
Thank you for the update I admire you and you wonderful cats
Christophe Godfirnon
God bless you. But ... birth control is the solution for every country. Who does that ?! Belgium does.
Self Reflection
Self Reflection 2 days ago
Before a visit to the vet, every cat seems curious whose going to go in the carier this time. D'Art knows it's his turn and went in reluctantly. Seems like Pamuk is the first to greet D'Art after every vet visit.
Mary Angielyn Eisma
These cats are handsome 💞 Life looks normal with them around
John Dough
John Dough 3 days ago
Animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. It looks like he realized you weren't a threat and were trying to save his life.
Yancarlo Ramsey
Yancarlo Ramsey 3 days ago
That is wonderful to see. So glad things are working out!
C Johnson
C Johnson 3 days ago
Somehow they think that we are going to leave them at the vet and never bring them home again. Then when you bring them back home, they equate that with you saving them. Never met a cat that liked the vet
Christina Navarre
How I wish we had the ability to give the kitties that find us....here in the country.....we keep getting them spayed/neutered as we catch them....socialize them.....do the best we can with what little we have as seniors on disability. God Bless you for your careof these wonderful creations.
S L Augeri
S L Augeri 3 days ago
What an amazing story, thank you so much for all if your generosity & for sharing such a beautiful story💞
Laurel Silberman
Laurel Silberman 3 days ago
This makes me so happy to see! I have been following D’artagnan’s Journey and it makes me so surprised and happy to know he is feeling much better after the help you and his vets provided for him.
Christine Ungvari
Its nice to hear from you. I figured u must be busy - especially because of your extended feline family. Two reasons for changes in cat behavior. 1) you allowed the cat to decide to enter the carrier on his own. 2) he trusted you would be kind to him. He has watched u take care of him and all the others - in a calm (sometimes hilarious ) way. He has seen your cats and injured stray cats come and go from the vet. I hope you are healthy and well in this horrible virus time. You have the advantage of choosing dogs and cats to hang around with. Thank you for treating, again, animals in peril - thru the generous Walter santi animal insurance group. Take care
FoxtrS2 3 days ago
You seems to be a great cat whisper ... so great Arty got soo much better and relaxed and ihe is okay now..lol for his girlfriend checking his feet
Ian Nelson
Ian Nelson 3 days ago
There are too many cats in this video
Blue Victory
Blue Victory 3 days ago
That cat cracks me up, he wins the staring contest everytime! 😁🐈💓🤗💞🐾💕🥰
Miranda Rebecca
Miranda Rebecca 3 days ago
Where is D’Artagnan’ Girlfriend? Lol 😆 that’s was her name lol 😂
PhelinePhrenzy 3 days ago
Had I not seen this, I wouldn't have believed it. You have such a connection to your cats. One mind, one body, one soul. Note: I lost a dear friend yesterday. I've been miserable. Can't eat or sleep. I said to myself, "Enough! What can I do to distract myself and help me cope better?" Of course! A Walter Santi video! And it has. Thank you, and your beloved cats 🥰😻
jelly 3 days ago
Chuckled at that ending though 😂😂
jelly 3 days ago
Aw d’art is so cute. He’s always going to be my favourite. It’s so heartwarming to see that he understands you’re helping him now. He’s a very smart cat.
MJade 3 days ago
What did he have? What was he getting treated for?
Büddenwarder Aggerschnagger
46!!! :-)))
Malkav 0
Malkav 0 4 days ago
Guess he made the connection between the vet and getting better indeed ^^ I've seen that already before. That's great !
Patricia Griswold
I like the cat houses, are they available on-line?
Nauku Maija
Nauku Maija 4 days ago
That's such a smart cat.
cynthia harrell
cynthia harrell 4 days ago
All my cats were stray too. Love these cats. Such beauties.
Senuwu 4 days ago
I wanna know how is zoom, i haven't see it in a long time
cats love
cats love 4 days ago
10tonhamster 4 days ago
4:55 “oh crap, it’s that time again? Okay dude, let’s get this over and done with as quick as we can.”
Aneliza Medeiros
Aneliza Medeiros 4 days ago
You have such a wonderful soul Walter. Take your very best time with D’art❤️❤️
Madeline Linder
Madeline Linder 4 days ago
God Bless you forever , for what you do for these animals.
Wawan Redblackk
Wawan Redblackk 4 days ago
aww d'artagnan so smart 🥰🥰
Culture Sculptor
Culture Sculptor 4 days ago
Looked like Hurricane Porthos hit the kitty room :) Good on you for taking such wonderful care of your companions!
Jessi Santos Pena
The kitties all look so healthy! You are doing an amazing job caring for them
trish 4 days ago
Your good person.
Loyal slave 2 feline overloads Catman
Many cats equals super happy house! Have a wonderful day! 👍🙏✌️😸😹🐶😻🐱😎
jinius dan
jinius dan 4 days ago
You are truly an angel 👼 I am always waiting for your videos. Your way of narration and the background score has such a calming effect ❤️
Elna Bjelland-Hughes
I am so happy for you 😊💕😊 Happy that you love the cats so much and they did very well with their treatments 💕
sara S
sara S 4 days ago
Kiayin7 4 days ago
Aww, he squeezed his eyes at you when you called his name. That's a show of trust in cat language. :)
Summer Jernigan
Summer Jernigan 4 days ago
You sir are a class act! Thank you for all YOU DO! Vet visits, food, litter & other things I know get very pricey - but the love you show these animals is absolutely beautiful! So glad I came across your page and became a new subscriber 🙏🏻🥰😍😘❤️🐾
Rosa Raptor
Rosa Raptor 5 days ago
Staring cat ➡️ caring cat
Azazreal 5 days ago
Awk he must have realized that the trips and him feeling better are linked, seeing the intelligence of all the animals around us can be super awesome
Sofia Vitug
Sofia Vitug 5 days ago
I love the way he stares, its almost like he’s judging u
Ellen Chevarie
Ellen Chevarie 5 days ago
its called love and when you trust you feel safe you feel loved.mabe not exactly as human love but how cats show love,gratitude.giving love to animals is the greatest gift we can give them.love always wins
Quyen Tran
Quyen Tran 5 days ago
Wonderful person, so kind and patient. All your children living so well and protected.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 5 days ago
It must be nice to not get the death stares anymore from D'Artagnan ,although they were comical for the videos. Glad he is trusting you more and can see it is for his well being.
Alia Sahar
Alia Sahar 5 days ago
That was really rewarding😁
micronpen 5 days ago
The look in his during his first couple visits: "Do we have to go again...? ; _;"
Livia Rafaela
Livia Rafaela 5 days ago
We’ve been rooting for this character development 😭😭❤️
Gail C
Gail C 5 days ago
What was his illness
j lirie
j lirie 5 days ago
I think you're right. He must have felt better and associated it with the vet visits. Animals have understanding. Your cats obviously know you care for them. 🥰😺
СКАТИНА 5 days ago
D'Artagnan has a strong musketeer vibe! Very handsome cat!
Teresa Debiasio
Teresa Debiasio 5 days ago
Thank you sharing these stories ! I love ❤️ cats so much . Always have ! If I had one wish , it would be to live like this with all these precious beautiful cats ! Heaven on earth 🌎!! Please keep the videos coming . They always put me in a great mood ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Buckswana 5 days ago
Hurricane Porthos hit that room. :)
Buckswana 5 days ago
Hurricane Porthos hit that room. :)
Michael Pletcher
Michael Pletcher 5 days ago
Thku for those sweet videos Dart is a doll he stares so cutely. Yes,-----once he learned u trying to help him he was friendly And the other cat, port..I bet if u put him n a room with just u and some food, after some hrs he trust u and love u. Many cats nvr know human touch n love, but wen they experience, they want someone to love on thrm. I admire wat u do mr Walter. U take such good care of cats, while we see videos of much abuse n neglect. Thku. I just kind if fell in love w d-art cat..so lovely. GOD BLESS ALL YOUR CATS AND DOGS AND ALL U DO TO LIVE LONG AND HEALTHY
T B 5 days ago
The trust of an animal is a beautiful thing and we have to earn it ....especially with the felines!
Rebecca Mumford
Rebecca Mumford 5 days ago
Very interesting video. I have to give my cat daily medication after she git ill. She resisted for the first few days but soon she started accepting it. I've wondered if she learnt the medicine makes her feel better. Seeing D'Art react similarly makes me think cats can figure it out.
Cheryl Familant
Cheryl Familant 5 days ago
Cats are way smarter than humans give them credit for.
MrSlanderer 5 days ago
Is Ireland's Dog a new country I haven't heard of?
everybody loves d'art
Kaesar Sm
Kaesar Sm 5 days ago
2:05 Okay I'll get in then -_- , that was adorable
sylvie potvin
sylvie potvin 5 days ago
D'Artagnan Guzel!! Magnifique LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL FAMILLY ! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤
Nisha Kumari
Nisha Kumari 5 days ago
Jenny Nobody
Jenny Nobody 5 days ago
"He started running to me when I called his name " aaaaaaaaaand im crying
Vivian A
Vivian A 5 days ago
I think you should try putting captions on the thumbnails. I saw the video but thought I saw it before. It would be nice if they were more distinct and eye catchig
bluerisk 5 days ago
I hope he gets a little treat after every vet visit. He earned it.
Vivian A
Vivian A 5 days ago
Where do they toilet
JEIL 5 days ago
I see you got big cat gloves. Wise.
PalemoonTwilight 5 days ago
Brenda Jolley
Brenda Jolley 5 days ago
Thank you for all you do for geese cats. They are loved and although they may not show it, they know you are the source of what t hey know is family.
Büddenwarder Aggerschnagger
47!!! :-)))
Bridgette Ariane
Bridgette Ariane 5 days ago
you’re such a kind loving person!!
Deborah Duthie
Deborah Duthie 5 days ago
I wonder if D’Artagnon understands there are people all around the world wishing him a speedy recovery. I’m crying now, towards the end of the video and I’m crying for a cat on the other side of the world.
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